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  1. I’m sort of agreeing with you, my best performing stock I’ve held for 5 years, so far it’s around 23x my original purchases (excluding dividends) but I also think contradicting myself here, now is not the time to fall in love with any particular share. Gains can be had as some bargains are still there from the March meltdown, that for whatever reason have not gone back to previous levels. These I’d consider trading opportunities, knowing full well they could be hit again in another market setback. My current rule is gain 50% scalp 10%, double take at least half off the table. I’d like to think It’s balancing greed with common sense there may be bumps that wipe out gains.
  2. There’s a lot of Covid plays having their day in the Sun (bad pun), this followed on from the hype that was NYCT, look at the rise there too. I’d had AVCT flagged to me, I bought at 39p and sold at 70p as a pure momentum trade being hyped 🙄 No way would I invest £350k though.
  3. Yes familiar with the Sarnia link, they exploited the loophole before it was closed, now like everyone else as you say they have to charge V.A.T but there was a time when you didn’t have to up to a certain value. Know this because once 1oz coins got to expensive, my father switched to buying 1/2 ounce to get under the V.A.T requirement; for a good while they were cheaper than any U.K dealer for obvious reason; surprised they survived once the loophole was closed. My bad, you have made me look at the card and it was Bruce Russell, don’t know where the name Rowan popped into my head from. Nice to hear the restaurant is still open, would be interested to know if Bullion Rock is still owned by Bruce, bought some lovely Victor Hugo gold doubles for my kids whilst we were there.
  4. Micheal Marcus said “when in doubt, get out and sleep on it”. Personally I think if the market isn’t moving against you and you’re conviction on a particular stock is still high, you can always stay invested but maybe scale back a position; that way you get the upside if you’re right and cover some downside if you’re wrong to reinvest further down the line. There still feels a number of undervalued situations to me, so I’m still trading positions.
  5. Hi tin, My family have bought from the Guernsey Mint, it was the favourite destination on a few holiday jaunts. Met the owner a true gent called Bruce Rowan, maybe he sold out and that’s why it’s name has changed? He was there 10 years back when my father decided to educate his grandkids. Bruce gave us all a tour and even let them have their photo taken holding a gold bar in a bit of a museum there. Saw his business card in his collections, that’s how I remember him. Used to be a family business. Would love to go back some time, as occasionally visit St Peter Port and Herm. There was a smashing little restaurant he opened at the side, is it still open? One other operation there used to be in the Channel Islands was Sarnia Silve4, I remember it because atone time there used to be envelopes frequently arriving through the family letterbox, until the postie got a bit too nosey for my old mans liking. They were VAT free up to I think it was around £15, bit of a tax loophole for U.K collectors he told me. We used to get bundles of single packets through the door 😂. Might be worth looking to see if they are still open.
  6. Hi neighbour and member of the same flock 😁
  7. I see value in oversold stock positions, last week Marstons, this week AA. plenty others to trade beside all the Covid bingo stocks.
  8. Everywhere I look and go, the more I see social distancing is weakening, everyone wants things back to normal, shops open, parties, bbq’s, pub open, hey it’s summer. Just wait until the kids go back to school and Uni’s start, back; it’s absolutely inevitable, the question is do they plough on regardless of human life lost. Can’t see there not being pain somewhere down the line, it all feels a good excuse to me though.
  9. Yep I shorted in 07/08 and it was an obvious one to freefall soon as the cruise industry started getting headlines. I’ve left alone the swings the last few weeks, partly as the easy money has been made, mostly because once the Saudi’s lined up alongside and then the fed created funds out of thin air for bond holders, you just knew the prop was in. It will fluctuate now, but just wait and see if winter cruises are cancelled, for all the billions injected the burn rate is something that is well above a billion a month. These bond holders are secured against $28 billion or so in value of the fleet, which if the cruise industry goes pear shaped, makes the valuations la, la land. Sat on the sidelines now, just watching this space, it could go horribly wrong.
  10. Carnival has been one of the most obvious short candidates since Covid-19 came into the west. If not for a sovereign oil fund rescue package, it would probably be at £5 now. Second wave of the virus and more cruise shop passengers unfortunately affected, whenever they recommence cruises, it will tank again. Remember the U.S listing will dictate the price, not the FTSE.
  11. ZigZag

    mad 4 silver

    Hi, For anyone who is is interested Mad4silver is owned by “Snurkle” who posts on the Advfn bulletin boards. Mainly the long term Silver and Gold threads. She is well known on that site and regularly posted up her links to her business. I’ve bought a couple of coins and never had a problem, always well packaged. The business only tends to operate from Friday evenings until Sunday nights at present due to the volatility in metals markets. She operates with what she considers low premiums for smaller buyers, providing the chance to purchase silver and affordable prices. Only mentioning it because I’m a long time trader that uses Advfn. Some of the posts on those threads are real conspiracy stuff, some are being polite, right out the box; occasionally they discuss silver or gold 😂
  12. Always been the way since Chavez pressed self destruct button. Years ago I owned Rusoro, they were a favoured play in country but he just couldn’t resist interfering. Venezuela at that time nationalised or tried to so much to “protect” their interest, yet succeeded in screwing up so many assets and industries with the failings of state intervention. Shame really because I remember Rusoro were so enthusiastic at prospects and producing, then state greed took over.
  13. Medical supplies or join a few dots...oil payments? https://www.reuters.com/article/us-venezuela-gasoline-iran-guaido-idUSKBN22W2H1 Either way, things going to heat up and get interesting, in a bad way for someone.
  14. Get what you’re saying Bumble, for all I like about him, I don’t own any stake in his companies but there are other reasons for that. Is he any different to Mike Maloney or Schiff though, not really. Suppose having spoke with him I was quite taken in with his commentary on the wider picture and personally I thought he provided wise advise on how to invest in commodity plays, something he often brings up. Each to their own I guess.
  15. Just my opinion but for any investor in mining stocks Keith Neumeyer is a must listen worth 20 minutes of anyone’s times. Here he chats the GSR, low interest rate set up for P.M’s, wider economic consequences, value drivers for investing in resource stocks, scaling in. Having met Keith, he is Mike Maloney horizontal, no outlandish claims, just matter of fact cyclical reasoning for P.M outlook.
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