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  1. I was trying to discuss the real inflation with a couple of friends and their replies were basically 'yeh prices going up lol' 😔 Broadband went up 10% and electricity bill annually up 11% concil tax 4.5% fuel looking pricy, some of my rental properties changed tenants last year and people were bidding the rent up. They went up 10 to 12.5% ... Food I haven't measured exactly, used cars appear to have gone up though again not specifically measured that.. Put it this way I can't think of anything I've bought recently that has gone down from recent years Can you? Maybe some tech i
  2. I can understand a bit of protection to be built in incase of spikes down or flash crashes. I don't necessarily think it's wrong for them to choose their time of sale and whether to pull an item or not . I think that's better than letting one order then cancelling or saying look you bought a dip we want you to pay a bit more now the price has gone up a bit 😂
  3. Yes that would do it. Could then work out the premium as a £ or %, some dealers list 'intrinsic value' eg Chards and others list 'premium' like Hgm too
  4. modofantasma

    Priced in gold

    Joking aside one could compare the average house price each month from Nationwides data and compare to average gold price each month to work out a gold to avg house price ratio? Eg avg house price is 260k in UK whilst spot is 1300 would give a ratio of... 1:200 1 house being about 200 oz of gold The issue to the usefulness of such a chart potentially could be demand though. Housing demand has grown as families are often seperated more population growth etc which will affect the ratio it's not like for like comparison With all the data in the world though 2 people can stil
  5. modofantasma

    Priced in gold

    I think along the bottom axis it is the number of oz of gold and along the vertical axis it's the date 🤔
  6. One could design the website so that live pricing adjusts based on spot (like dealers do you see prices update every few seconds or minutes) it could also be designed to react slower to price drops but quicker to rises. Equally a dealers website could alter stock levels depending on price or maintain a certain minimum price eg a premium might increase if the gold price dropped so say a dealer paid 1300 for a coin and selling at 1365 (5% premium) then say spot drops to 1200 the coin could either be shown as unavailable or premium could increase to ensure dealer doesn't lose money.
  7. You've potentially got more upside if you went with a qb coin as mentioned. Personally I'd go for lowest premium well recognised bullion coin from a financial perspective. Eg Brit makes most sense and I like the design or Krug maple etc are well recognised and just down to the price in my eyes. If I was buying something to enjoy it and not as worried about premium would be a buffalo as I just like the design and prefer 24ct coins
  8. In my eyes gold is seen as a way to preserve wealth not necessarily build it. If I was starting out with no assets I'd perhaps buy a little gold but be using the markets to grow my pot then perhaps property too. It was 'easier' to start with stocks and shares when I was younger as I could invest any amount and didn't need to get a mortgage for eg Then when I'd built that pot up cashed out and started on properties for flips and rentals. Whilst I do love a bit of saving in metals much higher returns can be achieved elsewhere
  9. So a few weeks ago I listed a household item for sale (used to sell frequently but not sold anything for 10 years or more) my account got suspended and so I go to log in.... Can;t log in until they send me a code to email or phone, but.... in order to receive this I need to tell them the other ebay id associated with my address.. (there isn't one unless it was the previous owner, I've lived here 5 years or so) none of the automated phone lines have an option for this and can't get a human anywhere or email. Does anyone know a direct email or phone number by any chance? I just want to log in to
  10. Look for the hall mark if it's 925 it should be sterling or 800 for 80% for eg. Scales out I'd say
  11. Morning Original post is up to date with prices and what's left, 👍🏽
  12. I tried to sell some items (not PMs just household bits and pieces) eBay genuinely froze my account because it was 'suspicious' (maybe because I've not used my account for years IDK?) Anyway long story short I now can't log in and non of the help lines go to a human who can help, all automated phone lines such a hassle and not even got to the fun and games of dealing with potential buyers yet
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