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  1. On PCGS or NGC... doesn’t look like anyone wants to sell a raw one, so thought I’d see if any graded available. cash and/or gold trade. Not buying to sell anytime soon, would be going into my collection. appreciate if contact is made by PM. Cheers
  2. Only after the £5 Proof now, anyone want to sell?! and double and 1/4. Would also consider a full 5 coin set. Preferably raw, without issue.
  3. Ideally a 5 coin set but Ive got the option of a raw 4 coin set which I’ll take tomorrow, but thought I’d ask here first if anyone has one. Not looking for any guarantees but needs to be issue free. Also interested if anyone has the crown / £5 separate. I don't need the Sovereign, but easy either way. Cheers
  4. Ideally a 5 coin set 70 graded, but also interested in a 4 coin set and interested if anyone has the crown / £5 separate. Would consider in 69’s if they hadn't been conserved. I don't need the Sovereign, but easy either way. Cheers
  5. 1oz Metalor 50g Umicore Reduced, now at spot!! - will be withdrawn Sunday night if unsold. Spot price is taken from Bullion by post website. SD post included. Both in A1 condition Exchange: would include both as part payment towards a 5 coin 2012 sovereign set. If graded on 70’s (would consider 69’s if not conserved), if raw needs to be issue free. Doesn't need to include the sovereign, but I'm easy either way. Balance can be made up by me with bullion sovereigns, graded gold or cash / part cash. Payment by BT or Paypal F&F Weekend special as got my eye on something. Much cheaper than any dealer. Thanks for looking 👀
  6. Not always mate, if conserved it gives you fighting chance I think, but a surprising amount (to me anyway) do tone while in the slab. Same with old copper pennies etc (but with them you have to get them re-graded every tens years) There's probably some truth in that but most people on here are honest in their sale. Equally i've had coin that I was confident would grade very highly but sold them ungraded for a few reasons (liquidity or I like the coin but knew I would move it on and didn't want to wait the circa 2 months to get it back or decided ).
  7. £516 ono + SD post Payment by BT or Paypal F&F
  8. SOLD Comes with original box and COA Only one at this grade, only one higher 1/10 Angel Piedfort - actually weighing in at 1/5t.oz Gold £490 inc post Payment by BT or Paypal F&F
  9. As recently shown on numistacker's channel. The is very rare, only one of 137 minted + 119 in sets, ref: https://www.royalmint.com/discover/uk-coins/circulation-coin-mintage-figures/2012-dated-uk-collector-coin-sales/ Only one of two graded this high Difficult to price, but the more common proof PF70 went for £370 in the latest CC auction, this is listed £350 + post Payment by BT or Paypal F&F Im listing a few things at the moment and this will be one of the first things I take down if not sold when I reach my target.
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