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  1. Hi everyone, I’m looking for top population or single finest graded sovereigns for my collection I don’t need any modern proofs apart from 1979 in proof 70 if you have anything pm me with what you have and price
  2. 2021 gold annual proof set all in PF70 includes the original box and coa looking for £9,000 posted uk buyers and bank transfer only please
  3. So these didn’t get the magic 70 grade but are still in amazing condition and just looking to sell for what they have cost me. Uk buyers and bank transfer only please all these prices don’t include postage 1990 5sov -£1,975.95 1998 5sov -£1,884.20 1991 2sov -£811.70 1994 £2 -£798.46 1998 1sov -£411.44 1998 1/2sov -£226.97 any questions don’t hesitate to ask
  4. Bump £2,500 now or best offer
  5. A family members royal mint AM has reserved one of these for them, and are looking to sell. Before they commit to buying it £2,600 posted or best offer uk buyers and bank transfer only please
  6. £2,500 posted uk buyers and bank transfer only please
  7. At least the mint is consistent, another shocker 😂
  8. Received my 2oz silver today 😂 im not even sure what’s on it?
  9. 1967-ms65 £450 delivery included bank transfer and uk buyers only please
  10. 1981-£525 box and coa included 1987-£525 no box or coa 2018-£575 box and coa included all prices include delivery by sd bank transfer and uk buyers only please
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