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  1. Yes it says it is a Federal agency on wikipedia (The United States is a Federal corporation - they are all corporations - the world is run by corporations, some pretending to be our governments) https://nworeport.me/2018/07/02/robert-kennedy-jr-cdc-is-a-privately-owned-vaccine-company/ Robert Kennedy who fights the vaccine companies says otherwise. https://www.armstrongeconomics.com/international-news/disease/cdc-is-a-private-organization-not-government/ These people have their doubts about CDC being government. It might have something above the door claiming it is a federal agency but the reality is something else. https://www.cdc.gov/about/business/cdcfoun.htm Well the Federal Reserve is authorised by Congress but there is nothing Federal about it - so we have the CDC Foundation - mobilising Gates et al and private sector slush funds to direct the CDC's racket. The CDC is quasi governmental but really it is a vaccine outlet for Big Pharma. It is utterly corrupt and is only concerned in profits and backhanders.
  2. sixgun

    The coming Gold crash

    Price is heading to $2500 - Goldmans has jumped ship. Then we are in a position for a reset. The physical market is in charge now.
  3. What people can do is to give conditional agreement to the injection. Yes i will have your vaccine IF you can tell what it is you propose to inject into my body. Tell me everything in that vial. Show me the proof all of it has been proven to be safe in humans and there are no side effects. Prove to me all vaccines are safe and have no serious side effects. Of course $billions have been paid out in vaccine compensation and it isn't easy to get compensation. The nurse doctor won't have a clue what is in the vaccine let alone whether it is tested and proven to be safe in humans (which doesn't happen). You did not refuse the vaccine - you gave a conditional agreement - your conditions were completely reasonable but they weren't (and cannot be met). How could they propose to inject stuff into you that had not be proved to be safe, that they didn't even know what it was? This is professional misconduct. When i first asked whether there was evidence vaccines had been effective in these so called pandemics, Agent 007 went into a rage. This is all i had done was ask a question and the Agent attacked me.
  4. There is no vaccine liability for Big Pharma. It is already written into the legislation. i am sensitive to fluoride - it buggers up my thyroid gland - i am lucky i discovered this and took action. It took quite a lot of research and prior knowledge to work it out. i started drinking reverse osmosis purified water - my thyroid function rocketed back to normal. i was being poisoned by fluoride - not surprisingly really, fluoride is a poison. i discovered during my extensive investigation that there is legislation indemnifying the water companies. [Water Supply (Fluoridated Indemnities) (England) Regulations 2005]. The Government will foot the bill for any claims - not that the corrupt courts will ever allow such to be successful. The government legally defined wholesome water. Legally 'wholesome' water can be toxic.
  5. i hear the problem with coronavirus vaccines developed in animals is they have raised antibodies and all appears good but when the animal (ferret) is exposed to the coronavirus it triggers a cytokine storm and kills the creature. Wouldn't that be good - vaccinate the world and then release a triggering virus. Humanity would be dropping like flies. That will get attention.
  6. i accept to say there is no virus sounds completely crazy - i have entertained this idea off and on - it is a big mental hurdle to jump. We can see what is happening around us makes no real sense. The lock downs, the masks, the new normal, the economic destruction, the closure of the NHS - it is dawning on people it makes no sense at all. This is why we see the marches involving millions. It is so blatant. i see a curfew has been imposed in Melbourne. This is beyond all reason. In the beginning there were the scare stories and claims 500 000 people would die in the UK from Professor Pants-down and his random number generator. Now it is clear none of this is founded. There are less deaths than from seasonal flu' despite the fraudulent death statistics. So you would think with all the economic destruction that common sense would be seen and we would all be back to normal. But no - the government orders 250 million shots of vaccines. How many £ billions will that cost? It started with no masks then in the middle of summer people are supposed to wear masks. It makes no sense - it is not connected to reality. It is a complete 100% scam. It is blatant - even a blind man in a snow storm with the lights turned off can see. What the government is doing is completely illogical. What they are doing is as if they are acting to a running order that was pre-written. The controlled media keeps peddling the fear and the fake statistics but when people look out the window - when they talk to people - they don't see what is in the controlled media. How can there be such a disconnect? There is a disconnect b/c it is a scamdemic. It is a scamdemic and it always was. The scam is powered by the controlled media, fake statistics and a test that shows positive to goats and fruit. You can have any number of people with positive tests but the test is meaningless. You cannot run a scamdemic with a real virus and a test that specifically tests for that virus. You cannot completely control a real virus and a test that specifically test for it but you can have complete control over a fake virus and a test with fires off positive for goats and the kitchen sink. We heard about tests 'contaminated' with coronavirus. What if a percentage coming off the production lines are already positive. We need more positive test results so the number of tests already positive are flexed up. There are millions of people get a cough and a temperature at some time or other during the year - millions of people go for a test and many will come up positive. The controlled media can create a drama - we can have another lock down - more masks - more and more gets piled on. You just need a test that produces positive results to something non specific. Someone has no symptoms - no problem, someone has a broken ankle and gets a positive swab - no problem, an elderly person gets bronchopneumonia - positive swab - no problem. Everyone is welcome. We go into lock down. People will die of illnesses - but with a dodgy test how do you know it was that virus? We see a dodgy test, dodgy death certificates, dodgy statistics - at every stage there is fraud and doubt. If you have a real virus behind this and a proper test you do not have the same level of control over what happens - it is up to nature then. So you invent a viral pandemic fueled by the controlled media, fake statistics and a dodgy test. Then you can lock down the world, vaccinate the world and impose a new normal. Politicians started saying we will never return to normal months ago - this is a red flag - this is a scam.
  7. There are viruses around us all the time. People die from viruses and complications of viral infections. i am not going down the rabbit hole of viruses not existing at all - my first degree was 50% about virology and i have always thought viruses were let's say a mystery. i keep hearing that this totally new virus has not been isolated and purified. i see you can get samples of this (alleged) virus from the CDC - a private company (not government) but we know this corporation lies and is utterly corrupt so i would not trust anything from them. If the virus has not been isolated and purified. If Koch's postulated have not been satisfied then you do not pass go. There is no virus and no link to any disease conditions.
  8. But what does 'tested positive for Covid-19' actually mean? Kary Mullins, the inventor of the RT-PCR technique said his technique should not be used as a test to 'diagnose' an infectious disease. The virus has not actually be isolated and purified - it was never done in China and it still hasn't. So i am not clear how they can create a specific test using a technique which should be used for a test. So you test positive using a test that doesn't test for SARS-CoV-2 and shouldn't be used for SARS-CoV-2. What does that mean? Let's say for a minute it does detect this 'virus' and you test positive. So what? does it mean you are ill? Does it mean you are infected and ill because of this so called virus? The article says 4 crew members were admitted to hospital - did that actually happen? Did they just go to a hospital and have one of these tests that doesn't test for SARS-CoV-2? Perhaps they had a cough and a temperature and they lost their sense of taste maybe - what caused that? Remember the test doesn't test for SARS-CoV-2 b/c they have never isolated the virus and so how can they create a specific RT-PCR test which should not be used for this purpose anyway. We have seen in Tanzania the president had his doubts - he thought it was a scamdemic - he sent samples taken from a pawpaw fruit, a goat and a quail - i know that many - these tested positive. i hear accounts of people being told they tested positive and they never had a test or went for a test but had to leave before it was done but still got a positive test result. It appears this test, using a technique that should not be used for a test like this, it will fire off positive for many reasons. It is worse than useless, unless you intend to run a scamdemic. i question whether there really is a SARS-CoV-2 at all. A non existent virus would be perfect of course - the whole situation can be run best this way if there is no virus - you have complete control over the situation. You just need a test that fires off positive for multiple reasons - corrupt/incompetent organisations like Public Health England counting people died of SARS-CoV-2 months after they got one of these 'positive' tests. If this is testing for exosomes produced by cells in response to a list of conditions as long as your arm, then you will quickly collect lots of positive tests with people who have a long list of illnesses and conditions, including being completely fit and well. It occurs to me everyone on the planet would test positive if you amplify up bits of RNA. This is why we heard of a member's relative who died of a heart attack and was registered as having died after testing positive for coronavirus. Notice how we hear they died after testing positive - not they actually died of the virus. i have never properly been convinced, it felt like a scam from the beginning - my rule is if the controlled media are all talking about the same thing all the time then you are witnessing a psychological operation. This is all about an excuse to scare people into taking an injection of God knows what. It is about the mark of the beast. About control. It is about creating cover for economic collapse and moving into a control system. We are in the middle of summer - there is no virus that doesn't exist in the first place but there are more and more crazy lock downs and crazy restrictions. Controls that make no sense at all - not a surprise b/c this was never about a viral epidemic - it is running to a plan and i don't believe there is a virus at all.
  9. i thought gold and silver were going down the toilet as the USD soared in value. U.S. DOLLAR NET SHORT BETS SURGE TO LARGEST SINCE AUGUST 2011 - CFTC https://money.usnews.com/investing/news/articles/2020-07-31/us-dollar-net-shorts-surge-to-highest-in-nine-years-cftc-reuters
  10. sixgun

