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  1. I wonder how long this series will drag on for if the artists themselves fail to appear on the coin designs? What props could be used for further releases? Any suggestions? John Lennon’s round rimmed specs and white suit perhaps? Imagine.
  2. A word of warning. Please don’t send your Elton coins off for grading because they’re all fake. The inscription should be Reg Dwight.
  3. Oh no. Not Boy George as well? Do you really want to hurt me? Do you really want to make me cry? Sorry, but I couldn’t resist.
  4. Couldn’t agree more Roy. I think Bowie is a strong contender. No longer a living person (just like Freddie Mercury) but still a living legend so I think the demand would be strong. The Aladdin Sane/Ziggy Stardust painted face (sorry but I’m no authority on Bowie) would make a great coin design, especially in colour. Then again, we’re talking image rights here and there’s not been any artists themselves featured on the first 2 releases - just instruments and props.
  5. Good point. Perhaps the Mint thought it’s really gone down well on the 2020 Britannia so let’s put it on whatever we can. Sell. Sell. Sell.
  6. I only saw the coin design late on Monday and thought exactly the same. Perhaps an awful modern remake of the original movie.
  7. Not to mention the obverse side with that awful effigy of the Queen. Surely some local TDC imposter posed for that.
  8. Cheers my friend @h103efa I've not bought anything since the 2oz silver proof Una. Getting far more selective now and hopefully saving my "pennies" for whatever's lined up next in the Great Engravers series. How about you?
  9. If you dented it on the toilet floor that'll be a Brit with a privy mark 😁
  10. The special year design proof sovs are very popular with collectors and more expensive than the traditional George and Dragon design sovs on the secondary market as a rule. We've only had 5 of them since 1989, although several more could be heading our way between 2022 and possibly 2026 when the Queen would reach her 100th birthday, all being well. The ones I think are gimmicky are the sovs with the tiny privy marks on (quite prevalent recently) and the strike on the day sovs. Yet other collectors avidly collect these. We're all individuals with varying tastes and different budgets, however, I'd be surprised if any of us wanted a stop on the special designs. We just need to keep them special by having them released infrequently.
  11. A belated thank you my friend for the heads up. Unfortunately I'd wandered away from the Forum the past few weeks but somebody must have found me and returned me to my natural home. Might just be the first case of Numismatic Dementia. Stay safe buddy.
  12. I stand corrected. I completely understand that the 1oz gold Beasts cost big money and time to save up for them. I had only just moved up to silver coins when the series was introduced, so 2 affordable 1 or 2oz silver QBs a year seemed to take forever for me. I moved up to gold coins a couple of years ago but can't afford a full set of 1 ounce gold QBs alas.
  13. I think one issue with a slow release of 10 proof beasts and 10 bullion designs over 5 years is that a lot of us tend to change our collecting/stacking strategy over time. Some (like me) perhaps drift away from the series whereas others start picking them up later on. Hats off to those of you that complete your set. I don't suppose the Mint will issue a Prince Andrew coin though.
  14. Did you bid on the one available in yesterday's Coin Cabinet auction @Sovereign ? I know the bid price prior to the live auction was more than you wanted to buy one for.
  15. Further to my previous observation, the RM issue price of the 2017 deep proof like quintuple was £1875. The auctioned coin had also been graded (MS69) so somebody spent extra money on the grading. Yet despite the special design and the hike in the gold price (and RM prices) it only sold in the auction for £1750 (£125 cheaper than original price). Somebody got a bargain there. Winners and losers indeed.
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