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  1. An obverse in reverse then! I don’t have a Gillick so I’d like to see it on the 2022 obverse. I don’t think it will be a Gillick, but I’d be happy to be wrong.
  2. Keep that list ready for the Today I Sent Back thread 😁
  3. Somehow I don’t think the Gazette are lovers of the good old plain English campaign 😊
  4. Thank you sir. All is well. I’ll catch up with you very soon.
  5. Cheers for the link buddy. I was a bit stunned when I saw the caveman but thankfully that’s not it. Or hopefully that’s not it!
  6. Is that a fact about the reverse, my friend? I must spend more time on the forum if I’m missing important info like this.
  7. Bad luck Dave. No wonder you started this thread! Maybe concentrate more on your collection of Victoria sovs?
  8. GoodAsGold

    H.G Wells

    It’s the proof coin. No more RM silver proofs for me since the 2019 Una. My more recent gold purchases were on the secondary market. We seem to be way off topic here, but as you’re the topic author it’s only fair to answer your question 👍 Back on topic, I moved away from modern gold commemoratives (such as this HG Wells issue), preferring 19th century sovereigns instead, like a lot of TSF members (I think).
  9. GoodAsGold

    H.G Wells

    Sorry folks for the late reply. The silver Una developed a milk spot in the field behind Una’s head. The coin looked fine with the naked eye on delivery but had a noticeable milk spot last time I checked. I haven’t any decent lens to show a decent photo.
  10. GoodAsGold

    H.G Wells

    I agree. I started out as a collector buying BU coins in the £10 packs 5 years ago before I stepped up to silver proofs. Although I moved up to a few modern gold commemoratives, my interest is in 19th century gold now. If the RM brought out a modern commemorative that I really liked I would steer clear of a silver proof and buy the BU version instead. All my old BU coins are fine but the same can’t be said for some of my silver proofs. My last purchase from the Mint was the silver proof Una in 2019, another coin that’s let me down.
  11. GoodAsGold

    H.G Wells

    Errors in my opinion. Shocking, as they’ve already practiced on the Invisible Man design when they made the Elton John coins.
  12. GoodAsGold

    H.G Wells

    Is that another joint release with Michael in Neverland?
  13. My daughter noticed the title on the Sky box TV guide and wondered what it was about. Having been working in the back garden this afternoon, I stirred out of my armchair slumber when I heard her say the word “Gold”. Enjoyed it and the Green Welly stop brought back memories of hillwalking in that area. Apart from the Green Welly it was difficult to recognise the place at all. Then it started lashing down with rain and it all came back to me!
  14. I haven’t subscribed yet but I bought an issue a couple of months ago (twice). I was sending some old RM coin literature out to Westminstrel in Oz and decided to throw in the latest issue at the time, which I’d only bought that day and had a quick flick through. Next day I was back at the Post Office to send out the pack and I bought the mag again to keep for myself.
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