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  1. I hope this is not the real picture of the upcoming coin, with differences vs the Piedfort Pattern Sovereign coming with the 5 coin set (mintage 70) (such as reeded edge instead of plain edge...) ...it would be really disappointing if the Pattern scarcity is diluted
  2. Hello, Stunning, where did you buy it ?
  3. Hello, I am looking for this set. Please PM me if you sell
  4. Yes, this is a big sacrifice. But I prefered to sell other things and reposition myself as I did not want to miss this opportunity for a set that could be symbolic and historical in the years to come. This will be a nice heritage to own for the future and it'll be the icing on the cake if it comes back graded PF70
  5. I have cancelled both of my GC kilo orders...probably a fantastic coin in hand but I have located a 2022 Sovereign 5 coin Piedfort Pattern set and I made the choice....Maybe these Piedfort Sovereign will come back graded before the GC Kilo are dispatched !
  6. Great, I got it I Now, how do you create the bookmarklet to display these values for any pages ?
  7. Thanks, but I am probably bad with that. Could you make a tuto ? I can have the source code by right clicking on the page , but I don't know how to use it (there is no seach field to find the requested datas)
  8. As @Paulo did mention, this was a Plain Edge, it would have just been ok for a PF70 milled edge, but a disapointing price for a PF70 Plain Edge IMHO. There was also a Sovereign 2022 5 coin set with a PF69 5 Sov, (other coins PF70) sold at £6500... I don't know if this is a new underlying trend, but the market for modern collectible coins seems soft and seeks itself, maybe with uncertainty and a rising price of gold that makes liquidity (bullion coins) more sought after. The problem could also come from too many releases leading to market saturation (that's just my feeling and other opinions are welcome)
  9. Just to add that the mintage of these SP Krugerrand 2017 has been lowered from 1 million to 600000
  10. I have ordered this coin, I'll post pictures once I get it
  11. Tchad Three Dragon 3oz (gilded silver) high relief
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