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  1. Did you pay with a credit card? That website does not look right to me (e.g. the gmail address at the bottom, no real contact info) and looks like the same template as several websites I came across selling gold for obviously scam prices (e.g. US$100/Oz). It also appears to have been registered this month, so doesn’t pass the smell test for me. Good luck and please keep us updated!
  2. I get what you mean and I do three things: (1) keep £-cost averaging; (2) look for bargains, as then I feel somehow like I got a deal despite the high prices; and (3) I'm now buying more numismatic stuff that I would never be able to justify the premiums on in normal times, but where (because spot has increased so much) the numismatic premium has not increased at the same rate - this makes things more varied and fun but also hopefully means some of the numismatic premium will remain even if the spot prices of gold decreases dramatically. Happy stacking
  3. Beautiful coins and I’m trying to resist purchasing one! 😂
  4. Gorgeous 2x50 Belarussian roubles commemorating the wildlife in Braslaw Lakes National Park (Herring Gull) and Narochansky National Park (Mute Swan). Both are .900 7.2g fine gold and minted by the Mint of Poland in 2006 for the National Bank of Belarus. Not yet the easiest to find but I was able to pick these up at a good price! There are several more in the set that I hope to come across one day
  5. UncommonSeal

    completed (By Platinum Member) Gold Proof £1 x2 SPOT +1%

    Hello @shawy2510, if the Belfast is still available I will buy this off you. Please let me know, thanks!
  6. Received these beauties today: a 1995 Russian .900 15.55g fine gold 100 rubles commemorating Alexander Nevsky (so cool to think of this coin as a store of value during the Russian economic upheavals of the 1990s) a 1989 Portuguese .917 edit: 22g fine gold 100 escudos commemorating the discovery of the Azores (Portugal issued a series of precious metal commemorative coins around this time which are quite in demand as collectors items)
  7. Hi everyone, If anyone has any interesting/unusual/foreign platinum (bars, rounds, coins) for sale, please feel free to reply here or PM me. Shipping to U.K. and looking for roundabout 1oz. Thanks very much!
  8. Fed announced inflation goals edit: but it’s back down again now
  9. Good stuff mate. If you ever find yourself in HK give me a shout
  10. Hello and welcome! I am fairly new here too, but I live in HK. Assuming you live on the Mainland, you need to check carefully how much gold (especially) you will be allowed to take with you when you go back to the US (I believe only 50g per person per exit) - as you probably know PRC worries about capital flight and has stringent FOREX regulations, and that affects gold too. Maybe Pandas are treated a bit more leniently, as they are designed mostly for export in any case. In general you might consider whether you prefer to start stacking by ordering online to the USA, or (if we are talking abo
  11. Thanks everyone for the welcome!
  12. Hey everyone, I'm new here but already unintentionally created a slight stir . . . start as you mean to go on Looks like a very friendly community so I'm glad to join. I've been interested in gold for a couple of years and finally bought some physical earlier this year, mainly with wealth preservation/hedging in mind. However, it's now become a very addictive hobby, and I have ventured out into platinum and palladium as well. As well as UK, I am Hong Kong based - and that is a very good place to shop for gold, with low premiums and beautiful Chinese designs. I will try to share some pict
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