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  1. I have some of these arriving next week that will be for sale
  2. Bump, 6 in hand again now but not expecting any more deliveries so that'll be it for the time being
  3. Hi Steve, yes I do. I’ll send you a private message to sort it all out
  4. Bump, 3 more in stock and some more on the way
  5. Looking for a 100g silver Metalor bar, would consider multiples but need at least 1. PM me with prices please
  6. Looking for some of the white plastic trays that Pandas come in for storage. Let me know if you have any spares
  7. 10oz Silver Bullets with original boxes. 6 in hand 4 left 2 left and some more on the way too. 6 more available 3 left, very hard to come by in the UK Priced to sell at £295 each plus post of buyer’s choice and risk. Signed for is £4.85, Special Delivery is £7.65
  8. Tubes £2 each plus post, capsules £1 each plus post Empty tubes available as follows: 1 x Canadian Mint Maples 2 x US Mint Eagles 1 x Somali Republic Elephants 1 x Royal Mint Britannias 7 x South African Mint Krugerrands 2 x Austrian Mint Philharmonikers
  9. East India Company St Helena Ship 250g - £235 (3 left) 10oz - £270 (5 left) American Flag 1oz - £30 10oz - £265 (4 left) NTR Metals Year of the Dragon (in capsule) 10oz - £265 (2 left) Valcambi 100g Combibar £125 100g single assay £82 (2 left, some minor milk spots) SMP 100g £82 (9 6 left) 1oz Una & the Lion £36 1oz Vintage Buffalo £30 1oz Scottsdale £30 (4 left) 1oz 2021 Perth Mint Dragons £32 (lots available including 2 full tubes) 1oz 2019 Perth Mint Dragon £32 (1 left) 1oz Asahi bar £30 (1 left) 1oz Statue of Liberty bar £30 (2 left, some minor marks/scratches) 1oz Aztec bars £32 (7 left) Postage to be added, multiples available so may be able to offer deals for large orders.
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