    The coming Gold crash

    People get a + on feedback when a laughing and confused feedback is left - members are in effect mocking the poster. Look at his feedback - most of those leaving feedback are laughing at him. https://www.thesilverforum.com/profile/5155-wonger/reputation/
  11. And it gets worse Masks Aren't Enough: Dr. Fauci Says People Should "Probably Use Eye Shields" To Protect Against COVID-19 https://www.zerohedge.com/economics/dr-fauci-says-people-should-probably-use-eye-shields-protect-against-covid-19
  12. i can't find these coins on sale anymore - they ran out of suckers.
  13. My point from someone who has bought these coins. Members are getting hung up on the antics of this guy - he is irrelevant to the principles involved. The Royal Mint was and may be still is making a hugely increased profit margin on these £100 for £100 coins. They sell these coins which i suspect would not sell well otherwise with a misrepresentation. Some people see through that and know the coins are very poor value - but many don't. If the Royal Mint sell a coin as legal tender then i should be able to spend it, not get arrested by the Old Bill.
  14. https://www.pressandjournal.co.uk/fp/news/politics/scottish-politics/2370675/snp-msp-stewart-stevenson-says-he-is-considering-wearing-a-face-mask-for-the-rest-of-my-life/ SNP MSP Stewart Stevenson says he is considering wearing a face mask ‘for the rest of my life’ North-east SNP MSP Stewart Stevenson indicated he is planning to wear a mask “for the rest of my life” as he mounted a staunch defence of anti-coronavirus face coverings. Look at those dead soulless eyes - The idiocy is unfathomable.
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