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  1. https://www.google.com/search?q=surprised+gif&safe=strict&sxsrf=ALeKk01XM8WjmKFIN6Db1pQ1ByvvZxeCeg:1618214027727&tbm=isch&source=iu&ictx=1&fir=XMiuHYeZZUERDM%2CJhkSo4wkWjTjqM%2C_&vet=1&usg=AI4_-kRE4bUC3i3qm82mSkG6toHdYzz4XA&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwiN06uCnfjvAhU9gP0HHRFNDFMQ9QF6BAgIEAE&biw=1920&bih=880#imgrc=XMiuHYeZZUERDM Okay my surprised GIFF didn't work lol!
  2. Posted 4 minutes ago But still only a few 5oz 😉 ... and sincerely hoping one of them will be mine haha I think the 5oz are a different ball game altogether - there are a lot less of them.
  3. https://www.ngccoin.com/certlookup/6135423-001/70/ Not sure if you can use the link - but currently 612 at PF70 UC
  4. The 10 oz Three Graces was a last minute consignment and I was keen to test the market with this coin as the lowest price I have seen it advertised is £11k. Apparently one has been sold at £12k through fleabay but we can't always be certain this is a genuine sale as I have a strong belief there are some trying to manipulate the market. The biggest shock for me was the James Bond coins in our auction. I am convinced these coins are over- priced and feel many are going to 'catch a cold' with them. We will speak to the consigner and see what they want to do. In our March Auction we had both
  5. Don't feel bad Andrew, everyone has the right to do what they want with their own coins - Just don't do it again lol!! Just kidding. Yes they have been achieving very high prices especially on the modern. That Penny is much better than the images portray - I just couldn't get that mirror finish it exhibits to come through on the photo's. Dig Deep I'm sure you have deeper pockets than most lol! Hopefully we'll get some well earned results tomorrow. Best regards Louise
  6. Yes, we have had a last minute entry! Lowest start price I've seen of just £8500 - (Most ebay coins advertised at £11k+) Hope to see some Silver Forum Members there tomorrow! This last minute entries are common for our auction lol! Regards Louise PS Where are you auctioning yours Andrew?? Pray tell?
  7. Dear Silver Forum Members, In this month's Auction we have a 2007 4-coin Platinum Britannia Set in the Auction which may interest TSF members. 0% Buyers Premium with just postage to pay extra https://bidlive.coinsoftherealm-auctions.com/ Lot 30 Thank you for your interest.
  8. Anyone who has missed out on The Three Graces or wishing to buy the 2oz or 5oz head over to our latest Auction 11 https://bidlive.coinsoftherealm-auctions.com/ Live Auction Saturday 13th at 1pm Thank you for your interest. Regards Louise
  9. Dear Silver Forum Members, Please take a look at our latest auction 11 - There are some great coins available including the PF70 Ultra Cameo 2017 5 Sovereign, the Super Rare 1923 South Africa Sovereign AU58!! Raw and Slabbed coinage available with 0% Buyers Premium with just postage to pay on top! https://bidlive.coinsoftherealm-auctions.com/ Thank you for your interest.
  10. Dear Silver Forum Members, Please come and take a look, sign up and take advantage of the low starting prices, 0% Buyers Premium with just postage to pay on top - our latest Auction 11. https://bidlive.coinsoftherealm-auctions.com/ Catering for all levels of collecting customers not just the super wealthy and doing what we do best.... Looking after our customers.
  11. To cheer up some of our gold and silver lovers, watch this short 2 minute comedy sketch about gold and silver...🤣👌 Love this! I'm pinching lol!
  12. From my understanding NGC will only conserve if they think it will benefit the grade or eye appeal of the coin.
  13. Gosh that's really terrible by the Royal Mint very substandard. Not sure if conservation will remove, looks like a substance on the surface not scratches.
  14. Not sure about why he would do this?? Maybe trying to get a lower tier - but it may not be him
  15. I think you will find he probably wanted you to send straight to NGC as he is trying to get it as a first release. If it was Kohsuke is a NGC authorised dealer. A very charming man, I've met him a few times. Maybe he had an 'off day' if he appeared rude or maybe it wasn't him?
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