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  1. I doubt it. The oldest one I’ve got is hallmarked 1876. They’d need a bloody miracle and a lot of milk to still be alive today....
  2. I often buy antique wedding bands, I have a few 22ct gold rings, all bought at auction and most were only 4-6% over spot. I saw them as a bargain and to me, like @Shep said. Gold is gold. I recently bought one, an antique 22ct band at auction for 2% under spot. I love the gold colour of these old 22ct rings, that nice ‘yellow’ gold.
  3. I think that the 2022 Obverse will be the original Gillick design. I think they’ll go backwards knowing that it’s highly unlikely that HM Queen won’t see 80 years on the throne. Whilst I very much like The Queen it’s a little like Victoria and her son Edward VII, Charles won’t have long on the throne. Anyway, back on topic, it would be nice, in my opinion, to see the 2022 sovereign obverse go backwards to the original. Anyone else agree?
  4. Also adding to the photo collection is this 1887 ‘M’ Mint sovereign, DISH M7 with angled ‘J’.... I think. A coin that has a good obverse, especially in the legend. Oddly the E in the J.E.B looks like a 5 to me, maybe it’s my old 30 something eyes. 😬 I’m wondering wether to grade this. Would you?
  5. St George must have had terrible chafing being naked on that horse. 😆
  6. @AndrewSL76 there’s one sovereign I’ve got my eye on. Oddly I bid on two others last week that I’m glad I was outbid on now. Odd, I know. 😬 But auctions with pre bidding so far ahead makes the sovereign collector, like myself, a bit trigger happy.
  7. @DuncanWylieWilson gives you the history of the coins and is one of the best sellers on the forum. If you don’t like his prices then scroll on.
  8. That’s a nice half sovereign, just a shame about the scratch but R3 rating is still R3. Good to see your covid test is negative too. 😆👍🏻
  9. If you know.... you know. 😭 I loved that b, b, b, b... oat. 😢
  10. Also received today was this rather nice 1821 George IIII Crown with 200 years of history!! Alao a 1937 George VI Coronation Crown with some nice toning. Thanks @DuncanWylieWilson
  11. This arrived today, the 1887 ‘M’ Mint Jubilee sovereign, first variety.
  12. The 1887 ‘M’ Mint sovereign arrived today. They’re not the best quality photos but what to you think?
  13. I would also recommend sovereigns. If I was looking to buy a 1oz gold coin now it would definitely be the Queen’s Beasts Completer. But Sovereigns are good for all the reasons mentioned above.
  14. Very nice. Please tell me the story. I know very little about Canadian coins.
  15. Thanks for your opinion. I’d be happy with MS 61-62. We’ll see what grading it achieves.
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