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  1. 20g Ronseal Excellent price as ever, courtesy of @ST1986
  2. Royal Mint 2019 Silver Proof Collection Mintage - less than 1000, official numbers as yet unreleased...I'd guess about 650. A good-looking set featuring, amongst others, the Wedgwood and Pepys £2 coins and the Queen Victoria (young head) £5 crown. I again transferred the set to a wooden "Premium Proof" box - including the 2019 RM Medallion - for storage in preference to the original shiny black box. @TheShinyStuff...I now require only the 2020, 2021 and 2009 silver proof sets. I refuse point blank to buy the 2009 while it is so ridiculously overpriced on account of ill-informed collectors believing the Kew 50p is "very scarce". A real tulip bubble in the offing.
  3. Royal Mint 2018 Silver Proof Collection Mintage - 596. The second annual set following the lamentable demise of the round pound coin proved to have an even lower mintage than the 2017. These 1p - £2 silver proof definitive coins were only available in this set I secured a wooden "Premium Proof" box - including the 2018 RM Medallion - for storage in preference to the original shiny black box. Further to French polishing it should look the dogs.
  4. Royal Mint 2017 Silver Proof Collection Mintage - 609. I'm not entirely sure how I ended up collecting these sets, but at least they aren't as mindnumbingly boring as silver Maples or Phillies et al. I prefer the wooden "Premium Proof" boxes for storage as opposed to the original shiny black boxes. As yet I haven't landed the 2017 for this collection. Let me know if you know of one for sale. My second set of such photos - down to about 10 minutes "arrangement" time now @TheShinyStuff. Donning and removing the gloves is a bit of a pisser.
  5. Recent Auction Silver Proof Bargains Leaving speculative low-ball commission bids with auctioneers can occasionally yield some outrageous bargains. All the below were sold at 50% or less of their current re-sale values. 2013 RM Silver Proof 3-Coin £1 Royal Arms Set (x2) - mintage 1,311 2008 RM Silver Proof Piedfort £1 - total mintage (inc.sets) 7,202 2015 RM Silver Proof 4th & 5th Portrait Definitive Sets - mintage 1,241
  6. 2006 80th Birthday Silver Proof Set This was the Royal Mint's third silver proof decimal set and, other than an attractive but otherwise uninspiring Maundy quartet, it contains precisely zero coins of great interest other than to a numismatic Denis Norden. The Monty Python £5 coin is also included The mintage was an underwhelming 6,394. Just another ✔️ off the ongoing collection of silver sets. Happily, the condition of both the coins and the blue "leatherette" (crushed velvet RIP) box is magnificent.
  7. 2016-W Walking Liberty Half Dollar Centenary Gold Coin NGC SP70 This is quite an attractive coin £1075 (inc RMSD) ono Further details here - http://www.2-clicks-coins.com/article/2016-w-walking-liberty-centennial-gold-coin.html I "collect" neither gold coins nor encapsulated coins and would rather cash in the premium and switch to bullion. With thanks to @trp,@CadmiumGreen&@Sparrowlegs4for their advice.
  8. 2015 UK Silver Proof Commemorative Sets Joe Public has been led to believe the 2009 Kew is a real rarity. "Key-date", my arse. The Kew 50p is over 11 times more common than this 50p, whether base metal or silver proof numbers are considered. The Benjamin Britten silver proof is only the second rarest such commemorative £2 coin. @SilverMike @terakris
  9. 1986 IoM Gold Proof Angel Many thanks to @jultorsk for this splendid wee Angel. Before the Tower Mint took over with their twee transangel design, the Pobjoy Mint in Sutton produced beautiful Manx coins involving good old-fashioned toxic masculinity. The world was a happier and better place then.
  10. Great British 14k Gold Proof Replicas 6 x 0.5g @ 14k...a whopping 1.75g agw 1839 Una and The Lion 1817 The Three Graces Henry VII Sovereign 1334 Double Leopard 1257 Henry III Penny Henry VIII Crown ----- This set came with a "St George & The Dragon" pocket watch.
  11. Mexican Gold Shrapnel Three attractive little fellows, courtesy of @DHD2020 Dos y Medio 1919 & 1945 and 2017 1/20oz Tad.
  12. 2008 Silver Proof Piedfort Definitive Shield Although the Royal Mint issued its first Piedfort coin - a 20p - in 1982, the only such definitives issued over the ensuing 26 years were minted to commemorate the new sizes of the 5p (1990), 10p (1992) and 50p (1997) coins. In 2008 the definitive obverse designs switched to the current Shield of Arms format. This Piedfort set was issued along with two conventional thickness sets, one of the shield and one of the outgoing designs. The penny and tuppence represent the only Piedfort examples of their denominations. The £1 shield was never again released in this thickness over the remaining eight years of the "round pound". The total and maximum mintage of this collection was 3,000 - just 33 more than the 2009 Piedfort silver Kew Gardens. The set sold out.
  13. RM 2015 Comprehensive Silver Collection In 2015 the Royal Mint revealed their first coins using the 5th portrait of HRH. Two silver proof eight-coin sets were released, which together with the five-coin ag commemorative set made for the combined amalgamation pictured here. Investigation of the commemorative coins revealed a very satisfying fact which I doubt anybody else can be arsed about.
  14. Royal Mint Plush Blue Velvet Box 2000 Following the worldwide slump in the price of velvet seen in the early 1990s, the Royal Mint - a company known for its attempted Brer Hunt-like cornering of the market in OTC Velvet futures - happened upon the idea of encouraging the purchase of velvet-coated boxes by including complimentary silver coins. The first stage of what was to become known as The Velvet Revolution was the release of the lesser known "96 Burgundy", a stunning cuboid with a crushed velvet covering which included the seven free silver proof 1996 UK definitive coins from 1p to £1. The millennium brought the second and, ultimately, final thrust to ramp up the market in the shape of the "2000 Navy". Accompanying this parallelepiped was another freebie, the eight definitive silver proofs from 1p to £2, plus the commemorative ag £5 and a silver proof quadrant set of the four Maundy coins - penny, tuppence, thrupenny bit and groat. Although stage 1 had seen some success in ensuring a bullish velvet market - even today the 2000 Navy box sells for about three times the price of the 96 Burgundy - the market peaked a short time later, leaving many investors stranded, left high and dry astride yet another tulip bubble. Today 99% of the world velvet output is used in the production of handcuffs and in the marginally smaller, albeit considerably more lucrative, market for coronation crowns. The production of velvet boxes, sadly, ceased in 2019. The last known example, a genuine miniature masterpiece, is believed to have been created to house the testicle(s) of Alexander de Pfeiffel Johnson. They were presented to Carrie Johnson upon the occasion of her self-appointment as British PM.
  15. 1995 RCM 1/2 Oz Platinum Proof Lynx Not much else to add - an attractive Ronseal 9995 Platinum proof coin to whose existence I was totally oblivious until this weekend. There were three other 1995 plynx coins - 1/10, 1/4 and 1oz - which together with this fellow comprised a full set. Each had a different design.
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