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  1. 1% over spot. Limited mintage of 5.000. First 1 oz Noah's Ark in BU gold. 10 left at Aurinum. https://aurinum.de/1-oz-Gold-Armenia-50000-Drams-Noahs-Ark-Coin-2020
  2. Some more diversity to my silver coinbar stack.
  3. Pardon my ignorance, but can someone tell me what that silver coin with the same design as a Sovereign is.
  4. I recently bought 100 of those at silver spot price value for a resale opportunity. They are not rare and easy to find. In the past they always carried quite a premium over spot, but since spot price has risen so much, more collectors are now selling around spot. I have bought several lots of old Belgian and French circulation coins at silver spot price to complete tubes and made a thread on this forum. https://www.thesilverforum.com/topic/38123-european-constitutional-junk-silver/?tab=comments#comment-435940
  5. 100 oz Cook Islands Bounty 2008 Heimerle+Meule silver coinbar Received today with thanks to @flipstar for departing with it. As far from what I can tell the only 100 oz zilver coinbar ever produced.
  6. Goldsilver.be has 1 oz China Panda 2015 (last 1 oz Panda before going to 30g) for €24,78.
  7. Anyone know if these mintage figures are final? Or are these the approved to mint figures, but the actual mintages could turn out to be lower?
  8. Only 100 minted of the 1 oz gold version. 🤩
  9. Fourth of the series, nice edition, Yellow Snake.
  10. Looking for a buyer for the entire tube of 2 oz silver Canada Goose. Mintage: 100.000 This tube has 14x 2 oz coins. Price for the full tube is €700. Shipping from Belgium is €17.
  11. Further to the edit I made to my initial post. After I had spoken to Europa Bullion and received their explanation about the VAT topic, I decided to ask for a quote from @StephenEB. For now, until their website has been updated for private buyers, this is the best way to know the actual pricing including margin scheme. Apart from reaching our to Stephen on forum, you can also send a mail to info@europabullion.com. I ordered a tube of 2 oz silver Canada Goose and could choose between 2 shipping options: * UPS shipping * PostOne (Bulgarian shipping service which organizes sh
  12. That's not what I have advised you. There is a very big difference in trusting someone who has dealt with very many people on this forum over a longer period of time and has built a positive reputation, which they will not want to damage for future deals and someone who just joined the forum and could have just joined for the single purpose to scam.
  13. Neither are the members here. I would be reckless to send money to someone who has just joined and doesn't have a trading reputation here.
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