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  1. Apologies for the delayed dealer feedback. Wonderful service and great comms. Very trustworthy dealer. Buy in confidence.
  2. Darr3nG

    advice please

    @Pete ^this. Even if they're an established seller, it takes a lot of trust. While a bit easier, there have been times when even the specialists have been caught. Perhaps, an email to them, outining your concerns and possibly some option of return?
  3. Cashed some £s out of BTC today, going straight into gold (sovs) when it clears into the Bank... hopefully gold spot will have dropped a few points by then.
  4. I'm planning to keep stacking Gold (sovereigns) at whatever spot price, throughout 2021. If the GSR falls below 70, I'll offer up some more silver for gold trades too.
  5. So beautiful! Very lucky grandkids! Happy Christmas!
  6. Christmas raffle prize, hand-delivered by @Abyss. Thank you, my friend.
  7. ^This. Glad to know I'm not the only one. While I know what my physical investment is, I don't factor it in when considering my current finances.
  8. Possibly... cheap gold is cheap gold, in any format!
  9. I'm in... 3 x 2018 UK 10p Silver Proof Coins from the Royal Mint's Great British Coin Hunt series. Almost the season of GOOD[W][I][L]L (and a 2012 1/2oz Lunar Dragon to make it over an ounce of silver)
  10. ^exactly this. I've traded a lot of silver for gold and rarely (if ever) consider the reported GSR - I tend to check out the prevailing sale prices from the forum Buy & Sell and set my offer accordingly.
  11. Darr3nG

    Exit strategy?

    8% isn't unheard of for Britannias and QBs Some recent prices:
  12. Darr3nG

    for exchange (By Platinum Member) 4 x 10oz Bars++ trading for Gold

    Trade offer updated and still available
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