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  1. I'M HOVERING......... not hoovering.... thats for James and Katy
  2. My first 1/4 Brit arrived today courtesy of sheepstacker (i keep saying his name wrong) 😂
  3. Gordy

    Posting gold bars 5g

    order online and arrange free pick-up, they collect on a day you pick and scan it at the door, never been asked whats in it as when buying online there is a warning about sending prohibited items somewhere
  4. Gordy

    Milking on silver

    depends on the coin and where the spots are, the kangaroo is an easy example due to the lines on it so using the eraser in a way that follows the lines reduces the visible damage, a coin which is proof like will have noticable marks from the eraser, if you try it, use it gently and get a good white eraser like a staedtler
  5. maybe not by TSF Standards but for a dealer you would be hard pressed to get a coin cheaper unless buying in bulk and of course he offers discounts for bulk buying and bank payment, the point the OP was making was his honesty, other dealers will have had the same issues with the Little John but just send them out as bullion regardless because that's exactly what they are, remember dealers have VAT to add on and running costs for premises and websites etc etc.... we on here can sell at below dealer prices because we find it easier and cheaper to do, and of course a few dealers do free delivery so a £25.00 coin on here can run into £27.85 if you add on 1st signed for... making a mere £1.15 difference or with Martins discount scheme you can get x 20 King Arthur's for £27.28 per coin delivered ...... or a tube for £682.00
  6. £80.00 each plus postage of buyers choice and risk if buying all 3 i'll cover the difference with SPECIAL DELIVERY with buyer paying only £5.00 towards postage (probs saving a couple of quid or so) cheers....
  7. as title says, if anyone has one of these or even both, if you can message me looking to pay up to £38.00 inc 1st signed for postage cheers me dears!!
  8. nice little parcel from Martin this morning... The knights of the past are amazing, Germania Mint is by far my fav mint for silver Little Rabbit too.... great coins as usual Gizmo Pics ....... cheers again @DrDave
  9. So....... got my Coin Gizmo from @DrDave and first attempt on a 1/10th Brit as wanted to see how it worked on a small coin with lots of detail... first coin was with the Gizmo and 2nd without, both took from a Samsung S21 and the cloth was a fine glass cleaning cloth even though it looks like a floor carpet in the pics 😂
  10. Someone i work with, her husband collects and sells Lego, If its a set he wants to build he buys two, one for him and one to invest in, unopened sets carry better value as you probably know... some expensive sets out there too
  11. one more thing, get a membership on here, if there are any designs you're after, ask on here, people have some wierd and wonderful collections and generally cheaper than elsewhere, just no free postage !!! 😂
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