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    Derbyshire, England
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    Collectible bullion & Semi Numismatics
    Numismatics (Proof coins)
    High Premium Numismatics & Collectibles (Premium Proof and premium collectible coins)
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    WANT various 1/10th gold coins. Sovereigns 2000 - 2010.
    Investing in Gold Bullion/proof sovereigns and Britannia’s, Silver anything else I happen to like 😂
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    1 Oz Silver Koala, Kookaburra and Britannia (bar 1st coin) date runs. Australian 1oz Silver Lunar Series 2
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    What collection? 😉

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  1. My little additions back end of this week. Another modern sovereign added to the date runs I’m doing care of the excellent service from @BritanniaCoinCompany Couldn't resist a couple of Britannia privy’s @AgD put up either. This could be dangerous territory now, I feel the urge to collect other privy versions coming on, just when I though my date runs were completed 🙄😂
  2. Used this company having stumbled across this thread. Very good website for my needs, backed up customer service claims I’d seen written, with a very efficient order to delivery process. Big thumbs up from me, found another customer and placed my second order today.
  3. Yeah shame, my old man used to buy from Ernie (I think?). Remember him getting tetchy when the postie asked what was in all the packages, he’d buy 5-10 at a time and the postie would have an elastic band on them knocking on the door; didn’t like the nosey postie much in the end and it curtailed his buying a bit, but more so when the VAT incentive went. When I looked last year a lot of what was being flogged was rounds, suppose they got a bit uncompetitive.
  4. My first sovereigns of the new year to add to my date runs thanks to @Leonmarsh Two nice proof 2008 and 2011 to keep filling the blanks.
  5. I’m still firmly in the buying camp, as much as anything for asset diversification. If I did the sums, i reckon I’d still be under or around 5% disposable wealth, which is a lot less than many here I guess. So because my aim is not wealth creation, I’m happy buying on two fronts, firstly to pass on collections to my kids and secondly as wealth (asset) insurance, so I’ll buy up to around 10% of disposable assets in my mind.
  6. There seems a few PayPal scams around right now, I bought something fairly innocuous in a iPhone charger the other day on eBay, I’m unsure whether it was a coincidence or not but only minutes after, I got a message on my phone saying my PayPal account had insufficient funds and risked being closed and to click a hyperlink to PayPal. Which instantly smelt b.s so I just deleted it. Legitimate organisations just don’t contact you in this manner, that seems a key message, don’t click links; sat thinking I bet someone unsuspecting would fall for it. Sharing to say a lot around and also wi
  7. Best not to judge too quick, one of my first transactions was to buy capsules or coin boxes from @morezone, can’t begin to tell you how patient he was explaining what a ricket I was making of my first friends and family transaction 🙄 That piece of modern day wizardry had bypassed me for years 🤷‍♂️ Eventually his idiots guide explanation got me there but it was a little embarrassing at the time 😂
  8. Another here who has trouble taking decent pics, I’m no David Bailey! Thanks again to @ChrisSilver for flagging up the silver to go free postage deal for possibly the last cheap Brits Direct. Also kept my Kookaburra date run going, they still are my favourite collections start to finish. Quick pic before they head for the storage tomorrow. Lastly my Christmas draw gift arrived earlier in the week from @MintageSeller which was particularly nice for me, as it’s pretty obvious to anyone who notices my posts, I’m always after pairs of everything for my kids.
  9. Richer for family time, it means everything to me, spent a lot of time with teenagers and got closer to my eldest son than I had for a long time; mainly because I’ve spent less time working or working from home. Poorer I miss travelling, though it was nice to visit Devon and Cornwall early July AND get some reasonable weather, nothing beats this country in places, if the weather is fair. Socially miss concerts, sports and most of all a pint with mates and family meals out of late. Money and time spent around the house instead to good effect overall. Financially a little better off pa
  10. Lunar gold 1/10’s! Well thanks for the inspiration but bugger, going back a few years will probably cost me now 🙄
  11. This might be a small thread but it encouraged me to look for others on Sigma’s. So thought I’d add to it, as someone asked me the other day. After reading a few posts, I quickly came to the conclusion the more i invest and the more uncertain I was, one of the best investments any collector could make is a Sigma Pro. Had a think about it for awhile but reaching out to a poster who generously exchanged their experience and knowledge, the cost seemed negligible in the long run. The biggest benefit for me was as I mainly collect coins, the Pro measures right through the coin, so removin
  12. My kids gold 1/10ths collections slowly adding up, some from TSF members and @morezonehas provided me some capsules to put them in their coin cases. So far I’ve grabbed various same years of Brits, Maples, Roo’s, Krug’s, Eagles and the Wedge tailed version. Got one lonely Phillie due to a memory lapse of buying 3 Roo’s 🙄 Next up will aim for Kooks or a couple of Pandas, anybody any other ideas for me, please shout.
  13. So my little group order turned up curtesy of @BackyardBullion and it just reminded me, I’d thought I’d add a couple of 2020 Czech lions. I’m almost believing there was some plan for me to win the 2019 czech lion in last months draw, as the urge to go on another date run is now prodding me in the ribs 😂
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