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  1. Now if your father had invested £25 in gold he could have bought 1/4oz in 1978 (spot price 22nd June 1978 was £100/oz). That would be worth £360 today, beating the BoE inflation calculation of £144.51 by a mile.
  2. Nice to see you got a result, well done! I've had mixed results reporting sellers of fakes to eBay. The worst offender I've seen has recently sold 21 fake gold sovereigns, all at market value or thereabouts. I reported the seller several times to eBay but they are still trading. Here's one of there sales below, a 1895 jubilee head - an obvious fake as the last jubilee head was minted in 1893!
  3. Item: 1915 (Restrike) Austrian 1 Ducat Gold Coin Box/COA: Supplied in airtite capsule Condition notes: Please refer to photos. Bullion grade coin, excellent condition with small blemish on reverse near eagles neck Price: £173 + £6.70 P&P Royal Mail Special Delivery Shipping destinations: UK only Payment Terms: Payment by bank transfer or PayPal Friends and Family Dispatch Time: Dispatch on Monday if purchased over the weekend Photos: Click on image for high resolution image
  4. The new compare gold coin prices site has a few options listed, coininvest.com are the cheapest at the moment: https://www.thesilverforum.com/compare/
  5. And the girls and the partying too.....I survived though! 😃
  6. I think it's a fruit machine token from around 1970-80s. "Bell fruit" and "JPM" used very similar ones.
  7. Your figures look correct. In comparison, 25 1oz Britannia's sold on TSF today for £570 including postage, which is £22.80 per coin, giving a premium of approx. 24%. I'd say that's an excellent price (from one of the top sellers) which would be hard to beat, so I think a 20% premium is going to be difficult too achieve here in the UK.
  8. Booky586

    High premiums

    Is 99%-101% higher than they would normally pay? Do you know what kind of rate/premium they would have usually paid in the past? I'm just gather info so I'm better informed when I come to sell.
  9. Welcome aboard passenger and enjoy the ride!
  10. Lovely find. That's a seriously good looking medallion, I'd buy it if I saw one like that too. How big is it, sovereign size or closer to a crown?
  11. It's all about the excitement of finding a valuable coin. "When I was a lad" growing up in the late 60's I'd search the change in all my relatives pockets and purses (with permission), searching for pre 1947 silver, and even better finding pre 1920's silver, which happened regularly. The hunt never left me and now I have at least one of all the recent circulated £2 and 50p coins, including 2 Kew Garden 50p's. As long as the royal mint keep releasing commemorative coins people will collect, and if the kids do it then we've another generation of collectors to follow. ☺️
  12. I find it really difficult to take a photo and get the correct representation of the actual toning on a coin. It's all down to the white balance and if this is set to auto on your camera then the results are going to be hit and miss for accurate toning colour. Anyone bought a coin based on the photo and the colour and toning looks completely when it arrives?
  13. You can't beat a little bit of grime and tarnish on a silver coin, it gives every one a character of its own. And what's the point of a freshly minted silver bullion coin with all the fuss over milk spots, fingerprints, having to wear gloves to handle them etc. Give me a Victorian crown over new coins any time.
  14. I purchased a few sixpences on eBay a while back and I've just got round to photographing them. it was pleasant surprise to find that a couple of them have overstamp varieties on them. The varieties are an "I over R" in Victoria and a "R over V" in Victoria. I would like to know if there is a book or catalogue that lists these varieties and do they add much value to the coins? I'm a novice on silver numismatics so any assistance, information or comments will be much appreciated. The I over R below: And the R over V below:
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