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  1. I bought these to bulk out another purchase, but having received them these are quite beautiful.
  2. This was probably it mate, the seller was reasonable and we got to a fair price in the end.. needs a touch of wax to freshen the external surfaces up, but its nice.
  3. Found one! not quite PM, but PM related 😃 perfect for the fancy stuff.
  4. Looking to trade (but would sell if needed) the following for a 1/4oz gold bullion dragon QB (in capsule and good condition please). Alternatively, if silver not wanted could do the Sov + £70 cash (by BT or PPFF) [Also open to trade suggestions and possibly the other QB 1/4’s if a larger deal and silver trade were an option for bars - PM me] We each cover our respective delivery costs by SD Offering: 1 x 2017 Anniversary BU Privy Sov + 1 x 2020 2oz Silver Lion of Mortimer+ 1 x 2015 Philharmoniker
  5. You did a cracking @BackyardBullion, was always going to be a tough one and we all surely realise that. End of the day you could have saved yourself all this hassle and decided what we got. We should just be happy to have got a bar, im sure those that didnt get one wouldn’t care what number they had. Well done mate and thank you 👌
  6. Found this for you, probably needs checking out but maybe not too much of a problem? https://www.specialtymetals.com/blog/2018/12/13/can-you-carry-gold-coins-and-bullion-into-the-us
  7. If its british coinage and legal tender is there not something in considering its currency value, rather than what metal it is made of? admittedly I can understand why you want to be on the right rules here.
  8. been a good day, finally my MS64 1885 1/2p came to go beside my PF64 1885 Proof of Record 1/2p. Interesting to see the difference... Photos lightened slightly to see the detail, the proof really needs to be in hand to see the lustre:
  9. Love this stuff Now sealed and protected and off to the vault 😄
  10. hmm, not sure its me who is looking for my confirmation bias to be reinforced
  11. by a "SHTF scenario" I assume you mean the entire and irreversible collapse of the global economy, that being the case the only thing that will be worth anything is food, water, textiles and wood and they will be traded - the only thing a kilo of gold will be good for is beating your neighbours away from your veg patch 😄 Sovereigns would make excellent weapons for the catapult I reckon
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