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  2. Yes please! Happy to pay for postage.
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  4. Hi there folks, I am looking to buy the TSF 1oz bars numbers 006 and 182 from any year. The ones like this: but from the previous years. Price to be discussed. I can offer silver or money.
  5. Scorpion about 24 Gramms of 999 finesilver length about 58 mm Choose if you want it in Silver or antique finish. Price is 47,60 € Also gold plated if wanted. Price is 52,60 shipping in Germany is 5,49 Euro for Europe please ask www.hellfire-bars.com
  6. "Spanish shipwreck" silvberbar 100 grams of fine silver. Casted, stamped, hammered, antique finished and polished Price is 122 Euro plus shipping costs www.hellfire-bars.com
  7. So today I've got a couple more of these cool T - Rex available Hand poured 999 fine silver 1oz and 2oz come with COA and are 50 mintage and serialised 1oz £30.50 each 2 available 2oz £60 each 1 available all plus post £3.50 first signed £7 special delivery PPFF/ cash app or BT preferred
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