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  1. @LawrenceChard what say you? Does your magical XRF machine turn away .999 Silver???
  2. @LawrenceChard if you were to purchase one, and put it under you very many tests... just saying... very pretty lump!
  3. Does it matter? Either you are going to go all-in for the 10 (demonination/metal) on offer, and "accept" whatever the Royal Mint throws at you, or just wait and see. I'm good, either way. Loving the Panther! (remember how cool Panthero was from Thunder Cats?)
  4. Just got a text and email, from Royal Mail, saying my delivery from TRM Ltd. (Google: "an expert remediation contractor working on contaminated land and brownfield projects throughout the UK and Ireland") is on the way... I'm hoping it's my 1/4oz, but it may be that piece of sod/turf from Sellafield I ordered
  5. According to [https://www.royalmint.com/our-coins/ranges/the-royal-tudor-beasts/quarter-ounce-gold-proof-coin-ten-coin-series/] "Free postage – look forward to receiving each coin with no postage to pay" The email receipt also lists the delivery total as £0.00 I'm thinking the £5 was the postage charge for the earlier (failed) attempt at buying the 1oz silver proof, which does not appear to have processed correctly. I'll call / email tomorrow.
  6. Just got a notification that payment for the 1/4oz has now been taken, the full £650, so now very confused over the earlier £5 charge...
  7. Yeah, got notified about a £5 charge too. Attempted to order the 1oz proof silver after 09:00 (no queue), got to the payment stage, appeared to go through, but no success screen or follow-up email. I then went back in (after 5mins in queue) and ordered the 1/4oz 10-coin series option, this one went through and I got an email acknowledgement - it was soon after this, I got the £5 notification alert. I'm gonna wait until things calm a bit and email the RM to see what's up.
  8. Correct, they both contain 1/2oz of gold; the overall (gross) weight of the krugerrand coin is a bit more.
  9. Indeed, and their best price sovereign works out at even better value. Way to go ATS
  10. [https://www.atsbullion.com/fractional-gold-coins/12-ounce-krugerrand-gold-coin] Great price for 1/2oz ... even better for 2
  11. Looking forward to this... there are some fantastic UK silver pourers, making some wonderful pieces - your pours look equally as good, I'll be waiting patiently for the new year
  12. approx. 155 x 2021 bullion grade - I think that would be a great retirement investment
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