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  1. Acquired some nice gold fractional’s last few days to add to a mini 1/10s collection for each of my kids. 1/10 Brits and Maples from @ram64 arrived today, yesterday received 2 nice 1/10 Wedge tail Eagle from @ChrisSilver and just a little swap with @Dough as added to another mini 1 oz collection of all the mainstream Silver coins.
  2. I’ve got slightly frustrated with odd individual shares, specifically my largest holding AAZ. Others have done alright throughout the year, so I’m not complaining too much. Royalty streamers like ELY were due a pullback, so always wise to take a bit of profit as nothing goes up in straight lines. AAZ has frustrated me though, after paying a very good ever increasing dividend, it peaked around £1.70 on Thursday, before profit taking Friday on its exploration activities. Why? Diversification, well they recently announced an interest in Ireland with Conroy. Political risk, well they are so well connected if anyone does a little research into the directors links and background, too much to spell out here and perhaps a lack of understanding about the mine life and PSA. Kind of need to bear in mind the connections and look at the Behre Dolbear report from the previous Soviet era, to realise what they are sat on. Trouble is, the don’t do glitzy headlines, the market can react to easily, they don’t issue shares like confetti that get bucket shops promoting their story. Instead they run a prudent, cash efficient operation, with serious management “skin in the game”, very firmly aligned to other shareholders. So they mine, prove up the resource and bank cash on an ever increasing basis. The next results will undeniably smack the market across the face, simply because of the cash balances; well they ought to but who knows. This link is 91 pages of through detail and mining speak of their exploration and mining activities around the Gedabek contract area. https://wp-angloasianmining-2020.s3.eu-west-2.amazonaws.com/media/2020/08/05145223/H1-2020-Exploration-Activities-Gedabek.pdf Gosha highlights the Asrikchay potential, particularly 1 and 3 https://wp-angloasianmining-2020.s3.eu-west-2.amazonaws.com/media/2020/08/05145230/H1-2020-Exploration-Activities-Gosha.pdf Ordubad whilst separated from the main rump of Azerbaijan, still presents enormous potential https://wp-angloasianmining-2020.s3.eu-west-2.amazonaws.com/media/2020/08/05145230/H1-2020-Exploration-Activities-Gosha.pdf So there is a lot there but its all a game of patience, I’ve been here 5 years and well rewarded, as have others. Still frustrating though when other miners have gone up at a much faster pace, than AAZ which has barely reacted. Sticking around though because I feel it will come, in time, with perseverance and a top class management team, least of all Stephen Westhead who seems right on his game. That’s my little ramp for a while, as ever others will have to D.Y.O.R and not fancy it one bit.
  3. At least he still has stock at a reasonable enough price, good flag by @Happypanda88 thanks, mine came very quickly today.
  4. More modest than some but I had to join the Brumby crave
  5. Used to swing trade CEY quite a lot, up until they had that legal cloud hanging over them that dragged on for ages, wasn’t they embroiled in some drawn out process over Sukari and getting permit approval? In all honesty, I think the clouds were due to regime change and ensuring everyone was “on side”; it’s a fair while ago but I suspect it left a lot of seasoned investors wary of them. Have to confess, I’ve lost touch with the story, though I’m certain it would be resolved by now, otherwise the price would still be struggling. Perhaps the political risk is a reason it’s not quite roared away though.
  6. Lol d’ohh, couldn’t remember it might have been 98, know I stopped a year short and put a pic up on the Brit pic thread 😁
  7. Think I stopped those at 96 too 🙄
  8. Just one Kook for me, but it did complete one of my date runs I set out to do, right back to 1996 (which was 4 years more than I intended, somehow I can’t stop myself 😂).
  9. ZigZag

    The coming Gold crash

    My first visit to this thread, I’ve given up after page 1 because something tells me the next 66 pages haven’t aged well. Who at this minute doesn’t expect a pullback at some point, but the predictions were just plain wrong.
  10. My 2 sets of Swans turned up today, so as I’ve seen a few wildlife shots, I thought I’d snap them with their friends on the lake and then a bit closer up. Trying my best with the camera, I don’t think I’ll make a career from it 😂
  11. Just bumping this as curious as to whether after the Riflebird and Manucodia, will there will be a 2020 version?
  12. 04 and 06 Kooks, which means one date run completed, one slight miscalculation 🙄 Mind l’ve gone back further than I intended anyway 😂
  13. Gold 3% Silver 2-3% Juniors 85% Royalty Co’s 9%
  14. Rick Rule has been covering DML, FCU and NXE which might account for some of their run up, personally I still wonder if there is another round of fundraising to come for a good few of the juniors? You could perhaps add Uranium Royalty Company CA:URC could go on about it, however because I’m not convinced we won’t see more lows yet, I’m just flagging it for those to decide whether it’s of interest? I’m on the sidelines. Anyway this might interest U guys or girls
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