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  1. personally I wouldn't touch this with a bargepole, never use a wallet address that someone else generated, you have to take their word that they don't have a copy of the private key that they generated, stamped on the coin, generated a QR code for, then hid under a sticker! no thanks see the 1 star reviews on amazon, some indicate that their bitcoin was stolen from these "cold storage" wallets Amazon.co.uk:Customer reviews: Cold Storage Coins Bitcoin Store | 1 Ounce 999 Fine Copper | Securely Store & Encrypt Cryptocurrencies
  2. BDTH

    Mildenhall Dish

    I may have sold off my silver stack, but I just stumbled upon a reference to this Roman beauty: Mildenhall Platter A large concave silver platter with beaded rim (135 beads in total) on a circular vertical foot-ring positioned exactly one-third in from the rim. The entire upper surface is decorated in raised relief executed by chasing with details added with the use of fine incised lines. This is divided into 3 decorative zones in a circular arrangement, alluding to the worship and mythology of Bacchus on land and in the sea. In the central medallion is a facing head of Oceanus, with dolphins in his hair and a beard formed of seaweed fronds, enclosed in a border of 91 circular pellets. The inner frieze, bordered by scallop shells, consists of four scenes of naked nereids riding mythical marine creatures, a triton, a half-stag/half-sea creature, a ketos in association with a triton and a hippocamp. The wide outer frieze features 6 different scenes with the central figures being Bacchus, holding a bunch of grapes and a thyrsus and resting a foot on his panther. The god presides over a celebration of music, dancing and drinking in his honour. The participants include the hero Hercules, overcome by the consumption of wine and having to be supported by two satyrs, the goat-legged god Pan, and various satyrs and maenads dancing or playing musical instruments. In the field there are a variety of objects associated with the thiasos, including a krater, pedum, skin with grapes, drums or tambourines and a mask of Silenus on a pedestal.
  3. 2020 Krugerrand 2020 Australia Dollar 2016 Australia Kookaburra 2014 Australia Koala 2020 US Liberty Dollar 1998 US Liberty Dollar 2020 Canada 5 Dollars Maple Leaf 2013 Canada 5 Dollars Elk 2012 Austria Wiener Philharmoniker 1,50 Euro 2019 UK Valiant 2017 1oz Privy Rooster Britannia Exchange via @BackyardBullion intermediary service, buyer and seller to share all fees and Special Delivery insured postage Feel free to make an offer e.g. all the above + some cash if you think value of these is low compared to a Soverign, or just an offer in £ for the 11 coins...
  4. done. Intriged about the project...
  5. 2020 Krugerrand 2020 Australia Dollar 2016 Australia Kookaburra 2014 Australia Koala 2020 US Liberty Dollar 1998 US Liberty Dollar 2020 Canada 5 Dollars 2013 Canada 5 Dollars 2012 Austria Wiener Philharmoniker 1,50 Euro 2019 UK (CGT free) Valiant Exchange via @BackyardBullion intermediary service, other party pays Sovereign postage to BYB, I pay all other fees and postage Pictures to follow
  6. 2x 2020 1 oz Silver Britannias - milky (direct from RM => dealer => me) £50 + £2.50 postage pics to follow
  7. thanks, I will add price, just having a quick think...
  8. Hi everyone, after selling the vast majority of my silver stack I now have empty Royal Mint Monster boxes and empty Royal Mint 25 x 1oz silver tubes (grey lid) Boxes £25 each including postage (or near offer) Tubes £4.50/£4 each unmarked/marked + £3 2nd class postage, per order (i.e. 2 "marked" tubes = £4+£4+£3 = £11, I would round down to £10 etc) Discount for multiples (to be agreed, the more the bundle, the bigger the % discount), some I have written on hence lower "marked price", and/or were already written on by dealer + discount TBA for premium members let me know if you are interested in sale or possibly exchange for UK CGT free bullion grade silver (e.g. swap 1oz for a Monster Box, or for a multiple tubes)... Cheers BDTH (pics to follow...)
  9. Looking for ungraded bullion value UK Gold Sovereign(s) Please let me know if you are looking to sell one, and at what price incl SD postage
  10. can I have the 2021 please?
  11. Sorry all my tubes of brits are gone...
  12. Hi, I don’t have CGT-free gold any at the moment, already done deals for what I have. If you let me know what you would be looking for I can bear it in mind. I do have a 2.5g Valcambi gold bar if you are interested in the mean time. Cheers, BDTH
  13. wow, I think there are dealers offering spot (plus or minus a percent or two) for 999...
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