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  1. Still shopping just a small portion of income each month. I've not actually bought any volume of bullion coins since last year due to the prices and similar to you loaded up on old coinage until last week. Handy being able to make £ when the price goes down to via spread betting
  2. A few new bits and pieces this week. Love the Royal arms design
  3. I occasionally consider it but then as Pete mentions, due to the margins and tax I don't feel I'm getting a good deal and but more gold or silver instead. There was once a quarter oz pt coin in the lcs when I was there but just isn't something he said he sees a lot of and doesn't get many people asking for it.
  4. Grabbed one of these today whilst I was in town.
  5. For sale Payment by UK bank transfer in Gbp £ Prices not including postage at choice and cost of buyer. (RMSD Recommended) I may include free sd postage for multiple items NOTE: currently items in storage, I can get there to take additional photos, collect and despatch Wednesday 29th September, I've used photos from my previous listing. All sold as bullion items in bullion condition, see photos for condition or feel free to ask any questions 10g gold bars as follows £460 each 2 x Pamp 10g (loose) 1 x Valcambi (in packet) 1 x Umicore (loose) 1 x Half oz gold Kangaroo coin £680 1 x Quarter oz krugerrand £365 it has a proof like finish but it has been handled, I bought it as a 'best value' coin and selling as such 1 x Quarter oz maple £365 (slight mark on maple side just to the right of the stem at the bottom of the leaf)
  6. Hey mate welcome Enough for what? Depends what your plan is and as others have mentioned what else you're doing. With 100 oz even if silver were to 10x in price it might be a nice little tickle one day but not going to be retirement kind of money.
  7. Would recommend 👍🏽 reliable and easy to use. Many platforms have a demo option to get a feel for how they work too
  8. For trading (spread betting) I mostly use IG
  9. Always thought this year of the dog coin looks a mess
  10. Has @DuncanWylieWilsongot a photo of the coloured version? 😂
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