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  1. It's about 11% premium over spot. A new Buffalo from SD Bullion in the States is £1375. They will be selling plenty of these and there isn't the cost of sending them to the UK. A 2021 coin is £1419 at Atkinsons at the moment.
  2. Sounded more like an excuse to advertise and panic the children
  3. https://twitter.com/quakes99/status/1448736965768056833
  4. i invest in a different set of stocks to most here as i am in the Canadian and US markets - not the LSE. The only LSE stock i have is Polymetal. My current holdings include: URA URMN UUUU URC warrants UEX.TO APAAF FCU.TO GLATF / GLO.TO GXU.V PDN.AX NXE.TO SBSW - known for precious metals but recently i discovered they have uranium assets. i expect a bit of pull back now - this got carried away nevertheless holding tight - adding to - onwards and upwards.
  5. You lot still posting about the latest fad? Explosive day today.
  6. The 1/4 oz gold are all gone on the Royal Mint. Going going gone....
  7. Just got a 1 oz proof gold from Chards - my youngest daughter nabbed one but by the time my eldest went they were all gone but she managed to get one from Royal Mint. Looks like they are going very fast. i intend to keep mine.
  8. Kinesis started paying out the Holders' yield today - a lot of excitement. i was please with my payout. It depends on the activity on the Exchange but people have said it has worked out at 4.5% holders' yield for them. So free vaulting, no VAT and 4.5% yield for having your metal in the Kinesis system.
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