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  1. If the mintage number was laser etched on the side it might mean something. Doesn't really do anything on a piece of paper as you could have the coin that it came with swapped for another of the same and nobody would know.
  2. No, I never took any shots at the time. I will if I come across anymore that need cleaning.
  3. It clears up mine just fine. I had a few in a tube that spotted over time and they came up ok.
  4. Welcome to the forum @WandaDorff Feel free to ask any precious metals questions here with the members who are always willing to help.
  5. For the uneducated, like me, what is a telegram group? First I've heard of such a thing.
  6. I've got one myself. Stored away though at the moment so I can't get to it easily to compare with yours.
  7. The hologram looks legit and the bar serial number matches the card.
  8. The 5 kilo's are a nice size. Wouldn't mind a tube of 20 of them
  9. I bought mine around 5 years ago. Strange there's none in Canada yet.
  10. One of my favourite silver bullion designs. I've only got one 1oz coin but three full tubes of the silver 1/4 oz Noah's ark.
  11. These are not English sterling silver but American .999 plate silver. Sold as such. With a feedback of only 26 and adds the above line in there to cover himself, this should stand out a mile. I bet ebay won't refund the buyer their £67 plus postage Also, looking at the sellers feedback for previous items, they've pulled this stunt a few times.
  12. I use this solution to clean them, does the job 👍
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