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  1. Looking for individual capsules and/or tubes, for bullion sovs. Thanks
  2. Looking to start picking up a bit of Gold. Please PM if you are looking to off load any Sovs or 1/2 Sovs Thanks
  3. It's been a month since asking. Just need the one to finish the set. Pm if you have a spare Thanks
  4. Looking for one of these, please PM if you have one or know where I could get one (preferably in UK). Thanks
  5. Looking to add a bit of weight to the stack, preferably low premium / spot + a few % kinda thing. Please PM Cheers
  6. Looking for one of these to complete the set. PM if you have one spare
  7. Hi All, I am looking for a tube of Brits, or at least a minimum of 5. Would also be interested in US Eagles. PM me if you have any
  8. Tentatively putting out the feelers for a roll of 2020 oriental brits. Please pm if you have a roll or multiples 5 minimun (want to cut back on postage)
  9. HI guys, Just need the unicorn to get me up to date in the series. Drop me a line if you have one spare. Thanks
  10. Ryan

    completed 10oz QB's

    HI all, I am looking for the following 10oz Queens Beasts: Griffin Dragon Bull Unicorn Please PM if you have any to offer Thanks
  11. Hi all, I am looking for some tubes to keep 2oz Qbs in capsules in. Also wider tubes to keep other wider 2oz encapsulated rounds in. If you have any or know of anywhere that has them in stick please let me know.
  12. Hi all, Looking for a box for 10oz QBs. Preferably Aluns. But would be happy with others. Thanks for reading.
  13. I don't think it was to do with the law, more to do with the policy of the PO box provider or the dealer. My guess is that it was something to do with signing for/confirmation of receiving the delivery. Perhaps the Post Office is different. Again, this is just from memory a while back and would need further and more thorough investigation.
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