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  1. I wish I knew. I don't think the value of these will go down. They may go up, I don't know, but in the long term they should hold value against inflation very nicely, but keeping more of a sedate pace compared to silver spot I'd guess. That was part of the attraction. @The1GramMan wanted to see my collection as it grew - here's the place to watch. Just 5 more coins till a double date run. 7 more coins if I'm going to find those two last varieties (1999 serif large date and 2000 mirror ring), or 8 if you count the rarer 2001 small D.... or umpteen if you count the proofs, or ... hun
  2. Some progress since last time. When I got my first variety date I started to wonder about getting all the varieties, but then it would be unsatisfying to have two of some dates and one of others, so I expanded my goal to get one of (almost) every variety and doubles of the rest... and this is where that has led to ... At the very top are 1989 (R) and 2020 (L). In between these are the 1/2 ounce 5 yuan run of 6 years (1993-1998). 2nd double row is the 1990s, with Shanghai versions above and Shenzhen below. Third double row has the 2000s with two varieties (2001 and 2003). Bottom row
  3. A few arrivals from the past few days, getting very close to my panda goal... Thanks to @Danny-boy and to @DavePanda - again! And a nice chap on the Facebook group for the curiously elusive 2007! But no thanks to the eBay seller for this fake... But I'm very almost there with the double date set - just 5 gaps to fill.
  4. My 1oz silver panda mission is almost complete. I am now looking for the last four dates to complete my double date run: 1998 Large date 1999 Small date (also large date serif, should I be so lucky, also 2000 mirror ring, as above. 2006 (need two) 2007 Please get in touch if you have one available or know of a source within EU. I may be interested in other panda coins, e.g. gold, platinum, palladium, brass, or silver in 1kg, 5oz, 12oz or early proofs - just try me.
  5. Argh! This is such a nice set and what a shame to split it. Kept coming back to it and counting my piggy bank...
  6. Cracking deal here - and stunning coins. Would jump on this if I hadn't just reserved from SVC...
  7. It's the stuck record again - what pre-2013 pandas do you have for sale?
  8. Another wonderful package from @DavePanda today! And adding to that a rare 1995 "micro" date from @Agpanda yesterday I've started collecting my varieties in earnest now! That completes my 1995 varieties: So my collection is approaching completion. I will have doubles of every date from 1989 to present with all varieties (if I can find the very rare 1999 large date serif and 2000 mirror ring)
  9. Does anyone have a 2002, 2005 or 1989 full sovereign for sale?
  10. I've gone for the varieties and a double set so a few gaps still to fill: - 1990 large date - 1991 small date - 1992 small date - 1993 (both) - 1997 small date - 1999 small date - 1999 large date with serif - 2000 mirror ring - 2001 through to 2007 - 2010-2012
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