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  1. Sounds like a good price to me as premiums on Shield Backs are quite high. In the UK the premium on Shield Backs is around £100. This assumes the coins are in reasonable condition too.
  2. Good call. Give me an old Vicky sov anyday.
  3. Forget Silver...come over to the dark side and buy GOLD!!!! 😎
  4. A Krugerrand is also 22ct gold and a Brit is 24ct. Mite give a different sound?
  5. If you're going to keep it you can remove the coin. If you plan to sell it later then it would be worth leaving it in the card. It's some proof the coin is genuine and some people like stuff in original packaging.
  6. Left looks like a Farthing. Right looks like a Jubilee Head 1887 Shilling
  7. Was that before they won Britain's Got Talent? 😎
  8. I think they are being naive thinking restrictions will be lifted and the Coin Fair will go on "as normal". "Normal" to me means no masks, no registering with track and trace, no social distancing and no plastic screens anywhere. Half expect a "Holiday Inn Variant" to magically appear days before the gig. 🤣
  9. Quote button works for me. You can also highlight part of a comment and a quote icon will appear below it.
  10. A At least you can see the funny side of it and laugh at yourself. Good on ya.
  11. Never heard of them but just been on their website. Lots of spelling mistakes and they state bars are "plated". If they are real gold you got a bargain!!! 🤣
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