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  1. Hmm, I'm pleased you've highlighted this, but I'm not convinced my coin is showing the problem that's happening to the coin in the link. That has corrosion on the high surface points of the coin, where the pvc sleeve has been in contact, whereas mine has tarnish in the field and not on the high points.
  2. It could be. It's there anyone out there stored there sovereigns in plastic wallets and had a similar reaction?
  3. Yes, under natural lighting the coin looks more golden as you would expect. The loss of colour in the photos is down to the limitations in my skills and equipment. I agree with you about the Gillick head Elizabethan sovereigns. They have the quality and old world appearance of the Victoria\Edward\George coins that you just don't get with the new bullion sovereigns. And that can be had for bullion prices in good grades too.
  4. It came from a reputable bullion dealer, in a plastic wallet. I've recently put it in a air-tite capsule. Yes, I tend to agree, It was just that I had never seen blueish toning on a sovereign. I have older ones, but all of them look very clean, so I was suprised to see it on a relatively newish coin. It's definitely a keeper, at first I thought I would clean it but it's started to grow on me the more I see it!
  5. Here's a link to a dealer comparison site, always worth a look at it if you're buying: http://goldprice.eu5.net/# The dealers name will link you to the sale page.
  6. Yes, as sure as I can be. It's size and weight are to specification and the design, by comparison to other Gillick heads, is the same.
  7. I have a 1965 Gillick Head Elizabeth II gold sovereign which looks like it's a slightly different colour to my others, but never thought too much about it. Now I've started to take photos of coins for my records and this one looks like it has a greenish blue toning on it, more apparently on the reverse. Is this normal or could it be a contamination from a plastic flip cover or capsule? I've never seen rich toning on a gold coin before. Any ideas or thoughts appreciated, coin photos below:
  8. bad karma doing this may give you temporary sense of justice but not worth it. Yes, I agree, it wasn't the best of advise, just a thought. I suggested you ask for a feedback revision, I have tried this sucessfully in the past. The person leaving negative feedback could be feeling some remorse after the event. Here's the ebay link https://sellercentre.ebay.co.uk/private/feedback , and it's about half way down the page. It might be worth a try and there is nothing to lose.
  9. You can send the buyer a feedback revision request, that will give them the option to rectify their mistake. Or you could buy one of their coins and leave feedback....
  10. It's a pleasure, hope you enjoy it.
  11. We've just reached £1440/oz, are we going to see another smackdown.....
  12. I had to laugh when I read this. The best negative I've been left was "the postman woke me up when he delivered" 😃
  13. These look great. Something caught my eye though, it's the very small tags stick onto the capsules. What are they and are they any good? I've been looking for something similar for my own records but haven't found anything as small and tidy as yours.
  14. Well done! I remember, may be 20 years ago, working with a regular blood donor. She had 2 badges, one silver, one gold, given to them on the 25th and 50th donation, and she wrote them with pride. Do they still give them away and did you receive a silver one on your 25th donation? That's dedication for PM attacker! Seriously though, thank you, you are saving precious lives.
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