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  1. a 1921 Veinte Pesos is more desirable in a good grade than others in my mind as it sits comfortably alongside the first year of the 50 pesos Centenario (1921) which was struck to celebrate 100yrs of independence from Spain. That said, the first year a Veinte pesos was struck was 1917 (I believe, but I defer to those more knowledgeable than myself on such things @Chrispringle85, @Jamesd, @richatthecroft) so is likly to also have a high premium in a choice grade
  2. Clean sheet on a full 5 coin set, chuffed. Never had it happen before, but relieved as these are an expensive raw set.
  3. 2002 Proof £5 Sovereign PF69 Ultra Cameo £2,500 inc SD UK post Will post international at buyers cost and risk Offers considered Payment by Bank Transfer please Any questions please ask Will be getting listed on ebay at some point due to £1 offer but first chance here. Cheers, Mike
  4. **SOLD** 1) 2016 Proof Sovereign NGC PF70 Ultra Cameo = £900, inc UK SD post Comes with original box and COA, noted on the label by NGC as "one of first 500 struck" 2) 2016 Proof 1/2 Sovereign NGC PF70 Ultra Cameo = £675, inc UK SD post Slab only. Pay by bank transfer please Will post international at buyer risk and cost Any questions please ask. thanks for looking Cheers, Mike 1 Sovereign 1/2 Sovereign:
  5. Another long shot, but I got there on my other request so thought worth asking. Im after a 1911 Proof Half Sovereign in UC, there aren't many hence not being grade specific (there's one 64UC, three 65UC's and one 67UC at NGC) I would consider a PCGS DC but would need to see good photos as I've had a bumpy experience crossing DC to UC. Cheers, Mike
  6. Bumping this one up again... anyone?
  7. Thanks @Foster88, my plan is to send to NGC to try crossing at same or better first and I’ll take from there. It’ll be going next week if no one wants to swap before.
  8. My OCD wont let me keep a PCGS slab in my predominantly NGC collection so I’m wondering if anyone is in the same boat, but the other way inclined and would like to do an exchange, like for like, before I go through the rigmarole of crossing. I would consider upgrading if you wanted to get a bit of cash out. more photos and of course cert details to anyone interested in the exchange. I have left the QR visible though if you can use it. i’ll cover SD postage each way. cheers, Mike
  9. Long shot I know as there aren't many, but If anyone has one that they would would be interested in selling or trading please let me know. There are 4 on a 66UCam, 4 on a 67Cam and 2 on a 67UCam... there's also a top pop 68Cam but I imagine that one will be quite precious to whoever the lucky owner is...
  10. Nice coin, £1950 ono inc UK SD Detail photos attached, any questions or additional photo requests let me know. shame about the detail on the rim (shown) but I think price reflects the condition, if you don't, make an offer that you think does. Hard to find at the moment. Will be getting put on ebay later this weekend if unsold.
  11. Needs little introduction 5oz Silver Proof Three Graces by the Royal Mint. £4,250 £3,950 inc SD post UK - I have been made an offer on ebay and the price here represents a lower price after fees as I would rather deal with a forum member. The coin however will be withdrawn later today. Photos attached, I can't see any issues other than the Royal Mint provided dust. That said if you see something drop me a PM and I'll get further photos If it helps I would trade or take p/ex for decent condition bullion sovereigns (1/2, 1, 2 or 5) @ spot +1% (maybe a bit more if v.nice condition
  12. Reduced to £1,850 inc UK Special Delivery For the sadists thats at a fair hit to me allowing for the grading costs 😖 but I need to raise some funds
  13. For info, Mintages / NGC reg pop: 2017 = 750 / 850 max - 119 on a PF70UC 2018 = 600 / 650 max - 55 on PF70UC 2019 = 240 / 250 max - 11 on a PF70UC 2020 = 150 / 160 max - 12 on a PF70UC
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