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  1. approx. 155 x 2021 bullion grade - I think that would be a great retirement investment
  2. Yup, any junk or .925 silver at spot or less, but focussing on gold right now (still fond of some hand-poured .999 silver though... it's my weakness)
  3. You know you want it, @LawrenceChard - be a nice one for your collection!
  4. Darr3nG


    [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sKOhq7VQ-vk] Agreed, time to make sure my stack includes some "instructions for sale" ( #1: TSF Membership )
  5. Darr3nG

    Worth grading?

    I bought up a 1/2oz Krug, recently from ATS Bullion, a few % over spot (unseen, no pics). This is what arrived - a 1992 Proof: It's not perfect, there are a few small marks but nothing major. Don't know if it's surface dust and I don't want to open the capsule. According to SA Mint, there were only 1501 produced that year, and only in proof. Do you think it's worth sending for grading? Would it help any potential resale value?
  6. Interesting... the various in-line connections look similar to other belts / ropes use on horses. A variation on this idea... a sporran chain from a Scottish Kilt?
  7. @ilovesilverireallydo - do the trailing hands clasp one another, or are they made to hold something else?
  8. Thought this too, but most of those I've seen in action have 3 or 4 chains (for stability) and some way of being able to lift the lid. I'm sure the collective minds of TSF are only a few posts away from solving this one!
  9. Beautiful! Yes, please. PM incoming...
  10. Just asked my missus to take a look, and straight away she said, "it's a chain for reading glasses" and that was even before she saw the little hands. Sounds right?
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