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  1. Received these back during the week and thought id share before they went to the safe. Both beautiful in their own way, but the Unite is very pleasing. Sorry about the cropped photos of it, it is at the extremes of my lens and it was that or a blurry photo. Important coins from a short and interesting part of British history
  2. No problem. They shouldn’t but an email or call to them first to square it all off is probably worthwhile. Their system is clunky as you know and they rely heavily on person involvement and they could easy miss something unless you’ve sorted it with them. Nice bunch of guys though and they’ve always been great, just nothing happens quickly
  3. Hello mate, ive had similar issue in the past. I managed to head it off before it was posted from London. You might be able to catch it in the US but it was already shipped before i realised. You’ll need to raise a new submission form but its just so NGC can process it against a new number. However, im not sure their system copes well with it and the coin in question sat around for a while in london and in hindsight i wish i’d just taken it back and resent it so it re-entered the system in a normal way. best of luck, it’s annoying but they do sort it out.
  4. Thank you for this, I was after more information on these as I recently picked up this 1880 across here in the UK simply because I liked the coin and it was a bit different to what I normally collect. It is currently at grade. If I understand correctly the mintages were quite tiny on all of these.
  5. Few back from grade, this one being the star ⭐️ edit: Apologies for the slightly blurry photos! Camera maybe needed a wipe
  6. Anyone have an 1893 Proof Half Sovereign for sale? Preferably NGC graded, must be Ultra Cameo, 64 or better… cheers, Mike Edit: would consider raw…
  7. They’ll have had mine Monday too. I might follow it up…
  8. My 2oz silver proof set has just been refunded despite requesting an exchange. First time ive ever had money back when I've requested an exchange so reckon that could be that. Anyone had a different experience?
  9. Yes, max mintage 260, 250 limited sets. Photo attached @westminstrel asked to see an example, attached, they are incredibly beautiful. the set is let down by a few having copper spot and two of them being marked, I will be exchanging though. I also got the 2oz silver, frankly the mint should be embarrassed. Like others have said, the majority of mine (7coins I think) are milky so going back, tempted to just refund on them
  10. Thank you for posting this. Interesting, I wonder if it is an indication as to what the RM will issue, like the three graces was. Personally I won’t buy Alderney coins, to me their value is mainly in their metal content and I have very little interest in collecting them, other than maybe as a filler in a set or run. But, they seem to have a following and do carry a serious premium so maybe I have it wrong. thanks again, the reverses on both coins look fantastic and I do hope it is what the RM are releasing
  11. With original box and COA £750 + post Nice coin, I can’t see any issues other than a few flecks of dust. Detail photos included though and please ask if you would like anymore or have any questions. UK based but will post international at buyers cost and risk. Payment by Paypal F&F or BT. thanks for looking 👀 👍 cheers, Mike
  12. A lot going for it and a few issues. Lovely in hand though, fantastic lustre
  13. I don't think anyone buys a coin or the price increases have simply been because they are graded, but because they are a highly sort after, desirable coin that has received a top grade from one of the two biggest grading companies in the world and if you want the best of the bunch then it gives you (and any future buyer) the confidence that at least a few professional graders agree. Which is completely understandable in my eyes, these were a high mintage set (in comparative terms to mintages of today) and there are a lot of raw coins out there that have been messed with or would never hit 70. If you want a 70, either buy one graded or be prepared to lock up quite a bit of money and churn through a few sets to get there. I personally think that is v.expensive regardless of mintage, there are the original RM versions (on a 69) selling for the same money, I've seen one somewhere in the last few days.
  14. Last three discounted before I close the thread and hang on to them.
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