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  1. I second Cornishrich, you can buy one on here and won't have to worry about its authencity. Welcome to the forum👍
  2. Anyone has one that can go? Will pay a fair price or trade for a pcgs that I have (cc19, lot 173) with me covering shipping both ways. Pm and established members only pls Thx for watching
  3. Silver coins can spot, tarnish and who knows what else. Buying a perfect Slab is also a small guarantee that the coin stays perfect. The premium on these can possible be recouped when selling, probably easier than on non graded coins. If people that grade coins often, sell raw coins on here, I assume they think it will not grade perfect and would be cautious to buy it. I collect gold pf70 coins, well aware I often buy the Slab and not the coin. But I like having the nuts, and they will be easier to sell than lesser grades.
  4. I am not a seller, but I assume it is. As a buyer it is a superb place to buy. Very well run company and if you can pick out unwanted/unloved lots, superb prices can be had. I have bought 3 coins from them so far, and I will buy more when funds allow it.
  5. Yes, 400 was my lowball bid I put down earlier this week, well happy I got it for this price 😁😕pan
  6. That 2000 main street station contains 18gram 999,not 37gram,the outer ring is brass
  7. Today I really was at the receiving end, four packages arrived😁 Thx to @Stacker2020 @Elements @GoldElliott and last but not least @ilovesilverireallydo for your services, highly appreciated 👍
  8. Thx @Stacker2020 for this lovely coin
  9. I know a place that might have some in stock, they have them listed for sale, but often have stuff listed that is not available. I will call in on Monday and If they have some, I will let you all know.
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