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  1. Nerves is all understood trust me I’ve been done myself.. but more pictures that may help. Also am the Director of Xtreme Tactical Ltd.. so I am always sending £1000’s of products around the world.. please compare my name to companies house.. website is xtremetactical.co.uk
  2. Being ask to provide ID which is personal information on here? To sell something I proved I bought? Not giving out my personal information on here... Someone put me straight if I am wrong
  3. I have the Baird and co invoice as proof I bought these from them on the 17/02/2021 i need the cash that why I’m selling. just answering some of the questions up front. PM me if you want to buy.
  4. Ok good people I now have my first feedback hopefully I get a couple more. Now I hope this helps with this sale !! thanks
  5. 3x 2021 Britannia 1oz Gold Bullion Coins £1260 each Shipped DHL. Bank Transfer only.
  6. 1x 1oz Queens Beast White Greyhound of Richmond Gold Coin £1260 Shipped DHL. Bank Transfer only.
  7. 5x 007 No Time To Die 1oz Bars from the Royal Mint. £140 Shipped DHL.
  8. There are 2 bars available £2160 each Shipped Royal Mail Special Delivery. Payment via Bank Transfer I have the Proof of purchase from Baird and Co. SOLD thank you
  9. Thank you! Added 0 minutes later... Thank you! Added 0 minutes later... Thank you!
  10. I watch you on youtube all the time!! Great channel and information.
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