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  1. A few more mexican in for the collection but the star of the show is the 1908 un pesos.
  2. £400 posted SD (UK only) same price as a royal mint bullion sov !!!!
  3. Back up for sale. If sold will be posted Wednesday afternoon earliest.
  4. For sale is a fine example of a 2005 bu full gold sovereign, there does not look to be anything wrong with the coin but please study the pictures and ask for anymore if required. My price is £390 posted SD UK mainland sale only please. payment by PayPal friends and family or bank transfer. I am away at work at the moment so may take a bit of time to get back to any questions, if sold will be posted on Wednesday afternoon earliest. Price could increase/ decrease with any spot price movement.
  5. That is a big part of the reason I collect them for the kids so they can see the designs etc of them because who knows my youngest may not ever really know what cash or 'spending' coins really are if government's get there way of a cashless society 🤣
  6. I cringe when I see what some people list them for on ebay 🤣 I just wait to see what i have in my change or ask family (the one's that know I collect them for the kid's) I won't spend silly money on the "fun" collection for the kids
  7. Same as all above. I've got nearly 3 full collection's of each (50p's, £1 & £2 coins) nice little sets for the kid's just a few of the toughie one to find
  8. 2002 half sovereign £180 has a scratch as per picture 2005 half sovereign £190 good condition Special delivery (£7.50) is highly recommended for gold coins if both brought by the same buyer i will split the SD cost with you PayPal friends and family or bank transfer. UK mainland sale only at the moment, sorry.
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