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  1. Hi Byron, yes still got quite a lot of these. Please PM me
  2. Stunning 10oz silver Year of the Dragon bars with rainbow design on the back. I have 4 available with capsules and 5 more mint sealed. £285 each plus post of your choice and risk
  3. Kitco Bitcoin and MJB Dogecoin, really high quality coins. Supplied in capsules or tubes if preferred for larger orders. Postage to be added to prices. Bitcoin £36 each Dogecoin £38 each
  4. Hi, these are sold now unfortunately. I do have a 1/4oz Unicorn now but would be a little more expensive at £450
  5. Red Dragon of Wales £455 £430 plus post Lion of England £455 £430 plus post Take both for £850 including special delivery. Coins in good condition and include capsules
  6. I have the 10oz for £355 plus postage or 1oz for £39 plus postage. The are sealed but can supply capsules at an additional cost of £5 for 10oz or £1 for the 1oz
  7. Most of the tubes I have are for 1oz silver. I do have a couple that fit 1/2oz silver coins but not sure if they'd fit sovereigns or not and don't have any at the moment to check!
  8. All £30 plus postage of your choice. All sold as bullion condition so please check the photos
  9. Lots of ASEs available for sale, £30 each plus postage. In total I have around 100, the years I have available are below: 1991, 1992, 1993, 1995, 2000, 2012, 2015
  10. £30 per set plus post. The coins don't come with capsules but I will add one so in total it's the original felt pouch, certificate, coin and capsule. These are lovely coins and I have lots available
  11. £1375 plus postage (spot +3.5%) price held until Monday morning Would also exchange for a gold panda or consider other swap deals
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