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  1. Still in wrapper , sell as roll only (not antique version but bullion one) have two x20 coins available £1,100 per roll delivered will take £2k for both rolls. bank transfer only for both sides protection. happy to swap numbers for facetime to show coins once sale agreed. Good long term investment photo of one below
  2. LongJohnSilver


    Anyone dealt with them? I have not had a good recent experience but wondered if this were typical or not?
  3. See they were available at midnight, anyone else got any ? I ordered small amount of the bullion and some of the antique finish. Very very pricey but I recall with much nostalgia the race to get the proof versions when they came out. Not a stacker's option but hopefully will hold value, if not Im pretty sure they'll be lovely to own as BU coins go. Then again, my favourite BU coins are Philharmonics so you might not want to trust my taste
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