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  1. 2018 Queen's Beasts 10 oz The Griffin of Edward III Silver Coin Hey, Looking to buy one for £420 payment PPFF & Postage Special Delivery
  2. Don't worry unless you want shiny, shiny! normally i would think reselling them would be a concern, but Engelhard bars are well sought after
  3. 2021 Royal Mint Queen's Beasts 10 oz White Lion of Mortimer Fine 9999 Silver Coin. Hi, Looking to buy one for £312 payment PPFF & Post Special Delivery Inc
  4. Hi Newish to the forum, if anyone has any of the following for sale DM. Thanks looking for 1 oz Niue Star Wars Clone Trooper £32 2019 1 oz Germania Mint: The Allegories Columbia & Germania £33 Destiny Knight Series 2 OZ The Raven £65 2020 Bull and Bear 1oz Silver Bullion Coin Perth Mint £34 South Africa 2017 Krugerrand 50th anniversary £35 Payment PPFF postage 1st class recorded
  5. there was a set last week on TSF for £690, Also one now with a nice presentation Box £750 Several of the coins individually on eBay I have seen go for £100 OR more
  6. Anything that shiny, looks good to me 👍 😎checkout sreetips on youtube, that guy is a aficionado in refining Gold and Silver
  7. Damn, I was unaware about this PVC issue. I bought one of these a few weeks ago but doesn't mention being PVC free https://www.amazon.co.uk/Eagles40-Capsules-Container-Organizer-Collection/dp/B08H551W2W/ref=cm_cr_arp_d_product_top?ie=UTF8 just states "Quality material: coin capsules are made of transparent and thickening plastic material, smooth to touch, dust-proof and resistance to oxidation"
  8. I think this might be the best place tbh , just wish I knew sooner about TSF sooner. i picked up some Britannia's under £28 last week. try and look for deals with CGT royal mint coins. if you know what you are looking for sometimes can get exceptional deals on ebay. trouble is there are fakes so I tend to normally avoid Perth mint coins & Chinese Pandas. The other week some one tried selling me fake coins on ebay. An American Eagle Silver proof coin and James Bond 007 Perthmint coin. The weights were very off on the digital scales
  9. i like 10 oz bars the best, easy to sell and a good chunk of silver
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