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  1. I don’t think it really matters wether you buy pre or post 2013 Britannia’s because you will still be getting the same amount of gold. Sovereigns will always be popular to buy and likewise if you want to sell on.
  2. Foster88

    Sovereign values

    I wouldn’t be selling gold to buy silver at the moment. But that is of course your own choice.
  3. I’m very surprised that that passed quality control. It might be a future rarity. @AdmiraldeRuyter apologies, I quoted the wrong comment, I just noticed that this is your sovereign.
  4. Unfortunately London seems to be the place of inflation, inflated property prices, inflated buying and spending, inflated wages, inflated travel costs etc. Many in London fail to recognise that there are other places in UK to invest, work and live.
  5. Having bad neighbours is difficult. Wishing anyone got cancer, well then you need to have a word with yourself.
  6. I’d do what they did in the Sky series Babylon Berlin. I’m not giving it away as it’s a spoiler alert for a very good programme. Anyone who’s watched it will know what I mean.
  7. @BackyardBullion You’ve done a great job with this and I’ll take my hat off to you. I was surprised to have been picked from the ballot and I appreciate all your effort as I’m sure many of us do.
  8. 88 please I can’t see anyone taking this number before I asked. I don’t envy you doing this task. 😬
  9. I’ve bought one of these today. If it is 1/4 Troy oz, great it will be 7.8 grams. If it’s 1/4 oz it will be 7.08 grams. Not so much of a good buy as I originally thought. If it’s anything like trying to trace my Irish ancestry past my great grand parents, good luck.
  10. So it is 7.08 as the website says and not 7.8? I feel a bit duped now. So at roughly £347 they’re not under spot price.
  11. That was a bit pricey at that price in 2016.
  12. You don’t loose a gram, it’s barely 0.3 of a gram, one is 22ct, one is 24ct. Irish coin 24ct: 7 grams gold Sovereign 22ct: 7.3 grams gold Theres not much in it gold for gold content but £22 price difference for 0.3 of a gram. I very much prefer sovereigns, don’t get me wrong. *CORRECTION* Irish coin 24ct: 7.8 grams gold Sovereign 22ct: 7.3 grams gold Approx £22 less for 0.5g more gold. There aren’t any cheaper 1/4 oz 24ct gold coins that I can find.
  13. If the H&B 2020 sovereign is £349, this is a better deal at approx (exchange rate dependent) £347.00 for 24ct quarter oz. https://www.collectorcoins.ie/en/proclamation-of-the-irish-republic-50-gold-proof-coin-2016.html
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