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  1. Was some days out, therefore I wasn't able to share my views on the topic. The client who started this thread had only one order in our shop begin of June. The first order was 6 oz, the second order which he cancelled was only 13 oz of bullion (not 25 ! ) In German law you can exclude cancelation for bullion coins, not for collector coins. As I am selling a lot of collector coins, I offer cancelation for everything - makes it much easier. As one member said the most of shops excluding cancelation or return for every kind of PM. It happens very often that people buying in my shop
  2. Should be in range 22,50 to 23 - but not sure if I will list this as it seems not that interesting as just medal and no mintage limt
  3. Unfortunately it is unliimited and just a medal - therefore regular taxed and no margin taxed advantage as a coin (within Germany)
  4. 1 oz Silver BU version available now as well...
  5. These is what some coins look like Mint would say - Bullion quality - coming loose in a tube But not all coins are looking like the pics above
  6. 8 coins within 4 years - First is Wooly Mammoth 3 sizes: 1 oz Silver BU - mintage 15.000 1 Kilo Silver BU - mintage 1.000 (coin is individually numbered) 1 oz Gold Proof - mintage 1.000 (coin is individually numbered)
  7. First coin in the new series "Celtic Animals" will be Irish Red Deer. Mintage 5000
  8. I have heard two coins a year, but very unlikely they are coming with second this year
  9. We will see as it will be a series with the 5 Celestial Animals (Feng Shui). So the other 4 coins will be different from a Dragon for sure (White Tiger, Red Phoenix, Yellow Snake and Black Turtle)
  10. New Series in Silver and Gold - Celestial Animals Niue First coin is GREEN Dragon mintage: 10.000 silver BU and 100 for the gold version
  11. there are offers out for less than CoinConnections prices 😉 Added 0 minutes later...
  12. Royal Australian Mint & LPM issued the first coin in the Australian Shipwrecks Series - Batavia 4 coins in the series are planned First ever silver triangular silver bullion coin - mintage 20.000 - comes in capsule Gold version issued as well - mintage just 250 pieces - comes in capsule, box & COA
  13. You can order proof Libertad sets from the shop - insured shipping to UK are 18 Euros up too 500 Euros total value
  14. The coin was issued today and is available worldwide...
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