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  1. Another Victoria silver Crown, this time the 1888, a date I’ve wanted for a while. It’s a little worn as most of these are but it does have a nice patina to it.
  2. Gold isn't at its lowest for years, gold is at it lowest on the past year. Look at the charts and you'll see that gold is in fact still (but not at the peak of summer 2020) at an all time high.
  3. The old Victoria Crowns are one of my most favourite coins. The size, the weight, the history mostly. I picked my first crown from a cabinet at an antiques fair around aged 12 and so I think the ‘seed’ was sown. I’m a big fan of these. I’ve always carried a 2 Francs coin in my wallet since 1999. I was on a high school trip, the teacher came round the coach when we arrived back in Dover asking for ‘loose French change’. I quickly put my 1981 2 Francs in my wallet and that’s where it’s stayed. It’s of no value but I can’t part with it, its become priceless to me, so it’s been i
  4. I bought these from a local auction house and although a little worn they’re great examples of late Victoria Crowns. Which, ironically, was the coin that planted the ‘seed’ of coin collecting and PM’s for me. Since then it’s been 20+ years since I’ve owned one of these.
  5. Where did he buy those ear muffs from? Asking for a friend. 😆
  6. I’d have thought being a pirate you’d be more used to stealing your gold. 🤔 Why wait until tonight. 😂
  7. Received last week, the proof 1oz Britannia, but I’m on the fence with this. I think the design will divide opinion.
  8. That sounds like a good idea. I’d be interested to see how this goes for you. I’ve yet to own one of these older sovereigns.
  9. @SilverMike It would be a bit of a risk, grade wise, but why not take it out of the case and send it to NGC to be graded.
  10. Platinum sovereigns? @Alex944 I’ve got a bar of soap you can have for free to wash your mouth out. 😂
  11. 2022 will be a very interesting year, one I suppose you could say we’ve waited 10 years for. No doubt there will be a SOTD sovereign to mark HM The Queens 70th anniversary on the throne but the bullion design should be interesting.
  12. The choice is yours and depends if you want the absolute cheapest sovereign closest to spot price or a particular monarch or variety.
  13. Welcome to the forum. 😊
  14. Arrived today, the 1930 Perth mint sovereign, rated as rare by Marsh. Not perfect but seems a little illusive to find. Very happy to have this sovereign and that’s the 1930 Melbourne, South Africa and Perth collection done.
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