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  1. 😆 Thank you so much for recognising the kangaroo, I thought it was a donkey! 😃
  2. Welcome to the club but be careful, it can be very addictive buying sovereigns 😃 Modern sovereigns use copper as the secondary alloy metal making them a reddish brown colour. Older sovereigns can also contain silver giving them a more traditional yellow colour. And the Victorian jubilee sovereigns use a high silver content in the alloy, especially used to celebrate the golden jubilee.
  3. Welcome aboard Blackbeard, there's plenty of treasure to be found here on TSF 😃
  4. This is just an observation, but the reverse looks like it's had a double strike. If you take a close look at the horses head, forelegs, St Georges helmet crest and the date you can see what looks like a rotated shadow.
  5. How about an engraver series coin - the three disgraces
  6. Following on from the Gairsoppa bars I searched the net for info on where it had sunk and came across this record of how it was wrecked. The survival of the crew is an emotional tale and would recommend reading: https://www.submerged.co.uk/the-wreck-of-the-gairsoppa/ Excuse the diversion, back in topic!
  7. Bullion coin value = £930 to £950 Box value = £20 to £30 Profit = £970 to £1000 The royal mint are showing their true colours!
  8. You can't get better than buying them right here in the the silver forum. You'll be hard pressed to buy for less than 5% premium from a dealer, but they regularly turn up here for less than 5%. You have to be quick though, they can get snapped up in the first few minutes! Check out the compare webpage for the dealers prices: https://www.thesilverforum.com/compare/?addShipping=1
  9. Hard to tell the difference from a photo, but looks like it might be a half sovereign. A quick check would be to measure the diameter, 19.3mm for a half sovereign, 22.05mm for a full one.
  10. £310 - £299 = £11 saved. Count the pennies and the pounds look after themselves! 😃
  11. It was a credit card payment and both transactions of £299 has been cleared. The message to all who have attempted to purchase this and had payment issues is check that your bank and card statements align with the orders on your Harrington and Byrne online account.
  12. A very similar scenario happened to me. I tried to pay and the system crashed, no order shown in my account and no confirmation email, checked my credit card and no payment taken. So I created second account, ordered exactly as before and exactly the same problem. I checked my credit card this morning and 2 patterns of £299 have been taken! I've logged into my accounts and 1 shows an order complete and the other doesn't. After a call to H and B they say they will refund the extra payment but it's been a complete shambles on their behalf.
  13. "The Gold Sovereign" by Marsh is the key reference work to purchase, but there are some good free sources of information in PDF format to download. Links to Baldwins auction catalogues (already mentioned above by dicker) can be found here and contain good detailed information, especially auction nos. 73, 76, 79 and 88: https://www.baldwin.co.uk/auction-archive/ Baldwins of St James auction catalogues, auction 32 from May 2015 is worth a look: https://bsjauctions.com/Archives And a great reference for Victorian Jubilee head sovereigns from Sovereign Rarities: https
  14. Following up on my payment glitch yesterday, I checked with my credit card and no payment has been taken. I called Harrington and Byrne this morning and decide to purchase over the phone, so I'm just waiting on a sales consultant from them to call me back within the next 24 hours.
  15. I've just encountered a similar problem, it looked like they accepted my card payment but failed to acknowledge the order. I suspected they disqualified me on the "One coin per year per househlod" rule!
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