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  1. Is this the reason for the silver I’ve been buying off you 🤣
  2. Just a nice panda to add to the tube thanks too @Spark268 🙂
  3. Welcome my friend!
  4. Your all right! It’s a shame I can’t go to a local shop and look at coins or bullion and talk to a human-being about them, it would add a lot more enjoyment to the hobby
  5. Yeah PayPal wouldn’t do it either, can’t remember the reason was a long time ago now
  6. I missed the window, it slipped threw the net and i realised a few months later, it was a lesson worth learning always be vigilant, I won’t let it happen again that’s for sure 😒 but I did report the seller that’s all I could do by that point
  7. Today I received the third coin in the black flag series which I didn’t want as the thought the design was awful compared to the original two in the series, but in the end I felt obligated to get it. Now it’s in my hand I have to say I’m glad I changed my mind it is growing on me 😆 Any thoughts on this one.....?
  8. If you can find one and afford one The Sigma Metalytics Precious Metal Verifier is a no brainer 😇
  9. I’ve sold all the raw ones now, but I will have two graded ones to sell in a few weeks or so
  10. What I tell myself
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