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  1. Received something old and something new: Charles I (1625- 42) Sixpence, Tower Mint under the King (1635-36). Group D, type 3a mm. Crown- no inner circles. Spink 2811 And another 2013 Queen’s Coronation 60th Anniversary £5 Crown Piedfort Set. Lovely reverse and plain edge to compliment Her Late Majesty’s Portraits.
  2. I think the choice of using the classic design of the Crown in Centre of Emblematical Cross, with Shield of Arms in Angles for the 50p is a nice idea. Being a collector of Crowns, I would have preferred it on the Charles £5 but we can’t always get what we want. As we know, the design featured on the 1953 Coronation Crown all in Cupronickel- Bu, Proof & VIP Proof Spink 4136- (Bu & Proof are pictured below.) The design was also replicated in 1960 for the New York Exhibition issue, again, in Cupronickel Bu, similar from polished dies (photo below) and VIP Proof, Spink 4143. The design was latterly used in 2014 in a commemorative £5 Crown coin to mark the First Birthday of Prince George of Cambridge and only issued in Silver Proof (bottom photo) Spink ‘Decimal issues’ L33.
  3. George II (1727-60) Sixpence, 1758, older laureate and draped bust left, legend and toothed border surrounding, GEORGIVS. II. DEI. GRATIA. rev. crowned cruciform shields, garter star at centre, date either side of top crown. S.3711 A wonderful irredescent red colour a truly fabulous example UNC or Near so. The Latin legends translate to on obverse "George II by the Grace of God" continuing on the reverse in abbreviated Latin which if in shown in full reads "Magnae Britanniae Franciae ET Hiberniae Rex Fidei Defensor Brun ET Lunebergen-sis Dux, Sacri Romani Imperii Archi-Thesaurius ET Elector" and translates as "King of Great Britain, France and Ireland, Defender of the Faith, Duke of Brunswick and Luneberg, High Treasurer and Elector of the Holy Roman Empire."
  4. I think that if anyone owns a medal in this condition, only remove the toning if you want to purposely make it worth a lot less, and make it look less attractive.
  5. The Platinum Jubilee of Her Majesty The Queen 2022 UK £5 Gold Proof Coin Fantastic coin. £3850
  6. Received yesterday, a very nice and special Five Pound Piece.
  7. 2022 Platinum Jubilee Piedfort £5 Crown Jody Clark Obverse Limited mintage of only 370 Definitive issued coins with Jody Clark Obverse £210 posted Special Delivery
  8. Sold pending payment 1711 Anne Sixpence. Post Union issue. I.R angles plain. Spink: 3619 £48 plus postage of buyers choice.
  9. Silver set now sold- Please get in touch with any interest on the Gold Set at £2995
  10. Fantastic Set Mike, consistently toned and they look to be in fantastic condition. An extremely rare key Maundy Set for Elizabeth II 🤩 👍
  11. I think you are correct @Stuntman Edward VI (1537- 1553) reigned 1547- 1553 before his death aged 15 and his reign overseen by a Regency Council. Here he is, represented on the third period coinage: And this document outlines all three periods of his coinage. http://www.bajr.org/BAJRGuides/38. PM Coin Identification/Introduction_to_post_medieval_coins_and_identification_guide_forarchaeologists.pdf Also note that Some posthumous Henry VIII coinage was issued alongside Edward VI coinage, the document also explains this.
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