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  1. where is my "shake head" GIF file ? Sage advice, Reading, researching and learning will pay off for you many mutiple times more than the time it takes you to do it
  2. they are the sister site of Silver To Go owned by the same guys (i believe) have used silver to go many times and offer great service.
  3. i bought gold this past fortnight - that's the real reason its gone down now
  4. hhiisss hiissss !! look out, look out there's a snake about thanks to @silverroller always nice to deal with Jason on the forum Looks like i'm starting to collect a series again when i vowed to not lol never mind
  5. More free money, from the magic money tree needed. The more things change, the more they stay the same
  6. https://www.apmex.com/search?q=Una+%26+the+Lion&x=12&y=19 I see the 2oz gold Una & Lion is now sold/unavailable from Ampex in the States that was there last time i look a month or two ago @Frenchie Think it was on at $39,995 i i remember rightly
  7. i drew the line with just one win today - quite happy getting a 1/4 oz gold for £400. have not broke the bank or living off baked beans for the month either
  8. no last min bidding frenzy - £1400 hammer price Does anyone think these constant consistant higher prices in the 2oz silver coins, will have positive on effect on the 2oz gold coin's value ? {just asking for a friend}
  9. only a few lots away before hammer comes down https://auctions.thecoincabinet.com/lots/view/4-FL86F
  10. 1st win - the PR66 1/4 2016 britannia for £400 - not too bad i suppose
  11. @mr-dead waiting in the wings for the James Bond coin lol
  12. £900 for a QUEEN 1/4 oz gold ! eek - not a good start for finding bargains
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