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  1. This has happened before. IMO: There were the price increases which brought in many new members. They have been buying like mad and now realising nothing is going to the moon. So now tapering off.
  2. I use Brit tubes and capsule. Fit snug and doesn't take up too much room. 16 per tube.
  3. If seeing this thread from now on just to make it easiest for both of us if you could just: 1. PM me title. Pokemon Cards 2. Say how many kids. 3. Address. I will then get around to it and when it arrives if you are happy could you PM me and Ill send bank details for postage cost. It is currently £1 per kid. Easiest and cheapest to send in separate parcels that I can get a big stamp for.
  4. @Arbkev @arcticfox Both should be with you next week sometime 👍👍
  5. @SilverJacks Ill go all out here and tell you that you will get one easily.
  6. YeH anyone expecting a three graces return on this i’m sad to say it will be a let down. As @LawrenceChard has said special year sovs are not too special.
  7. @arcticfox Drop me a pm and ill get you some out on Friday mate. Just pm address and ill send it once you receive it if you could pay postage thatd be great. Also include how many kids.
  8. @Arbkev Drop me a pm of your address and Ill send you a bundle on Friday.
  9. @Foster88 Buy sleeves for all of the holo cards. Don’t handle too much.
  10. No problem. @Foster88 If you ever need help understanding what you've got give me a pm. Not something I would sell. Id get it graded and keep nice nostalgia
  11. @Foster88 Yes they will all have value even if they are not pack fresh. it will take some time to value them all but well worth it and do not sell them as a lot. Grading also improved value heavily.
  12. Kb coins is a good place to look 👍
  13. @Paul not bad at all 😎 @Booky586 I used to feel that way but i’m more convinced everyday in the long term we will do well so I hope for price drops at any point
  14. £1,269. Nice dip hopefully continues into next week for payday!
  15. Do you know. I was looking on the New Zealand mint at some they had in stock and it says free worldwide shipping. Then I type in my address and it says does not ship to this location? is this just because they are currently in lockdown
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