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  1. I am sorry to read these bad experiences with GSBE. On the other side, to balance things, I must say that I am customer since 5 years and have more than 100 orders with them, and even if the communication is not always good (I also have had worries from time to time). Everything is fine for me and I have never had a glitch with them. They also explained me that a lot of restructuration has been made with a scale change and is not always easy to manage these changes with the daily imperatives. I understand that we can feel forsaken sometimes. We spent a lot on our hard earn money and it is difficult to understand that a company could behave like this and not take care about our legitimate worries. Hopefully, the OP will get his problem sorted out
  2. In present value : 22% Gold physical - 62% bullion/38% numismatics - 45% >=1oz 55%< 1oz 10% Silver physical - 50% bullion/ 40% semi numismatics/10% high premium 40% Senior miners 10% Junior miners 18% Royalty companies
  3. @Robjw, you have opened a topic about GSBE because your parcel was 1 day delayed, but It would have been nice to know if you have finally received it
  4. I think that we are heading above the 2000USD short term, and then a pullback around 1750USD would be healthy. Gold really need to cool down imho. We could even see a drop around 1500 without questioning the uptrend
  5. Wonger anticipates a siginficant pullback
  6. No, the Panda was fine, but for the principe of paying an extra for a sealed coin, the less they could have done is replying to me and take my complaint into consideration. The difference was low ..10€, but I let it down. However, they can have good prices and I would order from them again if I have a good deal. I would not worry too much if these are bullion coins such as your maples
  7. @JudyPuiul , I have ordered from them 2 times, everything went fine with a quick shipping and delivery, except one glitch where I ordered a sealed gold Panda (they sell sealed and unsealed at different prices) . They sent me the coin with the seal cut and closed with scotch. I did write them about this 2 times but they never replied to my mail.
  8. Gold futures now at 1807 and $16 loss. Down down down !!!
  9. I am still following the gold Una, but with the only one spotted in Japan at a "friendly price" (around the 74000£ mark) , I have not seen any other. I hope that most of them are now staying in strong collector's hands, so it could look promising for this coin. No idea what would be the actual price, maybe 22000£ as BrumChris guess. or maybe 40000£ or more, who knows how the demand would react if a Una comes to the market, but my guess is that with rarity, potential sellers could be more demanding on the price. My only guess is the less we see it, the more valuable it will be. With the second coin of the serie coming, it will be interesting to see the market reaction for the Unas, if the second design is strong, my guess is it will be profitable for both , probably more for the silver Una, not so much for the gold Una which is already Iconic on its own
  10. Very nice, It would be interesting to know how did you do it !
  11. I have ordered from them a few years ago and everything went fine
  12. Frenchie


    Hello Maxford, this is a 2017 proof Sovereign with the garter and the broken spear (replaced by a sword later until now). This coin commemorates the 200th anniversary of the original Sovereign design made by Benedetto Pistrucci (Royal Mint engraver) in 1817. These first issued Sovereign used the Garter design from 1817 to 1820. 2017 Sovereign is one of the best special design ; you also have other specials years (1989, 2002,2012) If you are interested by getting it, you can find it from time to time on the secondary market, and on the forum of course. This coin is proof and has a premium. You can find it around 700/850£
  13. Frenchie


    Hello, I use this macro lens with my phone https://pixter.co/products/macro-pro
  14. Not enough wide angle for my stack, I personally need a 360 camera, but can't afford one at the moment 😄
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