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  1. It seems a raw 1989 sov is worth 50pound more than a graded 69🤔
  2. My first purchase this year, took some time to save up for this one.. Spot +2,50% from my lcs
  3. Bumping this up for newer members to enjoy👍
  4. Buying scrap jewelry, removing the stones and melting the pms might be a route for some free or cheap stones🤔 Edit. Ruby's and emeralds will prob not be scrapped.. Might work for lower value stones
  5. A mandalerian star wars coin with 247 washers🤗🤗
  6. As a Belgian stacker I have a bunch of them. These are considered junk silver here, low premium that is. If close to spot, they are a great buy to stack weight. As far as I know none of them carry a numismatic premium. @StevenDSmight have more knowledge about these
  7. I will be more than happy to buy Jamaican coins off you for spot, pm me if you can find any of them👍
  8. Really nice collection, some stunning coins you have there, well done👍
  9. Bump with final reduction, now 385euro shipped
  10. France 1806-A 20fr for sale 395euro posted within the eu/uk Ppff
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