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  1. Put “Plain Edge” in the mint mark box. They will the catalogue it right and it’ll be on the label. I use that box for anything like that 👍
  2. Thank you. What annoys me is that they put coins like this in normal capsules. In this case, obviously the plain edge is a feature, but you can't 'enjoy' it when in the capsule (and I don't mean take it out and rub it around your body like people were indicating in the other thread). I grade, so it will be sent (boo, hiss, stone him 😂) so I will at-least be able to see it better once slabbed. But for those folk that don't (and thats fine, im not looking to bring up that debate again!!), the capsule lets down the entire presentation for me. Potentially I may have kept it out of a slab and had a box made for the two of them, but I'd need a much smarter capsule.
  3. Yes, they are very beautiful. Look forward to the next coin in the series. I hope the wait isn't too long this time 🙂
  4. Bit of caution on that description, the edge isnt milled on this set as far as I understand, its plain. Which whoever that person is should know…
  5. I’ll have another go before withdrawing. I dont really want the hassle of grading etc
  6. Very true, could be. Look forward to seeing the video 👍
  7. 🤣 Yeah, don't do that. He ended his video by saying " Yes, I think this is worth £95" .. it may have been 3.5 minutes earlier but it wasn't by the time he finished with it. I also think his description of how shiny and heavy it was compared to a circulation £2 kind of gave the game away 😂 Thanks for sharing 👍 Edit: worth adding, no problem handling with bare hands, its the safest way, but don't touch the surfaces of a proof, ever. The grease from your skin not only leaves an ugly mark and possibly scratches the surface if its a smudge, but over time the acid also etches the surface - permissible on the rim, destroying it numismatically (in most cases) if on the surface.
  8. If the Great Engravers hadn't done so well, Id be 100% with you. But you aren't going to pick up a (gold or in some cases silver) big proof pre-1900 for much under 20k and then thats for a beaten up veiled head proof. Also the post 1900 ones are still a serious amount of money, 1902, 1911, 1937. There are obviously some of the early milled, guineas etc that are in proof but its a niche market... this release for me is about the alignment to the modern Sovereign, when they come around.
  9. Thinking about it, if you happen to have the modern 2oz gold 3 Graces or the 2oz Gold Una, surely you'd want the 2 oz George III and/or 2oz Victoria (assuming YH) to go with them? it's the same idea as the recent Gothic release. Its an expanded Great Engravers release in my mind, some coins may not be as desirable as others but there will be quite a few key coins...
  10. It was this, putting the correct product code in. https://www.royalmint.com/basket-page/Add?sku=UK22PJS2&quantity=1
  11. I wonder if this is what has pumped the recent prices in hammered coins, word has got out the mint are buying to make sets up? Some crazy prices at Spink recently for nice, but not normally extremely expensive coins. Wouldn't want to be on that spike, ive had some nice, high grade hammered coins and I become ambivalent to them quickly and move them on
  12. Yeah, I only learnt about it on the Gothic release (after the event), you needed the product code and you could link straight to it and add to basked immediatly on release. It didn't work this morning
  13. I didn't have the balls to go for it in 2oz Gold but I know I will be trying later down the line, I did go for it in 1oz Gold and 2oz silver though 😉
  14. Like the great engravers there's no formal continuity, but also like the great engravers if you have collected all the past ones it definitely gives you a better chance of securing one when you get put on reserve lists and speak to them. It isn't about this release for me, albeit clever what they've done and im looking forward to getting it. Wether I keep it or not is another thing. For me, im interested in the future releases, when you get to George III and the dims match up with a few outliers on the way, William and Mary, Queen Mary, Elizabeth I etc. These are going to be in proof, with the Edward VII, will they do a matt proof to match the 1902? we'll see at the end of this year, but anything from George III onwards (in monarch date order) is going to be very hot imo. These other ones we'll see.... what about a special release of Edward VIII 😅
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