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  1. We need a Scottish Mint to produce the Scottish coins of the future (euros maybe). No more of your wee daft milk spots. It’s Irn Bru and whisky spots up here. Apologies for this. I didn’t get much sleep last night.
  2. Bawbees are a thing of the past in Scotland. We need something more relevant to today. Bawbags would be more appropriate. Good luck with that design!
  3. How about the 300th anniversary of this British export? The coin design might be similar to the Shakespeare one above though. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1721_Boston_smallpox_outbreak
  4. So kind of you @Mike to buy all of the series for @CollectorNo1. Seriously @CollectorNo1they may have caught you out and got you to tick the wrong box on the website. I nearly fell for it when I ordered the first Captain Cook £2 coin and nearly ordered the full series in error. Just catching up with this thread today I’d like to raise a point on that first Peter Rabbit coin in 2016. The only purchasing options were the BU and the silver proof. There wasn’t a gold proof 50p. So not only was the mintage low for the silver proof but anyone who may have otherwise preferred to buy a gold versi
  5. As for the coins themselves, in this case I think you’re comparing like with like (assuming that the Perth Mint design for both the 2018 and 2020 is the same). Special year one-off design proof sovereigns (Royal Mint years 1989, 2002, 2005, 2012 and 2017) have the desirability factor as do coins with low mintages as well. It’s always best to do some research and see how much previously issued coins have sold for on the secondary market to get a good idea of their true worth. Good luck with your purchase but good judgement helps too.
  6. Please excuse the nitpicking but the PCGS graded coin should be a PR70, not a NGC PF70? To answer your question, go for the best quality you can, in other words the top graded 2018 sovereign rather than the ungraded 2020. PCGS and NGC encapsulated (slabbed) coins don’t need a COA as the barcode number on the label serves as your coin’s unique registration number. You can go on either of those company websites and enter barcode serial numbers to see images of the slabs and the coins within. Ideal because you can verify slabbed coins for sale against their official images. But beware of fak
  7. I wish you hadn’t told everybody. Now we’ll all be bidding against each other.
  8. It’s a No from me, I’m afraid. But not the first or the last. Take it or leave it I suppose. The Stephen Hawking 50p design was spoiled for me by the Star Warsy type large lettering overshadowing an otherwise reasonable design behind. I know I’m probably in the minority on that one though. @westminstrelyou mentioned it first, so it’s your fault for getting me started my friend! I can’t believe people are getting paid to come up with some particularly naff designs. The wording on the Brexit 50p comes across to me as insincere trash, but there’s one design I absolutely loathe and that’
  9. Good points my friend. Yes, remember the good old days when we thought that SotD sovs were ridiculously expensive around £500 - until the Brexit privy mark sovereign? Hopefully whatever we’ve bought so far will look ridiculously cheap at cost price compared to when we sell them.
  10. Further to my last post, the Census also reveals lots of interesting information such as where they were living, what were their occupations and the names of their children etc. According to one census one of my ancestors was a prominent artist (or so I thought). The census before that had him down as a painter, and the census before that one had him down as a house painter. Not everyone could read and write so the person asking the questions at the door just filled in the form. He must have heard the occupation “painter” and assumed he was an artist. Oh well. But when your grandmoth
  11. Have you ever researched your family tree @dicker? I found it fascinating and sad at times researching my own and my wife’s families. It dispelled a tall story that my mother’s grandfather was one of the policemen who caught the Victorian criminal and subsequent comic book character Charlie Peace. Her grandfather also worked on the Lusitania, but was too old to shovel coal anymore and had left the ship before she was torpedoed and sank. My mother-in-law’s family were of German descent and my wife was not pleased to know one of her descendants was called Adolf. She changed her tune w
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