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  1. I may have the mintage wrong - I'll try and confirm this next week
  2. I know it's frustrating to some people that trade get some prior allocation - but it's good that small companies get some allocation rather than just the big companies, - and in the past I have given part of my trade discount to many. The allocation I have is small, but I do intend to sell these to customers not trade.
  3. @GoldDiggerDave Neither of these issues are out. The Royal Mint have delayed the release. Most dealers get an allocation of new issues or commemoratives (we get a trade discount) within the trade. Though tbh I only normally get the Proof issues. This is the first time I have allocation of these. I think it will be the Matte finish on the BU £5's, but I also do not have all the details for full confirmation. The prices I have given are Release Price
  4. @GoldDiggerDave Yes, we do pre-orders of the new Proof issues later in the year and have done for 20 years in October. Though I don't normally offer them on here - this is the first time, which hopefully isn't a negative. 😊
  5. If you don't want to queue - I have only 5 left for reservation at the release price of £1185 . If I haven't dealt with you before I will need to take a small deposit, as my allocation is very small on these I don't want anyone who messer's me around. PS : Also I have only 3 left of the £5 BU's which I think this is a small mintage of around 700ish. (please don't quote me on that.) £2635 Release Price. 😜👍 0800 169 1066
  6. Hi, What are you looking to pay on the 5 Pound PF70 UCAM? Regards Louise
  7. We charge 0% Buyers Premium - only postage on top. When you open the App there's a button that says Terms of Sale and this tells you it's 0% Buyers Premium. Regards Louise
  8. Yes - it can make a huge difference to the price you receive Stu - We have sold these coins in our past auctions so please do take a look at our past auction prices. Always happy to have a chat, no obligation to sell through us but happy to help if you want to throw some questions my way- 0800 169 1066 (after 9am- as on the school run lol) Best regards Louise Sorry I mean't @elvee426
  9. @elvee426 If your interested in auctioning please check out our auction bidlive.coinsoftherealm-auctions.com We can discuss reserves, start price and it's very transparent - we take 10% on the hammer and the rest is yours! Freephone: 0800 169 1066 Regards Louise
  10. @Silverman2U Royal Mail will only insure up to £2500, however in 20 years I have NEVER lost a parcel that wasn't my own fault (wrong address). The process of grading takes around 8-12 weeks and is charged at the tier level depending on what THEY value the coin at. We put a valuation onto the sheet but they can go up a tier, and do if they think we are trying to get away with a lower price. The fee's we charge are listed here on the forum - but if you have trouble finding do use this link and press the grading button. The only extra charge is Single Submission (if only sending one item) we have to charge £15 as we are charged this by NGC London for each form we use. You are also welcome to give me a call on our free phone if you wish to ask any more questions. Best regards Louise https://coinsoftherealm.com/
  11. @chrisdobb Hello Chris, I am sorry but I have never received an email from you that I am aware of. I answer all emails, and also provide a free phone number if anyone has any questions relating to the auction, NGC submissions or collecting in general. With regards to the charge of using Credit card, whilst we advertise this at 2.5% we have only ever charges 1.5% max. We are entitled to charge a fee for using credit card payments as this is to cover the charge from the credit card company. Many auctions apply a charge for this, and given we do not make any money from buyers premiums I don't think it unreasonable to cover the cost of using this facility. As far as I am aware CC do not accept credit card payments, but correct me if I am wrong. Always happy to speak to anyone about this or any other queries - 0800 169 1066 Best regards Louise
  12. We can send Bank Notes to grade. However, I am not back from my holiday until the 22nd August (so if you want to call and speak with me then you are most welcome) 0800 169 1066. Best regards Louise
  13. @fehk2001 I am really talking about the resale on the coins. Royal Mint will always hold their price better than Channel Island or TDC coins. I personally am not a fan of the portrait of those coins either, but each to their own.
  14. The Royal Mint releases are always superior in my humble opinion.
  15. Sorry but they are NOT worth $18,000 dollars you can nearly buy the 2oz Gold for that lol!
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