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  1. @2.24 " . . . . . and concluding this trilogy with . . . ." from the RM chief engraver Gordon Summer
  2. Its been speculated and mentioned a few times of the "Petition Crown" could be a contender for next one but nothing 100% certain as yet The original Petition Crown is one of the most historic and valuable British coins of all time, and broke the record for the most valuable British Silver coin sold at auction in 2007. The Petition Crown is a crown coin created in 1663 by Thomas Simon. This coin was submitted directly to Charles II, King of England as Simon’s personal ‘petition’ that his coin should be considered as the new format for all future British coinage. His appeal was unsuccessful, however the Petition Crown is now considered one of the most beautiful British coins ever struck. The last Royal Mint YouTube video, commented it was the end of Wyon series of coins
  3. To da'mooooooooooooooon! !!!
  4. https://www.thegazette.co.uk/notice/4083338 2oz gold - 1/4 oz gold - 50p gold and "yadda yadda . . . .other none gold stuff" available for the common peasants I wonder what mintage will be on the 2oz gold ????
  5. We're either to the moon or doomed I think
  6. I'm out and about for a few beers and not on pc. My figures were off the top of my head. Buying the set just for the £5 and HODL for years to come, sell the rest off. Will always be an in demand coin I'm sure
  7. Would need to double check up to date sales prices, so going off memory , but £5k for £5, £1500 for £2, £850 for full, £450 for half, £250 for the 1/4 £8050 ??? Split and graded , obviously needed to add grading costs to
  8. https://www.bullionbypost.co.uk/proof-sets/five-coin-sovereign-sets/2022-gold-proof-sovereign-five-coin-set-fifth-head-boxed/ Had an email alert set for the big boy £5 set coming back in stock, if it's of interest to anyone ??? Not sure if it's good value or not at the moment. The £5 is fab in hand for sure
  9. Lovely feeling to be officially Royal Mint debt free on 24th July, and to have zero money owed to my credit card from tomorrow when my last £50 payment goes towards the balance when the statement is generated Have not liked at all the the feelings the past year being £10-£15k debt in the hole with them and glad to be be debt free again Wouldn't have been able to afford the 2022 proofs sovereign sets including the big £5 set i got, and the 2oz gold portrait and gothic crown plain edges had it not been for the RM interest free credit account but hopefully they are all long term good purchases for future times ahead, on paper nicely in profit already with each of them
  10. To da'mooooooooooooooon !!! Were not doooooooommmmmmmed Wonga was wrong
  11. Has anyone heard any whispers or rumours of the next coin in the engravers series ??? Anybody's RM account managers let slip any tit.bits???
  12. It'll probably been a tube of x25 returned proofs
  13. Down to £1467 now today . . . . . .Wonga was right, $400oz will be here soon
  14. Advertised as "1oz Aussie nuggets" and received x8 lunar series1 sub £20 each a few years back when HGM were using the business model that made them so popular here. Haven't used them in a few years now sadly
  15. I just buy gold on day's that end in a " Y " it is always a good day to buy gold on those days
  16. I trust in our @James32 when he's buying/hoovering - gold is going to da'mooooooooooon !
  17. building up a nice little stash there @Fishface220
  18. . . . . To da'mooooooooooon ! ! !
  19. When we see Northern Ireland's official gold holdings published, we will know what @James32is really sat on in his hoover
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