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  1. In all honesty, when it comes the shipping side, I just tick the box you have and then pay the bill NGC send and not thought too much more about it. Your coin is only insured by NGC while it is in their possession though. Once they hand it to the courier its under the insurance and custody of the courier. NGC again, will pay for the correct insurance banding as shown on the table ,i.e. your QB will be 1 coin between 250 and 5000 in England so would be 39.60 on its own (I think the rates fluctuate though and the prices are just a guide). but if the overall package is more it may push it into a higher banding. They will group coins together though and keep shipping costs down (while keeping them fully insured.... to the value you gave them). As I say, all the guys I have ever had anything to do with at NGC London have been spot on and very helpful, it can take a few days for them to get back though, but they have always got back to me.
  2. 👍, no not quite "variety plus" is asking them to put a reference or attribution on that they recognise, they recognise Spink and W&R and a few others that relate to British coinage, but they won't stick anything on. However, they won't charge you if they don't
  3. No probs. Yes you can put Unicorn of Scotland in there if you wanted, although they would likely recognise that and put it on. On shipping yes, I use their insurance and let them sort the return out. Yes, you can take to the London office in person although you need to book a slot with them. Email is definitely easier I have found, getting through on the phone can be tough.
  4. Sorry, I missed your post while I was writing mine, in answer to your questions: 1. Yes, Ship to USA 2. Ha, thats up to you. If you go too low NGC will just adjust your invoice higher if they think you have been a bit too conservative. But do remember that what you decide as the value, is the amount your coin is insured for should the worst happen, even if NGC subsequently see you as been on the wrong side of the assessment and charge you more. I know a lot would just go on the back of what they have paid, but its a personal choice. 3. No, the images on the census (the ones you find if you look up a coin, in most cases) NGC take anyway. Internet imaging is just another photo service, I've never used any of them but if you had a really nice coin and wanted a nice photo I know they do take a good one. 4. You can put the description in the "mintmark" box, if you start typing you'll see the font in the box is to big, click out and click back in again and you get two lines in small text. But they do know British coins, its really if you want them to put something specific on like a W&R or a Spink number (but then make sure you tick Variety plus). Skip the shipping form if you are picking up, you can talk to them when you call in just to double check if you would be happier. Personally yes, I just tick for NGC to sort shipping out.
  5. However, as a short summary: Some boxes are pre-populated for you Tick box 3 and box 4, sign under box 5 (I have found I can only part complete online, I do what I can then print it off and fill the rest in by pen) Fill in the "UK shipping form" if you want your coins posted back to you or skip it if you are picking them up On box 6, tick "ship to NGC USA", the other two I think are used if there are special shows / events in London or Germany, I've never used them anyway Box 9, tick either pick up or post back to you Box 10, tick where the coin is from, USA, anywhere else (WORLD) or ancient. Box 11, decide if you want conservation, if you do pick whichever banding your coins fall into (based on coin value, thats your call) Box 12, again decide on your service base don coin value, but there is some options here, the sheet at the end will help you decide (if you give m an example of a coin I'll let you know what I would pick) Box 13, if its just straight forward grading you want (no pedigree, first releases, mint error, references on the slab etc) just skip it unless you are sending a thicker coin then you should tick the relevant holder, although I think NGC would just decide for you if you miss it Box 14, 15 & 16, probably irrelevant for now, but I think they are fairly self explanatory Box 17, just fill. table in as you think, if you mess it up NGC will contact you but give it your best shot. the mintmark column is a bit unclear, in here I just put the Spink reference if I want it on the slab, and also anything else "200th anniversary sovereign" for example or just leave it blank. Indicate wether its Proof (PF) or Bullion (MS). Probably sp the next few columns, fill in the metal type, weight and the value you want to give it. Box 18, tot up what you think you owe them. Then take the forms along to NGC and submit your coins. Happy to help though 🙂
  6. Hi @Touvex, I think you are accessing the USA side of the system. You need to click the UK submission tab at the bottom (assuming you wish to submit via London which I think you do), or go directly to it here: https://www.ngccoin.uk Then go to Submit -> submission form -> fillable PDF. The form is all in GBP and easier to follow. Its not a slick online form like you have for the US side and seems a bit clunky but it works. If you do that, Im more than happy to help you complete it here in the open forum or in PM, or I understand you can call into the office itself and they will help you. They NGC guys in London are a good bunch.
  7. Interesting perspective and I've seen guys mention the colour before and fair enough, each to their own. But I don't mind it at all, to me from a numismatic and historical point of view looking back in 50yrs+ it’ll just show the development of the coin and alloys over the ages. I look at my sovereigns and 1/2’s all the way back to 1817 and each one is slightly different to the next, some very different, yes toning is part of it and certainly what light the coins are viewed in, but the alloys clearly change over the time and in some cases its interesting to understand why. I also don’t think of a sovereign as being effected by decimalisation, but again each to their own.
  8. Agree the mock up is nice but its traditional, I sincerely hope they are more inventive / abstract / different / controversial , making the most of the opportunity as they have done on the G&D special reverses.
  9. Just the one coin then you think @westminstrel? interesting on the 2oz, may have a grained or plain edge...
  10. Great website, thank you. Very interesting and informative.
  11. £160 + post of buyers choice and risk Will post international as pictures, card a bit bent. cheers, Mike
  12. Apologies, they are a sovereign in that it is what The London Mint Office have called it, but they have no association with the Royal Mint... A quick search of the forum: https://www.thesilverforum.com/topic/10691-london-mint-office-sovereigns/ And some other related articles: https://24carat.co.uk/frame.php?url=londonmintoffice.html https://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/experts/article-2799829/tony-hetherington-london-mint-coin-collection-worth-tenth-paid.html https://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/discussion/2018327/the-london-mint-office-scam/p12
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