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  1. Darr3nG

    for exchange (By Platinum Member) 4 x 10oz Bars++ trading for Gold

    Trade offer updated and still available
  2. Hi @peninsulahcap, As you can see from this thread, your website and practices share many of the same "red-flag" tells, as known scammers on the Internet. There are a few ways you could refute this, but instead you have chosen to engage directly, offering to meet, in person at an as-yet fictitious address (another red-flag tell)! Your prices appear too good to be true - you have stated multiple times that your script / developer is at fault. How can you run a business, this way? Will you honour the listed price, if found to be incorrect? You state that your company is part o
  3. From their website: Peninsula House Capital 12 Guild Street LONDON NW1 3TN Again, not on Google Maps... Strange?
  4. I see what you did there!
  5. Darr3nG

    for exchange (By Platinum Member) 4 x 10oz Bars++ trading for Gold

    Although there is a bit of premium on the Gairsoppa Bar, the current trade deal is closer to 4.5 Sovs, so I will add 4 x Bullion grade Mexican Libs to sweeten the deal (2009, 2 x 2015, 2017).
  6. This is a real TSF event... I have my bars and still watch to see the scramble and other folk getting theirs! So much fun
  7. It really messes up with any kind of basic web scraping - ah well, their loss!
  8. According to my view, Karl's bid landed on/after 19:00, but I'm happy for his bid to stand, it was a much better offer too!
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