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  1. Yes and surprisingly, a graded 69 was sold less than 1 hour before for half that price (£1360). The buyer has made a nice deal, but I don't understand how this coin has been under the radar
  2. Here is the new Panda 2021. I like it !
  3. Hard to say. Looking at the pictures I can say that they are differents. Difficult to say for the coin itself, but the capsules are different. Note that, I have already bought from this seller and everything went flawlessly
  4. An heir found 100 kg of gold in the form of 5000 coins, 2x 12 kg bars and 37x 1 kg ingots in an inherited house in Normandy. Value around 3.5 million euros. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-38072135
  5. Congratulations to the Una's sellers, These results are outstanding ! Both the silver and Gold Unas are the clear winners but the silver 70 is clearly well ahead with a hefty x30 in 9 months ! Not bad ! The Gold Una though the sold price is outstanding, is second with x15, followed by the 69 silver Una with a more than honorable x13 !! Though the august auction (Heritage) was the catalizer of exploding prices with a Silver Una 70 sold at +£ 10000, I notice that silver prices are more erratic and moreover almost 2 times lower today, while the gold Una prices are steadily risi
  6. This is a great achievment and certainly a nice satisfaction Richard, and so beautiful coins ! Thank you to share it with us.
  7. Hello @Paul, thank you for the reminder, and yes of course I follow the Una market ! I didn't notice it in the coming Coin cabinet auction . This will be interesting as we have really scarce datas from the market (this is good new to see these Unas in strong hands!) It will also be interesting to track the auction prices of the 2 silver Unas (PF69 and PF70) (lot 274 &275 if i am correct) The only other gold Una I follow is in Japan and I noticed that they rose the price from 9900000 JPY to 14900000 JPY (from € 80000 € to €120000 ) !! but not sold yet ! https://gold-coin.jp/
  8. For me, silver and gold are in a corrective wave after the last bullish move. The correction seems to be sideway, but a retracement for gold around 1800/1840 usd and silver around 25usd is still possible (and a big (last ?) buying opportunity). my target around december/february is around 2300/2450 usd for gold, 32/33 usd for silver, before a next drop but with the economic and geopolitic turmoils, everything is possible (who predicted gold at 2075 us this year ?)
  9. Interesting, especially for the bidder who won this auction ! However, it was probably too early in the morning for the specialist who graded this coin !
  10. Hello, for those interested, I have created a poll about this graded Una, and the results are interesting...
  11. Thank you for those who took the time to vote. In fact this coin is already graded and I wanted to know your perception about what we could consider as a good or bad grade. I wanted of course to get an objective vote and I have intentionaly hidden the graded coin. I don't know if 15 votes are enough, but what seems to be unanime is that 88% of the voters considered a bad grade for this modern coin (equal or less that PF68). I would also like to know what were the 2 voters's point who considered it at a PF69 and PF70. This makes me feel that grading is really subjective and arbitrary
  12. The topic is about grading and the silver coin is taken as an example
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