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  1. Maybe a precious metal yeah but as long as it has industrial uses governments will use that to tax it...
  2. Indeed Pete and we'll never get rid of VAT on silver as long as it has an industrial use so we may as well get used to living with it and having to deal with the prices that go with it as industrial use for silver ain't going away .....
  3. Enough to carry in the event of a disaster!!!!!.... personally though I look to have similar to Robda, 300 + oz and then if i get some to flip i may keep a couple just to add to the stack, depends on my mood and if I have over 500 then anytime i fancy generating some money i can sell without worrying my long john silver treasure chest is going to empty... Guard it like Golum and don't let Frodo take it!!!!
  4. Thing is with this site though is there are some really wealthy people on here and its a forum built on trust, all who i have came across since joining here are protective of their reputation and wouldn't jeopardize their membership on here.. its so easy in this day and age to get complacent about personal security with personal details etc but it can go the other way and make you over cautious too.. i was on here a couple of weeks and upgraded and had no trouble.. all your decision though mate, no-one will knock you for it...
  5. I also think its worth every penny to upgrade and for a few bob a month you get access to so much more and the subs can easily be soaked up with savings you make on here
  6. Agreed, it will probably just be a one off for me to add to my collection, i do prefer to stack my brits and any collections wont probably add up to more than the personal allowances as there's not that many i want to collect, QB's, some aussie stuff, pressburg mint and germania etc.. after that its buy to flip or to stack brits... if i get more gold it will be either sovs or brits too..
  7. i've hovered over 1kg bars and coins over the last few months but never pressed that darn button yet... i will at some point but can never decide if a want a doorstop or a CD sized coin lol
  8. Gordy

    Silver Trader

    Those Robin Hoods ain't that bad btw... 😊
  9. 311 now, but i dont think we will get 10,000 ... and tbh if there were 10,000 silver stackers in the uk there would be no stock anywhere... ever... 😂
  10. Gordy

    Silver Trader

    Agreed... top man..
  11. That is a great opening line!!!!!.... welcome....
  12. Gordy

    Silver Trader

    He's not taking any new accounts on atm but if you want me to source them for you i could get what you need and send them on to you.. you can send the money to me and i'll order them then its just a case of paying for postage..
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