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  1. Unfortunately I just bought the book, not the coin..
  2. Not sure it is a deal but gs.be has fractional tenth Brits in stock, about 120 euro each
  3. Bump stunning coins great seller
  4. I traveled trough Venezuela for 3 weeks in the summer of 2003. Far from perfect, it was a beautiful country. When I see the state it is in now, it nearly makes me cry. I don't want to imagine how some of the people who I met back then, would be doing now....
  5. As a non UK member, more than half of the sales are not for me. UK shipping or bank transfer only, which makes it not possible to buy for a non UK member. I could use byb intermediate, but imagine the extra cost for something like a sov. I see tons of stuff passing that I would like, but cannot buy, which is pretty frustrating...
  6. Hi. I am looking for a 1987 100 dollar gold Jamaica Marcus Garvey coin. Graded or raw. If you have one for sale, pls pm me a picture with asking price. Shipping to Belgium, European Bank transfer or ppff as payment options. Thx for watching
  7. ... But doubled his premiums on gold and no silver for sale, unless somebody brings some in he is not expecting any in the foreseeable future 😕
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