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  1. What we may have underestimated here is the effect of the rolling staff shortages on the additional supply of theses coins and to be frank others. I agree that the RM well intends to milk this one but market supply and demand of labour and also materials (silver) may dictate otherwise least in the shorter term. Just a thought
  2. Thanks ever one for your responses .. just in case anyone is still after the 1kg coin baird mint have a few in stock ..... max order is one however and you need an account set up.
  3. Does anyone know how much these might currently fetch on the open market currently as I found no ebay listings ?
  4. Told you to be quick the the Royal mint is sold out of 1 kilo silver queens beasts completer coins
  5. For the 20z silver bullion completer chards Atkinson's seems to be cheapest I have found, cheaper then the RM mint. How that works only goodness knows
  6. Just checked the RM web site they only have 11, 1 kilo silver queens beasts completer coins left so if anyone is interested they had better be quick. Can't wait to see BYB u tube review.
  7. Just bought one 10 oz silver bar I am totally a coin person but these bars are amazing, so appealing on the eye. Would love to buy the 100 0z silver bar but can't quite stretch that far. Well worth the investment
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