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  1. Thanks for your opinion. This is the main reason why I haven’t yet switched to Samsung, I’ve been looking at the S10 in comparison to the IPhone 11. I’m not sure if I’d have the same experience as you and not like the Samsung. I’m used to Apple and iPhones ease of use but just feel let down every time I have to do an update, it always goes wrong or things get deleted even after backing the phone up.
  2. I thought I’d create a new topic regarding phones. I’ve been an Apple iPhone user for around nine years and I’m thinking of switching to the Samsung Galaxy S10. Why? Well after many years with Apple, I’ve had enough. I’ve spent two days trying to update the latest IOS and I’ve had this issue with every Apple product I’ve had. My previous phone a few years ago was the Apple iPhone 6 that died, Apple advised I return it to them which I did and it got ‘lost’ as they told me in Germany. I was given a refurbished iPhone 6 and after a few months I bought the iPhone 7, more fool me.
  3. Foster88

    eBay madness

    It’s called robbing ‘Peter’ to pay ‘Paul’, it’s happened for 100’s of years. Not that I condone it in any way of course. But it happens, big businesses and major banks are doing the same every day.
  4. You’ve never had a good ‘deal’ @dicker? Youve been barking up the wrong trees.
  5. My Omega, Swiss-made 16 jewel 1944/1945 RAF issued watch arrived today. It wouldn’t win a beauty contest, I know, but I love it. I wonder who wore it, what they went through, they were issued to Spitfire, Lancaster bomber and many more British WW2 pilots. The history behind this fascinates me more than it being a simple time piece or merly a watch, but having said that this is ‘THE’ Watch I’ve been looking for for many years. I’d like to know more from those maybe more familiar with either Omega watches or WW2 RAF issued watches. Men and their watches ‘ey!! If only thi
  6. It depends how long you intend to hold. Gold is much better for long term but don’t forget that gold isn’t far off all time highs that it reached earlier this year. Both silver and gold are good for long time investments but is entirely dependent on time.
  7. I too have wondered where it is going for some time like everyone else but the past 6 ish weeks it’s gone up a little and back down to around the same level. It’s far to early to say but maybe this is the ‘new normal’ however temporary that may be.
  8. Today I bought this 1940’s Omega RAF type issued watch. I’ve yet to research it further. I’ve waited eight years to find a watch of this type and style for the right price. My knowledge of Omega watches of this era is limited but I like the history behind it. This is going to be my new everyday watch. Even though I now work from home, there’s no harm in putting a piece of history and quality on your wrist everyday. My eight year search is over.
  9. Today I bought this 1940’s Omega watch, WW2 RAF issued to Spitfire pilots. I have waited eight years for this watch. (That’s no joke). I love the history of it.
  10. Welcome to the forum. I’m glad I recommended it to you. 😊
  11. I too have these years and mine are exactly the same. I wouldn’t be too worried.
  12. You know when you tell yourself you’re not going to buy anymore for a while but you know full well you will. Well that just happened to me. 😆
  13. @tallthinkev I too have looked into buying land in UK. The land in Wales seems to be cheaper than most parts of England and it’s mostly agricultural.
  14. @Stacktastic I’m a bit late to your thread but I’m surprised nobody has mentioned militaria. Prices for collectibles are always going up, particularly those from Boer War, WW1 and even earlier. They’re not making them anymore. War medals in particular for acts of gallantry are a good investment.
  15. It’s a good job you didn’t order from them. You should have sent them the lyrics to Cindy Laupers ‘True Colours’. I just can’t understand why they are running a bullion business without ‘live’ prices showing on their website. Very odd.
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