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  1. @Solachesis I was just about to message you re: this coin!! Arrived this afternoon, yes, by SD
  2. I won't win any prizes for my photos but my kit is simple, convenient and cheap, and the results show the condition of the coin. Yes, I could get better photos with a DSLR, a dedicated lighting kit, tripod and macro lens, but the inconvenience and cost would vastly outweigh the minor benefits. I use my Samsung S10 phone which has a telephoto camera with 2x optical zoom and is f/2.4 so no need for bright lighting or slow shutter speeds. Yes, narrow depth of field but not excessively so and rarely a concern for photographing coins. Need to bear in mind that depth of field is also linked to sensor size, and the microscopic sensors on mobiles lead to comparitively large depths of fields. When photographing small things and wanting to maintain high quality rather than digital cropping I prefer to magnify using an add on lens. I use this clip on which cost me £20 or so. Seems very high quality. Here is a 1g coin with the native 2x camera on the phone at minimum focus distance And magnified with the clip on macro lens at minimum focus distance Yes, a little depth of field issue due to tilting the phone due to letting in some side light being in so close, but hoping to remedy this with a photo box from @DrDave , and will have to see how close this allows me to get. In daylight this would be no issue but being up here in Aberdeen we are basically now in permanent night until March. Note nice gold colour. This is due to Tungsten lighting and the white balance recognising the colour of the subject must be gold. This is using all auto settings but if needed I can adjust the WB in pro mode. I find the S10 to have one of the best cameras of any phone I've tried and they are now cheap as chips.
  3. I have for sale this, um, piece of silver. 2cts of rubies and 15 tiny diamonds set into the Tudor rose. Comes in case with COA. Some fingerprints. £125 posted SD
  4. Let's hope nobody mentions the other 3 Platonic solids, or the 13 Archimedean solids, or the 92 Johnson solids, or .... 🥴
  5. A very weighty arrival from @BackyardBullion and, oh my, what a package! Just over 2kg of poured, hammered, mallmarked silver posh paperweight deliciousness. A cube and a cylinder to complete my 2022 Jubilee hallmark geometry collection. 20221201_101826.mp4
  6. I have for sale a 1/10oz Britannia from 1987. Asking £167 plus post. £6 for SD or £2 for 1st class signed for
  7. Such a beautifully wrapped prize from @Skyfiller! In the spirit of delayed gratification, instilled in me by my late father, I will resist the temptation to open it until Christmas! Thank you! (Must make more effort in packaging for next year!)
  8. Bought 10 - it's a great price on them - good find. First dibs to @Solachesis at cost plus £2 post
  9. "Free" 1st signed for. Sounds good. You are protected by eBay's buyer protection in that case as the seller has to provide a tracking number. Unimportant from your perspective that it's not insured as the risk is on the seller @Pandao may be able you there. I have bought them cheaper than that
  10. That's a good price on maplegrams. I would go for that - lovely little coins and sought after. I've seen them sell at £70 before. Wouldn't have concerns about the seller either as you say
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