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  1. Do you mean, can do, might do, should do, ought to, do I need to?, need to, do I want to?, could do, possibly could do, thought to, need to release funds to, yeah go on then I’ll buy it.
  2. You could always lick some of your own sovereigns and report back to us if you experience that wonderful collection of Victorian aromas you mentioned. 😆 Just don’t blame us if you get cholera.
  3. Even the mice under the floorboards of the same house can fall out at times. 😆
  4. @Roy I was recently having a conversation with a friend in U.S who couldn’t believe the ‘rivalry’ or rather differences of opinion and the differences of dialects in UK. I pointed out that it’s a relatively small island with a history spanning many, many centuries of history. Rivalry of football teams, difference in dialect and accents, even just miles apart. I explained, you ask a Man City supporter to support Man Utd or a Wolves supporter to support West Brom as examples of course and they couldn’t believe the rivalry despite the proximity of the teams. Or ask a Lancastrian down at the pub to put a flag up saying ‘I love Yorkshire’ outside their house and they’d most likely get punched. Now after reading this and seeing how small the UK is compared to some states in U.S. I get it. But at the same time it makes me smile knowing that on a small isle we can have our differences in a small area but we can still come together when needed, accents, football teams, county flags and gravy aside. http://www.lostinthepond.com/2014/02/11-us-states-that-are-larger-than-uk.html?m=1
  5. Only north of Watford 😧 I hope you didn’t listen to your mother on that point. Southerners: “You can’t put gravy on fish” Northerners: “Challenge accepted, are you watching?” 😂
  6. I spy a norther at heart? I like it all over, just like gravy on a roast dinner.
  7. Aren’t we still using Roman numerals today on our coinage and notes by referring to HM The Queen as ‘Elizabeth II’? But I appreciate your post is about denomination.
  8. The only thing that should be put on fish and chips is gravy. Sorry southerners. Really though, no gravy at’ chippy. There’d be up roar up north. As Peter Kay once said ‘As’t tha nowt moist?’ 😂
  9. I haven’t ever tasted gold nor do I intended to but this post did remind me of this. 24ct covered gold steak anyone? Without being vulgar, sieves at the ready? 😆 Well, imagine flushing gold down the toilet, worse still, Imagine eating it in the first place. https://www.gq-magazine.co.uk/lifestyle/article/salt-bae-24-carat-gold-steak
  10. But was it returned? Perhaps under the name operation Fishnet. If it was, let’s hope it was post 2010 and post Gordon Brown.
  11. It was filmed last year so as a guess I think it might be on TV this autumn but that is just my speculation. I hope this will be true to history and a good TV series. Having researched this further, the punishment if found guilty was death if caught, men were hanged and women were burnt at the stake. 😳 They must have been desperate to do this but why did women get a worse fate than men. Ultimately regardless of sex they were punished by death but it’s all very grim.
  12. The true story of The Cragg Vale Coiners who were an infamous group of gold coin forgers in 18th Century Yorkshire. They were so prolific and successful they nearly unstablised the banking system at the time. The story is set to be turned in a new BBC drama. I’ve never heard this story before hearing about the new drama being made. I thought it might be of interest to some of you. https://www.examinerlive.co.uk/news/history/true-story-cragg-vale-coiners-20638589.amp Below information from Wikipedia: Led by "King" David Hartley, the Coiners obtained real coins from publicans, sometimes on the promise that they could "grow" the investment by smelting the original metals with base ores. They removed the coins' genuine edges and milled them again, collecting the shavings. The coins were only slightly smaller. They then melted down the shavings to produce counterfeits. Designs were punched into the blank "coins" with a hammer and a "coining kit". The Coiners then had their accomplices place the fakes into circulation. Most of the counterfeit coins had French, Spanish or Portuguese designs. The Cragg Coiners were so successful because the region of Yorkshire they operated within was isolated from centralised England. Downfall In 1769, William Dighton (Deighton), a public official, investigated the possibilities of a counterfeiting gang in Cragg Vale. A Coiner by the name of James Broadbent betrayed the gang by turning King's evidence and revealed the gang's existence and operations to authorities. Dighton had Hartley arrested. The arrest made the Coiners vengeful. Isaac Hartley, "King" David's brother, engineered a plan to have Dighton killed, with a number of Coiners subscribing a total of one hundred Guineas in support of the plan. On 10 November 1769, two farm hands employed by the Coiners, Matthew Normanton and Robert Thomas, ambushed Dighton in Halifax and shot him in Bull Close Lane. Charles Watson-Wentworth (the Marquess of Rockingham and former Prime Minister) was tasked with hunting down the killers. He had thirty Coiners arrested by Christmas Day. David Hartley was hanged at 'York Tyburn' near York on 28 April 1770, and buried in the village of Heptonstall, West Riding of Yorkshire. His brother, Isaac, escaped the authorities and lived until 1815. As for Dighton's murderers, Normanton was hanged on 15 April 1775 and Thomas was hanged on 6 August 1774.
  13. Did you know that, one ounce of .999 gold can be hammered into a single sheet nine metres square. Which would apparently be 0.0000018cm thick and translucent. Do we have any volunteers? 🤔
  14. I’ve fixed it for you. 😆
  15. It’s a storage tray for medication for when you turn old and grey and you’re still waiting for the Monarchs to be delivered from RM.
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