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  1. Hello @Paulm123456, I bought these sets 2/3 years ago for 1300/1400€ . I had both the 2001 and this 2003 kilo set and did broke them selling the kilos first and then the 10ozs. I sold the kilos for around 750€ 2 years ago (I think around 900€ today) the 10 oz 2001 for 270€ 4 months ago, and the 10oz 2003 for 350€ 2 months ago. They were listed on ebay for months. (but at higher prices around 450€ initially tbh) I keep the 1 and 2oz, but It's difficult to sell these coins alone without a COA and box. The way to go is selling the entire set or grade the coins individually, but I don't think to be a real good flip. With all the coins and series coming out, I don't know if the Kookaburras are still really sought after. They are nice classics but probably a niche market (at least for the kilos) and you have to find the right buyers for them. I forgot to say that I also had the 10oz 3 coins proof set 1995 (10,2,1oz), and sold it for 460€ after months listed on ebay.. These are beautiful sets anyway and probably keepers for collectors Hope this help you, but from my experience, don't buy it too high
  2. £100000 or £999999 ? 😄 I hope you will not regret to sell it too early Paul ! 😁
  3. I don't know where the market for Gold Unas is, and only auctions give us a clue. The price asked by this Japanese dealer is very interesting, but this is the buyers who will make the price. £ 75,000 is just wishful thinking at the moment. But at these levels, there are certainly flippers who would be motivated to arbitrate their Gold Una for +50 ounce of gold. Of course, if demand remains strong and the Unas remain in strong collectors hands, then we could witness even more amazing prices in the future. The second in the serie could even boosts the prices of these Unas, both gold and silver. (Think that 3000 mintage is low for such a classic design, and moreover with a lot of defective coins, this could strongly increase their desirability) . In my opinion, unlike other series, whatever the quality or the interest for the second design to come will be, the Una is a design so powerful that it will shine on its own.
  4. Hello everybody, and @Paul 😉 To keep things updated about the gold Una, I have found only one gold coin for sale in Japan (COA 103) for 9900000Yen, around £ 75000 ! Nice price ! https://gold-coin.jp/shopdetail/000000003043/
  5. We only think about old and classic designs, but why we could not consider modern engravers ? I think about Jody Clark and his 2014 Britannia as an example. Would love to think about this modern design in this serie
  6. Yes the shot is from your video, thank you. However It is a pity to enjoy it with these video effects (just a constructive criticism 😉)
  7. I have seen a video of this coin, and it's way way more beautiful in hand, with subtil shades between frosted and shiny areas. First in a serie and under the radar for the moment definitely a winner for me, I will grab a roll. Edit : here is the picture from youtube
  8. Amazing set though I can't understand why they did not do well until now. It's really unique and beautiful pieces of Art. Thanks for the pictures
  9. I didn't notice that silver has skyrocketed ! Ok, this is a high premium coin Better to hurry before they sell out !
  10. Intéressant mais malheureusement, je ne connais pas. Par contre ils semblent eux aussi en rupture de stock. Bienvenu sur le forum !
  11. Yes, Richard, but I will not get it before mid may due to covid (the seller is in Rome and the coin is localised in Milan) so I will be a little bit anxious about getting it
  12. It seems that you got my coin Richard , I was on the fence buying it but you were faster than me ! I will try to consolate myself with a Krug 1oz 2017 proof at spot+13%, not too bad as this is the same price for pure bullion coins sold by dealers actually. However I don't have it in hand and I hope that everything will be fine with this transaction Congratulations for your purchase anyway !
  13. There is something odd that I don't get, reading Mr Maloney : He says, before the monetary crisis, that a pair of shoes costed 12 marks and 1oz gold value was 100marks/oz so around 1/10oz gold for a pair of shoes. Then at the end ,after hyperinflation, these shoes would have cost 30 trillions marks and 1oz of gold, 87 trillions mark, so an equivallent around 1/3 oz of gold for a pair of shoes, or 3 pair of shoes for 1oz gold... You could have bought a House for 3 oz of gold, so 9 pairs of shoes if my math is correct. Conclusion : It seems better to invest in shoes than gold 😄
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