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  1. This is a bunch of copper cobs
  2. i am going to start posting more stuff on Kinesis in the coming weeks. The Indonesian project is ready for launch and would have been launched this week but for the scamdemic. The top brass in the government and Indonesian post office were planning to give it the grand launch. Not clear exactly when it will kick off properly - could still be this month. That becomes the company maker and put it on a firm footing. This is the long awaited round up and roadmap for 2021.
  3. If it were due to such reasoning such members cannot be part of my coronavirus thread.
  4. It could be due to the fact imported silver will have 20'% VAT slapped on it. People are finding their feet in the new environment.
  5. Closing down sale in October. https://web.archive.org/web/20201028232412/https://www.sarniasilver.com/
  6. No point comparing wartime rates of Purchase tax with the 1970's. We might well see this level of taxes as the economy melts down due to the lunatic scamdemic measures taken in the fight against positive PCR tests.
  7. i expect Estonia had tax from silver coins before they came into the EU. Like Norway has tax free silver coins. The UK had no tax on most food and kids clothes before the UK. The EU 'allowed' some of the old taxes to carry through. Ireland has not VAT on most food which i expect is to do with the UK. Imagine what the Irish would do near the border for the food shopping if there had been tax on food in the South and no tax in the North. You had to buy the silver in Estonia and 'arrange' your own shipping as a separate deal. When i have bought from Celtic Gold i paid for shipping as
  8. Purchase tax[edit] Between October 1940 and 1973 the UK had a consumption tax called Purchase Tax, which was levied at different rates depending on goods' luxuriousness. Purchase Tax was applied to the wholesale price, initially at a rate of 33⅓ %. This was doubled in April 1942 to 66⅔ %, and further increased in April 1943 to a rate of 100%, before reverting in April 1946 to 33⅓ % again. Unlike VAT, Purchase Tax was applied at the point of manufacture and distribution, not at the point of sale. The rate of Purchase Tax at the start of 1973, when it gave way to VAT, was 25%. On 1 January 1
  9. The argument here was that coins could be bought for less b/c of the VAT issue. This has disappeared for UK buyers. Over the time i have been here bars are more popular than they were. If we exclude the 'proof' like bars where a knock and a scratch is significant; in general the value of a bar will not be affected much if it has sustained some damage. Milk spot isn't something i have noticed in bars. If it does exist then no-one speaks of it. It really doesn't matter. If you have a half decent coin and then it develops milk spot it will have lost value. The better the coin, the bigger the lo
  10. Private sales are private sales. If you are not registered for VAT you don't charge VAT. Who the hell knows a private sale has happened most of the time anyway? People will sell for what they can get - what the buyer is willing to pay. At the moment UK buyers can get cheaper silver from the Continent. When that opportunity disappears i suspect selling prices will rise. People think in terms of the prices they can buy at elsewhere and if all those prices are only VAT included, then that will be the reference price.
  11. The VAT has already been paid when the item was bought in the first instance.
  12. It will be interesting to see how prices develop on the selling side of the forum. Most buyers and sellers are UK based. The 'cheaper' silver route will be closed to these members. What will happen to the selling prices? The competition from the likes of goldsilver.be and the European Mint will fade. Will sellers take advantage and add 10 or 15% onto their silver selling prices? The higher prices seem a blow and certainly a blow if you had decided at the end of the day you were going to sell your stack to a dealer who offers you the spot price for silver. If prices on the forum did ris
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