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  1. I would hang on to it, unless you really need the funds. looking it up is really low mintage. the 10 oz bars are going for £300+ on eBay auctions, £400 buy it now & there was 6100 mintage worldwide. Auction Una & the Lion 10 oz Silver Bar. Royal Mint great engravers series una and lion | eBay Buy it now Una & the Lion 10 oz Silver Bar. Royal Mint great engravers series una and lion | eBay
  2. Hey, I would like one if you have any left? cheers
  3. wknd bumpin. Got a 2011 or 2013, that can swap aswell
  4. Hey TSF members,I can't find any of these in the UK or Europe. There's some on eBay U.S but won't ship to UK. and some other site with $30 shipping https://www.bookofsilver.com/order/ out of stock on the main site www.thecoinsupplystore.com Any know where i can find one or alternatives? really want an album that holds 40mm air-tights for the 36 Years of ASE type 1
  5. Wanting to finish up my collection on the last 3 I'm missing Need these dates BU 2008,2011,2014,2016 Paying PPFF all £106 Individual at £26.50 ea inc postage RM
  6. Wanting to close the gap in my collection Need these dates BU 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 paying with PPFF price looking for £159 inc SD postage or individual at £26.50 inc RM 2nd Class Signed For
  7. Silver trader has some in 2021 Queens Beasts 10oz White Horse of Hanover Silver Bullion Coin (silvertrader.uk)
  8. I picked one up aswell saw them On BBP, but thought they maybe cheaper if I waited for Atkinson's. 🙄 The Last time I waited for RM to restock the 10 oz QB White Horse of Hanover, they ended up being no longer available
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