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  1. im out of touch never looked since the last time !
  2. as i explain it to forum of 10,000+ members - D'oh !
  3. Whilst a lot of the eyes (and wallets!) will be on the new kids on the block in this auction (the Three Graces offerings). There might be chances to pick up bargain in this sale. Theres a great selection of other items on offer in this sale that may not get up bid up as they normally would
  4. those worried of confiscation of any one asset type, have you accumulated wealth spread into multiple "stuff of worth" , it cant all be banned & confiscated physical silver buried next to where your boating accident was, physical gold under your bed, allocated gold with bullionvault, allocated silver with goldmoney, physical cash in GBP £ safe despot box, physical cash in USD $$$$ at home in safe, physical swiss francs with your second passport, some fine art, some rolex in a second safe deposit box outside of UK, your max fiat cash in 100% backed premium bonds, £75,000 limit in a few
  5. Also got the few Graces in Sovereign Rarities auction sale ending on 27th April not long after So that will be the base of assumed valuations cemented by the end of this month HODL HODL HODL i think is best bet
  6. https://auctions.thecoincabinet.com/auctions/4-1YU3ZH/the-coin-cabinet-auction-37-0-buyers-premium?limit=36&search=graces New Coin Cabinet catalogue launched - Ending 25th April A little bit of everything Graces on offer TWO gold 2oz on offer, a 70 & 69 (think it came from a member here ) - first time in a a proper coin auction away from FleaBay manipulation/shilling - Will be interesting what they each sell for - as always no reserve with CC
  7. https://www.greatcollections.com/Coin/972545/Great-Britain-2019-Silver-194-163-1000-1000-Pounds-Una-and-the-Lion-2-Kilo-First-Releases-NGC-Proof-70-UC-7-with-Numbered-Certificate-of-Authenticity-Original-Government-Packaging-ASW-6424-Oz2-Kilos 2kg PF70 Una & Lion up for auction in Trumpland ending on Sunday 18/04 Bidding at $40,000 ! {eek !!} Mintage of just 40 - first one spotted in secondary market i believe
  8. Greta wont be at all this air travel sending your purchases to plastic coffins half way round the world
  9. Were you made aware of this at point of ordering ? was there warning you would get a delay ? did the web site make it appear items were in stock for immediate dispatch ?
  10. so much nicer and refreshing to read honesty than filler, fluff, blame & excuses you get with others
  11. hi steve if its still available and you are OK taking payment through paypal 'friends/family' could i purchase please PM me through your paypal address and total to send £ for standard 1st class post "none tracked"
  12. Yeah some really nice pieces to follow in this sale. First time i have seen the PF70 5oz gold Britannia 2014 up for auction - bet that is fab in hand. Only 75 were minted
  13. https://www.sovr.co.uk/auctions/index.php?option=com_timed_auction&view=lot_detail&low_estimate=9340&high_estimate=100000&keyword=&exclude_keyword=&sort_by=lot_number&image_filter=0&box_filter=0&paper_filter=0&export_issue=0&arr=0&auction_id=13&list_type=list_view&lots_per_page=18&page_no=2&lot_id=486312&search_type=&year=&month=&department_id=&cat_id= 2oz gold "Una & Lion" now live on Sovereign Rarities April auction Ends Tuesday 27th April @Frenchie
  14. The first PF70 2oz Gold Three Graces spotted ! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2020-Royal-Mint-Three-Graces-Gold-Proof-2-ounce-NGC-PF70UC-COA-and-original-box/294113906069 £50,000 ....eeeek ! Wonder if it sells ??
  15. Always like this guys analysis of gold/markets/prices Not selling anything or punting any service or subscription Enjoy guys
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