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  1. Values are worth the auction commission looking at the hammer prices
  2. Nearly silver Una o clock - hope bids knock it out the park for yous
  3. Hope the silver unas go crackers in bids later
  4. You can't pick a winning precious metals horse every time. But just hit that 100/1 shot once or twice in your stacking life
  5. https://bidlive.coinsoftherealm-auctions.com/lots/view/4-WSTNB/2019-una-and-the-lion-silver-proof-2oz-cased Ungraded silver 2oz Una & Lion just sold for £1,440 this afternoon above Silver - PF69 on coiuncabinet auction currently at £1650, ending tomorrow Silver - PF70 on coincabinet auction currently at £2000, ending tomorrow Gold - PF70 op coincabinet auction currently at £54,000 ending tomorrow Silver 2oz Una & Lion = £180 list price to --> £2,000 ( x11.11 timesROI / x1,011% profit ) Gold 2oz Una & Lion = £3995 list price to --> £54
  6. https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_nkw=james+bond+2oz+gold&_sacat=0&_sop=3&rt=nc&LH_Complete=1 no resells/flips of the James Bond 2nd issue "Wet Nellie" as yet on fleabay UK that i can see
  7. Might be interesting to follow this auction in October - MDC Monaco - Auction #6 2 'original' Una & Lion under the hammer soon in same sale https://mdc.bidinside.com/en/lot/5834/victoria-1837-1901-una-1839-5-souverains-/ The best & highest graded of all the original Una & Lion up for auction Starting bid is 500,000 Euros and https://mdc.bidinside.com/en/lot/5843/victoria-1837-1901-una-1839-5-souverains-/ PR62+ Start bid 150,000 euros The last one at Heritage sale Heritage World Coin Auctions > CSNS Signature Sale 3083 in April 2020
  8. Silver Price Current Price £17.35 Week High £21.14 Week Low £17.09 Week Change £-3.31 (-16.04 %) (!) The joys of silver stacking
  9. translation = you'll get someone else's returned coin, that may/may not be bad as the one you returned
  10. i got told on phone to them last week that the last batch of of 2oz gold were due to go out Friday 25th this week They were going out in three batches
  11. ive just missed my credit card billing date - so at least i aint got to pay for it for another month and a bit now !
  12. Morning check and 2oz Gold Una & Lion now at £53,500 🤪🙄 its gained £3000 overnight Where will it end at on Sunday ?? £75,000? £100,000 ?? Who knows. Is this the grand push from the start of collapse of fiat money into hard assets? Una aside the value some super rare coins have been going for at auction this past year have nothing short of huge
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