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  1. Hi guys, As the title states. Looking to pay around £370 posted if anyone wants to let go of theirs. Thanks for reading!
  2. @kimchiThey came in caps when bought from 2 reputable dealers. I would’ve collected the remaining 7 coins but not sure why I just don’t love all of them.
  3. @BYK yes, although it is not specified on any website. There are very few floating around for sale as the 1/4oz size is more affordable for people to collect the whole series
  4. Dazzlinh

    Umicore Bars

    Thank you guys! New to silver and was just curious that’s all. Didn’t think they weren’t genuine.
  5. Dazzlinh

    Umicore Bars

    Hi guys, Is it normal for silver bars of the same mint to have slightly different shapes and dimensions? Thanks in advance!
  6. Hi all, I have here 3 QBs coins for sale: Items: x1 1/4oz Griffin gold coin - £440 (sold) x1 1/4oz Unicorn of Scotland gold coin - £435 (sold) x1 1/4oz White Horse of Hanover gold coin - £405 Condition: Minty. Never been taken out of capsules Prices inclusive of SD. Will despatch within one working day. Shipping destinations: Will only ship within UK Payment Terms: Bt or Paypal Friends and Family. Also will consider exchanging (+£) for a one ounce Britannia gold coin. Thank you!
  7. Thank you guys! Only just been a silver member for a few days and I’ve spent far more than I should already 🙈
  8. Can I get it off you if still available please? Will PM Thanks.
  9. Hi fellow TSF members. I’m new to stacking and only heard about this forum through BYB’s YouTube. Wish I started sooner (before Brexit) but oh well. Hope to learn from you guys’ experiences. 🙂 Linh
  10. Hi mate, by any chance do you still have any of these left? Tried to PM but it says you can’t receive messages. Thanks
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