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  1. a daft question, what is the web site to buy Alderney "new issue " coins directly ?
  2. thanks guys @UnoWho & @silversurf - sorry my mistake. im not huge on grading etc so when i saw the 'three graces' ive put two and two together never realised Alderney was on the case for these
  3. Spotted on a facebook group - looks like what was great about the Great Engravers series will be spoilt in coming weeks, pre-gradings of 70s and variations and different sizes added to the mix to look forward to Of course added +££ premium to an already premium product for the privledge
  4. its arrived at last !!! you've better patience than me
  5. When Mike is quoted it is always best to address him by his formal name which Mike "I own a gold & silver Company" Maloney. ( Lots of folk forget his middle name) His addresses & analysis despite being a very well read, knowledgeable and thoroughly likeable sort of chap, in his eyes it will always be a good time to buy gold
  6. if you have ANY interest bearing debts (bar mortgage) pay it down, until you pay it off. snowball it by paying off the largest APR interests first get at least six months worth of wages set aside first for your rainy day/contingency fund. The "free money/help" could end. Rely on yourself not bid daddy GovernMint to help you, also consider having a stockpile of emergency food for this next year, things may turn sketchy at a moments notice If you'll be 90% invested in PM with one more purchase it will only take like your boiler packing in, roof leaking or car fault to have you
  7. A week or so reading and research before first purchases can avoid things like this, learning the basics, how things work etc
  8. never heard that before in nearly 10+ years stacking would hate to be disappointed again, like the last dozens of times
  9. BTC is kind of regarded as a 'safe haven' in these funny days we live in Let hopes that when BTC starts to nose dive in price, 'safe havens' are not all lumped together i.e. when BTC nose dives, gold follows suit Who knows ?? who thought having a bit of cash could be so stressful. When i young and didn't have reciprocal to urinate into, i didn't have a care in the world ! 🤣😆😁
  10. Little bit into everything none-fiat and spread the risk GLD, SLV, BTC, ETH, MALT & WSKEY ( )
  11. dont worry if price goes back down again to £10oz , dealers 'simplify admin' by keeping prices the same as today to "avoid buyer confusion" in their dollar costs averaging
  12. Back down to £10 an oz again by March - the joys of silver !
  13. Paul

    advice please

    ATS are very good dealer - dealt with them many times. often have rarer stuff at good prices to Can also visit in person bricks n mortar store, next door to the Savoy (only visited once and were excellent)
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