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  1. 2013 1 oz Gold Britannia - £posted SD 1987 1 oz Gold Britannia - £sold 2021 Queens Beast Completer - £posted SD 1959 QE2 Gillick Sovereign - £posted SD 2012 Diamond Jubilee Sovereign - £posted SD 2019 1/2oz Gold Libertad - £sold Payment by BT please.
  2. 1959 Gillick Head QE2 Sovereign Price: £430 + post Condition: good. No major mark.
  3. @Silverlocks Thank you! It’s a tad above what I’d like to pay at the moment.
  4. Hi all, Anyone has a 1968 Gillick head sovereign they are willing to part with for around £380 posted? Cheers, Dazz
  5. 1963 & 1964 (sold) Gillicks Gold Sovereigns in nice conditions. Price: £sold each + post. Payment by BT please. Cheers, Dazz
  6. 1989 £2 Proof Double Sovereign PF69 Price: £ posted SD. Will consider a trade for bullion. Payment by BT please. Cheers, Dazz
  7. 2012 QEII Diamond Jubilee Proof £5, 1/2 & 1/4 Sovereigns - PF70 £5 - sold 1/4 Sovereign - £sold posted SD 1/2 Sovereign - £soldposted SD Payment by BT please. Cheers, Dazz
  8. 2022 Bullion Sovereign in very good condition (scratches on capsule) Price: £posted 1st class signed for at buyer’s risk or +£3.50 for special delivery Payment by BT please.
  9. Hi folks, As the title suggests. Hard to name a price I’m willing to pay for this one so please PM me with what you have that are gold and in the year 1985. Cheers, Dazz
  10. Rolls of x25 1oz 2019 Silver Valiant Coins, selling as bullion but capsules have been unopened since purchased. Price: £posted SD (please bear in mind the cost for me to post due to the weight) Payment by BT please. Cheers, Dazz
  11. Thanks Buddy! One hit. I did have to sell a few organs for it though 😅
  12. Happy days with this 2012 Sov set. I think I’m slowly moving from a stacker to a collector 🤓
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