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  1. BORING ! What a lack lustre day think I will go back to stacking silver. At least disappointment was guaranteed daily and it didn't get your hopes up like the teasing minx gold is
  2. Been there a few times this week, thanks to this thread 🙂
  3. An interesting read, that's for sure. I've followed Dominic Frisby for a good few years. He always seems to speak common sense and seems trustworthy and honest. Not trying to sell or push anything He's not a bad comedian to
  4. So is it moon 🌙 🌝 or wonger We are heading ?
  5. I diversified into hoarding beef stock instead, I now identify as a bouillionaire
  6. I'm not a millionaire like the rest of you here my crossed Scottish and Yorkshire lineage/DNA 🧬 forbids it
  7. That was worth a reaction 😄
  8. Lol I'm rationing my reactions given today, as may run out quickly tomorrow. Dull man fact, I noticed it's a rolling 24 hour period for reactions to renew here on the forum, not midnight to midnight in a calendar day ( I'm great company at parties 🥳 🎉 )
  9. I wish Elon musk would invent a time travel machine or a crystal ball. I wonder where price will be in 10, 20 years from now?
  10. Ukraine Russia war started end of Feb 2022. Looking at the gold chart it spiked super quick from £1350 to over £1500 in less than a fortnight
  11. Who's stopping up past their bed time tonight ?? 🙄
  12. With this Iran news, the gold graph is going to be far from flat going into this new week
  13. Price it cheap enough and buyers will always appear, if @James32 hasn't got there first 🥇🏆
  14. Week on week, we are still up +£40oz / +2.17% despite the speedy smackdown end of day shenanigans yesterday Can't complain. Slow and steady rises win the race
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