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  1. That's not what I have advised you. There is a very big difference in trusting someone who has dealt with very many people on this forum over a longer period of time and has built a positive reputation, which they will not want to damage for future deals and someone who just joined the forum and could have just joined for the single purpose to scam.
  2. Neither are the members here. I would be reckless to send money to someone who has just joined and doesn't have a trading reputation here.
  3. You can trust the trading reviews on people's profiles. Unfortunately it is temporary down due to the forum migration to a new software. It's not supported atm by anything the new developer has built for the site. They are in talks with the dev, whether he will create something or a new dev needs to be attracted. So it seems it might take some time. If you see someone with 100+ positive reviews and not a single bad one, being new without trading reputation on this site like yourself, I'd trust them enough to send the goods first.
  4. I found a collector who was willing to sell me his 'double' years. Price was important, because I saw it as a 'junk' silver project. Just stacking weight, not for quality numismatics. I was pleasantly surprised about the quality I got for the price I paid. It was a win/win, because the collector was able to take profit of the higher silver price to free up cash. The tubes I used are made for the US constitutional dollar (large) and half dollar (small). They were a god fit with the 5 Francs and 50 francs. I bought them on Amazon from a US seller. Price was decent, but shipping makes i
  5. And now it's finished. On to the next project.
  6. My rule of thumb for buying/selling between private person is a win/win situation compared to dealing with bullion dealers. In my situation, being from Belgium, my dealer for buying is Goldsilver .be and for selling is goud999 .be. Let's take 1 oz BU maples as example: Buy price: €24,51/oz Sell price: €22,55/oz So a good price for a deal between private persons would be smack in the middle, €23,53. This way you split the dealer's margin between the two private parties, thus creating a win/win situation.
  7. Finished my European 'junk' silver target. Side project from my normal silver BU stacking.
  8. I already completed the project I was pursuing in filling my tubes with European constitutional silver. 10 large tubes and 10 small tubes have been completed. In total 7,28 kg of pure silver. Just need to label the tubes and all will be done.
  9. I'm actually buying from private persons. The online site allows free listings, which makes it quite popular and it's used to sell everything. There is a nice amount of silver offered there due to the higher spot price. These coins previously were not possible to buy under spot. Increased spot price however has made many people holding these coins want to cash out. For me it's a gamble, because I don't know whether there is any interest on TSF for example, in Belgian and French constitutional silver at spot which isn't UK constitutional silver. The 5 frank might do very well though, all b
  10. This is a small project of mine. Scroll up to find more info. I have been buying Belgian and French constitutional silver on a Belgian 'second hand' online market. I have bought the tubes separately. My intention is to sell them as full tubes of European constitutional 'junk' silver around spot when spot price increases. It's a gamble, because I don't know where there is any interest in such a product, like there is in US constitutional silver stacking. I have been surprised of the quality of the coins I am able to find though. Of course it's not the best quality collector coins and
  11. Out of curiosity. What did you order there? I haven't seen anything there I couldn't find cheaper from a more established dealer.
  12. Scammy site. They charge VAT on silver coins. Ruins the deal of course. Example:
  13. And herewith the final product. I have decided to only focus on these sizes, because they match best with the available tubes on the market (mostly used for US constitutional silver).
  14. And herewith the pictures of the second lot.
  15. Herewith the pictures of the first lot. Second lot will arrive on Thursday or Friday. Everything was bought below spot. The 3 big ones are sterling silver (92,5%) medals, once proof. They don't fit into my strategy of makes tubes and will be sold soon. Nice and big to hold though.
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