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  1. I haven't seen any. I've a few quarters but they're all special editions and proofs
  2. More 🦖🦖🦖🦖🦖 to the collection Ag and Au
  3. Baby panda 🐼 1/20th oz A tube of silver 🥈🥈
  4. I will take 1x 100g please if still available pm me?
  5. GLWS I found the T rex that I was after on it's own! It does look a nice set
  6. Nice little bar from @GavinDevon cheers. I think he's got one left if you're quick
  7. Just doing the maths in a batch of 10 would be about 261g of fine silver content? Just looking from the photos also they're all the same design just different dates? Cheers
  8. I've not received yet, I'll post a pic when it comes, if you search for 'route 66 silver 1 oz shield T rex New Mexico' it should come up with a pic
  9. I just found the shield shaped 1oz silver Trex and a small gold dinosaur coin over the weekend! Waiting for arrival. Can't wait!
  10. Doing the maths it's 1185/50 = £23.70 per oz, looking around on the forum that's a decent price in per oz terms considering if buying new would have 20% Vat on top of the dealer premium. In terms of the size I tend to buy a couple of 25 oz tubes at a time. Some stackers are buying in bigger orders, some might be buying a coin at a time the ease of sale will be dictated by the price you were to offer it at I think. If you have say 100 oz in total including that bar you'd potentially be selling half your stack if you needed cash. If you've a 1000 oz stack then it would be a relatively smal
  11. Majority of metal I accumulated last year, 80% of it say Somewhere in the 300 ozs of Ag and around 9 oz of AU Gradually adding to it for long, long term savings
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