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  1. if it had been sent SD the buyer would have been tracking it anyway so anyone giving bad feedback when a screenshot of the tracking path can show its not your fault would no doubt have it reciprocated ...
  2. I sent a coin SD on monday to N.I next day guaranteed by 13:00 and it arrived today!!!!!
  3. not me, never had an issue.... i'd like them to lower their prices but wouldn't we all, boycotting the Royal Mint would have the same effect as me lying on an entrance to a farmers field glued to the cattle grid... just because i don't like cabbage leaves with holes in them 😂
  4. i had to, as soon as i saw it i bought it, just waiting on fedex now to deliver.... 😂
  5. I'd say yes.. its a given if the set is successful which they know it will be, i love the panther and the style of it so the rest will be different from the QB's which makes it a collectable set
  6. you've got no room to talk you 'forced' me to buy one of those egyptian thingy's 😂
  7. It's shocking but buyer beware.. one guy used to post fake coins on and describe them as fake so he could warn others what to look for in his description, very good idea and he must have had a real beef with it but it was useful for the uninitiated
  8. Gordy


    Nope never wears off... i had one come today, just a 1oz Aztec Calender but been after one for a decent price for donkeys and was buzzing opening it... every coin or bar that i get i beat the postie to the door if im in when it arrives... i'm like a kid in a shiny silver sweetie shop ..... and i cant remember without looking on a different post but some member who posted a new coin by video cost me 200+ quid yesterday as i went straight on power coin and bought one so cheers to the unnamed member...tw@t!!! and i cant wait for it to arrive... expensive? hell yeah... but i treat myself to this one... it was the Egyptian Calendar thingymajiggydoodathingymabob one...
  9. Very good topic, i cant really keep on topic for it though as i wont get rid of my stack, i buy and sell as i go and always look to add to it and any gains offset what i buy so my treasure grows with minimum cost... hopefully... i love the silver and will keep getting an odd gold thingy but the shiny stuff gets me googly eyed...
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