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  1. definitely gorgeous, congratulations ! I am jealous I want one !!
  2. 5oz Black Proof Tiffany Art Isfahan 2020, this stunning series is now over and the 3 oz (proof)and this 5oz finish it with beauty (I'll post pictures of the 3 variations later when I'll have all them in hands (proof, black proof and antiqued)
  3. A lot of beautiful coins to show but I have been lazy with my camera these last weeks. However, here is the last one I have done with the James Bond Special Issue. Very difficult coin to highlight with its lack of nuances. It often appears flat in the pictures and I have tried to do my best
  4. I perfectly understand your feeling
  5. I perfectly understand the anger and frustrations with GSBE. But, to counterbalance the bad experiences, I have to say that after more than 120 orders (in number and big value) and 4 years working with them, I am still confident about their service. As many here, I am sometimes frustrated by their inconsistent communication and I can say that I am not always feeling confident (that lasts sometimes weeks) , and in rare cases with lack of perfect quality ; in the whole amount of orders I have also experienced 2 coins in back order and finally not in stock anymore (and then paid back by them
  6. My take is that in a stable environment, I would say that keeping a collector coin could be a good choice. The question is to know if collectors coins will perform better than bullion with gold spot rising and my intuition lies around 2400/2500£ in 2021/2022 Today's £60k represents 43 ounces of gold bullion so around £106£ with my forecast. The bet will depends whether the Gold Unas will perform better than 43oz of gold. What are your take on this ?
  7. Sorry, Sixfour, I bought this coin holder a few years ago and I don't remember where I got it ! If I remind myself, I'll let you know Please note that this holder was meant to fit only the Kilo Libertads and Aztec Calendars
  8. The presentation box for the traditionnal antique finish is way better, and I don't understand CIT for not providing a nice presentation for these two last special editions It's a real pity that this series is now ended. I have a few coins from previous years (2011, 2016,2018,2019+ waiting the 2020) and they are all stunning. I would have like to back date the 2014 (Dresden) and 2015 (Nasrid), but I don't want to overpay them...I am already happy with what I have in hand, they really are pieces of art. These are high premium coins and I often flip other collectibles coins for b
  9. I have the solution in case you don't remember
  10. Training for the next RM coin to come 😉. I can't imagine next week...
  11. Checking out and payment process was ok, but after having given my security code and a payment confirmed I was redirected to the RM page with an internal error and no open order (and the coin still in my cart)...I have done it 3 times with the same error. Though it has been paid, I don't know if it's taken into account
  12. I am Under Pressure keeping refreshing this damn page 😁
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