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  1. You might want to have a look at Scotgold (SGZ), they’re a relatively new ish gold and silver mine in Scotland. Their recent results have seemed promising from what I’ve read. The share price is currently 62p a share. But like any investment, as I’m sure you’re aware, always do your own research and make up your own mind. But that’s just one example to look at if you want to buy mining shares closer to home. I’m not giving investment advice here.
  2. I was thinking this myself. Could you imagine if RM release the mintage figures of say the proof silver 50p and it’s only 800. 😬 Unlikely, I know, but stranger things have happened.
  3. I can’t believe I woke up early for unlimited mintage. Although it’s one middle finger up to the serious flippers from RM.
  4. I think there’s more than 32,357 of us on edge. 😆
  5. This should, in theory, be a very unpopular release going by the majority of comments and jokes alike on the forum for the past two years of those who’ve said “I’ll never buy a coin with Charles on” ……..etc. But we all know that’s a lie and they do too. I can say one thing, I’ll need a bloody long lie down in 2023, what a year this has been for numismatists. Oh actually, did someone say a Coronation in 2023? Make that scheduled lie down, 2024. (I mean comments seen on the forum BEFORE HM The Queen passed away)
  6. That’s the 2oz silver bullion. I much prefer the background on the reverse of the bullion Tudor Beasts in comparison to the proof version.
  7. Where was it posted from and to? I only ask out of interest, please don’t post any details as I’m sure you won’t but was this within UK?
  8. I don’t suppose anyone will truly know until Monday. If going off the prices of the previous, most recent silver proof 50p’s with limited mintage and a cost of between roughly £55-£65 ish. Then I doubt the first silver proof Charles III 50p will be unlimited so @paulmerton you might be correct. Otherwise, if the proofs are unlimited, there’s no want to buy for the scarcity of them. I presume and some may have already asked this earlier in the thread, will these only be available in proof form in a three coin set, individually or both?
  9. You mean when the website does crash on Monday morning with every man and his dog trying to get on. I can see the headlines now “Many queued today on the Royal Mint website and caused a crash”. Like it’ll be ‘news’, but we’ve all been there before. 🙄
  10. It says that it’s unlimited on the RM website, or so I read before.
  11. If you’re lucky you might even get two for £1. 😆
  12. The RM have a good opportunity for the 2023 sovereign to change back to the ‘yellow’ gold with the new Charles portrait. If ever there was a time to change, this would be it, but I doubt they will.
  13. I don’t think they could have depicted Charles any better. So now those coins are dated 2022 it will be the year that two monarchs feature on coins. I wonder when we’ll see the first banknotes with Charles III.
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