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  1. They used to sell similar at the old Zagreb airport terminal. I remember seeing them a few years back.
  2. Popped into town and picked this 1/10oz Krugerrand earlier. Looks like a fondled proof.
  3. Today these arrived in the post. A couple of 2020 silver Britannias with Oriental border from Sharps Pixley's mixed date selection.
  4. Bought these from my local bullion dealer in town. He checked both in front of me with his XRF probe and both came up good. One being an 1881 San Fransisco mintmark and the other an 1883 New Orleans mintmark. Whilst I was in there he told me I was lucky to get the 2.5 gram gold bar I bought the other week for £100 as he thought it was only 2 grams. He never asked for the difference though.
  5. The Royal Mint could possibly make them with silver for proof coins only. Bullion just being bullion could then stay the same.
  6. Did you tell the ones you gave them to that there were swear words or let them figure it out for themselves?
  7. Morse Code Bracelet Silk Cord Friendship Bracelet | eBay Give someone you know a present with a meaning behind it. @HerefordBullyun you can surprise someone with one of these.
  8. The mark on her cheek looks like she's been clawed by one of her beasts.
  9. Picked this up in town today, not bad for £100
  10. My local bullion dealer was telling me that hardly anyone is selling gold or silver coins to him lately and was unsure why. Same for the market stall trader. Quiet times.
  11. You're probably right. I get my money back for a month once every two years.
  12. Looks decent. Cheers for making this 👍
  13. Nice bit of kit, good work there. The swinging pendulum rig could be possibly made out of acrylic with brass bushes in the side for the pendulum piece for a cheaper design. The Chinese would most probably copy your design & go on from there with the cheaper side of manufacturing. CNC lasercut parts are quite easy to program into a machine nowadays. They don't care about copyright. Overall, a decent design that looks stylish, I'm impressed!
  14. I'd say that they would hold their premium. Go forward ten years from now and nobody would want to swap an ounce Queens beast for an ounce RM Lunar series gold coin. They wouldn't do that now as the QB series has an historic back story to them relating to royalty. Lunar coins are made by a few other mints which have moved from series to series, so plenty of coins around of the same idea.
  15. I thought I read somewhere, maybe on the forum, that the Royal Mint had pulled the plug on this series.
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