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    Tokyo, Japan
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    Collectible bullion & Semi Numismatics
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    Dollars ratio of 65% silver, 20% gold and 15% platinum- coins only 1 oz or 2 Oz
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    Perth Mint - Koalas, Kookaburras, Emus, Wedge Tailed Eagles, etc.
    Royal Mint - Queens Beasts 2 Oz, Britannia 1 Oz silver 1998-2022, Landmarks of Britain
    US Mint - ASE series 1986-2022
    Scottsdale Mint - EC8 series, Barbados Trident, Marlin series
    St Helena - various series

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  1. Bump - I am pretty sure I might be able to organise delivery to my trusted friend's address in Surrey, UK if that helps. Shoot me a PM with what you have. Cheers, andsing56
  2. Hey fellow community members, WTB a few coins from Royal Australian Mint and Scottsdale Mint as I try and fill gaps in my kids collection. Just hoping a couple of community members have a few spare that they could offload for a decent price - postage would be to Tokyo (dont worry I would be able to guide you how to do this step by step). List is as follows with some reference pics as well - (a) 2020 1 oz Silver Australian Lunar Series - Year of the Rat .999 BU (RAM) x 2 needed https://www.ramint.gov.au/sites/def.../2020-1-ag-investment-year-of-the-rat-rev.jpg (b) 2020 1 oz Silver Barbados Trident .999 Coin (BU) x 2 needed Pics of these coins here - https://www.scottsdalemint.com/product/2020-barbados-trident-1-oz-silver-coin/ (c) 2017 1 oz Silver Cayman Islands Marlin Coin (BU) x 2 needed (d) 2019 1 oz Silver Cayman Islands Marlin Coin (BU) x 2 needed (e) 2020 1 oz Silver Cayman Islands Marlin Coin (BU) x 2 needed Pics of these coins here - https://www.scottsdalemint.com/cayman-marlin-coin-series/ (f) 2020 1 oz Silver Samoa Seahorse .999 Coin (BU) x 3 needed Pics of these coins here - https://www.scottsdalemint.com/product/2020-samoa-seahorse-bu/ I can pay you by local bank transfer (via Wise) or Paypal FF or crypto as required. Please send me a PM with what you have and your asking price and pics if you have them. To keep postage reasonable, would greatly prefer if you are able to provide a few of the coins on the above list. Cheers everyone, andsing56
  3. Hi all, Always believe it’s good manner to introduce myself on a forum to start with. Pleased to be here- I am originally from South Australia but now living in Tokyo for the better part of the last 20 years, now with my family including two boys aged 9 and 6. Just stumbled across this site today but have been on other forums such as silverstackers since 2013 and done hundreds of trades in there. Been stacking and collecting for a few years now, lost it all once and now starting up again. For ease of trades I have organized three of my most trusted friends (one each in Australia, the UK and the US) who collect the coins that I get sent to them from sellers in those countries and then bulk on forward them to me in Japan. I also sometimes get coins sent to me direct to Tokyo as well. Sometimes it’s just easier to do local postage than international postage to here. Mostly focused on collecting koalas, wedge tailed eagles, queens beasts, emus, landmarks of Britain, Australian lunar, Marvel and Star Wars series for the kids. To name a few lol. 😆 Sincerely look forward to interacting with all of you and trading with you here on the forum. Cheers from Tokyo all👋
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