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  1. Put a wanted ad on here and someone will respond.
  2. Join the club dude. We're all confused on here!! 🤣
  3. Hammered Coins (saltfordcoins.com) BRITISH HAMMERED COINS (wessexcoins.co.uk)
  4. Agreed. Watching now. £280 for a 1910 half sov...crazy.
  5. Norskgeld

    advice please

    Agreed. I have 2 of them...both from ATS Bullion too.
  6. And modern silver coins can't even leave the mint without milk spotting.
  7. You are wise to be cautious. Indian head's are often faked. Even Uncle Numistacker got caught out by one if memory serves.
  8. Financially better off. Still got a job. Richer after seeing many people being forced awake to the evil that is threatening us...most notably my own brother. Poorer after seeing how easily people have been turned against each other.
  9. Some online dealers offer pre owned silver VAT free.
  10. Matt HanCOCK and BJ hanging from their ankles from a lamp post outside Parliament.
  11. Atkinsons Bullion By Post Hatton Garden Metals ATS Bullion Sharps Pixley Baird's are some of the most well known and I have used them all myself so I can vouch for them. New coins will attract VAT unless stored outside the EU in a secure vault. Pre-owned coins are VAT free. You can also avoid VAT by buying from a European dealer like Goldsilver.be. I bought some silver from them several years ago to do this. Not 100% sure if Brexit has impacted on this option now though. If I had £2k to spend on silver I would buy a slabbed and graded coin like
  12. Norskgeld


    Bought several coins from them. Never had a problem.
  13. Take more than an fake virus and a global economic reset to stop me stackin'...yeeehaaa!!! 🤠
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