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  1. My goals are the same as every year: 100gram gold and 50oz silver. Not too fussy about design, I will just get what comes my way at the right tima and price.
  2. Hit the flea market today, a few small Mexicans and some Belgian junk that was well under spot
  3. I have bought coins in different auctions without any issues at all. For this auction I got denied a paddle, totally clueless as why I got denied. I did ask them why I got denied a paddle, but they don't even take the effort to reply my email... No bidding for me I guess😞😞
  4. Still want to find one for sale. Monnaie de Paris charges around 2600€ for these 200euro coins😲, I wonder what they go for on the secondary market.
  5. Yesterday I got this coin from my lcs. It is a 2019 French 200euro,1oz gold coin and issued by monnaie de Paris. Got the box with it but no coa. It is called 'franc germinal' but that is all I could find about this coin. Numista doesn't know it, I cannot find it on the site of monnaie de Paris. None for sale on ma-shops and I cannot find one on ebay. I did find all other denominations of this coin, a tenth, quarter, half and a 5oz coin. But not a single trace of my 200 euro one ounce, not even a picture of it... I am not used researching coins and have no clue where to look next. If any of you could assist me in my search that would be awesome. I would like to find a numista-like page with the mintage figure, and maybe one for sale, but a simple picture that is not my coin would be appreciated too As said, I got this from my lcs yesterday, and have no doubts it's real. I am sure that if something fishy would come up, they will take it back. But I need to find out sooner than later. Thx, Antwerpstacker
  6. Another French coin from my lcs. A 200euro proof 1 ounce coin.
  7. Preparing for my pension here😁
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