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  1. Well done Mike. A great little coin for the lucky buyer, but sadly not me this time.
  2. Great points, well said. Good luck tomorrow if you’re in the hunt for a Graces coin. I’m now out of the hunt having used most of my spare cash buying a couple of special half sovereigns from SilverMike in the past few days (1817 AU50 and 1826 PF60).
  3. I’m glad you see my point @SovCollector. Everyone knows that the Graces are going to be a huge hit due to very high demand, but once they’re all sold and the dust settles I think some owners might reflect on the exorbitant amount they’ve paid for their coin and wonder was it worth it getting caught up in the hype when the time comes to sell. The raw RM gold and silver releases should represent good value, along with the first 100 silver BCC ones (£499), but I’m not so sure about the rest at the prices some companies ask. They want big profits instantly so maybe it could be more prudent to ign
  4. I don’t believe I’m saying this but my interest in the 3 Graces is starting to wane as we continue to wait for the RM releases. After several versions of gold Una by the likes of the RM, Alderney, St Helena, Hattons of London and anyone else I’ve missed, it just seems to me that there’s too many parties getting involved in the Great Engravers series. Don’t get me wrong, it’s good for collectors who want to secure any affordable gold or silver version, but maybe the RM issue of 200(ish) 2oz gold Unas alone would have created fantastic rarity which has already been diluted by lesser version
  5. The old saying goes “you have to speculate to accumulate” but I suppose we’re also gambling in that some coin purchases are safer bets (profit wise) than others. With apologies for going off topic, I’m curious as to what peace dollars in 65 means. Is 65 a year or a grade perhaps? Thank you.
  6. @CoinStruck also broke that news last Monday. I thought it was a clever shout so I’ll risk not setting an alarm pre 9am for the first Monday since last November when I initially expected the Graces release. Probably won’t sleep well though (Gracemares).
  7. I can’t disagree with anything I’ve read here. A quintuple gold for £9K = Graceful ladies at a disgraceful price. Let’s hope BCC can get all of their coins rolled out quickly and we can then proceed to the main act (Royal Mint).
  8. Me too. But no luck so far. Gonna need a lot of luck to bag these chicks.
  9. Good of you to keep our spirits up Paul. I hope you can think of another song to come up with if the same thing happens next week.
  10. Or maybe the RM intend to sell pre-graded PR/PF 70’s and are frantically flying out squadrons of coins to PCGS or NGC in the U.S. and still haven’t achieved the desired number of 70’s to fulfil the targeted mintage release figures? Let’s face it, quality control isn’t a strong point.
  11. RM website: “8th February 1928 - Television goes transatlantic” So later today is the appropriate anniversary date to release the John Logie Baird 50p coins. Still hoping for the Graces though!
  12. At least you’d have the pleasure to fondle all of your silver Graces. What do the other unlucky punters fondle? Oops - no answer required please.
  13. I would hazard a guess that this might be your first prospective purchase of fractional gold? If so, then here’s something to consider. A standard sovereign is similar in size to one decimal penny. A half sov isn’t much smaller than a full sov and a lot of people collect those too. The Royal Mint also introduced 1/4 sovs into their annual proof sov sets in 2009 (I think) but 1/8th sovs must be really really tiny and difficult to handle in a tiny capsule. Full and half sovs are popular when the time comes to sell.
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