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  1. Mmm...I can think of better things to do in retirement- drunks, bores & fights, rates, HM Customs, vat returns & pilferage to name a few headaches... What about a small Post Office within staggering distance of a Pub and stay this side of the bar- and just think of all the bags of 50p’s & £2 coins you can rifle through.
  2. I guess it’s not insurmountable Roy but as @Elements already pointed out was what I was thinking but moreover, if the incumbent buys and applies for change of use, they become the village/ town villain- even from the locals who never did or would patronise it! Depends how thick ones skin is!
  3. Given the question asked before you can make an informed decision, my advice would be to spend a great deal of time researching Sovereigns- buying a copy of ‘The Gold Sovereign (Marsh) is a good starting point, then scour the internet for further resources/ reading. More importantly however, is actually seeing older Sovereigns- visit coin shops, auctions coin fairs etc. and start to get some idea of what constitutes the price being asked- condition, rarity, mintage etc. I do acknowledge that you will find yourself hamstrung at the moment in terms of actually viewing coins due to the
  4. I recently traveled to Istanbul on holiday for 10 days and as well as taking Sterling in cash I also took 4x Gold 20 French Franc coins with me as well so that I could determine what got me the best exchange rate to swap for Turkish Lira- the cash sufficed just fine. I just put the Gold coins mixed in with a bit of loose change in a little bank money bag and carried it in my jeans pocket- chucked it in the tray to go through the scanner along with my wallet, fags, lighter and phone at both Manchester and Istanbul Airports. I think you’ll be fine bringing back your three coins.
  5. Nice Libertad @Sab122- I can categorically vouch for Sabith's integrity having completed a high value trade with him very recently 😃
  6. Good Lord! This is one of the nicest lumps of Gold I have ever owned. Thanks @SilverMike and great meeting up again today 😃 Anyone who is unfamiliar with this 1897 Victoria Diamond Jubilee Medal, further information can be found here: https://en.numista.com/catalogue/pieces122989.html
  7. Like many here- a 2oz full house of the QB’s the Greyhound from Martin at SilverTrader. And picking up from where @SilverMike left off- a reasonable condition 1921 México 50 Centavos for less than a tenner landed 😃 I’m not sure I have the stomach to pay down for the smaller 1921 Bronze denominations.
  8. Upward Inflection. The habit of people making statements sound like questions. No Problem. Why has this become an almost universal response when being served? Me: ‘a pint and a cheese sandwich please’. Waiter: ‘no problem’. Of course it’s no problem, I don’t work there, I have no access to the beer pump or the cheese and bread bin, and I’m paying. Literally. Why does this word get used so frequently out of context?
  9. Nice to have, pain to store.
  10. Nice to meet up today with @SilverMike and for these fantastic coins- 1921 is a significant year for México. Nice touch was the gift of the 20 Centavos. Thanks again.
  11. If you paid Bu price and it has imperfections simply enjoy owning it- it will still be worth a lot more than what you paid. If it’s a nice example- grade it and enjoy it, or take the £600 profit. Nice pick up.
  12. This is a Proof 2012- if graded PF/ PR 70 there's a a grand sat right there.
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