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  1. Looking for 2. 2021 Silver Pandas. Just wanted to see if anyone can beat dealer prices before I go there to buy. Thanks
  2. Selling for a friend. Will be posted Wednesday. Special delivery included. Price: £2,000 Bank transfer please. COA, Box and capsule included. Open to offers as well. Thanks
  3. I believe the forum is still a good place to sell and if selling in bulk I'm sure you will find a buyer on here. Not too sure on values though for this kind of stuff but have seen it sell on here before.
  4. 1oz of 999 Silver in these small glass jars. Price: £23.50 + postage of your choice. Payment by bank transfer. SOLD OUT Thank you.
  5. HI. If saving for a house and you can save 15k per year. Then 2 years in the LISA you will have a large deposit. I guess you live in England so it will be more expensive than here in Scotland. Most places these days look for 5% deposit a bit less lately due to covid but it will come back. Having 30k deposit should well cover that? Also if you plan to move out in the next 2-3 years then all of your savings should be allocated to cash. Its too short a time frame for any level on investment. Id say 100% cash until you have the house.
  6. Price - £2,250 including SD delivery. Payment by BT. Thanks for looking.
  7. Looking to pay about £950. Let me know Thank you.
  8. Price: £2,230 Includes Royal Mail SD Bank transfer only. If you need more pics Let me know. Thanks
  9. Price: £1,450 Includes SD delivery. Payment by BT Thanks
  10. @Pete a) due to the success of the first in the series momentum continued into this coin. Same series another great design. b) This coin compared to others.Due to instant sell out there was 0 chance of losing investment. Supply and demand. Low supply high demand. c) market has shot up again due to the success of the first coin. It took months to realise market price. This one didn’t need months as there was an example on the market. Only a very high mintage could have changed that. D) No e) Depends what value you mean. £2,500. Most likely not. More than £1000 certainly
  11. New coin day. This is the 1 sov the others are too small to bother taking a pic of. Also got my mr men coin with no marks
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