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    The tins worth more than the coins often. Sadly, some of these 'coins in a tin' listing blatantly state that the tin is not included, shame...
  2. SidS


    Well that's because I just happened to find the 1850 shilling, knew it was a replica and then saw what else they were peddling, so it's no coincidence. The problem is though, in the last 5 years there's been a rapid explosion in the populations of these kinds of 'coins', they are everywhere. That wasn't true ten years ago, they were the exception rather than the rule.
  3. SidS


    The problem with eBay now is that the fakes (replicas) are prolific but worse still they are getting more convincing all the time. Consider these offerings (actually sold as replicas), note the progression in the obverses: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/224543756470?hash=item3447d9d0b6:g:GCIAAOSwAaFg9qjU And https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/224536419631?hash=item344769dd2f:g:0OwAAOSwLFFg7~yL The reverses have been convincing for a while. The dud gold coinage will be much the same. Scary really
  4. Clearly I stand corrected! 😀 If this is mirrored more widely then yes I can see pressure building on the gold price.
  5. Just a thought, but if average gold sales are down in India due to restrictions and lockdowns, does it not also follow that other eastern cultures, where gold is equally valued, might also have other priorities than buying gold? If disposable income is down too potentially, then income will be spent on food/shelter etc. If anything I see gold going sideways.
  6. I love rabbit, but my all time favourite is pheasant.
  7. Has anyone else picked up on those news side stories about inflation rising? Daily Express (pinch of salt etc.) flashed up on my phone yesterday that BOE are expecting 4%, more than they predicted. That's the second time now it's been 'more than predicted'.
  8. I don't see that being a problem though, I see that as being diverse. They have two types of buyers, so spot price fluctuations aren't really as terrible. Three months ago, I bought two Victoria Young Head crowns for £25-£28 each. So yes above spot, but can I resell them for more than I purchased them for? You bet I can.
  9. To be fair though (even though I have my doubts about anything changing under Basel III) it doesn't kick in in the US or UK until January 2022 does it? Maybe when everyone is following it something might happen... However as a cynic I can't help but think something designed by the people in the system will look after the people in the system. I bet it's just a rebrand.
  10. When you ask official correct weight: Do you mean weight 'as minted', or official as in 'legal tender' weight? Not quite the same thing. My understanding in the legal documents it's often defined as not below a certain weight, not necessarily the freshly minted weight. I do understand they are two different things.
  11. For some reason I think this is really cool! And I'm not a golf fan.
  12. Generally with low denominations like shillings and sixpences in the 17th/18th centuries it was fashionable to bend them in half and give them as love tokens to a potential spouse. However, much more doubtful with the leopards as the value of them far exceeded what the majority of the population could earn/afford and its many centuries before the 17th/18th, so not sure whether bending coins in half as tokens was even a thing then. I suspect not, but willing to be corrected by anyone who knows better.
  13. If you like dire quality control look no further than William III coinage, some very interesting errors there.
  14. I was very dubious about the $5 Indian design to start with, I wasn't sure about the whole incuse design thing, just seemed ultra modern etc. Then I saw one in hand... WOW! they're stunning coins. Pictures do them no justice whatsoever.
  15. Some interesting info there. Just out of interest, when it comes to the edges are the high rim ones slightly thicker than the low rim ones? Without seeing them in hand, I assume the low rim ones are the same design as the earlier George V sovereigns? Although I have collected sovereigns in the past, with the exception of a Bombay 1918 and a Ottawa 1917, I never went past 1914. So I've never had any 1920s+ sovereigns.
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