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  1. Any interest in this lovely Sixpence? Priced at cost- RM issue price plus the grading fee. Thanks Richard
  2. I have 2x 2017 Pistrucci Premium Proof Sovereign Presentation cases for sale. Both are complete with COA’s & Capsules and both in excellent condition £85 each Posted Signed For
  3. 2021 Silver Sixpence £60 Posted Signed For Sixpence is NGC Graded MS69 This is the Wedding Presentation and comes complete as issued by the Royal Mint including the 1933 Sixpence, representing ‘something old’. The Bergdahl designed 2021 Sixpence is lovely.
  4. Project Sixpence continues. Thanks @Spanishsilver for the 2021 issue. And a lovely 1953 Coronation Set Proof issue.
  5. Project Sixpence. New project underway. Thanks @matt1r for the early trio of these five 👍 Sweet little coins, with lots of eye appeal and in nice grades.
  6. 2022 Platinum Jubilee of Her Majesty Gold 1/4oz Proof Coin Beautiful .999 Gold coin Limited to only a 1000 mintage £750 plus postage- Offers considered
  7. 2022 Platinum Jubilee Three Coin Sovereign Set Lovely Set £1250 posted Special Delivery
  8. As per title. £325 Posted Special Delivery Sold
  9. Just wondering what the overall weight of the Cigar box was and it’s net Silver weight? I’m interested as I once had a monster 1.5kg box and always wondered what the net weight would have been. The Cedar wood lining is negligible but the weight in the lid and bottom looks to be significant.
  10. 1935 George V Silver Jubilee Medal Lovely Toning Original Presentation Box £30 plus postage of buyers choice
  11. @paulmertonDo you have a link to this please
  12. Perhaps a new Portrait later in the year?
  13. Some lovely and extremely low mintage coins today. Thank you @SilverMike for parting with the Sixpences. Beautiful coins in 22kt Rose Gold, .999 Gold & the traditional Silver. 2021 was the first year of issue of Gold Sixpences- we’ll have to wait several years to find out the actual mintages of the Gold Sixpences, but I suspect the RM won’t have produced very many. A nice Monarch, and also to complete my Platinum Jubilee collection, a Gold 50p Set- an extremely low issue of just 70 Sets. Maximum mintage of the Bergdahl Obverse is just 580 and only 170 of the Jody Clark Obverse- the other 100 issued in the Gold Annual Set.
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