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  1. Mexican Veinte Pesos + A rather tidy arrival courtesy of @coinage and with thanks also to @James32 Just a 5 Pesos now required for the set of 2 to 50...does anybody have one to sell? ---------- Also a perfectly timed 2022 IoM production. Is the coin silvery or irony?
  2. 10oz Silver Bullion Black Bull QB I can pay immediately via PPFF, BT, cheque, postal order or pig-barter Please send photos with any offers, if possible No road-kill coins, lactating, gravel-rash etc, thanks DM with offers, please
  3. No Frills Ronseal Baird 20g Gold Bar Price: £1,000 including RMSD Payment: PPFF or Bank Transfer
  4. richatthecroft and @SVcollector introduced me to the stunning anniversary 1989 Tudor Rose proof sovereigns and, although I will never own one, I doubt I shall ever behold another design of such breathtaking beauty. Of my own collection, the 2003 RAM "Jirrah-Watty" and 2018 5oz Gilded silver proof Anniversary Kangaroo top my preferences. I too am an admirer of the decimalisation celebration 50p mentioned by SilverMike, @Scootermuppetand @Stuntman - even more so with the original Machin obverse.
  5. Gold £1 Cities Ultra Cameo Mortuary Slabs The 2010-11 4-coin set of gold Cities was offered to me at an excellent price by @Jaconet. Although pretty much a perfect graded set (3x PF70, 1x PF69), I aim at some stage to "upgrade" them to an original boxed encapsulated set for my own requirements. Mintages were fairly low, varying between 499 (Edinburgh) and 950 (London). Eighteen round pounds were individually available in gold and I now require just three - 2005 (Menai Straits Bridge), 2006 (Egyptian Bridge) and 2016 (Last Round Pound) are still outstanding.
  6. Better in Gold...but Still No Walk on the Beach As far as the Royal Mint One Pound coin designs go, the "Nations of the Crown" has to rate as staggeringly average and is soundly thrashed into a cocked hat by its predecessor, the exquisite 2016 "Last Round Pound", designed by Gregory Cameron. After six years of this incessant tedium it is impossible to fathom why the RM has not managed to update this tired and uninspired numismatic anachronism. That being said, the design does look somewhat better lend itself to bi-coloured gold that it does to a silver/gold combo. Surprisingly, an uncomfortably high number of 2,142 "collectors" deemed this coin worthy of purchase upon release, making it the second highest mintage of all gold proof decimal pounds. More fool them. Presumably buyers were unaware that the new shape heralded a latter-day coin-clipping exercise by the RM, with the missing "corners" accounting for a 10% reduction in gold content. Which was nice. As with my silver £1 collection, this dodecagonal usurper will be the final coin in my (currently incomplete) set. Excellent service from Louise at @CoinsOfTheRealmAuctions. Highly recommended.
  7. 2004 Gold Proof £1 Forth Railway Bridge A TSF "lurker" who wishes to remain anonymous arranged delivery of this pristine example from the days when the Royal Mint had a fully functioning Quality Control department. A welcome addition to my Gold Proof Pound Coin collection. With an actual mintage of 2,618 (of the 3,000 limit) this was the first gold decimal pound coin to be issued individually, the 2002 Three Lions having appeared in the Golden Jubilee gold set. Two auric bridges - 2005 and 2006 - still elude me. "DMs are open".
  8. 1982 Silver Proof IoM Carded 20p Coins & Unc 1993 £5 Crowns Found in my loft/grotto and of no interest to me. 4 3x Isle of Man Silver Proof 20p - £15 each +poyc 5x CuNi uncirculated UK 1993 5 coins - £5 each + poyc PPFF or BT
  9. 2x 2012 Silver Proof £5 Gillick Portrait - £37 each +poyc This Sterling silver proof crown was issued in 2012 as part of the RM Diamond Jubilee range. I have two available, taken from the two different RM 2012 annual silver sets, both butchered for my own devices. PPFF or BT.
  10. Absolutely Flawless - 2008 Gold Proof £1 Coat of Arms An auction success brought this pristine specimen to me for spot including delivery. The early bid catches the worm. Also included was the original invoice, showing that 14 years ago the Royal Mint were selling new proof issues at 62% over spot, compared with about 70% today. The condition is quite sublime...even dust particles fear to tread. This familiar (to those who have attained puberty) design is that of the inaugural 1983 £1, but one of just two auric appearances.
  11. £195 + poyc - SOLD (spot at £1487) "Absolutely Stunning Example" 35 Years Old and Everything Pristine First Year of Issue of Gold Proof Britannias Recently removed from the original RM cellophane bag! Immaculate Untouched Proof Condition Capsule Never Opened (apart from for these photos) CoA & Original RM "Sealed At" Card - all perfect Box is in Perfect Condition
  12. Early 1oz Silver Libertads - Bargain Anybody looking to start collecting Mexican silver - or just after superb value early Libertads - will probably have a good wait ahead of them if looking to better the current offering from@AgD. I picked up four, hoping to find at least one '86 to add to my Tad collection. All four were in superb condition and nigh on BU. At £30 each this is outstanding. I believe he has only a few left. Should anybody have an '87 or '88 Tad they are looking to offload, please send me a DM.
  13. 2022 Bullion Double Ronseal This attractive example arrived today, courtesy of@ChardsCoinandBullionDealer. "Minty +" grade. Tidy coin but unsurprisingly, imo, it pales in comparison to the proof sovs and 2015 au £1 coins. One for the stack. @trp With a premium lower than that of any other dealers on single sovs this was a straightforward decision given the paucity of offer on TSF at the time. The process from@LawrenceChard& co. was straightforward, efficient, polite and swift. Thoroughly professional - a company I would be happy to recommend. Addendum: Free postage would have been nice..
  14. "A Timeless First" (Zzzzz, yeah, right) Price - £20 each +poyc (eg 1st class large letter = £1.45) 5 Available Brilliant Uncirculated 999 Silver Still RM Sealed. Handy for paying court fines and thus pissing off petty bureaucrats. BT or PPFF
  15. Gold Proof Round Pounds Another three of these handsome fellows, the 2015 Arms being courtesy of@shawy2510. Each 22ct coin weighs in at a respectable 17.98 agw.
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