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  1. 2020 1oz Platinum Britannia Received from @paulmoore . Splendid price - best available by a country mile. My first Pt ozzer and, other than its density, I am not persuaded that they are especially attractive. Not unlike an out-of-focus silver Brit. Just expensive Ronseal.
  2. 2009 RAM 3-Coin Silver Proof "Artists" Set This set, comprising "pad-printed" coloured versions of the 2007-09 Skippies, represents the Royal Australian Mint's only deviation into the world of felt-tip silver roos. The many other examples on the market are all third-party offerings, predominantly on the part of Downies. The total mintage of 3,001 makes these the rarest RAM roos apart from the last three "Seasons Change" coins. Reg Mombassa, Ken Done and family favourite Rolf "Can You Guess Where I Am Now" Harris were the three contributing daubers. In k
  3. RAM 2009 Gilded Silver "Ken Done" Kangaroo This was the final gilded Skippy released by the Royal Australian Mint and had a mintage of just 5,997. The gold finishing of this coin was, for the first time, in a "two-tone" silhouette, with both proof and frosted gold highlights. The effect is one of outstanding quality and makes this my favourite "Gildy" by some distance - and also my #1 of the three silver 2009 Ken "WTF is He" Done roos. Thanks once more to my favourite Finn@jultorskfor the help in my sourcing of this "ripper". This is my 61st 1oz silver Skippy and l
  4. 2008 RAM 1oz Silver Gilded "Reg Mombassa" Kangaroo Struck by the Royal Australian Mint, this was the penultimate gilded Skippy ever offered by the Royal Australian Mint and, at just 5,463, its mintage was the lowest. The gold silhouetting of this coin - like most gilded silver issues - is nothing to take ones breath away...but it is certainly still an attractive member of the collection in my eyes. For further details - if interested - please see the Mombassa proof listed in this thread here. I can confirm that the ball depicted is for Aussie Rules, no
  5. 2006 RAM Gilded Silver Kangerlily The Royal Australian Mint in 2006 produced a proof coin that, in my opinion, rates towards the top of the world's most beautiful ever produced. I can add little to the words of @Roy - "The coin is literal gem. An ethnicity, a history, a close cultural relationship with nature all on the reverse of a silver proof coin.The image could have been copied from an aboriginal cave wall drawing." "Jirrah-Watty" – the Big Kangaroo - is a design by Aboriginal artist Ray Thomas This was the first of seven gild
  6. Perth Mint 10g Gold Bar in Assay I chanced upon this rather becoming wee trinket on offer by @Liam84 and my inner Roo-Whore kicked in. A fair price for the inglet which was dispatched post haste. Ronseal.
  7. RAM 2007 Gilded Silver 1oz Kangerolf With a mintage of just 5525, this souvenir of Australia's favourite paedophile has had a rather volatile price history since it was first issued by the Royal Australian Mint. After steady rises in its value, a picture of "Can you guess what it is yet?" turbulence developed following the prosecution in 2014 of the avuncular TV Ozzie. The wannabe vet was found guilty of serious crimes against art, music, song-writing and comedy. Prices tumbled across the numismatic world except in Germany - where it has long been established that none of
  8. 2018 RAM "25" Anniversary Privy Silver FrUnc Kangaroo This coin is something of a quandary to me, The RAM confirmed to me last year that the 2018 Roobar - of which this coin was a part- was released with a mintage of 1922 from a maximum 5000. I saw this coin available in two different locations...and so decided to make this my last VAT-free purchase from Germany. Needless to say, it got stuck in Europe before eventually limping its way home to me. I await precise information from the Royal Australian Mint, having fired off an inquisitorial missive in their direction. Still
  9. German 20 Mark Gold Coins (Wilhelm II - Kingdom of Prussia) A trio of sov-sized 90% gold coins received courtesy of @Mox ; superb, friendly service and immediate dispatch. I don't have much to say about these old coins beyond the above title - mainly because I currently know bugger all else. I saw them in the forum's sales thread, liked the look of them, liked the price and bought them. -Ends
  10. RAM 2015 Silver Proof Giant Sloth Roo First published c1795 in George Barrington’s "A Voyage to Botany Bay", Vincent Woodthorpe’s hand-coloured engraving accompanied the description of kangaroos as ‘about the size of a common deer' was presented to a readership in no position to argue. The image proffers a masterclass in deception, unless one is to believe that common deer were at that time the size of trees and that kangaroo twins are not actually almost completely unheard of. Reminding me of a schoolbook portrayal of the Giant Sloth, I must confess to being totally be
  11. RAM 2020 Silver Proof Red Kangaroo The Royal Australian Mint produced its first "Mob of Roos" $1 coin in 1984 to replace earlier banknotes, and its inaugural silver counterpart appeared in 2004. I always found the design attractive but, like the Maple, Eagle, Ark, Philly, Brit (latterly), Krug and - dare I say it - even the Tad, a collection of same old, same old, year in, year out...well, such collections become inherently boring ere long. The 2020 Red Kangaroo certainly bears more than a passing resemblance to "The Mob" - as can be seen below - and I find it a splendid ne
  12. RAM "Seasons Change" Silver Proof Kangaroos 2016-19 When the Royal Australian Mint revealed the first design in this series back in 2016, my first feeling were of an overwhelming apathy towards an extremely "busy" design showing all the artistic acumen of a 'C' grade at art 'A'-level. Given some of the outstanding designs of earlier members of the "Skippy" collection, it was scarcely fathomable that such an uninspired fettling should have been selected to represent the initial offering in the mint's first ever quartet. It transpired that the three ensuing artworks
  13. 2008 RAM 1oz Silver Proof " Reg Mombassa" Kangaroo Struck by the Royal Australian Mint, this was the second in the highly successful "Artists" series of 2007-09. "Well-known" and "legendary" Reg Mombassa has been best known in Australia for a multitude of art works and styles as well as music. His art work has graced the Mambo Graphics clothing series, music recording covers, books, calendars and he has even had the honour of painting one of Melbourne's historic trams. Reg was also extremely famous for his musical skills as co-founder and guitarist in the band Mental As An
  14. Gilded Silver Kangaroos 2004-2006 The RAM issued official "selectively gold plated" silver 1oz roos for just seven years, from 2003 to 2009. Although I am not a big fan of gilded silver coins, I felt that these seven just about merit a place in a complete collection...although I do draw the line at the felt-tip pen coloured cereal packet tokens. The actual mintages of all three were quite similar to their proof counterparts, - this translating into what I consider to be somewhat unjustified high prices outside Australia. In summary, quite an attractive set but on
  15. 10oz QB Silver Lion of Mortimer A duplicate for me, but I hope it will prove to be a swap for the next - and post Brexit cum VAT - 10 ozzer.
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