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  1. Got my 1st one the other day. Good price on Hatton Garden metals so went for it. Will be looking out for another if the price is right. Nice size.
  2. Beast arrived this morning and the 1/2 oz the other day. Biggest chunk of gold I now own. (Not gonna lie but a bit of wee came out when it arrived!!) How you guys contain yourselves when I see some of what you get delivered is beyond me!!
  3. https://www.hattongardenmetals.com/buy/full-krugerrand-1oz Seems a good price
  4. Nothing spectacular but a few more for the stack!
  5. Nice. Hopefully my plan at some point this year is to own one of these. Just need all my ducks in a row first!!
  6. Something pretty for me and another oz to add to the tube!!
  7. Not much to say apart from it’s a beauty!!
  8. I’ll give it a miss this time. Thanks anyway for the counter offer. Trying to keep within my budget.
  9. I’ve got £100 sat in my PayPal account ready to go if that’s any good for you?
  10. If coins were identical then wouldn’t matter like you say but as a buyer I think I would prefer the receipt with the higher amount. My thinking behind that is purely for insurance reasons.
  11. No quick rich plan for me, just find it a nice way to save and hopefully when the time comes, whatever silver / gold I’ve managed to stack will see me (or my kids) alright!
  12. Yes but I think that’s more down to me being anal than anything else!!
  13. https://www.cpmcoins.com/p-454R/The-Queens-95th-Birthday-1g-Gold-Ingot.aspx?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=the+queens+95th+birthday+1g+gold+ingot&utm_term=demographic+1&utm_content=lifestyle+2&sn=1&fbclid=IwAR2GE21RYyboH7C1B1cP3qZsYm8TiQ0d Would have been tempted if they were the same price as the Brexit ones.
  14. Now you’ve said that, it’s the first thing I see!! Ha, you may have just ruined a lovely looking bar for me.
  15. Nice one!!! Slippery slope thou.... I started off with a couple of grams last year and became hooked very fast!!
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