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    Midlands, U.K
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    Collectible bullion & Semi Numismatics
    Numismatics (Proof coins)
    High Premium Numismatics & Collectibles (Premium Proof and premium collectible coins)
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    WANT various 1/10th gold coins. Sovereigns 2000 - 2010.
    Investing in Gold Bullion/proof sovereigns and Britannia’s, Silver anything else I happen to like 😂
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    1 Oz Silver Koala, Kookaburra and Britannia (bar 1st coin) date runs. Australian 1oz Silver Lunar Series 2
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    What collection? 😉

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  1. Not bought anything for a good couple of months or so but this solitary 2007 sovereign brings me up to date with my kids sovereign date runs from birth.
  2. Ok. Delivery went to the the wrong address but with a bit of detective work, it eventually turned up.
  3. Yep. Royal Mail Group Ltd 👍
  4. All sorted thanks. The Post Office tried to say delivery had happened, fortunately there are honest people out there that admit mistakes happen.
  5. I’ve bought from Terry, whilst he’s a bit expensive, he has stuff you sometimes can’t find easily elsewhere, so I was happy to pay a bit more. On one occasion, a package for a single coin got lost in the post, thanks the R.M. He did everything he could to help me out in my claim. So personally found him polite, helpful and willing to go further in customer service. Always test my coins received with a Sigma Pro and never found anything amiss with those received from Dorset coins.
  6. Hi Zishan, Just spotted your post and besides saying welcome, if you want some knowledge and to trade with someone very friendly on your doorstep, go say hello to @ilovesilverireallydo. One year ago, I was pretty much yourself, although I did have a head start with some hand me downs. The big fella is worth 10 minutes of anyone’s time.
  7. Wish I had better photos but I’m really pleased to have completed one date run mission. This 07 completes my sovereign date run from birth for my eldest.
  8. @morezonehelped me out with some early Czech lions, now have a date run going. Added a new Gold Brit half ounce at the weekend too
  9. Really dull and boring for most of you but it’s my first 1 oz Gold Brit, along with 4 free Silver 1oz’s from the referral scheme of you know who, turned up today. First purchase for sometime.
  10. Hey Tommy, So this is all about risk management then. It’s a bit like do you you want all your share portfolio in one stock, half a dozen or more? Read many investment books and they will quote you some aspect of asset diversification, which is essentially what you’re suggesting. When you think about it, buying precious metals, is the same as buying several stocks, rather than having all your eggs in one basket. You might also consider property and that could yield rental income, go further and it could be collecting art, fine wines, vintage cars etc. Effectively just like individual sectors or stock markets around the world, different commodities, real estate or any type of collectibles can have bull/bear markets at different times. What you suggest gives you an opportunity diversify your risk. Personally I was heavily weighted to property, land and shares but I’m inching up my P.M holdings, with an eventual aim to have between 5-10% invested in Physical assets. Partly for fun, partly just something else to protect wealth, pretty much along the lines of what @dickersuggests above. Good luck
  11. Hi and welcome, You might want to check out @BleyerBullion they are local to you, so far in the last year I’ve received nothing but good customer service whenever I’ve used them.
  12. Price was somewhat immaterial, as I’ve no intention of selling; they are part of hand me down collections for both my kids. Do love Kooks though, so a 1/10 gold Kook collection is very tempting for them both.
  13. Yes from EMK and no additional VAT charge as all paperwork was included
  14. From memory around 200 Euro, couldn’t see any imperfections myself.
  15. Two 1/4 Brits accompanied with 2 Silver oz’s. That should give the game away where these came from, slowly filling my single Brits tube.
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