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  1. I've always used beat up coins for pocket pieces, I think it'd hurt inside to put a shiny in (even a bullion piece!) 😁
  2. Maybe it's time I revived the tradition. Maybe a Mercury dime or something. I wish I still had those worn early 20th Century German 1 Reichsmark pieces I used to have, they would have been good. When I sold off the half guinea and halfcrown I had, I did carry an awfully battered 1945 florin for a number of years, that's still around somewhere.
  3. I used to carry two coins around with me a long time ago. A worn and counter-stamped William III halfcrown (1697) and a gold half guinea of Charles II which was so worn you could only tell what it was by the edge of the bottom of his bust and on the other side the remnants of the odd shield, it was also slightly bent. Cool near blank of gold though.
  4. Investment bankers were the ones I meant, society's leeches - growing fat off other people's hard work. The problem with modern society is the leech industry is growing and outpacing the actual real wealth creation jobs. Manufacturing/farming/natural resources are where real wealth and real jobs lie. Too much in the modern world revolves around what I once heard termed as 'weighing the pig' - one can spend so much time measuring the pig and extrapolating how much it might weigh in future and putting bets on it, and debating the finer points of how much it's grown by, that they could end up forgetting to feed it.
  5. I have no argument with the fact that fiat currencies that fail are replaced by new (or revalued) fiat currencies, that's sound fact. Where my gripe is, is who loses out when the old currency goes to wallpaper and the new currency arrives? You can bet it ain't the bankers!
  6. The paper currency of ancient China, the French livre after the assignats, the German papiermark of the 1920s, the Zimbabwean dollar. When they cease to have a monetary function and are utilised as something else, I'd call that game over for the currency. The German mark of the early 20s were used as wallpaper and burned as fuel on fires.
  7. The US dollar will become worthless, as will every other fiat currency - maybe not tomorrow though and maybe not even in my lifetime, but all fiat currencies in history have failed sooner or later.
  8. Of course does it not negate the whole thing when the Carbon emission is simply exported to another country? So that's why Shatner went to space.
  9. SidS

    1911 half sovereign

    No he didn't. He did introduce the first successful gold coinage of the medieval era though, but I do take your point.
  10. Basically my feeling is the genie is out of the bottle, they thought they could control it (or that it wouldn't happen at all) but they were wrong. Looks like at best a 1970s style stagflation.
  11. SidS

    1911 half sovereign

    And here's me thinking Edward III was a wartime monarch. 😉
  12. Good job he's a bloke, otherwise he really would be in da club.
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