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  1. Nothing too much to worry about here, it's only a documentary about the social impact of a small mine in the local community.
  2. I can't work it out either. It's listed in Marsh as 'F over inverted A' but you have to use your imagination to find an A under there!
  3. There's no record of this one in Marsh but PCGS have them in their population. 1861 T over a skinny and sloping offset T in Victoria. Looks like it might have been an first stamp in the wrong position, then re-positioned.
  4. Thanks for the lead. I went to the PCGS website and found a photo of the F over inverted A variety for comparison (PCGS on right), I'd say they were a match. Really pleased as Marsh has this rated as R2.
  5. I'd like some help with this one, a 1862 Shield. A lot of the characters and numbers have been restruck/overstruck, but the E and F in DEF look a bit messy as well as the number 1 in date. Marsh has varieties for "F over inverted A over F" and "E over F", but I'm not sure if this is either of them, it could be something else: Any ideas?
  6. Booky586

    1917 sovereigns

    The OP is asking for thoughts regarding retrikes (fakes) based on the photographs. He has his doubts regarding the first one. I'm merely sharing my observations and trying to be helpful. If the OP had asked for help judging the grade of his coins them I may have done so, though it's not a skill I have expertise in.
  7. Nice coin, the obverse reminds me of the Australian sovereign issues from the Sydney branch mint.
  8. Booky586

    1917 sovereigns

    I've attached a photo a genuine coin for you to make a comparison against. Perhaps contact Bairds and ask them to exchange it.
  9. Booky586

    1917 sovereigns

    I hope I'm wrong and don't want to worry you but it looks suspiciously like a counterfeit to me. On the back of George's head there are raised globulals as if he's been sweating, these shouldn't be there. The field should be flat but yours looks rough and uneven. There's a crack running from his top lip to the letter S and the lettering looks rounded at the edges instead of crisp. It could be a cast copy. I would advise you to check it's weight and dimensions to see if there is anything else out of the ordinary.
  10. Booky586

    1917 sovereigns

    The lettering on the obverse of your 1st coin doesn't look as crisp as it should. It could just be the photo quality but it might be worth a further check. Can you post a better picture?
  11. They look great. Some unusual discoloration/tarnish on them as if they've been stored together and away from normal circulation, it gives them character. Do you know any of their history?
  12. Not seen it yet, it's a new series based on a company starting up the first gold mine in Scotland https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m000t3ln
  13. I remember reading that, after the 1st world war, that it wasn't economically viable to produce sovereigns because the gold content value was higher than a pound Sterling. That's why the London mint produced no sovereigns after the war until 1925.
  14. Why does it belong to the state?
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