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  1. Must stop buying, must stop buying... close to spot price, you say? Go on, then! Cheeky little 1/2oz from HGM and a couple of sterling crowns from @MikeSol
  2. HGM have a great price on a half brit ~5.0% over spot [https://www.hattongardenmetals.com/buy/half-gold-britannia]
  3. The absolute rotters!
  4. I didnt think so, until I made a sale where the condition of the "bullion" (pre-owned) coins caused an issue - enough for the buyer to message me with a complaint... Initially, I was upset and offered to refund and pay for the return - but, that offer was not accepted. After that, I always state (and offer more photos of) the coin condition. You cannot account for buyer's expectation, so should always go to the extreme to describe the condition (scratches, dings, milk spots, and all). For some people, bullion condition = defect free, uncirculated. For others, it means it's weigh
  5. Nice little addition to the stack, no-fuss and great price from ATS Bullion.
  6. Beautiful... My sales guy had done his homework... "I can see you have only bought bullion..." BUT "Yes, I'm only looking to purchase the cheapest gold on the market... "
  7. I use mine to light my wood burner, the quality in their paper stock is better than most firelighters!
  8. I called them straight away and they sorted everything over the phone. The sales guy just confirmed with accounts dept. that the money had been taken, and manually added the order to my account. He did try to up-sell some proof coins, but I just said, "cheap bullion only!" It sounds like they've got some IT issues, when this many people are experiencing the same thing. Or, maybe they want people to call, for the up-sell???
  9. Just ordered, but there was a problem after paying on the website... payment was taken, but the order didn't appear on my account. Called their free-phone number and the sales team sorted eveything in a few minutes. I have to say, their customer service is excellent. Now to find some other members of my family to purchase a coin...
  10. Great exchange rate - good luck with the trade
  11. Only buying sterling flatware at spot and some nice hand-poured stuff - can't justify the premiums on bullion. Fully committed to buying gold, now.
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