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  1. Atkinsons had two 10 Korona coins last night, a 1906 and a 1911 for £167 each. I bought the 1911 and the other is gone too now.
  2. Norskgeld

    Probably Fake

    Look fake to me. PCCB slabs can be bought on Ebay. They mimic NGC slabs but these show no NGC markings on at all. The coins themselves may well be genuine but unlikely.
  3. Norskgeld

    Sold all my Gold

    Think I might have spotted a tiny flaw in your masterplan.😁
  4. Sounds like a big, fat, juicy nothing burger to me.😎
  5. Not an expert but they look unremarkable to me. Possibly some slight value if they contain any silver, which I would suspect they don't.
  6. World's best coin...well done that man.😎
  7. Norskgeld

    Advice on gold

    Sovs and Half Sovs every time.
  8. Personally I use these: Celtic Sea Salt..grey colour and not white as it is not bleached...available from most health food stores. Liquid Trace Minerals from Trace Mineral Research. Fulvic Acid...I use Ojio or Good Health Naturally. Also check out Dr Robert Cassar from Earther Academy on YouTube. He shows how to make mineralized drinks yourself.
  9. Hope they're organic, Roy. 😁
  10. @Numistacker is a bit of a watch aficionado.
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