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  1. Courtesy of RMSD, the RM Silver Proof 2011 Collection. This set is greatly undervalued given the little-known fact that it contains two very rare coins. And not the ones one might expect. Another very attractive 925 example imo - and therein lurks my silver shieldback £1 quarry. Just two more to find.
  2. The increasingly elusive silver proof 2009 1oz "Kangaroo at Sunset" was the first time this design was available in this weight. The F12 privy was succeeded by the F15 in 2010-11, and the "Kangaroo in the Outback" issues of 2012-14. The mintage of just 4,000 was the lowest of the 12 BU and Proof coins.
  3. Boxed Set of 4 Elvis Presley colorized coins Struck by US Mint for The Morgan Mint Colorized images show no signs of flaking. Some milking on the eagle side of 2 coins - see final picture £130 ono + poyc I would consider splitting if necessary
  4. To mark the 25th Anniversary of the first £1 coin, in 2008 the RM released a celebratory set of 14 gilded silver examples, each displaying one of the 14 prior designs. The mintage was 2,005 - just 67% of the stated edition limit of 3,000 sets. I'm not a big fan of gilded coins, but these are certainly more attractive in hand than I had anticipated. They were, moreover, a necessary evil in my attempt to acquire the full set of 75 silver £1 designs ever minted. Just three now elude me. I bought this yesterday from Terry at Dorset Coins, Outstanding service - the set arrived well within 24 hours of purchase for a net price of 20% below that at which the same set would have cost me at auction yesterday.
  5. Tigers are like buses. I generally don't have any time for privy mark coins, seeing them as just one more exploitative move to extort currency from collectors. As I already owned the Maple Wildlife set, I decided to make an exception; the six matching privies will combine to make an attractive set of 12. The pronghorn privy sprang in this evening. I still need the cougar privy if anyone can help.
  6. I haven't seen this Laotian coin mentioned anywhere on the forum. Not a country well known for its coins, but this really is a particularly attractive silver piece - so I bought an ambush of them.
  7. Heavy Sterling Silver Curb Chains and Small Ingots I am basing the chain prices on that at which a similar 93g chain sold (on Feebay today) minus 10%. Large chain: 95g, 57cm (22") - £90 + postage oyc - SOLD Thinner chain: 59.6g, 57cm (22") - £60 + postage oyc - SOLD Ingot 1 1977 (C hallmark): 15g - £15 + postage oyc - SOLD Ingot 2 1976 (B hallmark): 14,7g - £15 + postage oyc - SOLD No great hurry to sell. Happy to leave for non-premium members before listing off-piste if necessary. The coin can be included at a cost of £1 PPFF or BT.
  8. “It’s no different than just removing the need for a wallet, removing the need for a keychain, removing the need for all these disconnected tokens that only create risk because if you lose them you lose your identity" said former body piercer Jowan Österlund, who is behind the start-up Biohax International. Clearly this Jowan chap has a somewhat limited grasp of the concept of irony.
  9. Colonel Hathi and Friends The price of the earlier Somali elephants has spiked by 50 - 65% in just twelve months, with an "as minted" 2005 BU now priced at around €150. The five forerunners from Zambia, 1999-2003, are also on the march and I finally bit the bullet to fill the remaining gaps in my collection when these three beautiful examples became available. This complete ongoing set from 1999 - 2020 rates as my favourite silver collection.
  10. 2018 Fabulous F15 Roos The RAM silver roos are minted in both proof and "frosted" (BU) editions. The design is changed every year, some designs favouring the proof, some the frostie. 2018 was a year in which the proof coin was the clear winner, earning a "Fabulous 15" rating and privy. A small mob of them bounded through my front door today....
  11. I received a silver proof Nightingale £2 coin today. It appeared by all appearances to look very much the part. However, when I opened the capsule it was completely empty. Photographic proof attached.
  12. One More Sledgehammer, One More Nut The Royal Mint 2010 Silver Proof Collection proved the only feasible means to securing the elusive definitive 2010 silver proof FDC £1 Shield of Arms, mintage of 1,241. A BU version was minted (1,551) but none have made themselves known to me. All coins arrived in pristine condition - another good-looking set imo Just three silver shieldbacks now required for the complete set of 75 £1 coins. (2011 and 2012 x 2, if anyone can help).
  13. The quality of your time is far more important than the quantity of your money.
  14. Silver F15 Outback Roos 2012-14 - "Numismatic Time-Lapse Art" With thanks for the advice and info from @trp, @sovereignsteve, and @LawrenceChard
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