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  1. £3 Gold Face Value Two rather pleasing pieces from @AndrewSL76 at a most amenable price. My first ever double sov after 38 years.
  2. 2021 RAM Silver Proof & Frosted "Outback Majesty" Kangaroos Majesty, my arse. Ugh. The latest additions to this series - which started back in 1993 - are certainly disappointing, verging on the hideous. My chagrin was further assaulted when I beheld the latest box enclosing the proof coin. Much akin to a substandard IKEA second and more befitting of a Kellogg's cereal than a RAM serial.. The design of the coins looked okay in the official photo releases. However, the true fugliness of the grotesque pseudo-cubist rendering of the marsupial has to be
  3. Early Design 1oz Silver Libertads I received these from @Jamesd today and they're in quite decent nick. I already have a complete up-to-date set of the slightly larger current design so I thought I'd add these. I now need just 5 ag Tads, all from the 80s, If anybody has examples for sale please let me know.
  4. I have the following silver bullion for sale: 1 Tube (20 coins) of 2014 American Silver Eagles - £580.00 + Postage 2 Tubes (25 coins) of 2015 Silver Maples £675 per Tube + Postage 1 Tube of 24 x 2013 25th Anniversary Maples - £675 + Postage - note 24 coins SOLD 1 Tube of 25 x 2015 Funnel Web Spiders - £675.00 + Postage Excellent BU condition - please ask for further photos Being sold as bullion grade Payment by BT (preferred) or PPFF
  5. 1991 Silver Proof 10oz Kookaburra Courtesy of@arshimo2012 Not an unattractive lump of metal.
  6. 1oz BU Silver Britannias in Capsules All sold £27.50 each + postage oyc BT or PPFF Selling as bullion
  7. 1912 Sov & A Fistful of Silver One decent Georgian full sovereign. Each of the 1oz Britannias was free, with thanks to the family and friends offer. 'Nuff said.
  8. Small Gold Ronseal & Decent Dos Pesos Courtesy of @arshimo2012 and @Touvex indirectly 1945 Mexico Dos Pesos 2021 1/10oz Gold Krug 1999 1/10oz Gold 20th Anniversary Maple
  9. 2010 Royal Mint Silver BU One Pound This unassuming little fellow has been a quarry of mine for some years - and I had never actually seen one for sale/auction until this weekend. Although the RM stated a maximum mintage of 50,000, only 1,544 were actually issued. Between 1983 and 2016 a total of 113 different silver £1 designs/formats - proofs, Piedforts and Sterling BUs - were produced. All six of the 925s were "shields" and are dated from 2009 - 2014. My own collection now stands two coins short at 111, just the 2012 BU and the 2014 proof still to be
  10. 2016-W Walking Liberty Half Dollar Centennial Gold Coin NGC SP70 For Sale @ Spot + 55% or Swap for 3/4 oz Gold Bullion Current spot price = £1280 ---> Price £1010 (including RMSD) A recent ebay auction (11/3/2021) of this coin sold for £1025 (spot+ 67%). Details here - http://www.2-clicks-coins.com/article/2016-w-walking-liberty-centennial-gold-coin.html I do not "collect" gold coins or encapsulated coins and would rather cash in the premium and switch to bullion. With thanks to @trp&@CadmiumGreenfor their advice.
  11. 2020 1oz Platinum Britannia Received from @paulmoore . Splendid price - best available by a country mile. My first Pt ozzer and, other than its density, I am not persuaded that they are especially attractive. Not unlike an out-of-focus silver Brit. Just expensive Ronseal.
  12. 2009 RAM 3-Coin Silver Proof "Artists" Set This set, comprising "pad-printed" coloured versions of the 2007-09 Skippies, represents the Royal Australian Mint's only deviation into the world of felt-tip silver roos. The many other examples on the market are all third-party offerings, predominantly on the part of Downies. The total mintage of 3,001 makes these the rarest RAM roos apart from the last three "Seasons Change" coins. Reg Mombassa, Ken Done and family favourite Rolf "Can You Guess Where I Am Now" Harris were the three contributing daubers. In k
  13. RAM 2009 Gilded Silver "Ken Done" Kangaroo This was the final gilded Skippy released by the Royal Australian Mint and had a mintage of just 5,997. The gold finishing of this coin was, for the first time, in a "two-tone" silhouette, with both proof and frosted gold highlights. The effect is one of outstanding quality and makes this my favourite "Gildy" by some distance - and also my #1 of the three silver 2009 Ken "WTF is He" Done roos. Thanks once more to my favourite Finn@jultorskfor the help in my sourcing of this "ripper". This is my 61st 1oz silver Skippy and l
  14. 2008 RAM 1oz Silver Gilded "Reg Mombassa" Kangaroo Struck by the Royal Australian Mint, this was the penultimate gilded Skippy ever offered by the Royal Australian Mint and, at just 5,463, its mintage was the lowest. The gold silhouetting of this coin - like most gilded silver issues - is nothing to take ones breath away...but it is certainly still an attractive member of the collection in my eyes. For further details - if interested - please see the Mombassa proof listed in this thread here. I can confirm that the ball depicted is for Aussie Rules, no
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