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  1. Very welcome Couldn't agree more, I wish I could get some of my older proofs above a 63/64 etc never mind a 69!
  2. Now Sold Now selling separately, prices as follows: PF69UC 5 Sov: £3,400 posted UK SD PF69UC 2 Sov: £1,400 posted UK SD PF69UC 1 Sov: £1,350 posted UK SD PF70UC 1/2 Sov: £750 posted UK SD All 4 coins: £6,750 posted UK SD Full set, grades as shown in photos & described above. All in slab protector sleeves so if you want any additional photos with them outside of the sleeves just drop me a PM. Selling as a set initially and only posted here for now. EDIT: now also listed elsewhere Asking £6,850 for the lot posted UK. will ship globa
  3. Got these back from grade and absolutely over the moon. All stunning in their own right but the Tetradrachm is something else, all that history ...
  4. £60!! 🤬 they pray on the uninformed - thing is it’ll likely grandparents buying for grand kids and those who haven’t got a clue who just want to mark the occasion, effectively ending up with something worth a fraction over spot, if that. is their write up trying to mislead or did Jody Clark really engrave the george and dragon design (apparently sketched by Christopher ironside) I suspect its intentionally misleading as JC is RM employee and they talk about an official 50p in the same breath, if so thats terrible and RM should stop this.
  5. In an NGC slab only please. Will pay £285 + £6.50 SD UK post edit: ideally with box and coa
  6. I like it too @Chrisplym, I would have taken the gold had it not been part of the set. Look forward to seeing your photos.
  7. I’ve been on the lookout for one for a while. Has absolutely no natural place in my collection, other than I think they are lovely and under appreciated, doesn't disappoint 😊 A 2017 Dutch Ducat, 200th Anniversary edition (one of the 6 on an NGC PF70 UC)
  8. SilverMike

    925 silver

    Why sell so cheap when he could walk into a pawnbrokers and get 95% spot, 90% on a bad day. Is he getting them hallmarked? If not its probably because your coach has no idea on the purity as he’s been throwing allsorts in. Complete gamble and likely against you as he’s making money at whatever price he sells you, you’ll regret it, buy some brits or a proper bar 👍
  9. Just sold it on ebay if anyone was watching to have the buyer cancel on me having mistook £ for $ 🤯 (having knocked out a bid of 2.7k in the last seconds) I have 24hrs to re-list on another £1 seller deal but offering here first. 2,500 posted. Would also consider a partex for NGC graded sovereign 70’s Payment by BT please will Post international at buyers cost and risk Will post within 24hrs, same day if possible cheers, mike
  10. As per the title and photos. £750 posted SD UK Will post internationally at buyers cost and risk Payment by Paypal or BT please Despatch within 24hrs allowing for weekends
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