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  1. Just been to deposit box with this 2011 Brit and a few new sovs
  2. If you want to collect QB series then you're effectively playing catch up... Some of the coins rarely pop up on the 2nd hand market and you'd usually have to pay a sizeable premium to acquire them. The Tudor Beasts are still current so can be picked up a little more than equivalent Britannias for now for the first and the majority are still to be released. As for proofs... I'll let someone else answer that
  3. modofantasma

    How to label

    If you're keeping at home a label '****ing valuable do not ****ing throw me away' incase a family member stumbles over them when they're tidying up. I prefer vaulting everything though so nobody is going to stumble across them by accident 👍🏼
  4. None of us here own any precious metals. Even those that might have a history of buying it... All been lost
  5. Buying bullion sovs at bullion prices is a pretty sensible sounding option in the UK. You often see 'bulk' lots of sovs selling on here within the hour. Due to buying at low premium (often 5% or less) there's less risk tied up in premiums compared to other options, generally more buyers compared to bars and other oddities. Some years the proof coins are particularly popular but some years don't seem to get as much interest.
  6. If you put your back out moving buckets of them probably wish you went for sovs instead 🤣
  7. The OP said for sovs in capsules but naked ones yeah they would
  8. Rented it all for the photo
  9. I don't remember which site I used sorry. Don't have accounts with either. If it was eBay I'd have used guest checkout if it was Amazon I'd have got a friend to order. Just searched and there are loads on eBay. Mine are 33mm but these on the listing are 30mm and providing that's accurate should be a better fit for the capsules I have with hindsight... but worth measuring your capsules. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/354140445603
  10. I've a few sovs and quarter Oz that go into tubes whilst in capsules. 33mm unbranded tubes (internal diameter) They were cheap from either eBay or Amazon. Fit 20 capsules
  11. Many people would pay a little more Vs a generic Brit just for a bit of variety. Some people are hardcore stackers and just want whatever is lowest premium and some people might buy the OB Brit just because it's the best deal when they happen to be shopping... Some people like a nice uniform stack I don't personally expect the premium to grow more and more over time but it could.
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