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  1. Received some excellent Grading results today from NGC. A big thank you to @SilverMike for helping me appraise the older Sovereigns and crucially, encouraging me to submit them for grading, despite my heavy resistance to separate them from the sets they came from. My new favourite Sovereign in my collection is this 1911 Proof- PF64 Ultra Cameo 🤩- including this one, only 9 Graded UC by NGC and only 4 Graded DCAM by PCGS 😲 Here's a 'before' photo of the 1911 Proof Sovereign And After: The other results are pleasing too, the 1911's baby brother and the 1937 George VI Sovereign particularly 🤩
  2. Nice to hear from you @Abyss- its been a long time...lovely coins from a great Forum member 😁
  3. In the long run, If the design is well received it’ll do well. On release It’ll depend on the mintage/ popularity- but like @sovereignsteve says, the mintages of these Sovereign Special Reverses have been reasonably high in the past, 2012 excepted. If you take the 2017 issue, the demand was high, then plateaued and then decreased somewhat before gathering momentum of late. My reckoning is that if it’s a 10k+ mintage then there’ll be plenty to go around, and a good chance of paying less or similar price for a top grade example in the first 12 to 18 months after release- but this is only my speculative view.
  4. Without question, I would like to own a five coin set, it’s a very special release, but if the issue of this set is way under 1,000 like it has been for the last decade, then this hot release might be difficult to secure. If I don’t manage to secure the 5 coin set than I will likely go for the individual Sovereign and Half Sovereign, and mintage dependent, I might well wait for them and buy from the secondary market.
  5. I don’t think the RM will release mintage figures in advance. Traditionally they will release individually, the Sovereign and Half Sovereign as well as the pesky Quarter. And if they replicate recent years there will be SOTD issues and a Bu 5 Sovereign Piece. In terms of sets- in my opinion, the RM should have never started to strike a Quarter Sovereign and stuck to the trusty old 4 Coin and 3 coin sets- 5 Sov to Half and 2 Sov to Half. I guess however, that nuisance Quarter Sovereign opened up sales opportunities. Since 2009 and its inception they have flitted about and deviated several times when issuing Sets- for example- 2010, 2011 2012, 2013, 2014 & 2015 they issued 4 different sets (odd they didn’t start this from 2009- first year 1/4): The four sets were: 5 Sov to 1/4 2 Sov to 1/4 2 Sov to 1/2 Sov to 1/4 In 2016 & 2017 they moved back to the ‘new normal’ 3 set issues: 5 Sov to 1/4 2 Sov to Half Sov to 1/4 Then 2018 onwards it’s back to issuing 4 sets! I guess we won't know if its going to be a 4 or a 3 coin set issues until the release day.
  6. Beautiful Completers… Take both for £675 posted Special Delivery. 2oz with that tiny 750 mintage: £510 1oz: £210
  7. This reminds me of a classic comedy sketch
  8. 10oz of Premium Perth Mint Silver coins- 5x Swans & 5x Emu's £295 5x 2018 Perth Mint Swans 5x 2018 Perth Mint Emu Beautiful Coins supplied in the Perth Mint unopened capsules. Plus postage of buyers choice.
  9. Melon will know what his motivation is but as others have said, perhaps CGT or increase weight? Start a collection of Sovereigns?
  10. 😂 It would be a hassle. I think overall you might as well stick with the Maples and then add Sovereigns going forward.
  11. I think this is your best option 😃
  12. Lovely and very rare coin received today- a lucky early and what turned out to be a very much overlooked Sunday morning eBay auction win 😃 Orphaned from an extremely rare 1923 Proof South Africa Set- a lovely chocolate coloured Bronze Penny, nicely toned, a nice Plain edge and just about as struck. A Wonderful coin 👍
  13. 2005 Proof Sovereign NGC PF70 Ultra Cameo £750 This beautiful Sovereign supplied complete with its Royal Mint Presentation case. Plus postage of buyers choice. Obverse: Bust of the Queen facing right and wearing a tiara by Ian Rank-Broadley, the letters IRB below the truncation. Reverse: A depiction of St George, carrying a shield and sword, slaying the Dragon, with the date '2005' beneath the wing of the dragon. Design by Timothy Noad.
  14. 2018 Perth Mint Swans £42 (5 Avail.) 2018 Perth Mint Emu £35 (5 Avail.) Beautiful Coins supplied in the Perth Mint unopened capsules. Prices plus postage of buyers choice. Buy 2 or more- and FREE Signed For Postage.
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