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  1. I like the Ibris coins. Issued between 2009 and 2016, so the series seems to have ended. Issued in 1 oz and 2 oz. Very low mintage for a BU coin. 1 OZ https://en.numista.com/catalogue/pieces16777.html 2 OZ https://en.numista.com/catalogue/pieces16779.html
  2. 🤣 I guess that's just a limitation of the website format they are using. I assume they could only add buy back items as if they were for sale items and increased quantity to an unlikely amount. They state to send them a mail if you have items for them to buy.
  3. GS.be is continuously showing buy back rates for 1 oz silver maples and philharmonikers. https://goldsilver.be/nl/49-aankoop
  4. I base my investment decisions always on buy back rates from dealers, being the worst case scenario. Nowadays the spread is of course not the same as it was pre shortage. But still, buy back rate of gs.be for maples is €18.46, being €2.85 over spot (18% over spot). Before the silver bullion shortage, buy back at gs.be was about 10% over spot.
  5. Don't forget we get a much higher premium back on Maples selling them to a dealer here in Europe. You have to look at the spread between buy and sell.
  6. Priced more competitive then Aurinum. https://aurinum.de/2020-South-Korea-1-oz-Silver-Phoenix-BU-
  7. I make a calculation in this thread a while back. When spending a certain amount range the 1kg are better deal, but otherwise the 100 oz are more cost effective.
  8. If you want. I can sell you one of mine. At least you'll be able to see/choose the severity of the scuffs. I can sell them for €30/coin, incl delivery and capsule. FYI, even though they are low mintage they are not delivered in capsule, hence the scuff marks of course due too them having been in tubes.
  9. They don't mention it. You can deduct via trial and error by adding more into you basket until you get the error message.
  10. BTW, the Green Dragon is selling at APMEX in the US at about $60. 😵 https://www.apmex.com/product/188084/2019-niue-1-oz-silver-2-celestial-animals-the-green-dragon GS.be has 88 in stock at €30,68 atm. 10K is quite a low mintage for a BU coin and the recalls might have decreased available supply even more. Despite the scuffs on mine I still expect them to carry a nice premium for the right buyer (collector of the series). I actually bought 5, but have sold one on forum already. The guy was aware of the quality issues and didn't mind them. If you are going to buy the entire series, it might still be worth trying to find a good deal on the Green Dragon eventhough you might get one with scuffmarks on them.
  11. Strange, now I am worried about delays on my orders. I know there are different approaches being taken in different areas within Germany. Are any of your dealers located in Dusseldorf area? Of course registered office might not always be the same as warehouse.
  12. Initial sales price for Dragon was about €25-26. I believe it was in September 2019. Quality issues were only mentioned on the Dragon. I think they learned their lessons for the Tiger release. Quality issues were scuff marks, mainly on the queen's face. Slightly on the dragon's body. Those two areas rubbing on each other in the tube I assume. My pictures below show what I mean.
  13. There are several posts about Aurinum on the forum. They are known for delay. They might not always have in stock what they are selling imo. I also had to wait pre COVID, but eventually they came through. Germany however has strict COVID regulations in place it seems. I also have 3 orders placed in March pending at 2 different German dealers (Dusselgold24.de and skygold.de). It believe this is a Geman thing and not specific to a single dealer.
  14. Not sure. They appear to have sold quite well. They even moved into 10 oz versions. I still expect them to finish the series with the Black Tortoise. I myself bought 4 of the Celestial Green Dragon of the Niue series. I wanted to have the first of the series to sell later on. There apparently were quality problems and even call backs I heard.
  15. You can find them at German dealers. Goldsilver.be eg only has coinbars. They have/had them in 1 kg and more. They probably stay away from the regular silver bars due too VAT reasons.
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