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  1. Sharps Pixley are now stocking the 1kg completer for £986 A bit pricey though just compared them with bbp price. https://www.sharpspixley.com/buy-bullion/buy-silver/silver-coins/2021-1kg-the-queens-beasts-completer-silver-coin
  2. MickB


    It doesn't matter that it's fake if there's money laundering going on. A way of making shady money look legit. Someone wants a grand to be traced to a sale. "I sold this sov' guv'nor, that's where the money came from, honest". I've also reported it.
  3. Are these counterfeits collectible now seeing as they have a good story to back them up?
  4. Today I bought this 1922 Liberty dollar from an antique shop for a reasonable price. It passes the magnet and weight test although it's worn in places. I do worry about picking up a dud but he gave me a receipt for it.
  5. MickB

    Castoro gold bars

    Castoro (castoro537.it) Has anyone bought from this firm in Italy? A friend of mine in Croatia sent me a picture of a 2 gram gold bar made by this firm which is an odd size compared to what I usually see. The prices seem reasonable but I don't know what it's like when dealing with the Italian postal service.
  6. Day 6 Men’s Final One lucky winner will receive an 1877 Sovereign
  7. A Queens beast completer arrived today and some old coins that I got dirt cheap off my local market yesterday.
  8. 2021 2oz The Queen's Beasts, The Completer Silver Coin (sharpspixley.com) A good price here which includes delivery.
  9. Day 5 Ladies’ Final One lucky winner will receive The 95th Birthday of Her Majesty the Queen 2021 £5 Silver Proof Coin
  10. Day 4 Men’s Semi-final One lucky winner will receive a Team GB Silver Proof 50p
  11. Day 3 Ladies’ Semi-final One lucky winner will receive The Britannia 2021 UK Premium Exclusive One-Ounce Brilliant Uncirculated Coin.
  12. I'm still trying but if I don't it would be nice for someone on the forum to win.
  13. Day 2 Quarterfinal One lucky winner will receive John Logie Baird 2021 UK 50p Silver Proof Coin
  14. Isis (Islamic State) made some gold coins but they were or still are illegal to own. That's a part of history more recent than the Nazi era and will probably one day be collectible as well. I've a few Nazi coins but that's just the collector curiosity in me.
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