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  1. i reckon she will walk over a very sharp cattle grid in an extremely heavy hat, as Mr Blackadder would have said
  2. thanks for your update and insights @Frenchie always appreciated If I see news in UK i will keep you posted Lets hold tight and hope for the best
  3. Ive never seen anything for about the 5oz @BrumChris the same big spenders who got first dibs on the 2oz Queen coin probably for them to The 5oz gold Una would be beautiful to see in the flesh
  4. for loose silver 1oz coin with no capsule - a humble poker chip tray from eBay or amazon will do the trick to One tray will hold 115oz
  5. You can get these from the larger HOME BARGAINS stores for less than a fiver each, think i paid £2.50 years back for They have separator plastic tabs so you can customise size of compartments (handy for multiples of same years / date runs ) One will hold around 200 oz and fits lighthouse capsules to Fits them all nice neat, tidy & solid
  6. What's the feeling what the 2oz gold is worth now? now a few months have passed since the last one was spotted/sold ? Has anyone heard or seen any for sale with dealers on their travels around the world ? The longer one doesn't come to market for sale, that must be a good thing surely ??
  7. sell some first of 1st april (old tax year), sell some after 6th april in new tax year, use your wifes CGT allowance. ways and means around things like this send you mam and dad in with some you get the idea The capital gains tax allowance in 2020-21 is £12,300, up from £12,000 in 2019-20. This is the amount of profit you can make from an asset this tax year before any tax is payable. So say you bought them all for £1000 each, you sell for £1400 for sake of easy maths £400 is your profit/gain per coin so £12,300 CGT allowance / £400 profit per oz = would be 30 krugerrands you could sell before worrying about CGT payable add your wifes allowance of 30 krugerrands you get the idea CGT wont affect 99% of folk here on the forum i reckon - if it did, they would have sought professional advice before taking the plunge your accountant/IFA should advise of course to be 100% sure
  8. i would love one of those Austin Powers - Doctor Evil Meme's of " One Hundred Billions Dollars " be true for gold - just one time, id happily retire then and live a happy life
  9. @Silverman2U i have check on my paperwork on past CC invoices and i am correct. VAT is only added on your postage & insurance, for UK insured delivery via DHL it was just over £10 added to your bill for an order under £2000 as silver docket shows above, but his delivery & fees are to Ireland so a little higher
  10. not far off all time high ££££ again think we will break £1450 this week ?
  11. (as above) my dealings with CC, VAT is only payable on the postage/insurance part I believe. the costs for shipping are literally just covering their costs, nothing is inflated or overpriced.
  12. :( daft me thought it ended weekend - never looked at the dates and ive missed it all Ah well, money saved i suppose & gold at near all time high :)
  13. new coin cabinet auction #19 catalogue launched today https://auctions.thecoincabinet.com/auctions/4-JCLRN/the-coin-cabinet-auction-19-0-buyer-premium End Junes 28th
  14. Debt ?! have we not paid that off yet ? 🙄
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