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  1. Old silver crowns are be great for this. I keep an old 1888 crown on my desk and pick it up multiple times a day. I don’t know why really.
  2. Wouldn’t this be a bit heavy to carry around all day? A 1oz bar might be better.
  3. We’ve seen nothing yet, just wait until the next Great Engravers or the 2022 sovereign is released. It’ll be carnage!!
  4. Just some advice to anyone who wants to return their coin or coins to RM. The note that came with the order has the slip and the bottom to return, no instructions and just the address and asking to fill in why you’re returning. If you go on the Royal Mint website, click the returns link at the bottom of the page and it links to Royal Mail. Fill out the details and it creates a shipping label. This is the first time I’ve returned anything to them so I didn’t know about this. I just thought I’d let anyone know who like me is/was unsure.
  5. That’s what happened to me, the first one is fine, the second one not. Yours looks like it has the mark near the O and also a mark on the panthers tail. 😕
  6. I’ve had a look at the first that arrived yesterday and that’s fine as far as I can see. I’ve looked at both with the loupe. Todays arrival is the one that’s going back. But I wonder how those marks might affect grading?
  7. My second 1oz arrived today and sadly it’s going to have to go back. Would anyone be able to advise wether these marks would affect grading? There’s a ‘dink’ in the frosting on the reverse and a mark, by the queen’s mouth, I thought it was dust but it’s not. 😕 I’m more concerned by the dent in the outer rim.
  8. We’ve all seen them many times on the forum but this arrived today and I really like the new Royal Tudor Beasts. This will be an interesting series to watch over the next five years.
  9. Last week I bought this nice 1900 crown. Suitable for grading, maybe so, maybe not. I can’t decide....
  10. My first 1oz arrived and wow!! 😍 I’m very impressed, it seems flawless and I was lucky to get a low certificate number too for what it’s worth. I know we’ve all seen them but I can’t stop looking at it.
  11. @begineersluck you can grade with NGC through Coins of the realm. Have a look here:
  12. I’m expecting mine today and now I’m a little bit nervous. 😕
  13. Hi all, I’ve been thinking recently from reading posts here and something got me thinking. My recent purchase of a set of Victoria crowns made me think, we know, like all of us the inhevitable will happen one day. A wise man once told me, morbidly but true I suppose “There are only two guarantees in life, we pay taxes and we die.” 🙄 Cheerful, I know. Anyway, why did I mention the crowns I’ve recently bought? Well, one in particular is quite worn, minted in 1900. But old Victoria died in early 1901. So why would a crown minted a year before she died be so worn like it’s been in more pockets, till drawers and banks than we’ve all had hot dinners put together? < That’s both a rhetorical question and a genuine one. So I wonder, as many of us aren’t old enough to remember the last time the monarch changed. No offence to those who do. Just how long do coins stay in circulation after a change of monarch? I appreciate that this crown as an example has survived 121 years and will have been handled, stored, traded and god knows what. Poor Victoria looks like she’s lost her earrings, gone bald and lost her pearl necklace. It’s been spared the melting pot but it’s very worn. Was it so different when the monarch changed in 1901, 1910, 1936 and 1952 as it might be today? I suppose it would be as we were a cash dependent society then. Not so much today. I appreciate there are many factors to my post but I’m interested to know just how long coins stay in circulation after the monarch has passed.
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