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  1. Really well presented and very interesting info, thank you. I can see the benefits, could you recommend a starting point for a complete novice (maybe a book, website or software)?
  2. I have a 1880M George and Dragon with over stamps. On the date I think I see an 8 over an 8, but could be an 8 over a 3. Any ideas? And on the obverse it looks like a G over a G. Is it common to see errors on George and dragon Victorian coins or is this unusual?
  3. 1910 sovereign at £359 is less than 1% premium over spot. Final bump and will be sold elsewhere if there are no buyers before Sunday midday.
  4. As a general rule the price rises before payday and then falls after a purchase 😃
  5. Have you also considered having more than one eBay account? 1 buying account and 2 selling accounts? You're purchases won't be visible on your sales accounts and between the 2 sales accounts you'll probably get a reduced sellers final fee offer every time there's one on.
  6. You've a fantastic memory! Here's the price list from the Royal Mint Coin Club for Autumn 1989 and the price was £299.95
  7. Sceptics among us might think you predicted those numbers from the flip of a coin 😃
  8. Full gold sovereigns for sale, bullion grade 1910 - £359 1911 - £359 - Sold Plus postage (typically £6.70 for special delivery), UK only, Bank transfer or PayPal F&F 1911 hi resolution photos below - sold 1910 hi resolution photos below
  9. USD gold price up 2% today, GBP gold price up 1.46%. We always seem to be fighting exchange rates when it's moving up.
  10. I think it'll happen closer, 29th July 😃
  11. I asked a very similar question a while back because the slab didn't suit my storage method. But I eventually changed my mind, as you'll see, but you may find a solution here:
  12. Kingdom of Prussia - 20 Mark - Wilhelm II - 1893. Courtesy of @ilovesilverireallydo
  13. This post might be worth reading. I've attached my spreadsheet in it which you can download and interrogate, it has the cell calculation you're looking for. I'd suggest building your own spreadsheet to suit your needs and you could open mine to see how I've calculated current prices based on entering spot on the front sheet.
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