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  1. AgD

    2020 Libertad's

    This is a very interesting thread. I spoke to Martin at silvertrader earlier about this and he said to me that the mexican mint is not producing any libertad's this year 😔 but if @Oldun source is correct then i will be happy but I can see the mintage being very low this year so would be worth a tube of bu 1oz or buying a variety up to flip at a later date.
  2. I've about 5 or 6 of these i believe and I'm with you they are lovely coins and I keep contemplating a date run
  3. Here for sale is the full set of 10 queen's beast 2oz bu silver coins. I was always going to sell these once the set was completed but just having to do so a little sooner than I would have liked. There are 3 coins with little issues and they are all pictured below and I can not see any issues with the other seven coins. The one's with slight spotting are the lion, bull & yale. Will come in the presentation box as pictured. £750 + £10 SD. Also willing to listen to very sensible offers as well Bank transfer only please. If I have priced too low please let me k
  4. For sale is a set of 4 x 1oz great British landmark series coins. All coins in fantastic condition with no obvious marks at all and never been out of the capsules or handled. £105 posted SD UK mainland only Payment by PayPal friends and family or bank transfer.
  5. For sale is a full roll ( 20oz's) of 1oz silver Britannia 20th anniversary trident priv. Now splitting All still sealed in the original royal mint package so coins have never been out of the capsules or handled. 1-5 coins £27 each +post 6-10 coins £26.50 each + post 10 + coins £26 each +post I've not seen theses less than £30+ per coin and that's if they are in stock anywhere post is your choice and risk!! Only SD will cover PM's Payment by PayPal friends and family or bank transfer. Stock pictures used to show the coin as you can see all still sea
  6. A whole bunch of mexican in this morning 😁
  7. Where was this from buddy as I've been looking for one 👍
  8. They usually come out at normal bullion price. So hopefully we will see them at around the £28 mark from EU and possibly low £30's UK Market. But it's when the mintage figures come out is when the price sky rockets as we never know what it is going to be.
  9. As a collector of the 1oz bu I have looked into this and found that the original release date was meant to be in July. Now it has been confirmed as 30th of September for the release. So hopefully with everything that has been going on this year that is the final date.
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