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  1. Agree with Steve. I tend to blank mine out now (but do forget at times) but happily provide the number in PM. That said, its easy enough for any scammers to look for a particular coin by browsing the competitive registry sets on the NGC website (i assume PCGS is the same) so perhaps futile while the grading companies themselves give this information if you dig a little deeper than simply doing a census check.
  2. @BairdMint recently joined 👍
  3. Lovely pick up here from the same random place, both with a nice bit of provenance (I didn't buy from either of these places and I certainly didn't pay £12 for the sovereign 😄, but did get it at another very reasonable price looking at the coin): 1) An Alexander III Silver Tetradrachm, picked up for now looks like a bargain. Amazing to think its somewhere around about 2350 years old, i'm not getting into this at all but I just liked the coin and fancied something a bit different 2) Lovely George IV 1825 Sovereign, in far better condition than I originally thought ba
  4. here, £61 and melt it if you must have a nugget 😁
  5. ah, ok £10 💰 , but I think you may be disappointed - even they refer to it as "dust" and needing a "30-60x jewellery magnifier" to see it / them and of unknown purity - save your £10's up and buy a fractional on here for around £100, a lot more satisfying novelty imo - but thats just my opinion, so best of luck
  6. Stay off ebay - Could be anything and even if genuine you'll pay over and the only person you'd be able to sell these to would be dealer at I guess somewhere around 95% spot. If you want gold have a look in the trade section 👍
  7. This 100% - PM to me is a long term money store / savings plan / pension / hobby. I don't treat it as hedge against currency in the current turbulent and uncertain market, as I’ve got no plan of selling down anytime soon regardless of what happens, but it is that too should I need to to sell for some unexpected reason. Its never going to ‘multi-bag’ in a few months (Or days) like some shares do but then it isn’t going to be struck off and wiped out where everything is lost. PM is lower risk, lower (financial) reward - less of of gamble, lower adrenaline rush and no sleepless nights waitin
  8. Same here and its not because I recievd my coin either. I chased it on Friday and I was told this week 🤷🏻‍♂️ Will see...
  9. That is stunning guys, i really like it. Congrats to both @Lr103 on the purchase and @BackyardBullion on a superb product - lovely thing
  10. Likewise Richard! ... its a stunner that one, will miss it but she’s gone to a good home 🙂
  11. Another reluctant but necessary sale. This lovely Gold 1897 Victoria Diamond Jubilee Medal, comes in its original box, clasp and hinge working fine. Asking £690 inc UK SD post Will post internationally at buyers cost and risk 12.8g, actual Gold weight = 11.72g Payment by BT preferably, but Paypal also ok. Some references for the medal: Royal Mint: https://www.royalmint.com/our-coins/ranges/historic-coins/historic-medals/Victoria-gold-Diamond-jubilee-medal/ Chards: https://24carat.co.uk/frame.php?url=1897victoriadiamondjubileemedallion.php
  12. £420 ea inc UK delivery or £1230 for the three Payment by bank transfer please Will despatch within 24hrs of sale, allowing for weekends. Same day if I have time.
  13. Will sort photos out and put in the post later, just thought I'd get it listed and see if anyone is interested? I'll cover post both ways. edit, photos added:
  14. They're a nice set and will make a lovely collection, i would have gone for them but i lack the patience (so may be the one offering to buy a complete set in a few years 😄) Perhaps they might not be a good flip but so what if you like them and will enjoy collecting them 🤷🏻‍♂️ Edit: you need to talk @Alun into making a nice box 🙂
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