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  1. Paul

    Looking to invest

    Gold full sovereigns your best premium/value for money %over spot
  2. Paul

    Looking to invest

    Baird are well trusted dealer and accredited lbma refiner. They also have a showroom in Hatton garden if you wished to deal in person over counter, remember to take your ID and proof of address
  3. Paul

    Looking to invest

    if you want most silver for value for your money, consider bullionvault allocated storage
  4. get your best value for money ££, save your cash that little bit longer and buy a regular full sovereign instead Atkinsons = for x1 1g valcambi bar = £61.33 x 31.103 = £1,907 T/oz Atkinsons = x1 sovereign = £325.88 / 7.32g = £44.51 per gram x 31.103 = £1,384 T/oz £523 premium you end up paying Over course of your stacking life this will get you lots more gold
  5. Your at the mercy of their buy and sell spreads, they can change charges and commissions, your funds are not 85k guaranteed like a normal bank account. I'll stick with physical in safe deposit box, if you don't hold it you don't own it
  6. Carry on stacking chaps, nothing too see here
  7. New catalogue live now to view - 541 lots in total something for everyone by the looks of it. Some will be first time at auction 1/4 reverse proof gold Beasts set - 2oz premium gold Britannia - plenty of graces - a 70 silver Una & Lion Lots of items to go 541 in total !! cant expect high prices on everything so expect some bargains amongst these Are there enough bidders/buyers for this many items ? https://auctions.thecoincabinet.com/auctions/4-2LY9WT/the-coin-cabinet-auction-41-0-buyers-premium?limit=36
  8. i bet China didn't buy their gold from wish.com or alibaba 😆
  9. And I'll pay you with Scottish notes pm me for details thanks
  10. " i lost my spade in a boating accident your honour "
  11. Also having the safe deposit box facility combined on site is very handy, shame i'm 300 miles away lol
  12. As a black sheep of society, your question gets asked every so often, folk never seem to suggest to investing in "YOURSELF " and is always the best answer in my opinion * Get that next skill, take that next course, a more skilful YOU makes YOU stand out from the crowd & be more more valuable to other employers * Invest in a gym membership or personal trainer to improve YOUR health. If you are able to live & work an extra x10+ years due to better lifestyle will earn you £100,000s+ * Invest in YOURSELF learning how to cook. learn batch cooking. learn how to cook great food for less. learn how to cook the food that is good for you. your family & extended social circle will thank you for it. learn to not have to rely on fast food or processed food * Invest in YOURSELF with private health tests and food allergy tests to check you are not deficient or lacking or you are not eating stuff that is bad for you or affecting your day to day function/performance. Invest in water purification for your home, cleaner water with the extra oogly-booglies removed your body will thank YOU for it every day * Invest YOUR time better, listening to audiobooks instead of watching football or soaps * Invest in yourself every day with meditation and positive direction & choices = FREE but how many folk do it * Invest in a pack of "post it notes" to say what you want from the day, week, month and where you want top be. Visual affirmations daily make them far more likely to happen/succeed * Invest in YOUR business - Purchase the better camera to take better shots, Get the higher PSI pressure washer for your business, to do dirtier jobs easier and faster, invest in learning niche marketing or FB ads * Invest in marketing YOURSELF further with a bigger social network on LinkedIn. Improve YOUR social circle. Your life will resemble the folk YOU are closest to. Investing your time with losers will result in loser results * Invest in improving YOUR house to lower utility bills & costs, invest in a ultra efficient boiler to lower your energy costs * Invest in DOING rather than saying, the path to success is not a straight road and it is the mistakes you make along that road that make you succeed when you choose to learn from them * Invest in the highest speed internet so YOU can do YOUR job faster * Invest in YOUSELF by becoming a "people pleaser", don't be a money ££ chaser leach. Seek greatness/ By being a people pleaser, solving peoples needs & problems, make something or service that is faster/easier/tastier/smaller/better/nicer/softer/cheaper/shinier than your competitor(s). By being a "people pleaser", money will naturally gravitate to you & happily THROW money at you by simply solving peoples needs better than the next Note every suggestion has YOU in the the content. No-one is doing this for YOU - YOU are doing it for YOU Investing £1,500 in yourself and self-betterment, will brings dividends many multiples of value far higher than having it sat in a 0.00001% bank, in premium bonds or a useless yellow metal
  13. Paul

    First world problems

    I lost my spade in a boating accident
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