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  1. Hi there, Would you accept £63 for this plus 1st class recorded post?
  2. Does anyone have a 1/2oz, 1oz or 2oz Year of the Mouse from either the Perth Mint series 2 lunars (from 2008) or the Series 3 (2020) for sale? Hoping to pay up to £30 per oz or under £20 for a 2020 half ounce
  3. I'm very sorry - I'm having difficulty with my account and will need to get silver membershipi to be able to receive or send PM's. I'm sure I'll be back on really soon. Are you still interested in the karat bars notes?
  4. Yes, certainly, sorry. Haven't logged on in some time. Please pm me
  5. Here we have lots of one ounce coins. I would love to sell in lots of 10+ for £25 per ounce (your choice), but can sell singles as follows: £23.50 - Philharmoniker and 2015 maple £24 - Royal arms, 2020 Maple, £25 - Krugerrand (3 available), Somali leopard, Noah's ark £26 - spade guinea £27 - Tokelau Vivat Humanitas and Equilibrium £49 - 2018 2oz Koala Also see my other post for options to fill out 10oz: Postage of buyer's choice
  6. Here we have three ASEs, from 1995, 2012 and 2017 Asking £75 plus postage of choice. Singles on request.
  7. Bump - many still available and great offers on multiple. Singles; 1st class standard is only 76p on these, but if you buy two or more I will include postage free. 10 for £65 posted 50 for £320 posted 100 for £600 posted
  8. Here is a fabulous Geiger 10oz 999 silver bar. £290 + postage of your choice.
  9. I have one 2020 maple and 2020 Britannia if interested. Asking for £24 each plus post
  10. Apologies - I missed this. Please find better pictures attached, in case you're still interested.
  11. Here we have one of the first quarter ounce gold pandas from 1982. Total mintage for this year was around 42,000. This is graded by PCGS as MS66 let down only because of a scratch on the temple side, to the right of the temple. Otherwise looks to be in excellent condition and other marks are on the slab. Fantastic retro design from the first year of issue. Asking £465 for this including SD.
  12. This 2012 sovereign is as it was from the mint. Asking £375 including SD. Difficult to see through the mint seal but there appears to be a very small nick on the queen's cheek - probably a mint mark. Otherwise looks great but of course impossible to be sure without breaking the seal.
  13. Weekend deal - 100 notes for £600 including SD. 50 notes for £320 including SD
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