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  1. What is this b0ll0cks? Come on @SilverPirate007 where are you - people are dying of genuine medical conditions and £millions are wasted on this tomfoolery. Explain this.
  2. The problem is many people refuse to answer which way they will vote - these are it seems Republican voters. Trump voters also says Biden - to screw up the polls and to avoid any hassle from the loony Leftists.
  3. It's plate http://www.silvercollection.it/ENGLBARKERBROS.html
  4. My nephew has his 18th coming up - i suspected he might like this so i got it.
  5. BIS gold Opex expiry today - generally expect some recovery in price after this. Price usually taken down in the run up to expiry under the sweet spot so the options the BIS hold expire profitably. Of course the market isn't manipulated - it's just me in conspiracy theorist mode.
  6. sixgun calls the mainstream media the controlled media - he always does this. What a tin foil hat wonker - there is a free press in the UK. Look, here is the proof of it. Stay Alert - Britain Needs Lerts.
  7. But of course i would be at the front of the queue, if indeed i even had to queue and i would get more than my fair share because i have White privileged.
  8. Oh no - there is no herd immunity to this cold virus, there is no hope. Be afraid, be very afraid. The only solution is to have vaccinations every year, maybe every 6 months or even once a week. Perhaps it will have to be via a syringe driver pump to give a continuous infusion to 'shoot it into the vein' as Bill Gates of Hell says. Coronavirus: Antibodies fall rapidly after COVID infection, dashing hopes of herd immunity - study https://news.sky.com/story/coronavirus-herd-immunity-hopes-dashed-as-study-shows-covid-19-antibodies-fall-rapidly-after-recovery-12115510 What a load o
  9. i was passed this by a friend who is a big time Q follower - personally i think most of the Q stuff is a psy op but there could be some truth in all of this. i note it says Biden is competent - perhaps his appearance of incompetence at times is a get out clause should it be needed - he could claim he had completely lost his marbles if need be.
  10. It's a ETF https://finance.yahoo.com/quote/GDXJ
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