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  1. Some market commentators say the market broke in 2008 - like permanently broke. We have had zero interest rates and massive quantitative easing since then. Every time there is an attempt to reverse this process the market has a seizure and we are back to square one. Inflation was kept inside the asset markets but now with the scamdemic it has leaked out and the end is looming.
  2. What is happening in the paper markets does not reflect what is happening in the physical market. There aren't heavy sales of actual physical. Where can you buy the actual physical at these current paper prices? The current mid price for silver on Kinesis is $22.73 - not spot at $22.49. Granted there isn't a world of difference between these prices but the point is the spot price is a paper price. The vast majority of the billions of ounces of spot silver trades is paper - there is never any physical involved.
  3. sixgun

    Gold Bars Seized

    Shotgun cartridges would create even more trouble but fishing tackle - lead weights - there's a solution.
  4. sixgun

    Gold Bars Seized

    i really don't know why they don't get gold made into stuff. Have the gold made into tube for luggage frames. Spray painted and part of the luggage. Have the gold made into golf club heads. As long as the weight is not stupidly out of line with the weight you would expect for the piece how would it ever be detected? When you have arrived wherever, it gets sold. Gold in India would likely go to make jewellery so would get melted down anyway. A load of metal bars are going to show up immediately - they will sniff them out and wet themselves when they see the gold. It will be confiscated as sure as eggs - they will make any s*** up to get their hands on it. Notice how they let the woman carry on with her journey. They aren't really bothered with the woman, not bothered about the 'crime' if there is one. They just want to steal the gold. Reminds me of Venezuelan gold in the BoE. Stolen.
  5. This is the silver squeeze in action. i know some dismiss it saying that the collective collectors don't and can't have an effect. Silver squeeze days or weekends or whatever doesn't, but a relentless squeeze keeps drawing down on reserves. The European refineries are not producing silver. There are supplies in Russia and elsewhere but those are tapped out for most of this year. Silver squeeze and a record year for coins and bars. U.S. Mint Silver Eagle sales already reached 4.4 million in January 2022. Coincidence?
  6. Not milk spot - odd. It's as if it is frosted in parts. Can we say it is a fault in the die?
  7. That's interesting to note. A lot of online companies based in the EU have decided not to export to the UK. So it would not have surprised me if goldsilver.be had stopped but having said that it seemed fine with my UK address in there. It was only when i deleted it to put an EU address it and then tried to put it back there was an issue. Interestingly now i go back to the goldsilver.be you can enter a UK address. You must have jogged them into adding the UK to the list.
  8. Nothing in Spain really, certainly not cheap silver. You might get a bit in Andorra which is at the other end of the country. i could take a trip up to Belgium and then a plane to Dublin and a bus to the North and come over to England on a ferry. i could get tax free in that way and legally but really it just wouldn't be worth the bother. You would be better buying off the Silver Forum.
  9. i would say you don't need to mention your coin sales. This doesn't sound like the antics of a coin dealer. You sold a few coins from your collection. All of them were UK coinage. Nothing to see here.
  10. Well if you were selling £millions in coins you would be buying and selling coins at some pace - that is what a trader would do. You would be defined as a business. Exactly what the threshold is i don't know but £millions would go way over that threshold. If you buy coins with the intention of selling in the relatively near future and at a profit - you have stepped into the realm of a trader and then it becomes a business. When i buy metal i buy it if i think it is good value. i hope one day i will realise a profit on it but my primary goal is anything but a quick turnover. There is no CGT on UK coins - so there is no limit. You are talking about your trade / business / living. Buying and selling a few coins as you develop a collection is not a living.
  11. If i sold you a bar of silver it would be a private sale. i am selling as a private individual, not as a business, not part of my trade. If Atkinson's sold you a silver bar this would be a business sale.
  12. The OP says this was a private sale. So no need to get into badges of trade. As BYB says a UK taxpayer have a CGT allowance of £12,300 in the current year. If the coin is a UK coin it is tax free. i think considering the box is unnecessary. You sold the coin. The box came with it. You say it was free. No-one can say it was anything else. If this is a private sale no-one knows exactly what you sold or how you sold it.
  13. My friend has a sub to Maguire and he tells me that this is what he said this evening "There is little doubt that even in the face of bullish or bearish crosses, the refiner production constraints we have reported last Monday, are beginning to filter through in both Gold and especially Silver are forcing COT’s to buy to cover EFP delivery demand."
  14. Well real or not the COVID madness is still underway on the Continent and it has resulted in the refineries being short staffed and cutting back on production. This compounds the factors you rightly mention.
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