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  1. I ordered a brexit gram, no issues for me. Can’t remember if they tried calling or not to be honest but haven’t had anything in the post (yet)
  2. Looks like the shield is on proof coins then.... Maybe that’s why the are trying to buy them back so they can complete the sets with all proof or all non proof. Think i’ll keep mine anyway. (nice spot in the first place thou.) Have you had the “sell out” COA come thru?
  3. Not the same coin by the looks of it. Reverse is different.
  4. Well random. What’s does your COA say mintage wise? Was only meant to be 3999 but looks like it could be 1999 proof and 3999
  5. Maybe they went a bit OTT with the sandblasting and took the shields clean off!!?? Interesting to find out why some have it and some don’t
  6. One sold on eBay has no shield either. (Mine does)
  7. Yeah, they don’t take a payment until they send the goods so guessing that how they get round the credit check.
  8. I got one of the brexit gram bars. Bit of a random way of doing things as they seem to do a credit check on pretty much every order. Can with out any problems and a credit check doesn’t bother me.
  9. Does that mean these are still available? If so, pm me your details
  10. Random isn’t it. They’ve only just sold them about a month or two ago. Double your money seems a bad gimmick unless they want to go bust!!
  11. Just saw this on the Hattons of London site. £199 buy back for the £99 Dunkirk 1/4 sovereign if you got one. All sold out and they are buying them back. Not a bad flip if you have one!!
  12. Just collected from the sorting office. Many thanks, biggest piece I have now!!
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