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  1. Just like the Food Pyramid it makes more sense when inverted.
  2. 1. Matt HanCOCK 2. Matt HanCOCK 3. Matt HanCOCK
  3. Bet they chalked it up as a Covid death...Et tu, Covius!!! 🤣
  4. Beats me. You could get a Full Sov for that price.
  5. Dreadful quality control. ☠️
  6. Looks like Pizzeria Italiana so could well be a token of some kind. Maybe you get extra Mozzerella? 😎 🍕 You could try your luck with it at Dominos.
  7. I feel your pain Pete. This is the reason I don't buy 999.9 silver anymore. I had same happen to my Queen's Beast Red Dragon and Brits. Interestingly my ASE's and Libertads were unaffected. Been buying Gold ever since and the odd .925 or .800 silver coin like Thalers and Morgans.
  8. Atkinsons had two 10 Korona coins last night, a 1906 and a 1911 for £167 each. I bought the 1911 and the other is gone too now.
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