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  1. You'd need to wait a month - this payday will only clear the Gold/Silver bill for May!
  2. Wow! Fantastic price... and so close to payday...
  3. Just saw on my bank statement, that I got caught for a foreign transaction fee (initial payment on a different card got rejected)... +£9.53!!!! This 1/4oz (troy or ?) just got a bit more expensive - still, it's gold, so I'm happy(er)
  4. Nice one, @TheApe - just ordered one. It'll go great with my 1966 10-Shilling Worked out at ~6.5% over spot, delivered to UK. Not bad for a low-mintage proof!
  5. This has been requested before and it's a tough one, though I have tried (and still do, every so often). The main reason being that most people source their more-generic (i.e. popular) silver coins, in bulk, from the same 2-3 european sites, due to the UK VAT situation. This means trying to compare individual coin prices in €uro (possibly converting) and accounting for price breaks, due to the large(ish) delivery charges. I couldn't get a like-for-like comparison which gave a true measure of value. I could just limit it to UK vendors, but I don't think anyone would use it to buy from them - it would only highlight how much cheaper the coins are, elsewhere! I am intending to create a variation of the site for the US silver coin market, where I just have to account for individual state taxes (watch this space, US members )
  6. A lot of changes happening over at The Royal Mint website - I've just made a few changes to grab prices from the updated pages. Let me know if you see / find any issues.
  7. I have seen them come and go in the Buy & Sell forum, paid little attention. Saw a few closeup pictures today and now I want them all!!! This is gonna cost me so much.
  8. Thank you @adamthetaller - I never appreciated how stunning these 'Big Five' coins were before, having only seen listings with them in their plastic wrap / card. Wow! I so want to get my hands on them now!
  9. https://www.hattongardenmetals.com/buy/gold-canadian-maple-leaf-1oz Seems a good deal for an once of gold...
  10. Cheers to @SovUK for pointing out goldinvestments.co.uk have updated their Free Shipping Policy, changing the minimum qualifying order value to £150. Just made a quick update Compare Gold Prices (UK) and this change makes them very attractive for some of the smaller coins on offer (Half Sovs and 1/4oz Philies & Maples).
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