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Are we going to see smaller gold coins rise in popularity?


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IMO we’ve already been seeing this over the last few years. Smaller gold pieces are much more in demand. Many people can’t afford an ounce of gold anymore.

Rest assured the spot price will come down once the world has recovered from the initial shock of the turmoil in the Middle East. I’m personally not buying any precious metals for at least another month.

Personally I’d never buy any gold below 1/10 oz due to the crazy high premiums. Your chances of recouping your investment within a reasonable time span is slim to none.

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I think if you can get smaller fractional coins for the same price as larger, the sensible solution would be to buy the smaller. I have seen many half sovereigns sell for half the price of a full. 

Never Chase and Never Regret 

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If the price keeps on an upward trajectory for sustained period of time, I do see folks who are in accumulation mode buying smaller bits and pieces but also the premiums on fractional coming down also. Anyone who is selling and seeing a 100% profit, should not be too concerned at wringing every penny out, that’s the way I view it anyways. 

“Nowadays people know the price of everything and the value of nothing.” Oscillate Wildly

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44 minutes ago, Petra said:

Trouble at the moment with small bits is that postage costs put the overall costs up proportionately more🤔🫢

Yeah, I had to give free postage with my Brits when I sold them.  Might be worth considering offering half price or free postage to kickstart sales.

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Although🤔😮…. There have been small proofs on here that are not far off what bullion versions are going for elsewhere 😮 I think though with smaller stuff you have to be careful what you get. Personally, I concentrate on full and half sovereigns, 1/10 Britannia and some other nice 1/10ths such as the Australian ones.

1 minute ago, flyingveepixie said:

Yeah, I had to give free postage with my Brits when I sold them.  Might be worth considering offering half price or free postage to kickstart sales.

🤔👍👍Any more like that🤔😃but … yes, a great idea.

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6 minutes ago, pricha said:

Conversely premiums on 1oz should decrease while premiums on say half sovereigns would increase , to the point where a half sovereign would cost almost the same as an oz of gold... 



Or maybe not 🤪


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Essentially, yes.

if gold goes significantly higher we might see the premiums on fractionals adjust closer to those which we see for bullion Sovs.

A bullion Sov at 400 is pricey for lots of people, a half might more palatable. Same for 10th Brits.

Not my circus, not my monkeys

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22 hours ago, Paul said:

We are a funny bunch us stackers. 

We were still moaning and groaning spot should be so much higher when it was £800z not so many years back 

Why weren't we selling the family silver to stock up on gold if we knew it was going to double in next 6-7 years  

Now I'm a good decade and half into this stacking experiment I now come to realise most folk are only ever on "now o'clock"

I will still be buying, these prices now as just "the new normal" ultimately, I'm converting depreciating fiat into gold

net results, i will have an increased holding of gold. than I did last month  

Spot can do what it likes, it will only be relevant when it comes to time I choose to cash out in my twilight years, in 20+ years time

If the steady uptrend in gold continues & unlimited fiat printed funny money printed we should be around the £10,000oz by then  (hopefully)

Bingo, anyone stacking PM’s has to be anticipating for them to rise, waking up one morning and balking they can’t afford it then this game wasn’t for them in the first place.  

“now o’clock”  no true a world spoken.    There’s loads going to be shaken out of the PM market as inflation is tearing them a new one.   


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