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  1. I think Andreas would approve. ☺️
  2. I buy Francs as sometimes the premium is quite low and they make a change from Sovs. Expect to pay about 7% premium for bullion. As @Seasider has said: Any profit over your personal CGT allowance will be taxed when you sell. Currently about £12k per year I believe. I also like the 10 and 5 Francs but the premiums will be higher. I buy bullion as a "protection" against inflation and consider it just another way of saving rather than putting it in a Bank. I don't expect to make a profit but it would be nice. If I was to "Invest" I would be looking at Numismatic high grade coins and not bullion and Sovereigns would be my choice. Here I would be looking to make a profit.
  3. If you paid by PayPal can you try claim via your credit card as I assume it is linked to your PP account?
  4. @LawrenceChard is on the Forum...that alone is worth Silver Membership 🙂
  5. Eee bye gum, lad that's reet champion. Welcome t't forum. ☺️
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