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  1. When I started out spot was hovering round the £9 and buying 1oz for round £12 depending on the coin and look back now and wish I backed the truck up then would have made tidy profits now
  2. What a brilliant topic @dicker Myself personally will continue to buy silver, if I like it or still collecting a series I will get it but from UK dealers and sellers. I have sold a chunk of silver and gold as well as the time had come to buy a house and the store of wealth that I had acquired through silver and gold helped a great deal to kit out the house and help with a bigger deposit. But I have moved away from bullion really at the moment and find it a lot more interesting now collecting world silver coins with all the history associated with them
  3. Another great little pick up from @ilovesilverireallydo a vintage '82 A-mark round
  4. Back from being away at work today to these two beauty's. The 2oz bu completer and the lovely Nepalese from @DuncanWylieWilson
  5. Won this in the latest @CoinsOfTheRealmAuctions auction and very fast postage as well thank you. A coin that has been on my wish list for a long while now, is this beautiful 1902 Edward vll crown. This was the last crown to ever be in circulation and had a tiny mintage of 256k so I'm very happy with the condition of it and the price I paid.
  6. @Lr103 @CadmiumGreen @DarkChameleon these members are 🇺🇸 based there are plenty more on the forum that might and will help you along the way and check out the sale section for the USA and Canada that will be a great place to start
  7. In with the package was a couple of nice poured bars as well
  8. Got a lovely gift package from the states will start with the bars. Both 1oz but the mexican one is a thing of beauty don't know much about it so will have to research that on
  9. Got this lovely one balboa from @Chrispringle85 and now the set is compleat. Thanks buddy
  10. AgD

    MS Society Auctions

    Raising money for a charity close to you is a great thing to do,help and support as most charity's that need the help don't often get the help they need. I support one or two myself but once again hats of to you my friend and hope it eases your wife's struggles and great to see our community pulling together for such great causes 👍👏
  11. AgD

    for sale Premium Perth Mint

    👍 same as bud will give you first on that if I split
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