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  1. 1967-ms65 £450 delivery included bank transfer and uk buyers only please
  2. 1981-£525 box and coa included 1987-£525 no box or coa 2018-£575 box and coa included all prices include delivery by sd bank transfer and uk buyers only please
  3. Received my well shaken not stirred 1oz proof coin today. Good old royal mint With the capsule nearly open
  4. Shieldback sovereigns £390 each plus postage I have the following year 1853/56/61/63/64/66/68/69/71/72 Uk buyers only and bank transfer only pm me for more pictures of individual years
  5. All sold/reserved pending payments
  6. 1 full tube of 2015 bullion Canadian maples 25x1oz coins £600 including postage by sd bank transfer only and uk buyers only please
  7. 6 sold. 7 still available
  8. They are all 2020 minted bars
  9. Price drop £750 each plus postage
  10. £770 each plus postage 13 bars available bank transfer only and UK buyers only please
  11. Last lot of pre-47 50% silver at current spot price taken from bullion by post 34.75 pence per gram plus postage, uk only and bank transfer only
  12. Looking for as much gold as possible minimum of 1.5oz’s i don’t mind sovereigns, Britannia’s, queens beasts any sizes considered each side pay for their own postage by SD so uk only please only the 100 oz bar is for trade the kilo bars is just for size comparison
  13. I have 6 kg of pre-47 British silver. Selling at current spot price which is 0.319 pence per gram. Spot price taken from bullion-by-post plus postage Will trade for gold or payment by bank transfer only and uk only Pictures coming soon
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