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  1. Accurately and succinctly summarised 👍 And meanwhile...the canny collector will be able to bag some lovely coins that go unnoticed and at perhaps, suppressed prices, whilst people hang on to their hard earned with great expectations 😉
  2. Thanks Tim👍. In terms of a great deal of iconic coin sets, four in six weeks is certainly not going to be repeated anytime soon! And my 1937 Set wasn't a 'great deal' in terms of price, but no more than its market value in terms of its lovely condition 😀 In terms of the 1989 Set, I feel extremely fortunate that this Set @SilverMike offered, at such a competitive price, hung around for long enough in the Sales section for me to raise the funds to buy it. I considered it a 'great deal' 👍 I think perhaps, it hung around due to three of the coins being graded 69 and there appears to
  3. Fantastic pick-up, fantastic grade. This 1923 year date South Africa Sovereign is so difficult to find. Only 2 Graded higher by PCGS and a very small population overall. Congratulations 👍
  4. Thanks to @SilverMike for providing the opportunity for me to acquire another iconic Sovereign Set, less than a week after my last. 😀 This time the 1989.😍 This NGC graded four coin set compliments my existing three coin 1989 Proof Set and 1989 Brilliant Uncirculated 5 Pound Sovereign👍.
  5. As per the title, this beautiful México Gold Proof Libertad 5 Coin Set is for sale. I'm selling the set for £3350 ono (Please don't hesitate to PM me to discuss any offer price you might have in mind). The price is on a par and no more than the typical release price of these Golden Temptresses. Total Gold fine weight of this set is 1.9oz or 59.0953 grams of .999 Gold. In 2019, the Mexican Mint issued only a very limited 500 Gold Proof 5 Coin Sets. I offer this untouched (but well ogled!) Libertad Gold Set as photographed, beautifully pres
  6. Firstly, i've shed a fair bit of Gold weight lately to make way for a very special purchase and I would like to extend thanks to all the forum members who purchased coins from me to make it possible. You know who you are, and it was very much appreciated 😀 And secondly, and once again, thank you very much for all the effort, time and patience! That @SilverMike, @Roy & @Elements provided, in terms of helping to guide me into making this fantastic acquisition 👍😃 So, what exactly is in the box? 🤷‍♂️ It needs no introductions...
  7. Thanks to @DuncanWylieWilson for this lovely 25 Pesos 👍
  8. I’m a complete novice but enthusiastic about older Silver coins, I can’t wait to be able to get around the coin fairs when they reopen- you get to view up close, beautiful coins like this one. I won’t comment on the grade, the guys above are much more knowledgable, but I do like spending other people’s money 😂. And pointing people to other nice coins they might not have considered. I owned the One Rupee coin below (sold on to a TSF member), its nowhere near as fancy in terms of the lovely Gothic lettering and Reverse design of the Florin, but the Portrait on the Rupee is simi
  9. Fantastic pick- up 👍 prices are all over the place, and expensive! But worth every penny. Thanks for sharing 😀
  10. Madness! Now only £1450 Posted SD 2011 1 Onza Gold Libertad 3000 mintage- be quick- offer ends at 10pm
  11. Crazy Price! Be very quick. 2011 1 Onza Gold Libertad 3000 mintage £1460 Posted SD- be quick- offer ends at 10pm
  12. Limited Offer until 10pm this evening- £1485 Posted Special Delivery. Last chance to purchase- will be withdrawn at 10pm this evening.
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