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  1. Dont be surprised if it is a bail-in with account holders "Cyprus style" not just shareholders, You are a partial shareholder of the bank if you have savings/deposits with them Cyprus style, they'll just say anything you hold in bank over £X amount you are issued shares The money you deposit into the bank you think is yours really isn't, you are an unsecured creditor of said bank In this day and age, the only thing i would hold in the bank is enough to cover your day to day monthly expenses, hold your rainy day money outside of the bank or hold some money across several bank accounts, not having all your eggs in one basket with one bank When and if there is ever a bank run or similar it will already be agreed withdrawal limits, i also don't see it as any coincidence why branch after branch is closing its doors, we know they are pushing the cashless agenda, but you cant run on a bank, if there is no bank to run to ! Restricting outwards transfers from online service could be stopped at the flick of a switch im sure
  2. it was my fault for todays dip sorry, bought gold earlier this week
  3. Don't give them ideas !!!! they'll issue a 1/70 gold sponsored by Specsavers with a free eye test to view it properly
  4. I've the four worst graded 2017 proofs in the world, I'm proud to say, last time I look at NGC census ! It's not all rainbows sunshine and guaranteed 70s. I took a punt buying four from ukbullion but sold as bullion so wasn't robbed. Took a try n hoped for best Learning, trying, participating
  5. You can always sell off small fractionals down the road to up grade to a bigger piece. I'll always say yes to a 1/10 gold if it's 3%over spot like good old HGM days
  6. Followed current trends @Roysome graded have looked like they have worked very well, got a dozen graded 2017 proof sovs now but learning about others not so Values on cc auctions past two years were to much to refuse but now market has softened I've learnt how it can change. Noone knows all the answers or the best route. Big tag classic proof gold coins certainly don't to seem to have changed their direction of price and I've none of them lol !!
  7. I'm not an expert, making mistakes is part of the fun..thats how you learn, not just in stacking but business and in life. Making mistakes is part of the process of learning You never win a Raffle if you don't buy a ticket. Had I chose not to participate in said experiment, what/where/how would I be now ? I'm not sure.
  8. You can always roll funds over to next pay day. Rome wasn't t built in a day
  9. I guess so. Cutting my own hair, mending and make do, never buying new all other parts of it
  10. £70 squid is another 1/20 gold that could be in the box
  11. ive already had to upsize my safe deposit box once extra £70 a year to Might have to sell off the 1/20s and 1/10s to make some room !
  12. Since starting stacking gold I have just been buying the "best deal of the day" of purchase, normally the best % closest to spot So i have 1/20, 1/10s, half sov, sov, 1/4s and 1/2s oz & 1oz ( when ive been flush ! ) lowball offers on CC auctions winning with least interest There has not been much logic and order in my purchases, just buying the best value. Only the past few years with new issue Royal Mint purchases Ive changed direction as i saw the potential for them to do well (great engravers gold, 2022 proof sovereign sets. this years platinum jubilee gold offerings) Slowly learning about numismatic gold sovereigns and older proof gold. i may be buying fewer items but dearer and rarer pieces going forward but nothings certain
  13. it low six figures value unless gold goes "to da'moon" as I was promised it would !
  14. Remember to any newbie reading this, i have spoke here several times about me having a gambling problem in my 20s (my full story below) Seeing my gold stack all together makes me even more proud of what ive managed to achieve, for someone who could never hold onto money
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