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  1. Eventually got this in the post from Germany today. King Peter II of Yugoslavia 50 dinara silver coin. He never spent much time on the throne and was the last King of Yugoslavia.
  2. At the start of the panic buying the only chicken I could find to buy was organic free range. The price was double that of your bog standard chickens but the quality was much better.
  3. The US not wanting point of origin labelling doesn't fill me with confidence with what they want to send over. It will raise concerns with many shoppers but I guess once the fuss has died down (they hope) it will just be business as usual as it will be convenient not to shop around for what you would prefer. I guess I'm just a fussy eater.
  4. No need for the UK to accept lower standards just because a politician has probably had his palms greased. Should we have to accept sub standard meat then it shouldn't be hidden to where it comes from. Hiding it will cause our farming industry problems as the EU will just class our food standards as low as the US standards and we'll lose trade over there. @Xander that appears to be nearly ten years old. I'm sure standards have improved since then
  5. Cheap for a reason. I like to eat healthy meat and know where it comes from. I don't like the idea of second rate meat entering the food chain which you can't trace or even know the quality of life the anmal had before slaughter. Chlorinating the chickens just masks bad practice. Pumping cattle with growth hormones, well I won't be buying any of this meat either. My local farmers aren't too impressed with the market open to this sort of low grade junk. By not having country of origin labelling on the packaging will make the EU ban any UK meat from being sold within the EU and who can blame them. I will be paying extra at my local farm shops to avoid anything in the supermarkets that maybe coming from America. Boris has just s**t on our farmers from a great height over this one.
  6. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/chlorinated-chicken-us-trade-talks-boris-johnson-trump-a9549656.html I see Boris Johnson has lost his spine on this important matter and has agreed for unfit meat to enter the UK food chain. I thought we had a choice in the supermarkets when it comes to choosing which country we buy our products from but the American government don't want country of origin labels on the packaging. Clearly they know they're pushing their luck on this one. The US government also officially considers country-of-origin labelling a barrier to trade, suggesting it is likely to push for such practices to be outlawed in a free trade agreement. This would make it impossible for consumers to tell whether their product had been sourced from the US.
  7. That's pretty decent being recognised for his work in a book. Did he have a favourite piece of artwork that he done?
  8. Just looking up chicken plate armour. See the soldier wearing it with a big grin. He must have had a few drinks after that!
  9. My missus bought me this variable body armour going back a few years ago, at the same time she bought me a funeral plot! I recently got it back after lending it to someone who wanted to go jogging with it but I think it knocked the stuffing out of them so they never done too many runs with it. When it was bought it was still sealed in it's plastic wrapping as I've since found out it was from the Vietnam war era but not many issued at the time. I'm guessing it ended up in the UK in the early seventies when the British army ordered body armour for the Northern Ireland campaign but my dad doesn't recall ever seeing this. He left the army in '72. Doing a search earlier today I found that it was issued but with an alteration on the front with pockets to take slr magazines. Maybe being too bulky to wear was it's downfall even though it appears to be better than other body armour of the same era. It can be either worn complete, without the body plates or just the plates on their own.
  10. Got this 1936 Southern Rhodesia half crown in the post.
  11. Last year I emailed Geiger Edelmetalle regarding a copper brick. They would do it for me but they said the tooling alone is way too expensive for a one-off. Apparently it wouldn't be a pour cast so I guess it would involve drop forging a brick.
  12. I contacted a firm a few months ago about making a solid glass one for me as I have the frog mould but will need to make up a frame for the rest. However all this business about Coronavirus got in the way. The next one in metal will be made of brass.
  13. I end up binge drinking on my days off then lay off alcohol on the days I'm at work. I've just finished a week of nights and felt great not having any in my system. I'd like to get out of the bad habit but I always think I've earnt a drink after a long stint at work.
  14. This video was easy to follow in what was being said about controlling people. God help us all if we end up being digitally monitored and controlled in this way. They have the power to block you buying things as well as blocking any travelling and access to places with this technology. Not looking good for us in the future.
  15. Your best bet is to go to a showroom and try one out first. I made the mistake of buying a bed from helibeds and the mattress was c**p, then ordered a different one a year later only to find it was no good as well. A few years of bad sleep followed. You can't tell what a mattress is like from a web page I've recently bought a new bed and tried it out in the showroom first, wish I done this a few years earlier. Ordered a firm mattress to go with it and it took me a few days to get used to it though. The mattress is a Crystal Cool that I chose with the ottoman bed. https://russelldean.co.uk/browse/bedroom/products/salus/crystal_cool_2000/1395-1102/king_size_150cm_mattress There's also Hypnos who have a factory near where I live and they are decent but at a price, more than what I paid so it depends on your budget.
  16. "Only when the tide goes out do you discover who has been swimming naked." Warren Buffett
  17. https://news.goldcore.com/ie/gold-blog/eu-cash-gold-bullion/ Read this as it covers bullion as well as cash.
  18. Possibly a Groat. https://www.coins4all.co.uk/collections/united-kingdom-hammered/products/john-1199-1216-short-cross-penny Just searched and found this and it looks similar so could be a short cross penny instead. Good find!
  19. https://www.bullionbypost.co.uk/index/silver/amount-of-silver-in-the-world/ In addition to the silver already mined, there is a vast 530,000 million tonnes remaining below ground. There maybe 530,000 million tonnes remaining below ground but how much of that is viable to mine?
  20. Apparently the surgery he was having was for a penis extension and he is now known as Kim Long Un.
  21. Citing one unnamed North Korean source it said Kim was now receiving treatment at a villa in the Mount Myohyang resort north of the capital Pyongyang. https://www.france24.com/en/20200422-n-korean-media-silent-on-kim-jong-un-s-health-after-surgery-reports
  22. If true then I bet the heart surgeon does a runner towards the border.
  23. My parents lost two neighbours to this virus, both had underlying health issues with copd. My wife had a phone call from her doctor to tell her to stay safe and good luck in keeping away from it as she wouldn't be treated due to her health. She also has copd. You can't hide from this or let it get to you but having it told by a doctor that my wife was on her own isn't what we wanted to hear. My wife then started to adjust to the new normal with military precision, avoiding large gatherings and keeping away from most of our family. This then became advice from the government anyway. The most comforting words didn't come from the government but came from a 99 year old and we all know that he deserves a knighthood. Looking out for each other is the best thing we can do. To hear anything positive helps as well. I'm still working but there's quite a few of my neighbours who aren't and one of them came round with an Easter egg for each of us. For our neighbours who are struggling but can give a little bit of kindness means a lot. We'll help each other out regardless what we have, you can't get anymore comforting than that.
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