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  1. @Rugbyplayer didn't get these it's a question for @paulmerton you are after
  2. @ilovesilverireallydo have you come across these?
  3. I've one of these in my collection and it is great in hand buddy don't you agree 👍 nice addition for sure
  4. Got these in today from the forums newest pourer @Jamesd and very happy to add him to my stash of hand pours thanks buddy.
  5. Looking great buddy. And also looks like you have been pouring for a long while. Well done 👍
  6. @Gildeon might be of help with the guilded ones I believe he had a set for sale a while back
  7. It's a very nice rabbit hole to go down Richard. You are putting together a lovely set there.
  8. Up for sale is a range of mexican, you would be mad to miss. Set of 3 golden state mint 5oz,2oz & 1oz SILVER calendar rounds + a set of 3 golden state mint 5oz,2oz & 1oz COPPER calendar rounds. All very hard to come by in the UK (the 5oz silver has a spot on as shown in pictures but does not take away the beauty of the set.) £300 + delivery for the set's. My last spare 2020 bu 1oz libertad £45 (excellent condition) + delivery 1978 cien (100) pesos in capsule £20 + delivery 1968 25 pesos in bag £15 + delivery £380 total price but if all brought by one person I will do for £370 delivered SD. Any singles brought will be postage added by buyer and choice and risk. I will not split the set's up. Payment by bank transfer preferred but PayPal friends and family is welcome also. Will be posted Thursday at earliest. Any questions please ask and I will reply as soon as I can due to work commitments. I can post outside of the UK but this is at the risk of buyer, postage at international cost.
  9. Sorry bud didn't see your comment. Phone is on a silly one today
  10. She is DC bud and I believe this is the next in the series after batman 👍
  11. Thank you but unfortunately it's not a UK company it's the note branch of ngc and was send over by a former member. Don't know if it's something @CoinsOfTheRealmAuctions could submit?
  12. I got a few notes graded in the past and always good to diversify different parts of your collection. Even though I believed my notes to be in very good condition and mostly all crisp they are tougher to grade good
  13. I've just had a little look into this and I'm afraid that it's 99% possible this coin is a fake as my quick research brought up that the westpoint mint didn't produce and proof silver eagles until 2001. If you was to weigh the coin it will most probably come up at 30g
  14. A little bit of American history in today just the one 1877 seated dime, gap filler condition will up grade at some point https://en.numista.com/catalogue/pieces18058.html
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