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  1. 2010 Silver Proof 1oz Kangaroo at Sunset This gem is my tenth of twelve needed for a complete set and is the last of the three such proof designs. It is the rarest "Sunset" with just 3,500 of the 5,000 limit actually minted. The condition is pretty-much immaculate and has been captured extremely professionally by @CadmiumGreen without the need to open the capsule. The detailing on the kangaroo itself is exquisite.
  2. The Word from the Herd Whilst there is a possibility that these Elton John coins might be flipped in the short term for a profit, I would humbly venture to suggest that the long term prospects for its premium are a cause for great concern in both silver and gold. A price of nearly £100 for a 1oz silver coin with no track record is, quite frankly, absurd. If you truly believe that a premium of 500% over spot is sustainable in the long term then I politely suggest that you should see a specialist. The gold versions will similarly trend towards the spot price over time, so why not just buy sovs? It is very easy to forget that not all the "legends" in this RM list are anything like a certainty to be household names in even 30 years time. Of course, there are obvious exceptions, The Beatles and Queen being prime examples. How many of today's youngsters (the future's numismatic collectors/buyers) could actually name a couple of songs by Sir Elton? The chances are that the majority of coins in this "collection" will be confined to the ignominy of bullion in due course, just as most PM coins from the 20th century - no matter how attractive - are now regarded as little more than melt. This design is not a classic and never will be. These comments are not aimed at collectors, of course, but anyone searching for the next Una should look elsewhere...nothing to see here.
  3. These Musician Coins are an embarrassment. Clearly some idiot at the RM is unaware that "serial" is a homonym. I'd be extremely disappointed to discover this trolley token tumbling out with my Crunchy Nut Cornflakes.
  4. The Word from the Herd Sadly for certain callow, but apparently omniscient, members on here, the voices of experience and reason will ever fall on deaf ears. Words of wisdom are drowned out by those who can hear only the sound of their own stentorious books talking and the gnashings of similarly tormented ruminants. Posting a plethora of "Janet and John Have a Stab at Oversimplified Economic Theory" video links does not make for a robust argument. A decision to continually wait for the market to fall to your desired level puts me in mind of the (accurately quoted) words of Uncle Albert: "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Vive l'ironie.
  5. 1947 Mexico Gold 50 Pesos Received from @SVcollector, a rather splendid 1947 Mexican specimen - 37.5g to add to the stack. My compliments and thanks to both @CadmiumGreen and @trp for their wise words of advice.
  6. This "fact" might set off alarm bells for serious market analysts. For others it is merely a case of the ovine leading the ovine.
  7. 1/4 oz Gold Queen's Beasts Griffin and Lion of England 1/4 oz Gold Griffin £460 1/4 oz Gold Lion £450 + postage/risk of your choice. Encapsulated. Payment by BT or PPFF Happy to receive questions/PMs
  8. 10oz Silver Queen's Beast Red Dragon of Wales Price - £330 + postage/risk of your choice. I have just removed this from its cellophane/card 3-pack. Opened only to exhibit. See photos - truly beautiful coin. Payment by BT or PPFF Happy to receive questions/PMs
  9. Comforting as it might be for silver stackers to believe in the "argent a la lunatic" theory, one really should take a realistic approach to the financial state of affairs rather than just believing and spouting the warped hypotheses and rhetoric of anyone who believes in the same pie-in-the-sky notions. Arguments are more likely to receive credence if the poster has checked the veracity of their contributions before posting them as some sort of inherent truism. Wrong. One requires a licence to shoot game in Scotland. "However, there are certain notable exceptions, which come under the headings 'game birds and wildfowl' and 'pests'. Wildfowl include duck and geese...Rabbits are not categorised as game." (Source:https://www.woodlands.co.uk/buying-a-wood/fishing-and-hunting-rights-in-scottish-woodlands/) Given that this might well entail the ownership of the appropriate firearms licence I will hazard this latter to be more likely to provide a stumbling block - although I must own to being unfamiliar with the pertinent laws/requirements in Cloud Cuckoo Land.
  10. I suggest an immoral panic might be even less appreciated.
  11. Genuine bump for non-premium numismatic collectors.
  12. 2012 Royal Mint Diamond Jubilee Silver Proof Set Following the sell-out popularity of the 2008 "gold silhouette" (gilded) silver £1 anniversary set, the RM decided to mark HRH's jubilee with a variation of that theme. The entire mintage of 2012 was quickly sold and includes the only examples of these surprisingly attractive gilded definitive (1p - £1) decimal silver coins ever produced, the shield being prominently silhouetted. My own particular quarry was the £1 coin, representing the 74th and penultimate member of the 75 silver round pound variations. The accompanying blue outer and leather display boxes were also introduced with this set. Their own popularity was slightly shorter-lived and the design has yet to make a second appearance.
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