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  1. Decided I am not going to grade my 4 coin set. It is the first time I have ever had one and looks great in the box on my desk. Grading prices going up to like everything else I have seen.
  2. I would say in my opinion gold may go the same way if recession is inbound. No expert though.
  3. @Darr3nG Congrats. Mine should be with me tomorrow. All going for grading?
  4. Mine arrived today. Definitely going to be trying for as many of these as possible this year.
  5. Mine is coming via Royal mail. Always does not sure if its because I’m in Scotland.
  6. @watchesandwhisky My 4 coin set was dispatched today. Be careful and check your emails. I had to phone up and reverify my card because of the length of time, the authorisation had dropped off. This might be an issue with second engraver coin to I feel.
  7. 2020 bullion sov for sale in capsules. Price: £328 + your choice of postage. Payment by Bank transfer Thanks for looking.
  8. @kimchi Even though its even more premium i’m quite liking these blister packs the RM are coming out with. I suppose another slab for the coins but another step towards easier guarantee its real when buying.
  9. Anyone know when Harrington & Byrne offer sovs are shipping?
  10. @kimchi tried to quote you but not happening on my phone. I’ll be doing the exact same 👍
  11. @kimchi Only thing Ive been looking forward to this month 😂
  12. Thats going to be a gutter if we don’t end up with the 4 coin set after waiting all this time
  13. oh. What like made at all or made yet. Seen a few on FB the last few days.
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