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  1. Yesterday I bought a 4.2% kit from Wilko in the High Street and my missus has got this fermenting now. I'm waiting for the Coopers kit to arrive but in the meantime the UPS delivery driver delivered the Hammer of Thor. It turns out he's into home brew as well so we got chatting for a few minutes. The hammer of Thor is the strength I was looking for but the lighter one is nice just to sit and enjoy in the garden without getting hammered.
  2. These base metal commemorative medals eventually arrived after being ordered nearly 2 months ago.
  3. http://www.bulldogbrews.co.uk/products/premium-beer-making-kits/beer-kits-hammer-of-thor-special-gravity-lager.html Just stumbled across this. Does anyone know what it's like?
  4. My wife has been getting into the home brew making for the past few months whilst I'm at work as she doesn't want me to interfere with it in anyway(apart from drinking it). So far she's made me two batches of stout which has been pretty decent and a barrel of lager which was also nice. The lager kit was bought in Wilkinson's store down our local high street, not sure of the brand name though. I've just ordered Coopers European lager kit online but was wondering if there's a decent strong lager kit out there that packs a punch?
  5. Using my mobile phone I also use the aid of a bottle where I can balance a coin on top, which makes the focus better when holding the phone above for a shot. Using the screen as a viewfinder I can then move it to get the coin looking dead-on instead of slightly at an angle. Then I crop the shot. I find it better than laying a coin on a flat surface as my camera phone tends to want to focus on the surrounding surface as well, so by having the coin higher the surrounding area is out of focus. My mobile isn't great at close up shots but this way I get a better image.
  6. Today I received this 1941 New Zealand half crown.
  7. Wow! Plenty of decent shots. You've certainly got talent. Living by the coast and taking long exposure shots is a must. I took a few in Ilfracombe a few years back, getting up early from my hotel room when I went down for a weekend. Got soaked but it was worth it. I haven't heard of viewbug before, I just post mine on Flickr, which are mainly documentary shots but with a few like yours. Do you post yours on any other sites?
  8. Extending the MOT by 6 months is ok if you keep up with regular servicing and maintenance of your motor but there will be some people who don't do anything with their car until it's flagged up on an MOT. I wonder what would happen to an insurance claim if an accident happened with the MOT out of date? Possibly the insurance may be invalid as cover requires you to have a valid MOT at the time of an accident. The government may say one thing but the insurance firms will get out of paying anything if it's not in the small print.
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