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  1. Silver Prices Go Down to $0.29 Looks like Wonga has hijacked Mr Chard's account. Wonga say he go down hard.
  2. sixgun

    Another eBay oddity

    Is this it? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1864-Full-Young-Queen-Victoria-Head-And-Shield-Back-gold-sovereign-coin-/304597494702?hash=item46eb6cebae%3Ag%3AauQAAOSwoaBi-K-2&nma=true&si=MG0nNnsodezQh1QA%2BeSzD7UryxY%3D&orig_cvip=true&nordt=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557
  3. i doubt that anything has changed about importing gold from Europe to Taiwan. The customs declaration will be the same it has always been so to speak. i suspect that they are charging this 40€ and so are able to put up a misleading and artificially low headline price.
  4. i never log out. i am too busy dealing with agents for the Dark Side.
  5. Not in my experience. i have only rarely seen 100's used. i would have to check but the cash machines don't dish out 100's.
  6. What is made in Europe that uses silver? Europe is becoming increasingly inconsequential on the world stage. High energy prices and commodity shortages are crushing European economies. Vast amounts of fiat have been created (inflation) which results in higher prices. Where will value go as paper values deteriorate? Bond prices fall as interest rates rise, property prices are inflated by low interest rates - higher interest rates cause property prices to fall - share prices have been predicated on cheap money. So where will value go to preserve that value? Hard assets - gold and silver are the main targets. Gold, oil and silver are the top three constituents of the BRICS commodity currency. You will know when the Western Ponzi scheme is over when the metals let rip. At that point it will be too late in the game to stock up - so we have been stocking up for years for the inevitable outcome. As well as metals, stock up on everything especially food.
  7. Well as long as i can run the computer, keep the fridge/freezer running and boil a kettle i am fine. i took a cold shower this morning and don't have any heating in the house.
  8. Gold in GBP appears to be setting up for a large upside move
  9. The point i was making is the silver coins up to and including 1919 were 925 silver. After 1919, then up to and including 1946 they were 50% silver. Because of the folly of WWII the country went bankrupt so after that the silver coins are cupronickel. So for example this coin is 50% silver. Three Pence British Pound 1936 925 Silver 1 You have these sixpences as 925 silver - they are cupronickel - most member will know this but i mention this to avoid anyone being confused. Six Pence British Pound 1950 925 Silver 1 Six Pence British Pound 1954 925 Silver 1 Six Pence British Pound 1955 925 Silver 2 Six Pence British Pound 1956 925 Silver 2 Six Pence British Pound 1958 925 Silver 1 Six Pence British Pound 1960 925 Silver 1 Six Pence British Pound 1961 925 Silver 1 Six Pence British Pound 1962 925 Silver 2 Six Pence British Pound 1963 925 Silver 1 Six Pence British Pound 1964 925 Silver 1 Six Pence British Pound 1965 925 Silver 1 Six Pence British Pound 1967 925 Silver 3
  10. Are the post WWII 'silver' coins something other than circulating coinage? i ask b/c 'silver' coins after WWII aren't silver and 'silver' coins after 1919 are 50%.
  11. An interesting video however i think the video is primarily a plug for the company - to get people to click the link, i don't think the 'inside information' on doctors and investment bankers buying gold holds much credibility. The company and its director quoted are genuine but the company itself is very small fry. i don't have an issue with the plug b/c people should buy physical gold - it is a good long term investment - which is why most of us here do it. The Puregold Company is a trading name of The Pure Gold Group Limited - this is the filing history on companies house. You can see their accounts. Doesn't strike me as anything other than a small fry seller of precious metal when you look at the accounts. https://find-and-update.company-information.service.gov.uk/company/07953325/filing-history A bullion company of any significance will by necessity carry a fair chunk of value of its books - its stock is gold and silver after all. You don't need to have much gold in stock before you are running into hundreds of thousands in value. i feel certain some members have hundreds of thousands in their own stocks or at least at the bottom of the sea after a tragic boating accident. If we were to compare with Chard (1964) Ltd we can see a much larger amount of stock on its books. https://find-and-update.company-information.service.gov.uk/company/01378220/filing-history How would they know what people do? Well it isn't one of the necessary details given when you buy metal - it is something someone might mention when you come into the shop if you got chatting. It is at best a bit of anecdotal information.
  12. Put up some photos - a row sovereigns from different era and the people will have a better idea of what you are saying.
  13. Heidi Wastweet designed Freedom Girl - she makes some really nice designs. The reverse is covered with Chris Duane's ideas - he is the one who attacks collectivism.
  14. i am struggling to find information on this coin. https://www.ngccoin.com/certlookup/6030532-001/69/ i can't find it anywhere else.
  15. Selling for friend - pristine condition 50 x 1g Valcambi gold bars £2549 including postage. UK only. Payment BT.
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