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  1. We can send Bank Notes to grade. However, I am not back from my holiday until the 22nd August (so if you want to call and speak with me then you are most welcome) 0800 169 1066. Best regards Louise
  2. @fehk2001 I am really talking about the resale on the coins. Royal Mint will always hold their price better than Channel Island or TDC coins. I personally am not a fan of the portrait of those coins either, but each to their own.
  3. The Royal Mint releases are always superior in my humble opinion.
  4. Sorry but they are NOT worth $18,000 dollars you can nearly buy the 2oz Gold for that lol!
  5. @sovereignsteve Russell F? He doesn't run an auction house and nor does he submit to COR. So he wouldn't have a clue on how we run our auction. Though he may be familiar with the platform as he promotes CC. Even though we use the same platform , we adopt very different methods as most will know. CC start all lots 10% below gold with no reserve, and we do not. We either have a reserve on the Lot or we start high enough to cover the reserve. Shill bidding is NOT allowed in the UK. It is illegal. Auction houses have the right to protect the reserve of the consigner and that is it. This for us has to be in writing before the auction begins. I believe international Auctions have different laws and maybe this is what you remember in the conversation. Best regards Louise
  6. Thank you for your summary. The title of the post is AUCTION WARNING - and real Lots have been quoted so therefore I think I have the right to put my side forward given it's my auction that is being spoken about. I know Nick probably didn't think this was going to cause a stir, but there are a lot of discussions on Social Media and Forums which are damaging the industry and because we have nothing to hide I have no reservations on defending the platform. What this does is create a fear of submitting and buying in auction. When there shouldn't be. If someone is worried about bidding LIVE then all they have to do is put their pre bid in and leave it. That way they won't bid higher than they intended. Luckily this platform allows pre-bidding and a Live enviroment.
  7. @Nick1368 We can see the customers who bid in auction. We know if they are new, regular or returning customers. When people sign up to the auction most will upload their credit card details to enter the auction. We do offer customers to remove this by asking if they would like to sign up each and every month, but generally most of these are returning customers. The majority of oversea's buyers are asked for proof of ID/ proof of address and proof of them bidding somewhere likewise in auction. So many precautions are taken. UK bidders are governed by UK law, so therefore if there is a problem with payment the relevant steps are taken to recover those unpaid invoices. Hope this puts your mind at ease.
  8. @FlorinCollector 'on a 2016 half sovereign which sold for nearly £1000 ' this was sold in our auction ,CC do not have this coin in their auction. I know this is just conversation, but it is damaging the auction business especially as it's in a public demain. I just wish people would think about what they are writing. The guy who wrote this is WARNING people off buying from the platform. so let me be clear, if anyone wants to call and ask questions about how we run our auction I will happily speak with them as we have absolutely nothing to hide.
  9. @Nick1368 Another guy said that there was fault with his keyboard and he accidentally bid like 20 times on a 2016 half sovereign which sold for nearly £1000 , and guess what ? the guy with the faulty keyboard who placed 20 bids on that coin , did not win it hahaha Anyways be careful when buying/selling coins on auctions , there are dishonest disgusting people out there who would and are doing things like this . I run 'Coins of the Realm Auctions' - Are you talking about the coin that sold in our auction on Saturday? If so, there were two bidders at the end of this Lot and both bid increments of £10 up until it sold. The buyer may not of wanted to pay this amount for his coin, but I can absolutely guarantee you that NO SHILL BIDDING is allowed in our auction, customers are not permitted to bid on their own submissions. If we believed this had taken place (and we can see every bid in the auction) the sale of the Lot would be cancelled. We do sometimes have reserves on some of the lots which we have begun to put in the writeup so people understand that the reserve will be implemented before the LIVE auction if that item does not meet it's reserve it will not sell. However, this Lot you are referring to DID NOT have a reserve. What I would say, if someone has experiencing technical difficulties during an auction they should contact us to discuss because if this customer had won I would have expected him to pay. So it is important any technical problems that involve the auction are reported. I do take offence to people insinuating we are allowing shill bidding to go on in any auction. We do not, and every customer who bids and wins in our auction is pursued if they refuse to pay. Which I am happy to say has only happened on a few occasions. What a lot of people do not realise is making these kind of throw away comments discourages customers attending auctions and it it damaging to a small business like ours. If you had ever had a conversation with me you would know I have integrity and would not allow this to happen in the auction.
  10. @SilverDrum it was a very long time to wait. What I have realised about submitting to NGC is that if you are lucky enough to catch the shipment (ie the one from the UK office to the US) just as it's about to leave you have a shorter time to wait, however if you are unlucky and submit when they are at the beginning of a shipment then you wait until that shipment goes from the UK. This can be 2-3 weeks. When coins are sent to us, we process and send off to the UK office within a few days of receiving. Though it really has no bearing to how long those items will take to be graded. Unfortunately I am not privy to the knowledge of when they are at the end of their shipment ie about to send off to the US. Now I am aware of this because when your coin was back from grading (yours was submitted on March 16th to them) the May submissions came back at the same time as the few March submissions. Hopefully this is making sense. lol Anyway, I hope this helps people to understand that we in no way have control of when these are returned or how long they take. I am glad you got a Top Pop! Grade anyway. At least it was worth the wait. Best regards Louise
  11. sorry I thought it was a minimum bid of £10 lol! My bad. however my offer still stands.
  12. Just to inform The Three Graces enthusiasts .....we have a Gold 2oz 200 Pound starting at £5500 in this months auction! No reserve. https://bidlive.coinsoftherealm-auctions.com/lots/view/4-2V9RP7/2020-three-graces-gold-2oz-200-pound-proof-coin
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