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  1. Might be related to COVID19, because couriers can't have recipients sign for delivery, which is an insurance risk.
  2. They are not that cheap. These prices are excl VAT. Baird & Co pricing is cheaper.
  3. No worries. I'm close to a deal for this bar off forum.
  4. Kooks seem to do well. I've placed a bet on Korean Tigers becoming a successful series. Got the silver 2018 and 2019. 2020 design just released.
  5. I have a 100 oz silver bar up for sale, should that be of interest to you. I have no problem shipping to Romania.
  6. Yes, I have read many of those. I have sent a mail today holding the Managing Director Thomas Brunzel accountable. I have also mentioned I would use these online review sites to rally support for my legal case. We'll see if this works.
  7. I have 3 pending orders at two dealers, which I have now learned are run by the same owner. All orders were placed in February/March. http://www.skygold.de http://www.duesselgold24.de I have received confirmation of the receipt of my payments, but nothing further. No response to multiple written communication. It first I blamed covid, but further research made me think fraud. Today I found many complaints about both dealers: https://www.gold-preisvergleich.de/haendler/skygold/erfahrung_bewertung/ https://www.gold-preisvergleich.de/haendler/duesselgold24/erfahrung_bewertung/ I'm afraid my money is gone (6x 1kg silver bars 😪), but i'd still like to put up a fight. Can any German natives refer me to the correct German entity to report this. Is this the correct entity?: https://www.sta-duesseldorf.nrw.de/kontakt/email_hinweis/index.php I already filed a report at ECC( European Consumer Centre), but they only do mediation. In the general conditions of these dealers I read they do not partake in mediation (red flag!).
  8. These Germans appear to think Brexit has happened already, because they do deliver to Ireland.
  9. Spring will probably indeed relate to cubs. So Winter will be a toothless old tiger? 😉 I don't mind the 4 seasons idea, representing the stages of life, but I do think the landmarks on top of that is a bit strange. Didn't the Panda's have a few years of a growing cub?
  10. Print screen from the video. Seems to be the start of a mini series inside the Korean Tiger series including Korean landmarks?
  11. Exactly! I've been wishing for a nice looking 10 oz coin bar. Would do really well in Europe due too the VAT margin scheme. Perth Mint's dragon coin bars were my first thought. Needs to be low premium though. Unlimited mintage preferably.
  12. Probably, I'd have to dig into their general conditions.
  13. Pressure for them to fulfill my order. I felt I waited and tried communication long enough.
  14. Indeed. I placed these orders while silver was crashing and premium were not yet rising. Just getting my cash back now, would not be beneficial to me. They must not have had my items in stock even though their website did mention having them in stock. With other German dealers having been operating during the entire pandemic it's not very likely they have been in lock down during this time.
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