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  1. No idea. But, when I started stacking silver I touched/held every piece I bought (long before knowing anything about proof/BU/etc.)... loved it... there's something really nice about holding pure silver (or gold) in your hand. One of the first sales I had was here on the forum, and the buyer was very upset that the "bullion" silver was handled/tarnished, but when offered a full refund on return didn't accept. My advice is, if you intend to sell it for profit in the future the more "mint" in packaging it is, the better. Same price, but no hassle!
  2. Absolutely not. Keep it in the mint packaging, unless you have no plan to sell...
  3. Harry Potter is Wonga? What??? It makes total sense...
  4. @LawrenceChard know nothing - he lives in Blackpool, runs a small coinsouvenir shop.
  5. Darr3nG

    Dealer buy back.

    Epically Biblical
  6. I tried that, last week in Blackpool... still nothing!
  7. Darr3nG

    Dealer buy back.

    That's because you were dressed in your budgie smugglers, like your profile pic... I read it in the Pontyclun Times
  8. First piece of advice is ignore the actual Gold : Silver ratio and focus more on the real "trading" ratio (with premiums)... Step 1: What is the cheapest gold ounce you can buy? Usually a Krugerrand for about 3% over spot. Step 2: From the Buy/Sell section of the forum, work out the going rate for 1oz Silver, based on current sales of full bullion tubes. Step 3: Use that as your swap ratio, and figure out if it works for you... Example: Right now a 1oz Krug is for sale @ £1560 and 1oz Silver is approx. £24/ounce - Trading Ratio = 64:1 Go one further and work out the the Sovereign to 1oz Silver Ratio... approx. 16:1 I have traded both ways, using this method and it worked really well - I possibly did it at the right time, but I was originally swapping sovereigns for 20oz Silver, and a few months later swapping back at 15/16:1 (free silver for me ) Good Luck! It takes patience and good timing, but can be done.
  9. Darr3nG

    Dealer buy back.

    Oi! @LawrenceChard where's my watch???
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