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  1. Well, at least it a good looking very expensive vacation memory!
  2. Hi Elliot! Happy to take this if still available- great deal! 😊
  3. Good deal! Shame it doesn’t deduct VAT when shipping outside the EU or else it would be an even better deal! 😂
  4. The kangaroo appears to be more or less at spot price https://aurinum.de/1-oz-Australian-Gold-Kangaroo-9999-BU-2021
  5. Attractively designed (and packaged!) 8g 999 Silver 2020 LNY Commemorative Coin . . . it’s of course not LNY 2020, but these are still widely available locally - of course at a substantial premium, but I have a use for them
  6. Missed this but good spot, the premiums on platinum always seem to be sky high
  7. Agree that the Saudi guinea is a lovely coin, I like mine too
  8. Distance selling regulations don’t apply to bullion, but Harrington and Byrne have their own 30-day money back guarantee, so you should be fine to return it.
  9. Technically I received these yesterday, but they are 10x€20 .900 silver coins ‘Oak’, minted by Monnaie de Paris in 2020 and available for face value. Each weights 18g, so the silver content is only worth about €10.50 today, but as they are € legal tender in France this is a lower risk play from my side - if silver shoots up they can be sold for silver content, and if not I still have €20. Plus they are well designed and shiny . . .
  10. Did you pay with a credit card? That website does not look right to me (e.g. the gmail address at the bottom, no real contact info) and looks like the same template as several websites I came across selling gold for obviously scam prices (e.g. US$100/Oz). It also appears to have been registered this month, so doesn’t pass the smell test for me. Good luck and please keep us updated!
  11. I get what you mean and I do three things: (1) keep £-cost averaging; (2) look for bargains, as then I feel somehow like I got a deal despite the high prices; and (3) I'm now buying more numismatic stuff that I would never be able to justify the premiums on in normal times, but where (because spot has increased so much) the numismatic premium has not increased at the same rate - this makes things more varied and fun but also hopefully means some of the numismatic premium will remain even if the spot prices of gold decreases dramatically. Happy stacking
  12. Beautiful coins and I’m trying to resist purchasing one! 😂
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