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    Derbyshire, England
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    Collectible bullion & Semi Numismatics
    Numismatics (Proof coins)
    High Premium Numismatics & Collectibles (Premium Proof and premium collectible coins)
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    WANT various 1/10th gold coins. Sovereigns 2000 - 2010.
    Investing in Gold Bullion/proof sovereigns and Britannia’s, Silver anything else I happen to like 😂
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    1 Oz Silver Koala, Kookaburra and Britannia (bar 1st coin) date runs. Australian 1oz Silver Lunar Series 2
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    What collection? 😉

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  1. Price was somewhat immaterial, as I’ve no intention of selling; they are part of hand me down collections for both my kids. Do love Kooks though, so a 1/10 gold Kook collection is very tempting for them both.
  2. Yes from EMK and no additional VAT charge as all paperwork was included
  3. From memory around 200 Euro, couldn’t see any imperfections myself.
  4. Two 1/4 Brits accompanied with 2 Silver oz’s. That should give the game away where these came from, slowly filling my single Brits tube.
  5. Hey Alex, I’ll say welcome and give you a top tip based on experience. Go say hello to @ilovesilverireallydo who operates in the jewellery quarter; it would be worth 10 minutes of your time any day.
  6. Hello Fifsilver, Shame you didn’t ask sooner. Just sold some loose 2017’s 1oz Silver Brits for £28 per coin fresh from the tube. I’m clearing out a lot of loose dates, so i’ll probably be listing a few more around the same price, as I’m only sticking to tubes in storage going forward. Will send you a pic tomorrow if I do.
  7. 1 oz Silver Kooks are the one date run I was determined to finish. Once I’d got 2 sets nothing else has been as much fun, I Just they are so pretty in variations to any other series. Really don’t know what to challenge myself on next in the Kookaburra’s; whatever it is I’d have to get 2 sets 🤔
  8. Or look at it another way, do YOU want to sign a petition telling government agencies by your confirmed NAME and email address about YOUR “interest” in Silver 😉 Which is why I put in bold IF! My names not on that list, just thought I’d highlight that a petition already exists. To be fair, the day I put it up on TSF it was around 68, so I consider that doing my bit 😂
  9. Bix Weirs take on it. For all his seemingly wildish price predictions, he does put up some rationale for the way things happen. What I don’t get is why people store with the mint anyway, other than security, in which case there’s got to be other safe forms of storage?
  10. IF you really want to, it already exists; just happened to notice it posted elsewhere online. https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/575122
  11. Somewhat ugly compared to the Kooks aren’t they? You’ve got me though, as I’m on the date run, guess I’m going to have to put a order in 😂
  12. Item 12 x 1 oz Silver Britannia’s fresh from a tube bought from regular seller @arshimo2012 that I split for a forum swap trade, looking to sell remainder now split. Bullion condition, handled by gloves only to show in photo. Price £28 per coin plus postage (at buyers choice of risk outside RMSD). Payment by bank transfer. U.K only buyers please.
  13. Thanks to @Tn21 enabling me to add to my gold 1/10ths collections and @arshimo2012for the Brit tubes and @DuncanWylieWilson who’s spares added to my own BBP referral tube I’m steadily filling with Silver Brits 😂
  14. Well I joined just under a year ago with the intention of finishing my kids somewhat messy, inherited stacks. Think I finished a 1 oz Brit date run first, that’s the easiest if U.K based, then Koala’s, then Kook’s and finally a couple of lunar series. I’m a bit once I’ve started, can’t stop! So went a bit gung-ho and possibly paid over the odds at times; really though it doesn’t matter, as hopefully they will not be sold for a long time. Shifted some I deemed surplus though to part fund it and now I’ve switched to a gold 1/10’s varied collection and sovereign date run, that I’m just a couple s
  15. Just tiddlers again for me, 2 more gold 1/10’s I’ve been waiting patiently for from @BleyerBullion and Melissa been keeping me updated. Last but one sovereign finally added to my sovereign date runs. Just a pair of 2007’s now if anyone has any willing to offload.
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