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  1. Not a fan myself. He's a regular interviewee on Kitko and on various YT channels and he constantly trots out the claim that silver comes out of the ground at the ratio of 9:1 compared with gold and therefore it should be 1/9 of the price of gold. This is so crass, it beggars belief. Do I want to own shares in a company whose CEO does not understand the concept of price? Not really. Maybe he's good at running companies, though the share performance of First Majestic (FR.TO) and First Mining Gold (FF.TO) don't show evidence of this over the last five years.
  2. Wallbridge Mining +6% Osino Resources +10% Pure Gold Mining +14% Treasury Metals +10% At this rate, I should be starting a hedge fund. My best is ELY though. I bought it two years ago when it was tipped by Mickey Fulp and Greg McCoach at CAD 0.11. It turned ten-bagger today.
  3. Equinox looks promising - don't know much about the other two. I recall that Rick Rule and Marin Katusa both spoke highly of Equinox in a conference discussion in 2019. It also benefits from the participation of Ross Beatty, who has a magic touch when it comes to mining companies. Maybe a slight reservation because it has already doubled in the last year.
  4. Gold stocks may fall again if there is a substantial second leg down in the stock market, but equally they will probably recover quickly. After all, which of these two would you rather hold?
  5. Looks like today was catch-up day for silver miners. Avino Silver & Gold +29% Coeur Mining +18% First Majestic Silver +12% Fortuna Silver +20% Fresnillo +6% Hecla Mining +14% Hochschild Mining +9% MAG Silver +8% Pan American Silver +12% SilverCrest Metals +12%
  6. Many retail brokers don't cover very small cap companies that are listed on foreign exchanges. In the USA, Treasury Metals can be traded under the ticker TSRMF. In the UK you might try one of the bigger brokers such as Saxo. A lot of small miners are indeed dead ends and it is a risky type of investment. A fund, or some royalty companies is a less risky approach. As to the fundamentals, there is a good article from the Gold Report. In particular, this table from that article shows NAV sensitivity to gold price and suggests that the share price is cheap. The insider filings reveals that the directors own a lot of shares and are adding to their holdings at market price:
  7. Don't know anything about Greatland. Its price has quadrupled in the last six months, and usually good advice is don't chase. A really small junior I'm looking at (sub CAD$50 million market cap) is Treasury Metals (TML.TO). This company appears highly undervalued at the current gold price. Also, there has been a lot of insider buying by directors at the market price.
  8. Gold stocks only for me at the moment. Oils are cheap but it's still too early. Healthcare and pharma are probably OK, but again may be too early. On the London exchange, Highland Gold (HGM.L) and Centamin (CEY.L) are both paying about 5%.
  9. 440 pages about the history of gold. Sharps Pixley were giving this away to customers. Not sure if they still are.
  10. BAR owners are getting 0.71 WM shares for each BAR share - this is pretty nearly the ratio of the market prices, so it does not matter much which one you buy. There is a recent interview with the CEO of Osino that is worth watching if you are thinking of investing. Namibia seems to be one of the better jurisdictions in Africa. The management are hoping to sell the company, but they have the expertise to go into production if there is no buyer.
  11. Although I am mainly sticking to the royalty companies, I do have a small position in Wallbridge Mining (WM.TO), Osino Resources (OSI.V) and Pure Gold Mining (PGM.V).
  12. I'm not sure that Gold Mining Inc ever intend to go into production. They were set up as a kind of mineral bank company. The idea was to buy up assets on the cheap while the gold price is low; then do all the paperwork of getting permits and approvals so that the assets are de-risked, then sell them off to mining companies when the gold price picks up and the miners are desperate to acquire assets to replace their reserves. It's a clever idea and it might make a lot of money, but it depends on the big miners wanting to buy up non-producing assets in preference to taking over mining juniors who are already producing.
  13. The power of Eric Sprott: he was interviewed on the weekly "Sprott Money News Weekly Wrap-Up" and towards the end he mentioned a mining junior he was investing in called Freegold Ventures (FVL.TO). Within hours it closed up 52%. https://youtu.be/42Crzq1Yt-U?t=1554
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