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  1. Here we have one of the first quarter ounce gold pandas from 1982. Total mintage for this year was around 42,000. This is graded by PCGS as MS66 let down only because of a scratch on the temple side, to the right of the temple. Otherwise looks to be in excellent condition and other marks are on the slab. Fantastic retro design from the first year of issue. Asking £465 for this including SD.
  2. Anyone have an idea what this is worth? https://www.jmbullion.com/2017-1-oz-proof-canadian-silver-35-anniv-trivial-pursuit-coin/
  3. I wish I knew. I don't think the value of these will go down. They may go up, I don't know, but in the long term they should hold value against inflation very nicely, but keeping more of a sedate pace compared to silver spot I'd guess. That was part of the attraction. @The1GramMan wanted to see my collection as it grew - here's the place to watch. Just 5 more coins till a double date run. 7 more coins if I'm going to find those two last varieties (1999 serif large date and 2000 mirror ring), or 8 if you count the rarer 2001 small D.... or umpteen if you count the proofs, or ... hundreds if you count the expos and bank editions, or... That's the thing with these collections - you can go as big as you want to. The whole panda line includes some exceptionally rare coins that number in the single digits (with price tags in 6 digits!) so the only limit for a collector is their wallet and perseverence.
  4. Some progress since last time. When I got my first variety date I started to wonder about getting all the varieties, but then it would be unsatisfying to have two of some dates and one of others, so I expanded my goal to get one of (almost) every variety and doubles of the rest... and this is where that has led to ... At the very top are 1989 (R) and 2020 (L). In between these are the 1/2 ounce 5 yuan run of 6 years (1993-1998). 2nd double row is the 1990s, with Shanghai versions above and Shenzhen below. Third double row has the 2000s with two varieties (2001 and 2003). Bottom row has singles of the 2010s (I have doubles, and there's a parcel on its way with some of the missing doubles in this decade. Here are the 1/2 ounce, 5 yuan coins, which only ran from '93 to '98 - it's a lovely and affordable set and probably deserves more recognition. These were all supplied by the absolute gent @DavePanda who has given me a lot of help the past few weeks in advice, generosity, encyclopaedic knowledge and supply from his stash of pandas. Our PM exchange has run to 5 pages now!! Decade by decade now: 1990s (Top row: Shanghai, bottom row: Shenyang) - note three varieties of 1995s. There are also 3 varieties of 1999 but one is very scarce and I am missing the small date 1999 and the large date 1998. 2000s now... There are two varieties of 2000 but the mirror ring is elusive and expensive and I'm not sure that one will make it into the set... Time will tell if one appears at an affordable price. 2001 has a version with a D on the panda side. Another strange thing about the panda line is that 2002 is uniquely the only year that is NOT unique as it's a repeat of 2001's design! The 2003 also has two varieties - one with the bamboo to the right of the panda in frosted finish and one in mirror finish. I'm totally missing 2006 which I've seen a few in poor condition and a few overpriced ones, so still searching for this one, and a second 2007. And here are the 2010s - no varieties this decade And 2020 and 1989 as they don't fit in the other decades! 1989 doesn't seem to have any varieties so got two of those for continuity of the double thing. Pesky 1995 and 1999 mucking up the double theme...
  5. A few arrivals from the past few days, getting very close to my panda goal... Thanks to @Danny-boy and to @DavePanda - again! And a nice chap on the Facebook group for the curiously elusive 2007! But no thanks to the eBay seller for this fake... But I'm very almost there with the double date set - just 5 gaps to fill.
  6. Another wonderful package from @DavePanda today! And adding to that a rare 1995 "micro" date from @Agpanda yesterday I've started collecting my varieties in earnest now! That completes my 1995 varieties: So my collection is approaching completion. I will have doubles of every date from 1989 to present with all varieties (if I can find the very rare 1999 large date serif and 2000 mirror ring)
  7. No, I don't hold more than two ounces of gold at any time, so it will just be the 82 quarter panda and nothing else. Perhaps a platinum but never seen one for sale! And then maybe a brass one to complete the collection of metals available! But yes, just ten days. I was quite surprised myself! I got 6 from one dealer at sensible prices, over ten from ebay and the rest from responses to wanted ads. Amazing how it came together. I might not always have got bargain prices but they will probably be insignificant prices in twenty years....
  8. Thanks, it's been fun and I think I've been lucky to find so many different dates so quickly on the used market. It's a very satisfying collection to work on as it is achievable and relatively affordable. It's the first time I've bothered with anything with numismatic value,and I think the main incentive was that I enjoy the designs and the slight rarity and novelty factor.
  9. What's in the box? A box! My new favourite item in my growing Panda collection. From my birth year, indeed! No less than 5 ounces of 999 silver! And in original packaging Huge thanks to @DavePanda for this beauty.
  10. Follow to the end for something really special! 10 days ago @MickD put up an ad, selling a little run of 5 pandas for a nice price. I had a 2020 so thought why not expand my collection a little. A curious breed of bullion coins with an unconventional 30g silver content... Intriguing. Then a few days later I picked up a 2005 world coins set which happened to include a Panda. Oh, it's an ounce... how interesting. That's when I realised... there was no turning back. I started reading a bit... I went onto that famous online auction site... I put out a wanted ad or two ... Parcels started coming in by the score. I loved the variety of the designs, from this ... To this proper retro look: And this, simple and clean... All with the Temple of Heaven on the other side - this winning and perfectly harmonious combination of frosted and mirror sections: It started getting expensive with premiums in the 100's of %, like for this 2000... A week later here I am, just seven coins away from a 1989 to 2020 date run. And what's that in the corner where 1982 should be... a gold one? 1982 was the first issue of gold bullion pandas, so had to have one of those. But then another parcel arrived... In it a beautiful box... Within it another, depicting a familiar creature... The silver 1oz pandas go back to 1989. That frustrated me, my birth year being 1988. And although there were no ounce pandas made in 1988, there was a 5oz. I had lots of advice in the past week and countless PM's from the absolute gent that is @DavePanda. Then he offered me one of his 1988 5oz in original packaging. At a price I couldn't possibly refuse. So, very almost there... Just need to find 1993 (only have the 1/2 ounce to hold the place temporarily), 1998, 2001 (unique as the only repeat design), 2004, 2006, 2007 and 2010 (on its way over from Germany as I type). And what about the space between 1982 and 1989 I hear you asking? Well, I could of course just discount the 1983, 84, and 85 (none made in 86) as not counting as they are not 1oz, but that would be a cop-out since the post 2015 ones are also not 1oz. But paying over £500 for less than an ounce of silver seems a little extortionate, and that's what the cheapest of those would set me back, with only 10,000 of each produced. So maybe just the 1987 and call it a day? But then there are different varieties for most of them too... When to stop? Huge thanks to @DavePanda for all the help and the deal on the stunning 1988. And other members who have sold me pandas: @Thomast and @HGr. But @MickD, look what you've gone and done! When the stacker became a collector...
  11. Awesome bars from @Troy77 arrived today. The antiqued finish on that left hand one is just unreal - it's like a ruthenium finish or something. Thanks a lot! Also to @Madstacks for letting me have the comet bar. I love it. The gold highlights really make it. These are works of art! And I'm guessing the elephant was a test run?! Love the colours!
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