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  1. Received these yesterday technically, but I only unpacked them today! A gorgeous 2022 issue 5oz hammered SF / BYB round from @BackyardBullion which will now join up with its older brother, and then a minty fresh 250g Germania bar courtesy of @arphethean Thanks to both for a some lovely lumps of silver 😍
  2. Postie Pete dropped this off this morning - a beautiful SF 5oz hammered round courtesy of @Gordy (thank you!). What a gorgeous lump of silver it is too 😍
  3. It’s yours, thank you! I’ll PM in the morning if that’s ok? 👍
  4. A small antipodean petting zoo arrived for me today, courtesy of @DrDave - kooks, kangas and kids, oh my! What's your favourite Oz coin?
  5. Todays delivery - arguably not the most exciting PM object in existence, but I do love little cast and stamped bars 😃 And it was off eBay. And it’s genuine (999/1000 sure it is anyway 😂😂). I think this one is going to be a pocket piece…
  6. 2012 5oz Panda NGC PF69 Ultra Cameo. No milk spotting or damage etc. but does have minimal toning right on the edges of the reverse (I’m guessing this occurred post-grading) - I have been reliably informed that this has no effect on grading / value but obviously wanted to be sure I disclose it. Hopefully the photos show it sufficiently but let me know if you want more info. Bank transfer please for £170 posted SD (UK only) or I’d prefer to swap for bullion coins / rounds / bars - let me know what you have! Cheers Stu
  7. Thank you @StBeesSilver for this cracking 5oz-er 😃 Sooo much detail and character - the bar shape, the stamping / hammering and the patina. It’s sweeeet 👌
  8. Postie delivered an eminently fondlable 10oz bar today, courtesy of @James32 - I’m planning on having it sitting on my desk to play with during dull Teams calls 👍😂 (if you see me making furtive movements off-camera, that’s what I’m doing😂)…
  9. I’m looking for a 10oz silver bar as a ‘fondle piece’ for my desk (don’t judge..). Character is good, so dings, dents, discolouration are all welcomed (basically, it’d be great if it looks like ownership has been shared between Shrek and Edward Scissorhands…). Around the £23 / £24 an ounce bracket if poss? What can you show me?
  10. I fully admit I know 'bob-all' about graded coins, but nevertheless have somehow got one in my bullion stack... A ninja panda that's crept in and I need help with him... I've noticed that the reverse of the coin has what looks like black toning in places, on the very edge, right where the coin meets the plastic holder material. Can anyone who 'knows' graded coins help me with this - is this black toning normal on new-ish graded coins? Was it likely to have had this toning before it went into the case? And probably most importantly for me, does it affect the grading or the value in any way? I'm not overly bothered if it turns into 'just' a bullion coin, as it's still a nice chunk 🙂 Hopefully the photos show the issue well enough. I obviously haven't taken it out of the case to examine the reeded edges more closely!
  11. Postie delivered my shiny new 100g 2022 SF / BYB bars today - every bit as lovely as I thought they would be. Thank you @BackyardBullion 😃👍🙏
  12. Postie dropped off two lovely 10 oz-ers today, courtesy of @SilverTalent - a kook and a **** 😂😂😂
  13. A combo of coins - 2021 1/4oz gold Britannia and 2020 1/4oz gold standard. Sold as bullion, but in good condition (see photos). Caps are included. £750 for both coins, UK SD included. Originally bought from SF members, but need to liquidate to help pay a tax bill 😱.
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