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  1. You could offer them a 20% ROI? Not that exciting but you never know and still be less than your intended bid
  2. It's not uncommon for speed to win a deal and to some sellers, there's value in being able to complete in a week or two. Nice find that
  3. Archived listings available here https://www.zoopla.co.uk/property/uprn/139005925/
  4. https://www.rightmove.co.uk/house-prices/hs9-5uy.html?searchLocation=HS9+5UY
  5. 249, Bruernish, Isle Of Barra, Inverness-shire HS9 5UY Unknown £31,00023 Sep 2021 £67,50019 Jan 2017 No other historical records Most houses I've been watching (in different areas) have been getting bid up to all kinds of prices especially the projects. That looks like an interesting lot and surprised it went below guide price
  6. Full sovereigns tend to be the most popular overall. It seems quite a few people on the forum share the same views about this particular year too. Providing you don't overpay, I don't think having a double in the stack will do any harm. If buying 5 sovs worth and you want to scratch the double sov itch perhaps one double and 3 full sovs would work?
  7. modofantasma

    Coins Worth?

    Take them with and sell them in Australia?
  8. Certainly interesting what you can get in some places for the money. No matter which end of the country you go and how much you pay you can't fix the weather though 😂
  9. Yeah shame there isn't free delivery too 😉 Ahh thanks I'll keep an eye out or give them a call next week
  10. Anyone shopped for 1 Oz Tudor lion recently? Anything cheaper than about £1570 about? Was going to buy from Atkinson's and must have sold out overnight Please and thanks 😉
  11. "Bail-in’ is our preferred resolution strategy for the largest banks that provide vital services to the UK economy. In a ‘bail-in’ the firm’s equity is written off, and debts written down, to absorb losses. Then it is recapitalised – the debtholders whose debt was written down are issued equity and become the new shareholders. In the medium-term, it would be restructured to address the causes of failure and restore market confidence. The firm remains open and operating throughout the resolution." So... Who are these debtholders they speak of? 🧐
  12. Some might not understand what silver plated is?
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