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  1. Royal mint don't have a great reputation for publishing mintage after the fact. Not like other mints. Never been able to get true mintage figures for silver bullion Britannias since 2011 despite freedom of information requests to the mint direct
  2. There's a surprise !? Dave Build your own and save 25-50%
  3. I wonder what sovereign launch day will be like very soon ???? Five sovereign proof or bust Are you in @GoldDiggerDave???
  4. A good little book to reads from many years back is THE MADNESS OF CROWDS a very interesting read. as much as stuff in life changes, as much it stays the same.
  5. With inflation at 20%+ buy it with devalued fiat in the next 5 years, it won't be much above 50p I'm sure
  6. if silver investing experience is anything to go by, the sharper and quicker the % gain, the smack back down to reality is normally equally as brutal
  7. Having been in most of the RM queues in the past few years on release day, today has certainly been the busiest and most folk waiting to get on site Strange however, consensus is not many have bought anything here in internet land Its a funny old world, as are us humans who inhabit it isnt it ! ?🙄
  8. https://crawleycoins.co.uk/product/2022-her-majesty-queen-elizabeth-ii-memorial-2-oz-gold-proof/ £155 discount on the 2oz gold if anyone fancies taking a gamble on it - sold out at the Mint
  9. Spotted on a BookFace group - A interesting poll for todays release. Looks like the vast majority have shunned todays launch and bought nothing. If we are to believe their votes. We presume the collectors, investors & flippers are not involved today and it is Westminster Mint, London Mint Office & Harrington & Byrne type of buyers hoovering stuff up today taking up 50,000+ places in the queues all day
  10. Jeez I remember paying.sub £200 for a 1/4oz gold from HGM not that many years back
  11. Anyone got buyers remorse yet??? Now the dust is settling, mintage number and the speed of sell out , the 2oz.gold may have a little upside and the best option of today's offerings 2oz gold is the perfect size coin. Lovely and weighty in hand yet not resembling a dinner plate to store in its slab. It's a coin that is still a coin
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