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  1. Same here in my local town but they are open to offers on their overpriced coins. Some coins have been in the window for nearly a year which says it all about their prices.
  2. Possible that someone with a 3D printer could make a tray that would be exactly what you're after. A work colleague of mine printed an insert for a 1/4" drive Snap-On socket set that I needed replacing.
  3. MickB

    Sovereign tattoo

    A sovereign ring?
  4. The slate works better but the wood looks nice even with the grain.
  5. You're onto a winner with these. Maybe you can do a silverforum engraving as well.
  6. These look decent, nice work there and great idea. How much do you charge for a set?
  7. Excellent news, congratulations Glad to see yet another silverforum member win. 3 of us now!
  8. Try your luck on rev comps. These are on there at the moment. You'll be quids in if you win👍
  9. Well they've got a gold 1 oz coin and a silver kilo coin back as prizes again.
  10. Well it looks as though Rev Comps have stopped including gold & silver in their draws since the last gold coin was won on Saturday.
  11. The best run on the lottery I had was over ten years ago when I won on the 3 number hot picks seven times over 2 years. It was £450 a win back then. My missus used to laugh at me buying a ticket weekly for it until they started winning. She then started doing it along with the main lottery. Haven't won anything on there since.
  12. I hope you win both. I did try for another kilo coin the other week as I was feeling greedy but lost out to someone in Wales. It's a nice feeling though when a win crops up.
  13. As long as I have the winning ticket
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