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  1. Dear H&B, I have been trying to purchase one of your fine proof coins, but am unable due to my account being suspended. I have subsequently purchased the same coin from another vendor. Yours (very) sincerely...
  2. Do you get 11 copies of each of their letters in the post?
  3. Darr3nG

    The coming Gold crash

    Interesting graph: OPs thread contributions plotted against gold spot in dollars (trendline also included)
  4. Cheers to @Pete for pointing this one out, so I could update the comparision site: [https://atkinsonsbullion.com/gold/gold-coins/sovereign-gold-coins/pre-owned-uk-half-gold-sovereign-mixed-dates] Half Sovereign, under 8% - great price
  5. 1/4 Britannia added, but the 1/2oz random has nowhere to live on the site...
  6. How is this allowed? Wow! I'm shocked. And many of the listings have bids, too!
  7. I have noticed that some people are using screenshots from the site, to enhance their sales listings, by comparing their prices against the vendors listed there. I have also noticed that the site is getting a lot of new visitors, each day - I'm guessing many of the newer members of the Silver Forum, and perhaps some of the more established ones, seeing those screenshots in trade listings and asking about the source. I have no issue with anyone using the site in this way and, in fact, fully support sharing this information. After all, I am just re-listing the original vendors' prices from their own websites. I use this resource, myself and share it freely and openly with everyone here, who wishes to use it. I would, however, like to address some issues / concerns which have come up recently, and provide a bit of advice and feedback to anyone who may not have read this full thread: The web script pulls the prices directly from a hard-coded list of URLs - I attempt to keep this list up-to-date but it's not always possible, so there may be examples of better prices from some sites which I have not found or captured. Feedback is always welcome, either directly on this thread or by private message, to help maintain relevance and accuracy. I have not included a Sovereign price from H&B, although they are often the cheapest. Their website changes too often, to auto-pull the most recent price. They also impose a restriction on the number of coins which can be purchased per household / per year, so it would be an unfair comparison. The current site mixes 2020 prices with Best-Value prices, in many cases. I originally just chose to compare whichever was cheapest on the day. I am playing with some new code, which can display these prices separately [check it out here], at least for the more popular coins (full sovs for now, more will be added later). Please, please, please... always verify / validate any price yourself, before making any purchasing decisions - I can not be held responsible for any mistakes or incorrect prices listed. As always, please feel free to contact me with suggestions or feedback to improve the site.
  8. Darr3nG

    The coming Gold crash

  9. Recently picked up 8 x QBs in a fantastic trade deal, but now the completionist in me needs a Griffin... The rest look so lonely without him! Tried ebay, and always get sniped at the end. Don't fancy the £80+ BIN lots. Willing to pay ~£65 (inc. capsule and post), or trade for mixed bullion / premium silver / junk silver. PM with any deals / offers. Sample trade offers: 3 x Great British Coin Hunt Silver Proof 10p coins (letters I, L & W) or Wallace & Gromit Silver Proof 50p + one of the 10p's or ~$4.30 in US Junk (10s, 25s, 50s) ~~ 3oz SIlver or ... let's talk - you know I like a good trade deal!
  10. I'm afraid that's Gold only - the poster asked about a similar site for UK silver prices. I have been talking recently with another forum member is currently working on something, which may just provide this...
  11. Just put my order in, hopefully the payment has processed correctly - I always get worried about how my online banking processes foreign transactions (the real-time statement doesn't automatically update). Really looking forward to getting these. Thanks for the heads-up.
  12. If there is someone on here from BBP - thank you for a wonderful service. Ordered yesterday, arrived this morning. Perfect coin.
  13. A year, sitting in the corner? How much popcorn you got?
  14. Thank you. Way more lively than those Home's Under the Hammer auctions from the tele...
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