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  1. I beleive Bullion Now. Au will ship to UK. Might be able to get items via them They're based in Melbourne
  2. So... Going for the last minute snipe eh? 😏
  3. I dress this way too. Sometimes people throw change at me when I'm just sat having my lunch in the park Also mine arrived today too 👍🏽
  4. Welcome to the forum. I prefer sovs to quarter oz generally. You might find some better prices on silver Brits here on the forum than the main online dealers too
  5. OK I'll take a look through the other listings and see if there's anything that takes my fancy, but I'll leave it if not... It was mainly the Trexs I was after. Thanks for quick response 👌🏽
  6. Hi Do you have.. 1x spinosaurus 1x gigantasaurus 3 x Trex from the other listing remaining? Please and thanks
  7. Atkinsons became orderable again too today Edit.. In stock rather than orderable
  8. Just checked mine is 'complete' also but I haven't looked at it for about a month so I don't know when it changed
  9. Thanks for the feedback on that I've not yet purchased from them in UK . To be honest I've had milky brits from various dealers even the current year.
  10. A pleasure @dacaglad he has flown to a good home.
  11. I think half oz kind of size is the worst of both worlds... I'd sooner get 2 sovs than a double, heard that from a couple of dealers also and generally on the forum it seems true watching sales listings. I'd perhaps buy one double but wouldn't stack them like full sovs
  12. Valentines day coming up. Thanks for the heads up. That's another job off the todo list 👍🏽
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