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  1. AgD

    MS Society Auctions

    Raising money for a charity close to you is a great thing to do,help and support as most charity's that need the help don't often get the help they need. I support one or two myself but once again hats of to you my friend and hope it eases your wife's struggles and great to see our community pulling together for such great causes 👍👏
  2. Selling a set of my Perth mint phoenix/dragon, tiger/dragon and double dragon 3 coin set. All coins in great condition and in original capsules and as you know all carry a high premium. £120 + postage of choice and risk PayPal friends and family or bank transfer. If you would like any other pictures or info just pm me
  3. Great achievement 👏 always worth the wait for a set like this 👍
  4. And finally to top it all off I managed to get this hard to find beauty. A 1/2 oz 2014 silver bu mexican libertad 😍
  5. A couple of 1oz shell's from @StBeesSilver these little things are so unique
  6. Few more world circulated silver coins added from @DuncanWylieWilson
  7. @CadmiumGreen is U.S. based and often buys RM new releases maybe a pm chat about it will help you a little more
  8. Looking for some vintage British silver rounds or bar's nothing too big or a hefty premium. If you have any that you can let go pm me pictures and the price you are after. Paying by PayPal friends and family. Cheers. Ag D
  9. I couldn't see nothing new on the site this morning but I have heard that they are releasing the Mr men coin range tomorrow.
  10. Just in. A nice selection of world silver coins for the collection curtesy of @DuncanWylieWilson
  11. OMG your minions have even stolen grumpy Dave the golden turtle from @GrahamDiamond 🤣🤣
  12. These are lovely coins for sure. I've got a 50 in my collection 👍
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