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  1. Another great post from you @dicker, thank you. I've followed your link to the Baldwins Archive and downloaded auctions 73 (part 1), 76 (Part 2) and 79 (Part 3), making a full set of The Bentley Collection. I'd love the hardback version that @CadmiumGreen has, but the PDF copies will make good reading in the meantime. There's an auction catalogue for sale on ebay at the moment, but it's just for part 2 at £20 inc post, so bagging all 3 for £20 was a great buy.
  2. I've noticed it too, as well as high premiums on the few active listings. It could be down to the fact that spot price on gold and silver is falling, nobody wants to sell at a loss.
  3. I couldn't agree with you more. I'll buy slow and steady, looking out for quality in the region of 3-10% over spot, being selective on the best I can get. It's a long term plan towards retirement and hopefully it will reap some rewards in the distant future.
  4. Thanks, I'm pleased with the results I've started to achieve. I'm using a Canon 60mm macro lens and it works well, but the focal length to coins any smaller than a half sovereign doesn't leave much room for the glass reflector to fit between lens and coin. I'd like to source a clamp similar to the attached image which would replace the frame holding the glass reflector. This gives flexibility to have diferent sized (and smaller) pieces of glass. Alternatively I'd have to upgrade to a bigger macro lens, and they don't come cheap!
  5. Perhaps this explains the origin of the word "Dollar" and how it's taken from "Thaler": http://blog.perthmint.com.au/2012/08/31/where-does-the-term-dollar-originate/
  6. Spanish Caribbean treasure from 1715, during the golden age of pirates! The history and stories from this period just add to the pleasure of collecting coins.
  7. Doesn't look promising, here's his latest feedback: https://www.ebay.co.uk/fdbk/feedback_profile/lockstockandotheritems?filter=feedback_page:RECEIVED_AS_SELLER&_trksid=p2047675.l2560
  8. The origin of words is always interesting, especially ones we use regularly. From memory, the word "Dollar" is a corruption of "Thaler" while "pieces of eight" is from fractional "pesos".
  9. £1150 I think there's some good buying opportunities ahead..... but I'm usually wrong 😃
  10. Booky586

    Gold Finds!

    I'm going to speculate the original owner of the Krugerrands was a stacker who didn't trust or couldn't easily access a security deposit box and buried his stash close to home. Anyone on the forum recognise this character? 😃 Unfortunately he met an untimely end and never had the opportunity to retrieve his gold savings. I'd guess this story is the basis behind a lot of treasure finds.
  11. The 1926 might be the most expensive/hardest to find. London coins is a handy site to use if you're looking for historic sale prices https://www.londoncoins.co.uk/?page=Pastresults&searchterm=Sovereign+1926&category=9&searchtype=1 Will you start with the rarest first? Start with the easy ones and you could end up with an incomplete set, I've quite a few of these! 😃
  12. PayPal's new refund policy came into effect on 5th March 2020. Just before this eBay announced its new payments changes here : https://tamebay.com/2020/02/new-ebay-payments-experience-coming-to-the-uk-this-summer.html Hopefully these changes will mean we won't have to tolerate PayPal's overpriced charges for much longer.
  13. I've just read the first page of the article you've posted and found it totally enthralling. A visit to the newsagent for the copy of "treasure hunting" is in order so I can complete the story.
  14. I'll be withdrawing from sale later this afternoon, so this is the last opportunity if anyone is interested in buying.
  15. Just found this one at a postage cost of £1,200,000. You'd think at that price the estimated delivery by would be sooner than 28th January! I tried making an offer of -£1200000 but eBay doesn't accept negative bids.
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