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  1. Heatwave up here in Yorkshire- but have sympathy for those over the Border in Scotland...
  2. The Sun shines Up North too- Flat cap off, string vest on...even the Whippet has taken his harness off. But wait, what’s that lurking in the bushes...? It’s only a 1924 USA $20 Dollar Saint Gaudens... Plentiful lump of Gold, apparently MS64’s to 66’s are commonplace. It’s in a gawd- awful looking slab, might get the hammer out later on. https://coinweek.com/coins/coin-profiles/us-coins-coin-profiles/coin-profiles-united-states-1924-saint-gaudens-20-double-eagle-gold-coin/
  3. Another great find Suffolk metal detectorist finds coin hoard in field behind pub https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-suffolk-53635413
  4. Best laid plans. I set my sights and budget on sensible regular monthly purchases and not forgo life's little luxuries. I think I might get another few months out of these- what do you think?
  5. Just finished work- can't keep up!
  6. The only thing I know about the SA Natura Series and specifically the 2017 release is confined to me having to wipe the drool off of my keyboard Having viewed. My take. Low mintages, and desirable but massive Premiums. In the uk, I would say a limited collector base.
  7. Silver Proof Crowns Anyone? Three available as per photos £75 plus postage of buyers choice.
  8. 1906 USA $10 Eagle Liberty Head 16.71g .900 Gold 15.04g Fine Weight £770 plus SD Postage
  9. 5 Pounds, 2019 Una and the Lion Silver Proof NGC Graded PF70 Ultra Cameo UK based- will ship overseas but please contact me to discuss. Images below show the actual coin prior to Grading and the NGC scanned image post Grading. £1450 Reduced to £1250 and to include Fully Insured Special Delivery Postage Trades or offers welcome. Is awaiting collection from NGC in London therefore, will be posted late next week. I am offering this coin elsewhere via other online media. Obverse: Fifth crowned portrait of HM Queen Elizabeth II by Jody Clark Reverse: Una and the Lion date in Roman numerals below; DIRIGE DEUS GRESSUS MEOS above. Design by William Wyon. Edge: MilledGraded by NGC PF70 Ultra Cameo, certification No.: 5841747-047Diameter: 40 mm.Weight: 62.42 g.Composition: 999/1000 Silver
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