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  1. put pictures on here and an asking price and see what you get in regards to comments, don't sell to a bullion dealer, you'll get next to nowt for them
  2. not used to tagging Lawrence ... 😂
  3. There's a new design arriving on the eagle this summer too, so 2021 will have two designs
  4. i take ID daily for my job and your bus-pass if its issued by nexus or local government needs to have I.D verified to obtain, that, provide them with proof of address such as council tax bill for the current year plus one or two utility bills issued within 3 months and explain you dont have any other photo ID. available, its to cover money laundering act, proceeds of crime act and funding of terrorism act... failing that!! use a different dealer... Lawrence Chard may be able to verify what you need too..
  5. Gordy

    999.9 Gold Colour

    i can see both ways on both coins... depends how you focus
  6. Price puts me off ..... but then again she puts most blokes off!!! haha... seriously though, the price is a block for me as if i bought one, i'd want the rest so i'm staying away from them
  7. BU is brilliant uncirculated and Ag is the periodic table name for Silver
  8. Haha, nope.... i would have googled it if i didnt know what it was... lol
  9. the most stupid question is the one never asked.... 😂
  10. For the taxman to query about selling on here they would need to have knowledge of your membership and then gain your personal details from the forum to be able to question sales on here and members are from all over the world, i'm self employed so i can just add any profits onto my accounts if needed..
  11. welcome aboard the silver/gold roller coaster.... btw... Cracking profile name too 😂
  12. Power of Attorney done directly through the Office of the Public Guardian is straight forward and only cost £82.00 per form so £164.00 in total for health and finance, solicitors will and do charge high rates to do the same job as you do yourself, they will still look to deal with the signatures and witnesses but you can do that yourself and even have someone you personally know be the certificate holder, the OPG have guidance docs online that run alongside the application form....
  13. Gordy


    Hello and Welcome
  14. you probably need to be a bit more specific on what taxes etc and why you cant afford anywhere
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