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  1. 2003 Silver Proof 1oz $1 Kangaroo - "Jirrah-Watty" Featuring a design by acclaimed Aboriginal artist Ray Thomas of the Gunnai people in Gippsland, Victoria, the coin depicts "Jirrah-Watty" – the Big Kangaroo – in full flight. With bold muscular line-work underscoring the animal’s power and predominance, a delicate finish applied to the background envelopes the horizon in a shimmering heat haze, along with the distant silhouettes of another stalwart of the outback, the grass tree. Ray Thomas spent many years researching his Gunnai people’s myths, legends, designs and
  2. 2011 RAM 1oz $1 Silver Proof Allied Rock Wallaby The 2011 Royal Australian Mint Kangaroo features the allied rock-wallaby. These marsupials are part of the macropod family, meaning ‘great footed’ and are found mainly in north-east Queensland and on the nearby Palm and Magnetic Islands. There's not much more to be said about this somewhat underwhelming design by Wojciech Pietranik - a coin which is unlikely to be remembered as the most inspired of his creations. The detailing is, as always, excellent and remains a dependable factor in this series.
  3. 2010 RAM 1oz Silver BU Kangaroo at Sunset My collection of all twelve 1oz silver Proof and BU Sunset and Outback Kangaroos is completed with this flawless argentine example, the details adroitly captured in some of his finest work by photographic aficionado @CadmiumGreen. I am still enthralled by the timeless beauty and simplicity of the design by engraver Wojciech Pietranik, whose monogram can be seen above the Fabulous 15 Privy mark. Many thanks for the goodwill, encouragement and kind words proffered by all the following during completion of this set: @trp, @ju
  4. 2001 RAM Silver Proof 1oz $1 Kangaroo A fine example of this coin from a mintage of 10,292. This 2001 coins was the first in the series that depicted Aboriginal designs and the ninth release in the RAM Kangaroo Series Featuring a painting by Aboriginal artist Jeanette Timbery, the central kangaroo design is surrounded by a traditional dot painting. The different colours of the original artwork are represented on the coin using different textures and frosting of the dots.The raised polished image of the corresponding "frostie" was crafted by Wojciech Pietranik.
  5. 2000 RAM Silver Proof 1oz $1 Kangaroo A lovely example of this coin from a maximum mintage of 9,972. This particular design, the first of three by Vladimir Gottwald, depicts a kangaroo leaping across a recessed silhouette of Australia. The corresponding frostie from the same year is shown for comparison in the lower photographs. A clear win for the proof imo.
  6. Not a boat you will ever be in. The mere fact that you even watch Sky News speaks volumes. Unlike yourself. Pay your rent, Pebbles.
  7. The 2010 RAM Silver Proof Yellow-Footed Rock Wallaby The 2010 Skippy was the first coin in the triad of wallaby designs by engraver Wojciech Pietranik, better known for his iconic "Kangaroo at Sunset". Photos courtesy of the Virginian virtuoso @CadmiumGreen ®
  8. The 1998 RAM Silver Proof $1 1oz Kangaroo Following the introduction of the BU silver "Frosties" in 1993, the RAM started the set of corresponding proof roos with this coin. The design changes with each year and both formats have been produced ever since. Despite the recent climb in silver prices, the steep issue prices from the RAM means that these beautiful proof versions are, even now, still changing hands at prices near their lows in Australia. Photos courtesy of maestro @CadmiumGreen® Having started this collection only recently, I still require ov
  9. Reuters, Edinburgh, England (sic) 21:03 Scotland to Ban Smoking in the Park A French Government “tobacco control” strategy has ordered local authorities to make smoking compulsory around their buildings and ordered them to examine where else this idea might be extended to. With smoking already successfully made obligatory in bars, brasseries and restaurants, councils have been told to focus on outdoor areas “likely to be frequented by children”, such as play areas and public parks, so that youngsters might be exposed to the "whole gamut of smoking behaviours”. Cigarettes an
  10. 2012 Silver Proof Mareeba Rock Wallaby Another beautiful design from the RAM in its $1 Silver Kangaroo collection, engraved by Wojciech Pietranik, most famous for his Sunset Roo designs. The quality of the strike and design have been adroitly capturedby TSF's premier photograher, @CadmiumGreen.
  11. New goalposts, same lies. Let it go, Pebbles, pet.
  12. @Pebbles2000 You know when you've been HAFO'd.
  13. Let's get one thing straight. This 50,000 figure you allude to was approached over 15 years ago. Your clear implication that it was a recent occurrence is fallacious and a cynical attempt to hoodwink. The figure immediately prior to the shamdemic was, at most, 22,500 ; over 50/% of the "crash" you propose has, in fact, already happened over the last 17 years. Hold the front page. Like the overwhelming majority of your "contributions" this is just one more example of the testicular spheroids that you persist in spouting. You have the bravado to ask why you have been deemed a pariah on
  14. The Word from the Herd© Sky News UK - their latest mendacious self-promotional proclamation... "We question everything, so you don't have to. Trust what you see, with Sky News. News with no agenda." The irony is almost palpable. I particularly remember the Sky "reporter" interviewing some fukwit on a bike during the early BLM demos in London. She was banging on about having to stop the prolific deaths of blacks at the hands of British police - the reporter didn't even raise an eyebrow and Sky repeated this "news item" ad nauseam for 24 hours. More like : "We
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