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  1. Also if this does, I jest, go ahead. Somebody, anybody, make sure the bloody capsules are closed and they stay closed!!
  2. Bump. Postage of choice to buyer.
  3. Oh no. I spoke too soon!! I did tick no to their marketing letters and phone calls. 🙄
  4. I’m sorry to hear you’ve had issues too. This is the reason why I’ve decided not to return mine and instead I’m going to grade it in the New Year with conservation. I just don’t trust that I’ll get a replacement even though I’ve been promised one.
  5. It’s usually when Royal Mints bank account is running low. In recent years it wouldn’t surprise me if they released a SOTD every time the Queen breaks wind.
  6. 100g Silver Bar - £80 I’m selling this 100g silver bar minted by SMP Bullion. The listing is simple really, the bar was minted in U.K. by SMP Bullion. It would make a great addition to any silver stack. It was purchased on the forum from another member a few months ago. Postage: Buyers choice for delivery option. Postage for 1st Class recorded/signed for would be £6. Any questions, please ask. Merry Christmas.
  7. I’ve ordered the bullion sovereign from them twice before and I haven’t ever received as much as a postcard let alone a phone call. I’m thankful I haven’t but I wonder why I’ve haven’t received any marketing c**p. 🤔
  8. As the title says, I’m looking for a 9ct gold men’s curb link bracelet. Smaller to medium size around 5-8mm wide. I’m not looking for a thick, chunky bracelet. I’m looking for one similar to the photo below. If you have one that you are looking to sell please get in touch. Thanks
  9. This is just my opinion, but I think the initial decline is normal. The ‘hype’ is over, or rather the initial hype is over. RM released the Gothic Crown two weeks ish after 2022 proof sovereign. This is the first time in the history of this country that we’ve seen a monarch reach a platinum jubilee and we won’t see another again in our lifetime. Are you going to remember a proof sovereign for a monarch that has reached a milestone in history or are you going to remember the Great Engravers? I know which I’ll remember.
  10. That might prove to be a sensible choice.
  11. They’ll be back once the hype has subsided.
  12. I like the capsules they put them in too. They don’t scrimp on presentation.
  13. Anyyyywayyyy for anyone just joining this thread tonight the 2022 bullion sovereign from Harrington & Byrne is still currently £319. 😆
  14. He must be busy, or already on the phone to H&B. 😬
  15. No, I haven’t. I know someone on here who might have done before. 😂 I was just curious.😆
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