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  1. Mine was a 1911 half sov that I traded silver for here on the forum but that went a while back when I was completing my mexican gold set from the 2 pesos to the 50
  2. I have 4 of these for sale and the price is £27 per 100g bag (bag's picked at random) Price is just above scrap and they are in not bad shape with 98% of dates readable. There is a range of coins is these lot's from 3d to half Crown. UK sale only please at this time Payment by PayPal friends and family or bank transfer
  3. 7 mexican libertad's for sale. These are the earlier libertad's with edge lettering. 2 x 1982 ( first year of issue) 2 x 1983 3 x 1986 £28 each plus post of your choice and risk. UK sale only please at this time payment by PayPal friends and family or bank transfer.
  4. Just in this lovely little 'flint' poured by @RiverbankSilver the colours on this just pop out and the photos do not do this justice.
  5. This is what I got from the cash from @Yorkshiremancand poured by our own @RiverbankSilver and such an amazing piece and the colours just pop out
  6. Got to go to the box when the kids go to bed so will pm you 👍
  7. Definitely know I have some spare of these. Not very often seen over these parts. The bottom one is .300 silver and off the top of my head the too is either .200/.300 also
  8. Well I may have one or two more circulated mexican silver for your collection that I don't see in the picture 😁🤣
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