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  1. Postie delivered my shiny new 100g 2022 SF / BYB bars today - every bit as lovely as I thought they would be. Thank you @BackyardBullion 😃👍🙏
  2. Postie dropped off two lovely 10 oz-ers today, courtesy of @SilverTalent - a kook and a **** 😂😂😂
  3. A combo of coins - 2021 1/4oz gold Britannia and 2020 1/4oz gold standard. Sold as bullion, but in good condition (see photos). Caps are included. £750 for both coins, UK SD included. Originally bought from SF members, but need to liquidate to help pay a tax bill 😱.
  4. I’ll take these if still available please? 🤞
  5. I have no bars from 2021, so please can I go on the waiting list / reserve for one bar? Thanks 👍🙏
  6. 673 - looking forward to the durum roll on Saturday (see what I did there? 🤣)
  7. Aaand the window of opportunity has closed (not that it was ever really open) 😂
  8. Awwwww, I was just about to order my new Ferrari! 🤣🤣🤣
  9. I must confess I did check their T’s and C’s just in case and it says they won’t accept online orders where they have made a pricing mistake. Ah well, never mind…
  10. They’re basing it all on a PM spot price of £0 for everything (see the ‘ticker’ at the top of their page, so all you’re paying is the dealer commission 😂 Dunno if they are genuine or not, never used them, but if you’re going to scam then at least make it look believable 🤣
  11. And sovereigns available for just £1.50 each, if you buy enough to meet their £300 minimum order! I’m guessing a website malfunction of serious proportions? 😂
  12. £zero (I’m going for the plot twist - you didn’t put the money back in after counting it 😉🤣🤣)
  13. I’m probably a day late and a dollar short, but poor 089 looks lonely 😞 Is he still available? Thanks 🙏
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