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  1. Today I paid £40.96 for this 2022 sovereign from Costco. Well, if you ignore the food purchases but include the 2% cashback rewards that I built up over the last year that went towards it, this makes it the cheapest sovereign I've ever bought. 😄
  2. Today this nice 1892 silver crown arrived in the post from @SovereignBishop who didn't hang around with the postage. Top fella
  3. In today's Metro newspaper is the latest offer from Harrington & Byrne. When I first posted this back in December the price was £319 which looks like a bargain now.
  4. MickB

    Did you know (gold)

    Well I found it on the Internet so it must be true😂
  5. 4 x 2022 silver Britannias along with the 1oz silver 3 graces bar and a 1984 1/10oz gold krugerrand being my biggest spend for a while on precious metals. Not much but my missus keeping a beady eye on my spending.
  6. You can't get 2% cashback on gold purchases as I checked my receipt at the time but that shouldn't stop anyone buying gold with the cashback they've earned.
  7. I don't know why Costco doesn't sell half sovereigns as I'd be inclined to buy one on a shopping trip there considering the price of a full sovereign now. I did buy one from them earlier this year and haven't bothered since but will do later this year as I've over £300 on my executive member card that gives 2% cashback on purchases. That'll make buying one easier on my pocket.
  8. I've just spotted a billboard by the North circular leading to the M1 with a gold bank poster. They've got a shop in Southall which I might visit as long as it's not in the Ulez zone.
  9. Aha. You might be in luck then, fingers crossed
  10. I got mine just in time with Martin at Silvertrader as he's now sold out. There were only a few left when I ordered.
  11. This arrived today which keeps me up to date with the series.
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