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    Derbyshire, England
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    Collectible bullion & Semi Numismatics
    Numismatics (Proof coins)
    High Premium Numismatics & Collectibles (Premium Proof and premium collectible coins)
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    WANT various 1/10th gold coins.
    Investing in Gold Bullion/proof sovereigns and Britannia’s, Silver anything else I happen to like 😂
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    1 Oz Silver Koala, Kookaburra and Britannia (bar 1st coin) date runs. Australian 1oz Silver Lunar Series 2
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    What collection? 😉

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  1. Yesterday I added 2 sovereigns and cases to hold the latest kids collections, a sovereign date run since birth. Initially inspired because they had a Sovereign bought in their birth year (costly move 😂); even more costly, could be the eldest has just reminded me Grandad bought a Gold Brit🤭
  2. One of my local posties is an old team mate of mine, he tells me they have an app that now tracks delivery through gps, which then literally records the date and time they deliver anything that needs signatures. So they have to photo on doorstep and it’s all logged in case of disputed delivery. Dont help the bit in between you mention @Petebut gets around the not signed for Covid question. I’ve noticed them leave larger parcels behind plants though, so anyone else straying on your property could potentially find the odd treat 😳. If I’m expecting something I make sure someone is always in.
  3. Hi, sorry I’m just waiting for payment; if it doesn’t happen I’ll send a P.M to you.
  4. Would like to sell as one lot £115 (£23 per coin) plus postage. Kept sealed since bought from dealer. All Sigma pro verified. Feel free to P.M for any further photo.
  5. Nice coin in capsule complete with R.M description and cardboard packing. £100 per coin plus postage. One holder cardboard surround shows some wear but not the coin.
  6. Two 2013 ASE in capsules look as new, one 2010 loose, 2 Phillies loose. All sigma pro verified. Ideally for sale as one lot £120 plus buyers choice of postage.
  7. Various dated Sovereigns for my kids latest fad a sovereign date run, from the ever reliable @ChardsCoinandBullionDealer, your service is a credit to you @LawrenceChard, 3rd purchase since finding TSF every one exemplary. New Sovereigns too from new member @Hunter87
  8. Seems there are a few threads that evolve into general trading, so I’ll just bump this as around 5 months back around the Covid stock clamour, I mentioned ORPH at 8.2p and EVG 9.4p both have allowed traders in and out with spikes but both are now sat at 26.5p and 12.85p respectively. Having taken some profit in each, added and generally stuck around as neither were pure Covid stocks. Plenty left to come in their respective journeys. Just saying.
  9. Two 2005 commemorative Sovereigns from@ilovesilverireallydo Charlie boy and well ok but prefer the second one, more special for me. Added some Sovereign bits and a half from another master local flipper who seems more like Greengrass, they pass the Sigma test though so probably flip them myself in time.
  10. Besides being handy, help you focus on the date run gaps 😁 which is how I landed here on a mission in early May. My new sense of order logic, if it’s not in a box or tube, it can’t be worth keeping! Brings me discipline to a messy stack inherited, so I focus on what I really want to stack or collect.
  11. Silver stack mission complete. Took this photo the other day as I wave farewell to it all. This is for my kids, they like the sets specially the Kookaburra and some of the little ones in the second pic. The bars, tubes and cases with date runs are going into secure storage only to be visited when added to. All the single coins I’m now selling off to add to Sovereigns or Brits. Well that’s the plan unless something tempts me 😆
  12. Mixed years 2010,11,13,14,15 in capsules. Looking for £60 for each lot (I’ve 2 lots the same years). Plus postage of buyer choice and risk. Thanks for looking.
  13. Would like to sell as one lot for £550 plus R.M special delivery. Believe these to have been capsuled straight from a mint pack. If no takers will consider selling in batches of 5 for £22.5 for each. Sigma tested as per photo. All look good condition, some scratches on capsules, possibly minor milk spots on odd coins as typical with Canadian mint bullion condition.
  14. Selling 2 x 2013 & 2016 Sovereigns in good bullion condition, as per photo (apologies bit dull here today 😕). £355 per coin, plus R.M special delivery U.K only please. Any questions feel free to ask or P.M
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