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  1. The RM are more institutional than this imo and if it is the case that they expected it to sell out in days it'll be the first time ever. Historically coins just sit on the website and sell out when they sell out, as has been the case with past sovereigns and everything else (before the pump and dump era of the last 2 years) and these will eventually sell out or the window to purchase will close for all "memorial coins". The RM are always behind the general market trend, it takes them 6-12 months to adjust to the market position / demand where we as collectors do within days, good or bad. With that in mind, neither do I think the mintages have been set "to maximise profits", more a reaction to how the market was and the demand they anticipated from their data sets of the past 5 yrs or so. Which we know the last 2 was very strange and v.extreme. They simply set the mintages to what they think the market wants (and the price to what it will pay) and will adjust it as they go with their profit expectations levelised across their full range of coins. If these coins had come to market in 2021, they would have all gone within the first couple of hours, irrespective of the mintage. Now obviously not, there are less people buying who's sole intention is to immediately sell. If on the 2023 release, or more likely the 2024 release (imo) the mintages are lower do we assume they are trying to minimise profits? no, of course not. They are constantly chasing the sweet spot, but they are currently dealing with the same cooling market we were at the beginning of the year
  2. You think that they haven’t sold a few hundred coins, that they haven’t struck yet, in a few days, that this is an issue to the Royal Mint? They strike lots of coins in gold that they are more than happy to sit on for years. I suspect not, more that @westminstrel is correct in that it was a balls up and was always the case, it’s not unusual for them to make that type of mistake. They are an odd business, but in their weird way they are protective and proud about who they are and what they do and represent. These sovereigns along with the other coins they have tagged as “memorial” is their way of honouring the passing of QEII and they will proudly stand by their mandate.
  3. Depends what we deem a winner, but in terms of desirability and importance yes, 100% its going to be desirable and important forever more. Its a superb design and the first sovereign of a new monarch and we shouldn’t let the madness of release days distract us from the bigger picture. Its only in very recent years have any coins sold out in the first days / few hrs (since mid 2020) and that was due to the very weird and pumpy environment we were in. 1989, 2002, 2005, 2012, 2016 & 2017 and everything in between took days if not weeks (and probably months on the early ones). These will all be sold out soon enough if that is what some measure success by. In terms of mintages these (the 5 and 2 anyway) are low for proof coronation / first of a monarch sovereign sets if you look at anything from Edward VII 1902 proof set onwards. Regardless of what comes, this set is as important as any sovereign set that marked a new monarch and also rarer than most, with the odd exception (1953 for example). Arguably for Sovereign collectors, particularly type collectors this is the most significant and important release in 85yrs, since George VI. 1902 5 coin proof set 8,000 ish sets 1911 5 coin proof set - 2,800 ish sets 1937 5 coin proof set - 5,001 sets 1953 5 coin proof set - 3 or 4 sets 2022 5 coin proof set (KCIII) - 1200 sets (less than 2000 2 Sovereigns in total) as something to think about, even the 1839 Una has reported mintage of 400 and I doubt that fully accounts for the extra’s struck in the years following 1839. i grade so I've picked up a few sets todays where I could, i’ll put a 5 coin 70 set together and then move the rest on, a profit would be nice but not essential. These are superb and i think once im hand collectors will be very reluctant to let them go.
  4. Both lovely and as per title. Both Special Reverse Piedfort Sovereigns come complete with original RM packaging, booklet etc all in excellent condition. The 2022 is on a First Releases Label. 2017: £ ebay inc UK SD post 2022: £ebay inc UK SD post They'll hit eBay tonight to catch seller offer if unsold. Will ship international at buyers cost and risk Pay by BT.
  5. **SOLD PENDING PAYMENT** Three Sovereigns, all in excellent condition and in caps. The 2017 has the special privy £378ea or £1,120 for all three + post of buyers choice, cost and risk. more photos on request Pay by BT or Paypal F&F
  6. Selling this lovely coin, very difficult to find in a nice grade like this. A beautiful coin in hand, the matte finish gives it something special and a depth. Reduced. Asking “ebay” ono, posted SD UK Will post international at buyer cost and risk. Payment by BT preferred, although will accept Paypal FF.
  7. $8 definitely won’t buy a 48hr service. I have had those express services (and also sent in similar time frames) but thats with ups or fedex and its a $40 (ish) dollar service for very low weight (a sovereign for example). Heavier is more expensive. Could be with usps but that can take weeks or months and $8 still seems cheap. assuming your seller breaks his own laws (and why would they) and incorrectly declares the item and/or declares them as a very low value amount then you might dodge the duty. certain gold types are classed as investment gold and come in duty free, but bullion silver definitely isn't. You’ll most likely have to pay 20% of the declared value and if its on a usps type service that will use royal mail on arrival in the uk you get hit with an admin charge, which is about £15 i think - and they wont do anything with it until you’ve paid, but its been a long time since i used rhe cheap services as it works out about the same cost to use UPS / DHL / FEDEX and they are better and quicker. Tbh, personally I wouldn’t bother. However, If it is genuine he’s got his shipping cost wrong and you should prepare to pay 20% on top plus fees and have a long wait. If you dont have too, take it as a bonus, but more than likely you will. good luck and take care
  8. With the sad passing of Her Majesty, I wanted to mark my collection by finding something from the first year of Her reign having a wider collection of more modern coins. So, Im not a Maundy collector and certainly have nowhere near the depths of knowledge as some on this forum, such as @richatthecroft, but I had the opportunity to pick up this rarely available, inaugural Maundy set for QEII, handed out by Her at Westminister Abbey in 1953. A mintage of 1025 and markedly different to any other Maundy under Her reign, being struck in sterling silver and the only set having BRITT:OMN in the legend (dropped from 1954). As a sovereign and half sovereign collector in the main, I would have liked something in gold, but those are a far greater rarity. "Elizabeth the Second by the Grace of God, Queen of all the Britains, Defender of the Faith". 1d: 2d: 3d 4d
  9. Added to the SOTD with the Machin portrait. Had intended to sell the SOTD on, but they do go together very well 🤔 lovely coins. Not my best photos but was a bit rushed
  10. These two for me: but I am very fond of these also: i also think the QB Completer is lovely, but I regrettably sold that a while ago.
  11. As per title and photos. 8,850 ono posted more photos on request with boxes, coa etc. will post international at buyers risk and cost Payment by BT please.
  12. As title and photos. £62 £58 + post at buyers cost and risk pay by BT or Paypal FF any questions let me know cheers
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