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  1. Could it be considered as a mint/die error/strike ?
  2. I was looking at this one too ! What a stunning coin , I'd like to have the funds !
  3. Thanks Paul, I will closely follow that auction and the others (Three Graces gold and Silver Unas)
  4. There is currently a raw Una proposed for 3800€ (seller from Spain). I have personally sold an Una (PF69) recently for 3200€
  5. My deadline is april 30th for the new payment system. Did someone manage to list a coin above 1000€, or £1000 ? This is the value restriction I see in their new policy, but there could be an exception with graded coins
  6. Beautiful Sovereign collection Richard ! Did you get the 5 coin set at a good price ? This is now difficult to locate this set below £6500, and I missed one sold around £5300 a few months ago
  7. This coin is very beautiful. I got a few and I must say that these different shades of frosting are stunning. I would love to see this in RM proof coins
  8. While I am still waiting my Griffin...
  9. I love it and the relief is stunning.
  10. Yes it looks even pale in comparison, but this is just a matter of perspective. The kilo would probably look tiny side by side with the 5 kilos ! Once I get my 2oz back from grading, I will make some photos, and I am sure it will be beautiful !
  11. This is the silver section, but I hope you will forgive me 😃 And for those who ask : the gold Kilo is not mine, I am just the "little player" with the 2oz gold below
  12. Sorry to have been too late to the party. Congratulations !
  13. Hello Paul It will be interesting to know if the trend is still there ! The 3G could be on the same trend (around £35000 for the moment)... My gold 3G will only be despatched tomorrow to a third party for grading (very cumbersome procedure with the RM in order to send it to a 3rd party) So I won't have this beauty in hand for a few more months (but I have the silver 2oz in hand )
  14. More seriously, maybe this price is credible, who knows ! The last reference we have is the last auction at the CC in september with a PF70 sold for £59000 I have also tracked for a few months a raw gold Una in Japan, the dealer (who sell a lot of UK coins) proposed it for Y14900000, so around £100000 and this coin is not available anymore (but I can't see if it was sold as it disappeared from the site)
  15. Just to update the topic, if someone missed the 2oz gold Una, here is your chance to get it at a friendly price, hurry up ! https://britanniacoincompany.com/buy-coins/proof-sets/2019-gold-2oz-una-and-the-lion/
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