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  1. Any takers? Lovely lump of Silver 😀
  2. Thanks @davidcaia for this lovely Sovereign that arrived today. 👍
  3. 1974 Sovereign required Raw or Graded If anyone has a nice example to sell, please get in touch. Thanks Richard
  4. Maundy Money Change of Portrait Type Set- well very nearly! All housed in their new home, encapsulated in Quadrum Capsules- if anyone has Maundy and wish to have a safe and secure method of storage/ display, these specially designed inners for Maundy can be bought here, for about a tenner for 10 inners & Quadrum capsules, delivered. Completing the Set has been a bit of a labour of love. It's almost complete but I still have to source the 1953 Maundy Set. The 1953 Set is a difficult one to find, the mintage being just over 1000. In the meantime I have substituted this Set with
  5. Thanks @arshimo2012 for the 1980 Machin Proof Sovereign. Continuing to add to my Maundy collection, a nice 1831 Maundy Set and an 1888 3d. Just ‘need’ a 1953 Elizabeth Maundy Set to complete my Change of Portrait Type Set from 1817. You can see the Maundy Type Set I have collected so far here in Today I want to show.
  6. Steady on Nick, I need to go out today and I won’t get my head through the door 😂 I’m pleased you like them 😃
  7. Resurrected sales thread- £3495 Please contact me to discuss overseas shipment.
  8. Hi Kris, it’s MS62. It’s a lovely Sovereign, lots of detail. I feel very fortunate to own it 😃
  9. Rare opportunity here to acquire this wonderful 1Kg Libertad Bu One of only 200 minted in 2017 and in exemplary untouched condition in its unopened capsule, supplied as struck. £1200 ono Price includes fully insured Royal Mail Special Delivery postage. (2oz Griffin for scale and not included, but PM me if interested in this coin)
  10. 2018 The Silver Forum BYB 3ozt .999 Silver Round Extremely Limited Mintage of just 50! & this one No. 07 £110 plus postage of buyers choice.
  11. Thanks. Yes, there has been quite a hike in the prices for the 2017’s of late. I would say I paid a little bit above the current market price, but the Set is flawless. I personally think paying the current prices for the 2017’s will pale into insignificance in a decade or so, I think prices have a long way to travel.
  12. A shield Reverse? I’m not sure there’s any other options or it was forsake the tradition of the Sovereign.
  13. I think £500- £550 is more realistic, but £640 is certainly an improvement over the £800 Brexit SOTD. The mintage is key, and 1,195 is far too high. Best left to buying aftermarket down the line I think.
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