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  1. This lovely coin arrived in the post yesterday afternoon from @DuncanWylieWilson. A nice addition to my collection of old coins.
  2. First Strike means they were first out of the press at the mint when these were being released for that year. If you paid a regular bullion premium for this then you've done ok. The highest grade would be MS70. There are forum members who know grading far better than I do, I've only got two slabbed coins in total. You might decide to get into grading eventually, by either getting your own coins graded or buying them from others. Have a look around the threads on the forum to get an idea, plenty of knowledge here to help you.
  3. This has been graded and slabbed so is worth more than a standard bullion ase. Keep it in the slab to preserve it's value and just buy loose coins from a dealer in the meantime.
  4. Today I finally received my 1 oz New Zealand Post 2020 Olympic Team silver proof bar that I ordered at the end of November. The bar is a stunner, shame about my photography though Also in the post was this 2018 plain fields slabbed Britannia, my second ever slabbed coin.
  5. I'm guessing 'No/Hangman/Today'. Nice coins, shame you had to lose your nuts though!
  6. MickB

    Tight budget

    Both 22 ct & 24 ct Britannias have the same amount in gold at 3.11 gram. The 22 ct weighs 3.4 gram with the extra being copper, so surely they would be worth the same?
  7. Hard to put a price on these so it would be easiest to request a quote. The salvage operation was a massive task, going way deeper than where the titanic rests. From time to time I watch the dvd I bought from the Royal Mint, which came with a quarter ounce Britannia made from salvaged Gairsoppa silver. Still good to watch.
  8. Now that would be nice to own one of these. 'Make an offer or request a quote'. I guess offerering spot price would offend.
  9. Imagine going into a store to convert your precious metal for stuff they sell. One day it might happen.
  10. Now that is a shame. They're missing out over there in not having some stores.
  11. I've noticed the price has been changing at Costco and this is the best price I've seen so far.
  12. Costco Milton Keynes latest price for a sovereign.
  13. Just a scenario I was thinking of is that say someone from the UK who owns a holiday home in the EU and purchased silver when the UK was a member of the EU, then decided to move their silver over to the UK after January 1st. Would they have to pay vat to get it home?
  14. I'm not surprised. Have you seen the price of stamps these days?
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