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  1. Thanks a lot guys. I'll drop him a line.
  2. I've been having fun looking through my scrap silver and 99% of it seems to be in very poor condition or high mintages, but I selected the following possibly interesting coins: 1. 1925 florin in good nick 2. 1907 half 3. 1918 half in fairly good nick 4. 1887 shilling, jubilee head (common, but good detail) 5. 1893 shilling (nothing special, just like the design) 6 and 7: 1914/5 shilling (these are pretty common) 8-10. 1886-91 threepences with some better detail 11. 1893 Jubilee head. Maybe worth something despite lacking detail on the head? 12. Really clear detail on this 1916 threepence. Does anything in this selection look of interest to a collector?
  3. Welcome aboard - nice stash so far.
  4. Hi and welcome. That feeling of having overpaid is so common. Been there, done that. A year later it starts to feel like an asset again even if the price went down. It will go up again in the fullness of time!
  5. I think it would be courteous to give first refusal to the OP, so potentially. I'll get back to you either way
  6. If you're still looking I've got some, and can match the 5%.
  7. The Johnson Matthey bar is still available for £640 delivered.
  8. Three day bump for non-Premium members! 😃
  9. PHILHARMONICS still available. I have a tube of mint Philharmonikers for £400 posted.
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