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  1. I'm still optimistic on energy. Of the three stocks I bought earlier this year, DGOC.L renamed itself to Diversified Energy (DEC.L) and hasn't' done particularly well, though it is paying a 10% dividend, so I'm still hopeful. I3E.L has done pretty well and is paying a maiden dividend of 6%. RECO.V has been a star performer: my best this year.
  2. Has anyone looked at investing in funds that buy and trade carbon credits? I mean things like KraneShares Global Carbon ETF (KRBN). The idea is that carbon taxes and carbon credits are going to be a big deal in the next few years, and many companies are underestimating the impact. Companies that generate credits are currently selling them cheaply and may soon wake up to the idea that if they hold them for a year or two they will be worth a lot more. Companies that face carbon taxes will be increasingly incentivised to buy at ever higher prices. The prospect looks pretty good.
  3. Kodal is one of those investments that depends entirely on how you feel about the jurisdictional risk in West Africa. I'm not too keen myself, but to be fair, some countries are relatively safe. If you are looking for a more risky investment, EnviroLeach Technologies (ETI.CN) is develeoping a method for extracting gold from ore without using cyanide. This is potentially a big deal, since the risk of a cyanide spill and the cost of clean-up is an expensive matter for miners, and in some cases a miner may not get a permit if the risk is considered too great. The investment thesis is that if
  4. There is an interesting follow-up to the issue of the new Basel rules. It is explained in an article written by Alasdair MacLeod and published on the GoldMoney website. Under the new rules, which come into force in Europe at the end of June, and in the UK on 1st Jan 2022, the following provisions apply: unallocated gold which banks hold on behalf of customers will not count towards reserves; unallocated gold which the banks buy from LBMA or other sources only count towards reserves at the rate of 85%; when banks hold both, i.e. unallocated gold as a liability and also as an
  5. From www.321gold.com. Gold retraced nearly 50% in the middle of the 1970s bull market. It did the same in 2015. If the pattern is similar, there is still plenty of room for a further run.
  6. Relative performance of growth (high P/E) stocks vs. value (low P/E) stocks. Looks like we may be coming to the end of the current growth run.
  7. I don't think you can get the same exemption with eagles. You could try moving to a jurisdiction with no CGT.
  8. So, you sold your kids and your missus to buy silver? That's dedication. Coins are usually slightly more expensive than bars for the same weight, but many people prefer coins because they are easier to trade and easier to check for being genuine. Since you are in the UK, britannia coins have the advantage that they do not attract capital gains tax. The same goes for the Queen's Beasts series, which you might still be able to get hold of, though the earlier ones are now attracting a price premium. Once you get the hang of which coins tend to be desirable, you might also like to buy mu
  9. There is a new Uranium royalty company (UROY) as of last week. I don't know much about it.
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