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  1. He should have join the Silver Forum and bought some Sov's...wot a plonker!! 😎
  2. At the right price, yes.
  3. Norskgeld

    ATS bullion

    You should get an extra choccy too. ☺️
  4. Norskgeld

    ATS bullion

    Dealt with them several times and they have always been very pleasant. Once they didn't have the coin I had ordered due to a mix up but they offered me another coin which was better than the one I ordered. I always got a choccie too. 😀
  5. As a general rule of thumb: gold price rises when the economy goes down and lowers when the economy goes up. It could be anything. Any government's statement about just about anything can cause it.
  6. You'll probably get a better deal on a 10g bar.
  7. Comparison chart of UK v US grading levels. CGS UK - Coin Grading (weightoncoin.co.uk)
  8. Buy from another well known dealer. 😊
  9. Looks like they're fakes according to these links: Coin Value: US Fake George Washington Dollar (Counterfeit) 1865 (coinquest.com) The 1937 and 1938 Australian Crown - The Australian Coin Collecting Blog (australian-coins.com)
  10. I buy half a sovereign or equivalent per month.
  11. More likely meant Alcoholics Anonymous. ☺️
  12. AP means APOSTOLICUM which translates to "a follower of Jesus" as it refers to the apostles. LOD is LODOMERIA an area in western Russia, Belarus and Poland. AA means Archduke of Austria.
  13. Let Andreas @AndreasAfeldt from The Coin Cabinet know about this. He may be able to help but if not he will certainly want to be aware of the issues you are having.
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