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  1. 2014 Royal Mint UK Silver Proof Collection This attractive set of 13 coins holds the little recognised record of having the lowest mintage of any UK silver yearset. Just 368 sets were sold, making the 1p - £1 coins the rarest silver proof coins ever issued in GB, only the BU silver £1 coin of 2009 (mintage of 359) has a greater scarcity among British argentine numismatics. Needless to say, this set is particularly sought after by collectors and resulted in my having to fork out a not inconsiderable sum in pursuit of my 112th and penultimate ag round pound, the shield pictured below. Despite numerous appeals on my part, it appears that not one member of TSF is in possession of a 2012 silver BU pound coin. I am fully chagrined up.
  2. 1996 Royal Mint Silver Proof Collection In 1996 the Royal Mint released its first set of British silver proof coins, consisting of the coins from 1p to £1. Although a genuinely uninspiring precursor to some stunning future silver sets, this seven coin set is memorable only for its magnificently retro crushed velvet presentation box. When issued the lucky purchaser received a voucher entitling them to a free curry in the nearest flock wallpapered curry house and a complimentary prawn cocktail at any Beefeater steakhouse. Which was nice.
  3. 2012 UK Diamond Jubilee 7-Coin Silver Proof Set Although considerably lesser known than the 2012 gold silhouette 10-coin set (mintage of 1296, not the widely believed 2012), this "plain" silver proof version is actually considerably rarer, with a released mintage of just 475. This makes it the third rarest silver proof collection ever released by the Royal Mint, behind only the 2014 (368) and 2016 (383). So I bought two, both at sub £100, and believe the price will only go one way from here. Collectors of silver UK 50p coins have been a little slow on the uptake regarding the rarer definitives, although prices of £100+ are now being realised for some. 2012 also saw the issue of the fourth silver BU one pound coin, released in "Baby", "18th Birthday" and "21st Birthday" editions. This is the one coin I still need to finish a complete collection of 113 UK silver "round" pound coins. Please let me know if you have one.
  4. 2013 & 2014 RAM Gold Proof Kangaroos Two attractive coins, particularly the 2013 George Stubbs T-Roo. Two of the "First Sightings" trio from The Royal Australian Mint. Stunning condition. My appreciation to @morezone
  5. Lowest Mintage RM Silver Coin Ever? This unassuming little chap is the Royal Mint's 2009 brilliant uncirculated silver definitive one pound coin. Although the proclaimed maximum mintage - as shown on the CoA - was 50,000, the number actually released/sold was a truly pitiful 359. The coin was available in 7 different sleeves, the rarest of which is the "30th Birthday" (just 29 released), an example of which which I was lucky enough to purchase last year. The quality of the packaging was, to say the least, pretty shoddy. Even the capsule was a flimsy non-rigid plastic. Given the 2009 silver proof was available at a similar price, the abject failure of this BU version should really have been eminently predictable, even to the incompetent buffoons at the RM. Aside from the rarity factor, I purchased this second coin in the hope that somebody might own the 2012 BU version of this coin and be prepared to exchange. There were, including Piedforts, gilded, frosted and "patterns", a total of 113 different silver round £1 coins released...my current collection numbers 112 (one proof is en route)...so any help would be greatly appreciated.
  6. 2013 Silver Proof Britannia 5-Coin Collection Although this Britannia design is not high up on everybody's list, its simplicity makes it my own personal favourite. Actual mintage 3087. The set was an extremely reasonable price and, aside from a little hazing on the 1/10th and 1/20th ozt coins, was otherwise immaculate.
  7. 2014 RM Silver Proof UK 14-Coin Year Set Please let me know if you have this set - or EVEN INCOMPLETE SET - for sale. Let me know your price ...or if you know anybody selling this set. Thank you in advance for any help you might offer.
  8. 1912 & 1914 Sydney Mint Half Sovereigns A couple of Australian auric Ronseal pieces...duly stacked. Provided at a very fair price, courtesy of new member@Ozzyguy, who was happy to post prior to receiving payment and whom I am now happy to recommend. Coins in decent nick. 'Nuff said.
  9. £3 Gold Face Value Two rather pleasing pieces from @AndrewSL76 at a most amenable price. My first ever double sov after 38 years.
  10. 2021 RAM Silver Proof & Frosted "Outback Majesty" Kangaroos Majesty, my arse. Ugh. The latest additions to this series - which started back in 1993 - are certainly disappointing, verging on the hideous. My chagrin was further assaulted when I beheld the latest box enclosing the proof coin. Much akin to a substandard IKEA second and more befitting of a Kellogg's cereal than a RAM serial.. The design of the coins looked okay in the official photo releases. However, the true fugliness of the grotesque pseudo-cubist rendering of the marsupial has to be seen to be believed. Hieronymous Bosch would have been content. The one redeeming "feature" is that these coins are so disturbingly unattractive that I can foresee very low sales and a raft of returns. Future rarity value may result in these numismatic eyesores being a good investment.
  11. Early Design 1oz Silver Libertads I received these from @Jamesd today and they're in quite decent nick. I already have a complete up-to-date set of the slightly larger current design so I thought I'd add these. I now need just 5 ag Tads, all from the 80s, If anybody has examples for sale please let me know.
  12. I have the following silver bullion for sale: 1 Tube (20 coins) of 2014 American Silver Eagles - £580.00 + Postage 2 Tubes (25 coins) of 2015 Silver Maples £675 per Tube + Postage 1 Tube of 24 x 2013 25th Anniversary Maples - £675 + Postage - note 24 coins SOLD 1 Tube of 25 x 2015 Funnel Web Spiders - £675.00 + Postage Excellent BU condition - please ask for further photos Being sold as bullion grade Payment by BT (preferred) or PPFF
  13. 1991 Silver Proof 10oz Kookaburra Courtesy of@arshimo2012 Not an unattractive lump of metal.
  14. 1oz BU Silver Britannias in Capsules All sold £27.50 each + postage oyc BT or PPFF Selling as bullion
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