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    • Hello, what's the best price you could do for a tube? Thanks again :)
    • I don‚Äôt have a problem when this is used on terminally ill patients. But on ten thousands with viral pneumonia? Apparently there is a flowchart drawing the line for patients over 65 with a second comorbidity; the NHS wouldn‚Äôt even try in this case but speed up what NICE considered inevitable. All while we are told over the MSM that if we have any kind of fun we kill granny; no, NICE did.
    • The section of the NICE guideline you are referring to is titled up 'End-of-life treatments for managing breathlessness for patients aged 18¬†years and over' Hmmm - does 'euthanasia' go on? - absolutely - everyday in every hospital in the Kingdom. The NICE guideline covers this. Benzo's and opiates will depress respiration. In a patient struggling to breath it will stop them 'struggling' - they will be 'more peaceful. In a terminal state, they will die sooner. That means there is a bed freed up. How often have i seen this done? No idea - more times than i can remember. Just to avoid any confusion, this isn't 'maverick practice' - this is mainstream -¬†you just don't call it euthanasia, it's seen as being a good doctor.¬†
    • In summary then; Everyone is buying and getting excited about their BTL portfolios.¬†Everyone. Buyers are taking on more debt (booming mortgage market you say) at a time of record low interest rates.¬† Buyers are not considering the downside and can only see the up¬†(prices can only go up, secure return, national shortage, etc).¬† The market is reliant on the tit of the state, with emphasis put on the chancellors actions and Help to Buy to keep the train rolling. ¬† As Kman says, liquidity is always highest at the top. ¬† More importantly - We should not be¬†selling our housing stock to foreign nationals, especially the Chinese. We have a national housing shortage yet we are selling off stock to foreign nationals? Does that summary sound sustainable or right in any meaning of the word.¬†
    • I have been quite disturbed recently seeing health professionals speak out suggesting this sort of thing was going on. Also bereaved relatives talking about patients admitted to hospital for reasons concerning their chronic conditions only to be pronounced COVID positive and dead by the next day. Many of these admissions were quite routine in nature and had happened many times before. Of course, we were in an emergency pandemic situation and PMs weren't being carried out. No one was being held to account. I only said to my wife earlier today that I was sorry I wasn't still at work this year, instead of being retired!ūüėú. I would have been able to wander the hospital and speak to many staff, to get a feel for what was going on. Also talk to the consultants and executives. I may have been sworn to secrecy by NHS contractual terms of course but there are ways of getting important information out there!
    • Mine sold within 3¬†days of listing just before Rishi‚Äôs stamp duty cut in June. Still not exchanged though because the bottom of the chain has some issue. In two minds about keeping it really and keeping it to rent if the purchase takes much longer.
    • Not sure you are fully understanding how silver purchasing in the UK/EU from dealers (not second hand market) works. This premium over spot price is basically as good as it gets for new silver at the moment. Pre-covid the premium was about 15% for the cheapest silver coins.¬† The ‚ā¨50 coins will be collectable coins, not bullion coins. When selling silver at the other end, yes if you go to a dealer they will give you a spot price buyback - that's a big swing and a it potential liability. If you take the time to sell your coins on the second hand market you can easily achieve better prices for items. You see it every day here on the forum, private sellers sell silver for ¬£22 to ¬£25 per oz every day! It's about how much work you want to put into things. That's the nuts and bolts of it. So in answer to your question, no - I am not joking that the EU mint is the place I would recommend every time for silver purchasing if that is a decision you have made and want to buy silver.
    • This might be a bit of a shocker but the National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE) has published¬†¬†a guideline for managing Covid-19 patients in a pandemic. In Part 6 it is recommended to use high dose Morphin and Valium on¬†patients struggling with breathlessness. Both drugs suppress respiration and effectively KILL the patient!!! https://www.nice.org.uk/guidance/ng163/chapter/6-Managing-breathlessness i always considered it as a myth that doctors and nurses tried to clear out beds by euthanasia but they were following the body that usually defined best practice ūüėĪ¬† @sixgun, @sovereignsteve¬†looking at the data from the BMJ (only 20% of patients died in ICUs while the rest died on admission or in the ward)¬†it would appear that this guidance has been followed more often than not... https://www.bmj.com/content/369/bmj.m1985
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