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  1. I was just about to share this but you beat me to it. Not that bad a price at 8% ish above spot.
  2. Foster88

    Wow. How much?

    How much? Sorry. My eyes are watering.
  3. Foster88

    Wow. How much?

    I’ve never heard of this either. Thanks for enlightening me.
  4. Foster88

    Wow. How much?

    Somebody must have very deep pockets. I cannot believe the price of it at £162,750!! What is the most expensive gold coin you’ve seen for sale?
  5. I’d like to be put on the waiting list and I’ll take number 88. Thanks
  6. What do you think this means for the short term silver price? Dont worry I won’t hold you to it.
  7. Another option might be to ship numerous orders in one go like @arphethean is doing with another seller in Greece. I certainly would be interested in some of your items if we could get say around 10 buyers in UK and then distribute accordingly to individual buyers.
  8. Don’t forget that the more gold you can buy in one go you’ll pay on average less for the gold content. For example you’ll pay less in terms of gold for a full sovereign than you will for a half sovereign or even 1 gram. Just a tip but maybe some months save and buy as much as you can afford. But with the gold price the way it is maybe that’s not good advice anymore in these times. 🤷🏻‍♂️ Back on track I think @dicker prediction might be right of £1,500 by Christmas if it rises and keeps correcting itself to a new ‘norm’. Time will tell, indeed.
  9. I think everyone or almost everyone is thinking the same, how high can it go? Recently the price of gold seems to go up, correct itself a little and then a day or two later it’s reaching a new high. It should be interesting to see over the next few months. Either that all we’ll all be crying into our pillows by Christmas 😆 and wishing we’d sold it all but I doubt that.
  10. I have been to university and they certainly don’t teach you about gold, silver or any other precious metals. 😂 They just take all your money each year.
  11. Cracking indeed. I felt I was cracking up just reading the reply.
  12. Now and again I have a look on eBay to see what people are paying for sovereigns and I came across this. I very rarely buy on eBay unless I’m 100% sure they are genuine so I decided to message this seller and this was his response. I’ve heard of 14ct, 18ct and even 22ct fakes but not 24ct. Why make a fake with a higher gold content than the genuine sovereign. It is up to £155.52 with bids so somebody is interested. The seller still seems to think a 24ct half sovereign can be genuine, either his gold tester is on the blink or they’re very misinformed.
  13. But why is the box so big? 🤔 Is it to disguise the contents? A quick shake would tell anyone they’re coins. Maybe the new starter packed them. I wouldn’t be happy.
  14. Yes I have, that’s a great series. But look at what they went through. Not easy work and I don’t fancy running a car wash. 😂 Added 0 minutes later... @dicker Just out of interest, when was the last time?
  15. That’s one fact I’m glad I don’t know. Haha.
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