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  1. Just tell her the face value. She's furious that I spent over £200 on those stupid horse coins
  2. Probably just jealous that I love animals even more than they do 😏
  3. And if you can tell whether or not they brushed their teeth then you're really in the money 😏
  4. I'll count up when I get closer to 1000 I don't think they would look that good if they came out of the mint today to be honest
  5. Some more young Vics... The 2001 ticked off so all Liz bullion years finished. Only need 3 George V and an 1887 Jubilee head now. Then sort out the last few young Victoria's
  6. Thanks yeah the camera does all the work no skill on my part apart from holding steady and trying not to drool on the coins
  7. If people are paying £30 an Oz for bullion Brits from dealers it doesn't sound that daft on the premiums many silver buyers are paying already.🤔
  8. Hi folks 1 Oz QB Lion £1850 1 Oz Royal Arms £1720 Prices include RMSD within UK only Stunning coins, luscious belters.
  9. Hi Folks 1 Oz gold Brit £1630 each 1 Oz Krug £1610 each Price includes RMSD within UK Selling 2 then will close listing. Bullion coins. Minor marks visible at certain angles
  10. Hi Folks Update .... Sold fresh from tube exact 4 in photo. UK only, BT in GBP
  11. They didn't tell me they wouldn't be released though
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