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  1. No apologies needed payday for me is Monday. Prices looking good 😎
  2. Gold and Silver finally joining the dip? @James32
  3. They keep coming in small batches to Atkinsons I think.
  4. It says it will be the shareholders who will be holding the bag first not the tax payer. So when it says the debt holder will be the new share holder I guess it means those who were the existing share holders. But why would you want to be a shareholder in a company that is winding down to end.
  5. https://www.bankofengland.co.uk/news/2022/june/resolvability-assessment-of-major-uk-banks-2022 interesting read
  6. Thank you I imagine they let countries like Italy die to save the European dream. Interesting.
  7. @CaptCaveMan Just getting started indeed.
  8. I think I have seen 2 or 3 cycles of this now. In the end they post all of their stuff on here at a heavy loss for us to buy.
  9. @EdwardTeach I think people have been taught backwards. We have just spent over a year at all time highs and everyone buying like no tomorrow. This is the best time to buy. If you liked any prices since march 2020. Then these prices are a lot nicer.
  10. @James32 Dare I say gold joining the crash 😎
  11. I am in the same boat mate I bought 5 sovs at £32k/btc. But I am happy to hold the rest till the next bull run. And hopefully add a lot at low levels.
  12. I am thinking of a topic along the lines of sold all my gold to go all in on stonks and crypto
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