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  1. Get them before they realize these are seriously under priced. https://www.mp-edelmetalle.de/artikel/silber/5687/silber-drache-1-oz-rectangular-(differenzbesteuert)-(2018)
  2. 10 oz silver (99.9%) Beskar coin bar 2021, produced by New Zealand Mint. I bought 3 pieces, but will only sell 2. (2/2 available.) €675 / 10 oz bar The only officially licensed Beskar bars from precious metal in the world. Global mintage of only 1,000 coin bars makes it an interesting collection object for both silver and Star Wars fans. Front: Shows the weapon of Niue together with the nominal value, the year of issue, the weight, purity and the official copyright of Lucas film for further authentication. Reverse: Contains officially licensed ribbed surface and the Galactic Imperial stamp of a Beskar bar as shown in The Mandalorian series on Disney Plus. Issued by the sovereign government of Niue. The coin bar is in the original capsule and packaging. Delivery cost will be provided based on country and amount of bars. Just ask.
  3. Finally received the 10 oz Beskar bars.
  4. I've seen other than the stock pictures show up on Ebay of the 10 oz version. Some mention pre sale still (delivery week of May 15th), while others don't mention pre sale.
  5. The 1 oz are being shipped in the US. Haven't seen any 10 oz vids yet.
  6. There are plenty who have done that, just google it. Even with the symbol.
  7. It's clear this current pricing of the Beskar is speculating on the collectability of an official star wars licensed product with limited mintage of 1.000 pieces and only official PM version rather than silver content. A Pokemon or Dragon Ball trading card also far exceeds the worth of the paper it's printed on. At least percentage wise the underlying value of silver in the Beskar bar is higher then the paper in the Pokemon/DBZ card. 😉
  8. Silbertrezor at €699 now. Munzdachs last one at €679.
  9. Aurinum had one of the best prices before they sold out. About €34,5/oz I believe.
  10. Popular series, only licensed version of it and limited mintage of 1.000. Many will try to flip it short term. Others will keep it until season 3 is being released next year. It seems like a good bet if you can get at 'reasonable' price. Time will tell what 'reasonable' is.
  11. So Silvertrezor is selling them in batches of 3, increasing price whenever the sell out.
  12. Muenzdachs still has 2 left for €649. https://www.muenzdachs.de/epages/63784639.sf/secc49c728a91/? I just bought the last 3x 10 oz from Silbertrezor for €570 each. Best pricing I could find atm.
  13. I bought 4 upon release in pre sale. I liked the design and they had the lowest premium of any 250 gram silver product. I usually stick to 1 kg coin bars due too the higher premiums on the lower weight products, but these were a good buy. Already sold them for a nice profit. Quality was fine, packaging could be a bit better. One side is hard plastic, but the other a bit softer. Mine had no issue, but I heard from other buyer, his was no longer air tite. I did no verification. Saint Helena Mint is a known mint, they also did the spade guinea and queen's virtue coins.
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