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  1. Darr3nG

    Gold Bars Seized

    [https://www.nationalcrimeagency.gov.uk/news/gold-bars-seized-from-money-laundering-network] I wonder if/where the NCA auctions their stuff...
  2. Right now on ebay, it would cost £960 to pick up a full set (11) based on the lowest buy-it-now prices + post for the individual coins: Lion of England (£79.99) Griffin (£135.00) Red Dragon (£94.99) Black Bull (£82.70) Unicorn (£99.95) Yale (£124.95) Falcon (£78.23) White Lion (£65.00) White Horse (£69.99) Greyhound (£64.69) Completer (£64.70) 10-coin sets were selling on here for £650 in December. That should set your expected price range, which isn't far away from the prices already given in the thread, so far.
  3. Expecting, or hoping? Could be a separate 5-coin set, if you really really want...
  4. or sell to another forum member at cost (plus reasonable amount) will gain you so much good juju
  5. I'm considering calling them to see if they would accept some kind of "proof" of ownership of the 1st coin, but not holding out much hope
  6. Only thing is, if I hold one half of a potential matched pair and someone else the other - who blinks first? I've been know to be very stubborn
  7. I've bought all mine on the secondary market, so am gonna get properly gouged now when looking to pick up the next coin! I had thought there would be a small chance of a low queue number!
  8. I wonder how we would accurately determine any imperfections on hammered finish of this latest coin - probably need a high-resolution image of the original, for comparison.
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