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  1. I have never liked the depiction of the Queen as shown on that 200 dollar coin. It looks nothing like her.
  2. I prefer more royal biscuits, definitely Bourbons for me. 😁
  3. SidS

    A reunited family

    Some good stuff there. The beauty of the 1989 coin is always dreamy! It's the first time I've seen the 2012 design, it's a hideous design to be honest - no reflection on the condition or quality of the coin you have to be clear. The 2017 I assume is the one with the original garter design, another great looking coin.
  4. I was gonna say I'd do her, but it seems she's already got your number. 😁
  5. Gone back to ancient times where salt was worth a lot!
  6. I've known people like this. One of my former bosses, who I hated. I used to leave things almost right for him, but not quite. It gave me no end of amusement. "Why is this drawing pin on the notice board red when all the others are blue?" 🤫 🤣😂
  7. Buy another set and break that one up, keep the one you have as it is. Then you can do both, win/win.
  8. I've de-slabbed loads of coins, I like them raw. Only my Standing Liberty coins remain slabbed and these are mostly PCGS rather than NGC.
  9. I'm looking forward to the 2025 version which commemorates the free postage.
  10. Thinking about it. 😁
  11. Yes, totally agree.
  12. Longer time readers will all know my dislike of commemorative coins generally. That's not to say I don't see why they appeal to some collectors. It struck me a few weeks ago, particularly the bullion adverts that certain news channels have on a loop, that commemoratives might have gone one step further with the passing of the Queen. I'm used to the tacky gimmicks and the obscure dates and events that end up on such coins, that's a given. However, I must say I'm shocked (I don't know why) that with the Queen's death I'm no longer hearing the actual words used on the adverts but more reading their thoughts instead. When they say "to commemorate the life of the late Queen and her service to the country..." All I'm hearing instead is, "we thought we could make a shed load of money out of her death and milk it until the cows come home". Does anyone else find the endless commemoratives by private mints at best overkill, at worst exploiting the unwitting public by making a buck off of a death? Tasteless no? Thoughts welcome.
  13. I joked years ago that we'd have that many commemoratives that we'd end up having commemorative coins about previously issued commemorative coins. It seems they heard me. Just look at the Kew Gardens re-release.
  14. I'm still waiting for the £2 coin commemorating the sky being blue... No wait, actually come to think of it, in Britain that would be quite a memorable event.
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