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  1. Perhaps because it didn't really crash, they brought it in for a rough landing on a few bubbles. If they'd actually not intervened at all and let the whole thing come down as market forces would dictate it would have been brutal but much shorter duration. They've just kicked the can down the road and made the next crash bigger and more brutal.
  2. We'd be on three in a row, Theresa May was awful. She'd make a good robot though.
  3. I'm trying to work out what looks more phallic, the red scrawled banana or Scandinavia.
  4. SidS

    is this silver?

    To be fair (their current legal tender status aside) they're probably still worth 25p.
  5. SidS


    Not to mention pinching your pension pot.
  6. SidS


    For anonymity, buy them and ask for them gift wrapped, a present you know. You state that you don't get why anyone would want shiny metal pebbles when they could buy a new car or go on a top notch holiday, seems like a total waste of money to you, but then if that what the mother-in-law wants... You know your hands are tied! 😁 Good job it's their money and not yours 🤫
  7. Maloney also makes great play on gold doing an accounting for fiat currency issued, great examples from 1933, 1971 and 1980 - however, he never draws attention to the fact that after the spike of 1980 where it rose to match the fiat currency issued, he never mentions the crash which followed that left gold in the doldrums from 1980 through to about 2008. That was some fiat accounting gold did in the 1990s.
  8. Just out of interest are we talking new sovereigns (basically QE2) or all sovereign types?
  9. Actually a brief search shows half cents may still be legal tender. Seems trade dollars were the only ones to beat the dust.
  10. Curious thing legal tender in the US. Without looking it up, to my knowledge most coinage issued by the US mint since 1793 are still legal tender. Certain denominations, half cents, trade dollars etc. have been demonetised. The gold coinage I'm unsure whether it was demonetised or simply outlawed for the ordinary citizen (at least until 1974).
  11. Buy some hollow dumbbells and fill them with your stash. Then you could say they are simply tools for a workout regime you've got going on.
  12. Can you put them in sealed tubes and then string the tubes together as a necklace? Then it's jewellery and coins!
  13. SidS

    Best silver memes

    That song is scarily true!
  14. Just tell them you had a lucky hit on the slot machine at the casino, you just haven't had chance to swap it into notes yet...
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