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  1. Don't. Keep them in the packaging. i know it is some old tat but keep it in the packaging - it takes nothing from the value and might possibly add to the value in the mind of a potential buyer.
  2. i see the unallocated metal debacle is expanding. Now Peter Schiff has been outed - selling unallocated metal at Perth Mint and we know there isn't the metal https://www.reddit.com/r/Wallstreetsilver/comments/mrtkb7/peter_schiff_supposed_hero_of_the_gold_and_silver/
  3. Finding support on the lower parallel.
  4. The KVT's were suspended on the Kinesis Exchange until the yields start getting paid out and there is a yield to support the price. KVT's can still be bought through the Exchange at $1300 USD but not sold. There is also an offer running whereby you can get 'free' KVT's if you mint $75k of coins in the Mint. This is now the final Public Minting Offer. Jim Forsythe has been running a not for profit scheme where he has been minting and earning these KVT's which he sells at cost. This is being 'advertised' on the WallStreetSilver thread on Reddit and his Twitter thread as well as the Kine
  5. WallStreetBets started the craze to buy certain shares which were being heavily shorted. The most infamous is GameStop. I have been trading GameStop options so have followed this every day - all day. It is fizzling out now. Off the back of this First Majestic Silver was also targeted. First Majestic was being heavily shorted - the price shot up briefly and then fell again. However the focus on silver resulted in the establishment of WallStreetSilver which is getting a lot of industry support and is going from strength to strength. In the very early days of WSS they used to same logic
  6. The 999 fine silver coins are investment grade - less than that isn't investment grade. You are investing in coins which are not investment grade so obviously the idea that 'any silver used for investment or trade must be 99.9% pure' is not true. These are UK coins - they are CGT free - members here and buyers elsewhere will lap them up. They are different. They are in shorter supply - they have more collector value.
  7. Well inflation arrived some time ago but they don't like to admit it.
  8. This is one of the advantages of the sovereign - you could mistake the new sovereigns for new 1p coins. A few in a purse, a few in a pocket - a few in an airport security tray. They go unnoticed.
  9. The Silver Forum is a safe place to buy. i have bought coins and bars from here many times. Deal with known members with good trading feedback. For example someone like me is not going to risk years of membership with this forum by cheating anyone here. i value membership of this forum much higher than that. The best deals tend to go quickly - unless you are a premium member you won't see these straightaway. If you think you are going to buy more than a few coins off the forum i would upgrade to premium membership. Silver level is fine to see the selling section. i have activated
  10. This has been my conclusion for a few years now. There was a time when high premium coins did best and that was in the days of falling silver prices. The times they are a changing. Silver coins generally carry a premium over spot. Some of that will be the cost of making the coin - some is VAT and dealer / mint profit - some of it is the perceived value of the coin - the collectability. The higher the collectability of the coin, the higher the premium. The collector value helped protect coin values in the days of falling silver prices. The price of some coins actually rose despit
  11. If you see a good value coin / bar which you think has potential then irrespective of the metal it is probably a good piece for your stack. Always think about selling the piece before you buy it. Disappointment in this game usually occurs when you sell, not when you are buying. Investment gurus whoever they are, are saying that the biggest uplift potential is coming from silver. But be careful - there are some heavy premiums being asked. If you look back to before March 2020 the premiums were lower. Don't go overpaying and don't go for faddish pieces. My own view is silver will move
  12. The minimum amount of silver one should hold is the amount you have now. i would not be offloading silver at this time. i aim to keep adding.
  13. As we have discussed elsewhere on the forum, bullion is not legally define in the Hallmarking Act 1973. In the UK if you sell precious metal other than "Any raw material (including any bar, plate, sheet, foil, rod, wire, strip or tube) or bullion." it must be hallmarked. Some people get a bit confused by the way the legislation is written here - where they have put (including any bar, plate, sheet, foil, rod, wire, strip or tube) - these a simply examples of the form in which the raw material might take. It doesn't mean in my opinion at any rate that any bar is raw material b/c clearly ther
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