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  1. hey, we all started as novices, it can be tricky to navigate, its a learning curve we all deal with.... the biggest lessons are when you buy something at the wrong time or wrong price..... members will guide you on here and watch the sales threads for how quick the good deals shift... that is if you can beat James and his team of 56 robotic humanoids!
  2. you'll get there... try using the 'quote' bit at the bottom of each comment and then it links you can also drag over the line or sentence you want to comment on, wait for 'quote selection' box to appear and just click on it... practice on this thread.... its yours, so have a play around with it
  3. first couple of times the lovely lady who drops off my stuff picked it up, now she does both, delivers and picks up but she has a van now to help her with her extra workload, other times it can be a random dude.... think it depends on the round as our round even though its in the city is quite small so probably easier
  4. Dont know if anyone is aware of this but right now they are offering free pick up for up to 5 parcels All you need to do is pay online for your postage and they'll collect it for nowt ....... Saves trips to the post office, i've used this before when only posting 1 item which is normally 60p and its dead easy...
  5. QUEEN MOTHER 1/25TH oz .999 Fractional Gold Coin in Capsule Postage of buyers choice and risk £65.00 +post Cheers...
  6. up to 5 times a day ? lightweight 😂 Take for example, James...... he has a team so its monitored 24/7 and even employs athiests so he covers religious holidays...!! I have the page open on my PC along with price charts and a couple of other dealer sites and check all the time when i am at my desk working... I'll even come through and check between filling the kettle for a cup of tea and how long it takes to boil the water...
  7. i do, i nearly walked out of my surprise 40th years ago.... 😂 so i just had a few extra rums!!!
  8. I'd never let someone pick the year for me, i prefer to pick my own...
  9. Listing them as a set might take time, list them individually on here and they will go quicker than sh!t off a shovel... probably only need to make one tip to the postie too, just 10 single parcels
  10. do they fit the 16mm-16.6mm diameter ones the same...
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