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  1. A nice before and after NGC conservation study here, on a very lovely 1923SA 1/2 proof. I knew it was nice, but I always struggle to see through the haze with confidence. Came back PF65 🙂 Obv Before: Obv After (the photos don't really do it justice): Reverse Before: Reverse after:
  2. Cheers, I had never considered that... I'll never not see it now though 😂 100% agree on the print
  3. Been a while since I bought anything new.. I thought they did a great job with the Decimal Day 50p
  4. As follows, all inc SD post. SOTD's, All MS70 2017 SOTD Sapphire Jubilee, MS70 DPL. Rare coin in a 70 (only 15 on the NGC Census), mintage - 750. With all boxes and COA: Ebay 2018 SOTD Sapphire Anniversary, MS70 DPL. Also a rare coin in 70, (19 on the NGC Census), Mintage - 650. With all boxes and COA: Ebay 2019 SOTD Queen Victoria 200th Anniversary. MS70 Matte. 37 on the NGC census in 70, Mintage - 650. With all boxes and COA: Ebay 2019 SOTD Prince Albert 200th Anniversary. MS70 Matte. 50 on the NGC census in 70, Mintage - 650. With all boxes and COA: Ebay *the Victoria and Albert are consecutive slab cert numbers Other: 2015 Proof Double Sovereign, 4th Head. In proof only. PF70 Ultra Cameo. Really hard to get (as apposed to the more widely graded 2015 5th head). This was a head change year, two sovereign sets issued, 4th head and 5th head. Only 8 showing as 4th Head graded at 70 on the census. Mintage - 1100 (from research, im open to be corrected). Slab only. Ebay 2021 Proof Sovereign (95th Birthday Privy). PF70 Ultra Cameo. With all boxes and COA. Ebay 2021 Proof 1/2 Sovereign (95th Birthday Privy). PF70 Ultra Cameo. Slab only. Ebay Will post international at buyers risk and cost Payment by Bank Transfer please. More photos on request, any questions please ask. Open to offers I have an ebay sellers offer for the weekend so will list at some point, offering here first. Cheers, Mike
  5. As title, we can’t go so I have two standing tickets for the Killers in Middlesbrough on the 1st of June 2021. asking what they cost me from ticket master: £71.50 each I’ll send by email to you. cheers, Mike
  6. Stunning and without issue to my eye. Ask: Sent to NGC comes with all boxes, cert, booklet etc. Will ship international at buyers cost and risk more than happy to get more photo’s on request (and will likely add more to the listing anyway when I can Edit: now added) Payment by BT thanks for looking 👀 Will likely grade if unsold. mike
  7. NGC PF70 UC, £2 “Vera Lynn”, 15.97g 22k Gold: Ebay (100 in Annual Set, 350 issued separately in March 2022) NGC PF70 UC, £2 “Alexander Graham Bell”, 15.97g 22k Gold: Ebay NGC PF70 UK, 50p “Birmingham Commonwealth Games”, 15.50g 22k Gold: Ebay all from the annual set, as far as i know the “Alexander Graham Bell” and “Commonwealth Games” are yet to be released as separate coins so these are currently limited to the 100 off, annual set All prices include SD Post within the UK I will post international at buyers risk and cost More photos on request. Payment preferred by BT. cheers, Mike
  8. 2oz Gothic Crown set in PF70UC. Comes with all the boxes and COA’s Ask: Ebay inc SD Post within UK Will post international at buyers risk and cost more photos on request Pay by BT or PPFF cheers, Mike
  9. My nod to the Platinum Jubilee, all the rarer JC obverse. Slightly annoying bit of c**p inside the slab on the gold crown so that will need to go back, but I'm not complaining, its a lovely set and i’m very happy 😃. Need a box now!
  10. Complete and original 1937 Proof set with very tidy original box. All coins, Crown to Maundy. All high grades, the 6p being NGC “Top Pop”. Appreciate i will likely realise the best price by selling separately in auction, but I would rather try selling as a complete set first. Ask: Ebay Including SD post within UK Will post international at buyers cost and risk Payment by BT More photos on request. cheers, Mike
  11. 2019 PF70UC Sovereign £480 posted SD with the UK will posted international at buyers cost and risk Pay by BT please cheers, Mike
  12. Really nice set, all graded PF70UC with consecutive cert numbers and all have the GB Label. These sovereigns have the George III Privy Ask 1,950 for the set posted SD in the UK Will post intentional at buyers cost and risk. Pay by Bank Transfer please more photos on request. Thanks, Mike
  13. For sale, as follows inc SD post within UK Offers considered 👍 REDUCED 1957 MS64: Ebay 1963 MS64: Ebay 1968 MS65: Ebay Will post international at buyers cost and risk Pay by BT please more photos on request thanks for looking 👍 Mike
  14. Received today, slightly off track and indulgent purchase but the provenance drew me in! Not really sure what to do with it now, other than put it in the beautiful antique oak cabinet that im selling 😉…
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