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  1. 1999-2002 Silver Proof Piedfort £1 Heraldic Emblems Set It is all too easy to believe that, in repeating the identical designs as an immediate follow-up to the 1994-97 set, the Royal Mint merely displayed a startling indolence within its product development department. That, however, would be to ignore the cynical contempt in which it holds its customers and the cursory eyebrow which it twitches in the direction of numismatic innovation. It was in 1999 that I decided to never again buy anything directly from the RM - a move which has saved me literally thousands of pounds o
  2. 2016 Last Round Silver Piedfort Pound I consider it a catastrophe of cataclysmic proportions that this beautiful design was barely in general circulation before we were subjected to the dodecagonal coup with its repetitiously hideous usurper. The reverse features the four heraldic beasts, as produced by the Royal Mint in the 2003 Pattern Set. The coin is divided into four sectors, showing the lion of England, the unicorn of Scotland, the stag of Northern Ireland and the dragon of Wales. The Imperial Crown of Saint Edward is depicted centrally with the initials of designer B
  3. 1984-88 Silver Piedfort £1 "Set" The four 1984-87 coins made up the first Royal Mint Piedfort set - the 1988 Shield is added for good measure. Despite spurious (BS) claims alleged elsewhere, these encapsulated proofs are not available at spot but I was still happy with the price I paid. As with 99% of all RM Sterling silver products, there is no hint of spotting - even after 35 years. Even tarnishing is minimal or none. Five very attractive beefy chunks of silver. Please PM me if you have any Pdf £1 coins that are looking to sell - I still need half a dozen for the co
  4. If I were after cheap silver then I would not have asked for the five coins mentioned. How about agreeing to my offer ? --- It is apparent to all that you are utterly incapable of backing up your bs statement. Nobody believes you will make an apology if the PMs that I have received are anything to go by. Thank you for your contribution. --- @richatthecroftVery true, Richard. A full set of round proofs numbers 74 and includes specimens with mintages below 400.
  5. @StackemHigh Can this really be true? I hope it is and that you are not, as I suspect, merely just "giving it the Barry" and offering hollow attempts at self-aggrandisement. If you are happy to make this highly dubious statement then I challenge you to back it up. Please could you quote me a price for the 2012, 2014 and 2016 silver proof £1 shield coins and the Piedfort 2014 shield £1 and Piedfort 2016 last round pound. Somewhere near spot - as per the original poster's enquiry - would be brilliant - but I shall allow you a margin of 200%. I even offer you an extra week over
  6. 10oz Silver QB Lion of Mortimer I'm unsure whether anybody else has posted a photograph of this rascal - my apologies to anyone who has. A solid coaster, not as attractive as the Lion of England version. Looks better when topped by a suitable goblet of '63 port. There is little else to say.
  7. RAM 2018 Silver Kangaroo 25th Anniversary Coinbar To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Skippy series, the RAM commissioned a rather attractive release. This 2018 $1 silver frosted uncirculated coin is housed in a 2oz silver bar, featuring a 25th anniversary design with a supremely gimmicky and entirely pleonastic ‘25’ privy mark. The certificate number is located in the top right hand corner of the reverse. Although generally reported to have been a mintage of 5,000, in reality only 1992 were released. A pleasingly low adjustment. The 3oz Roobar is, of course, 99.9% fine
  8. Royal Mint Silver Proof 2010 Piedfort Collection While I wait patiently for the two silver BU £1 coins missing from my collection to appear in auction, I have decided to complete the set of Piedforts that I started way back in 1984. The cheapest method of buying the four coins of the 2010/11 "Cities" set turns out to be by buying sets which include the required dates and selling off the unwanted parts. To this end I today took delivery of this very attractive set - which includes the Belfast and London specimens. The superfluous Piedfort 50p and £2 coins have alre
  9. 2009 Royal Mint UK Silver £1 BU In 2009 the Royal Mint produced the first of five consecutive annual silver BU one pound coins. Issued in a flimsy card box and an absurdly pliable capsule with the structural rigidity of clingfilm, the coin was an immediate and comprehensive sales debacle. In focusing the coin on a somewhat questionable target-market of those on a quest for an imaginative 30th birthday present, we can only assume that RM advertising team must surely have been "moved along" pretty sharpish. If the evidence is anything to go
  10. Royal Mint 2008 Gold Proof £1 Shield Although still one coin short of the full set of different 75 silver round pounds, I thought this fellow might make an attractive headliner for my planned display. This particular design is the most prolific, featuring on the reverse of eleven Ag £1 coins from 2008-2016 (twice in 2012 and 2015). Weighing in at 19.61g of 22ct gold (17.98g agw), it is over twice as heavy as its Sterling silver counterpart. Total mintage 1746, including those issued in sets. A splendid deal courtesy of @MancunianStacker
  11. 2014 RAM Silver Proof "Explorers' First Sightings" - Western "John Major" Greys The second in the set of three "Explorers' First Sightings", this is a coin noteworthy only for its almost comprehensive lack of interest or appeal. The engraving by imminently obscure pointillist Aaron Baggio is based on little known Henry Richter's depiction of Western Grey Kangaroos - an image which was, itself, based on a sketch by lesser-known lithographer John Gould in 1838. The litany of mediocrity is outstanding. Although the quality of detail in the "nice enough" portrayal
  12. 2013 RAM Silver Proof "Explorers' First Sightings" - Tyrannosaurus Roo The first in the set of three "Explorers' First Sightings" within the Skippy series, this somewhat alarming coin alludes to a 1772 oil painting - "The Kongouro from New Holland" - by the famous equine artist, George Stubbs. His was the first non-indigenous depiction of any marsupial and he based it on the inflated skin of an animal collected from Australia in 1770 during the then Lieutenant Cook's first voyage of discovery. The absence of a living kangaroo for reference is more than apparent in an image
  13. 2003 Silver Proof 1oz $1 Kangaroo - "Jirrah-Watty" Featuring a design by acclaimed Aboriginal artist Ray Thomas of the Gunnai people in Gippsland, Victoria, the coin depicts "Jirrah-Watty" – the Big Kangaroo – in full flight. With bold muscular line-work underscoring the animal’s power and predominance, a delicate finish applied to the background envelopes the horizon in a shimmering heat haze, along with the distant silhouettes of another stalwart of the outback, the grass tree. Ray Thomas spent many years researching his Gunnai people’s myths, legends, designs and
  14. 2011 RAM 1oz $1 Silver Proof Allied Rock Wallaby The 2011 Royal Australian Mint Kangaroo features the allied rock-wallaby. These marsupials are part of the macropod family, meaning ‘great footed’ and are found mainly in north-east Queensland and on the nearby Palm and Magnetic Islands. There's not much more to be said about this somewhat underwhelming design by Wojciech Pietranik - a coin which is unlikely to be remembered as the most inspired of his creations. The detailing is, as always, excellent and remains a dependable factor in this series.
  15. 2010 RAM 1oz Silver BU Kangaroo at Sunset My collection of all twelve 1oz silver Proof and BU Sunset and Outback Kangaroos is completed with this flawless argentine example, the details adroitly captured in some of his finest work by photographic aficionado @CadmiumGreen. I am still enthralled by the timeless beauty and simplicity of the design by engraver Wojciech Pietranik, whose monogram can be seen above the Fabulous 15 Privy mark. Many thanks for the goodwill, encouragement and kind words proffered by all the following during completion of this set: @trp, @ju
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