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  1. I am interested in buying UK gold bullion coins PM if you are interested in selling any cheers BDTH
  2. Price reduced from £650 to £625 (£1 per oz drop to reflect reduced spot) with further discounts available on request (multiple tubes, premium members, return buyers, Bitcoiners,...) These prices won't last forever, let me know if you see equivalent coins cheaper anywhere else! Smaller amounts available at a slightly increased price per coin BDTH
  3. personally I would never advise anyone to buy bitcoin, but I would not really advise anyone to buy anything what I have advised a few friends, and they have taken the advice, is to educate themselves about bitcoin, there is very good information for those genuinely interested even if you think it is a scam that will eventually be exposed and go to zero, it isn't a ponzi scheme, which has a specific definition and method nor is it remotely like the Zimbabwe Dollar or like tulips, or like any other tired cliche
  4. I think you are right that as crypto becomes more and more mainstream, and as fiat gets relentlessly created, many more people will start thinking about money, leading to an increased interest in precious metals I started with Bitcoin, then bought silver
  5. now do xboxes apparently gaming accounts for 5% of domestic energy use never heard a no-coiner mention it though
  6. Er yeah, I was going to thinking something very similar I knew Bitcoin was highly volatile when I stared buying right at the end of 2017 (fomo time) just before it pulled back 85% (in fact the volatility is what put me off at buying at £50 and £500🤣) I was well into 5 figures GBP underwater in 2018, but I kept buying here and there (wish i had Dollar Cost Averaged) I HODLed, an I can’t complain, waiting for a reasonable sized pullback so I can buy the dip again!
  7. I considered buying a platinum Britannia when the price dropped but I was worried that I would forget that it was platinum and sell it as silver 🤣
  8. I thought VWs “dieselgate” bashed platinum as car manufacturers had been “stockpiling” it for diesel catalytic converters, or at least there was an expected future demand for cats priced in but since car makers struggle to legitimately meet emissions regulations (hence the cheating software and with future regs likely to be tougher and tougher) they now plan to phase out diesel cars, hence a dump of platinum back onto the market “supply” AND “demand”
  9. my understanding from memory is that by far the biggest “gold mine” is actually a copper mine, removing gold as an “impurity”, so to some extent copper demand could drive down gold (and silver) prices could be this one: “Bingham Canyon has proven to be one of the world's most productive mines. As of 2004, its ore yielded more than 17 million tons (15.4 Mt) of copper, 23 million ounces (715 t) of gold, 190 million ounces (5,900 t) of silver”
  10. to play devils advocate on the silver paper manipulation narrative: Let’s say for sake of argument that the manipulation is 100% real, that it is illegal, immoral etc etc Then that is the territory that an investor is operating in, and that is surely just something to factor in when buying for investment, it’s not as if such manipulation is going to suddenly stop and silver finds its “correct” price, whatever that may be I bought silver because I thought it might shoot up, it went up enough to be worthwhile, but nothing spectacular
  11. agree, the Mike Maloneys and Max Kaisers get a bit hyperbolic IMO Silver could “go to the moon”, but what is actually a realistic target? Comedian/author/Goldbug Dominic Frisby (17million f***-offs) recently did a youtube post remarking that silver “always disappoints”, maybe I just got lucky with timing but I have been able to take some profit from Ag
  12. To all altcoiners who are looking to exchange some of their gains for physical silver, if your crypto of choice has the value you believe it has, then exchange it for bitcoin, then for silver or gold The discounts I am offering should cancel out any exchange fees - edit: Silver discount no longer applies as silver mostly gone I have only ever had Bitcoin and one other crypto, from memory the other one went to zero 😆
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