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  1. You don’t want to go last. 😆🤦🏻‍♂️
  2. Thank for your reply Louise. I’ll keep a look out for it.
  3. I’ve reported both of their listings. I cannot believe people are so stupid to bid and part with their money for this c**p. It looks like they’ve been in some sort of solution or corrodent to ‘age’ them.
  4. I had read the Ansell Sovereign story a while ago but seeing your post I did a little more research again. Its very interesting and makes me wonder how many are left in the world. But I suppose not knowing how many exactly all adds the history and intrigue. Thank you for sharing.
  5. Very nice @CadmiumGreen the 1859 Ansell is certainly a dream for any Sovereign collector.
  6. I haven’t yet found it. I just noticed there was a second episode mentioned at the end of the first. I’ll have a look over the weekend if someone doesn’t already find it.
  7. @Tn21 Have you watched the second episode yet?
  8. Thank you for sharing. I enjoyed watching that.
  9. Received a few days ago, one of two stunning 1963 Sovereigns.
  10. Wanted Full 1930 Perth mint sovereign. Ideally non graded but I would consider graded. Thanks
  11. Don’t forget the pub in which the beer is served. Which is sadly becoming a distant memory....
  12. Sovereigns are my favourite gold coin to collect and I wonder how many others have a rare or highly collectible sovereign. I’ll start by sharing the most rare sovereign in my collection, this 1930 Melbourne mint with a mintage of just 77,588 is now difficult to find. Do you have a rare or unique sovereign? If so please share.
  13. Yesterday this high quality 2014 bullion sovereign arrived. A few marks but not bad for a few % over spot. Bought for my niece for her 18th birthday. I might have it conserved and graded.
  14. The ‘spot’ gold value in your coin is currently around £760. Do as @MickB said and you won’t go far wrong. Possibly keep it and I’m sure it will appreciate in value.
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