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  1. Yeah, totally agree. I would've picked up a tube of these if i hadn't loaded up on good value constitutional this month.
  2. Hi guys, Looking for x1 tube for 23mm and x1 for 28mm Doesn't have to be an exact fit, close enough will do. Many thanks
  3. 2nd class signed for works for me. I don't mind posting to Derv tomorrow, as I will be in town anyway and can pop into the post office.
  4. Selling a few tubes of 2019 Brits Selling as bullion (see pics below) £625/tube (x25 in a tube) + postage at buyers choice and risk Only selling by the tube at the moment BT preferred. Ryan
  5. Damn, too slow. Great prices.
  6. Where did you get the box from? It's pretty handy it can hold 3 sets
  7. Can I please have: 2011 Mexican - Chitchen Itza (Nunnery) - Proof Bullion - £30 2011 Mexican - Chitchen Itza (Observatory) - Proof Bullion - £30
  8. Can I have the morgans please?
  9. Lol - I was just about to send you one - ill wait for yours
  10. Daaaang. Ive been after these for a while.
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