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  1. Another good design from the series 👍 Added 0 minutes later... It is indeed and now only one of two series that I'm collecting 👍
  2. Keeping up with this series. The new 2020 nautical ounce Mayflower
  3. Is this another one not to tell the Mrs about 🤣
  4. Just come through the door now the last un pesos that I was after so now I have all 9 of the type set so will get the picture's up later of them all.
  5. One of the best and with him you always know you are in safe hands
  6. Martin at silver trader has 62 in stock at £25.99 each before his usual discounts
  7. Half crown and gulden left
  8. All in flips sold
  9. All in flips sold pending payment
  10. Bump for non premium members
  11. Glad it got to you quickly and mine sit just after the crown's 👍
  12. My brother is the one for the war time notes he has a nice array of them which I think he will end up getting graded as well
  13. My first foray into grading and it was not for coins ! The two older ones belong to my brother but I'm happy with them thanks @Numistacker
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