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  1. Yeah, I’ve seen a few like that and always think I wonder how they react once they’ve unpacked the packaging and out pops a 1/40th! I’ve got a quarter sovereign and that’s small enough (can’t fault the details they put in such small pieces thou)
  2. Wow.... mine was two 1g gold bars from BBP. Came loose in tiny coin holders!! Talk about a shock to the system!! I knew they would be small but bugger me, loose they are ridiculously small! Still got them both..... I paid too much to sell them on. Live and learn but they were enough to get me hooked (no pictures..... zoom not great on the phone. Ha)
  3. 16th Jan. Status open Just spotted a few Quarter sovereign buy backs on the Hattons of London site with 101% premium if you have one... 2020 Unknown Warrior 100th Anniversary Gold proof quarter 2020 Mayflower 400th Anniversary Gold proof quarter Worth a look if you have either!!
  4. Filter play and the closest I’m gonna get to a Gold Britannia I think!!
  5. On track to fill my 1st tube of ASE. Such a beautiful design
  6. A nice little selection to add to the stack.
  7. A few more to add to the stack. Start the year off in the right direction.
  8. I must have been lucky as I ordered a full sovereign and yet to receive any junk mail from them. (Touch wood)
  9. Arrived today and it was a 2016 year of the monkey. A few scratches but nothing major. A nice 1/4 oz added to the stack!
  10. Ha. I’m just stacking but not gonna lie, would be a bit chuffed if a beast arrives
  11. I’m taking a punt... not a bad gamble for £2.50 p/g above spot. Nice little Xmas surprise present to myself!!
  12. Fishface220

    Gold in 2021

    For my 2pence worth I reckon Gold will become shinier, making it even more desirable for me to own a little bit more!!
  13. Nice looking coin and that’s some great customer service as well from BBP!!
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