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  1. Cheers, had to get on google as I’ve never watched the Hobbit and didn’t have a clue who / what Smaug was.
  2. Happy 2nd Anniversary to me! Nice to see it all together again (if only for a brief photo op) Added just over 4.2oz of bullions to last years 7.5oz plus a proof 1/2 2022 Sov so happy with that. Still need to work on getting my first 1oz coin thou!! Onward and upwards!!
  3. All my pension fund puppies in one place so a quick snap.
  4. Anyone else have a guilty pleasure coin / bar in their stack? Something that goes against the plan to just stack bullion was the 2 x back to the future coins. Paid about the going rate at the time but was never part of the bigger picture. Could have been a lot worse I know but still shake my head when I see them. (And yep, I’ll be buying the 3rd one as well)
  5. My 3 100g bars... nothing special but just liked the photo
  6. Nice to add something to the silver stack. Another 16oz
  7. Sovereigns for me followed by 1/4oz coins (that seems to be where my spare budget lies along with a monthly silver hit)
  8. Quite sad but I’m looking forward to seeing this daily!
  9. Surely a no brainer if you can get it with the free 1oz silver Brit code for a new buyer!!
  10. https://www.atsbullion.com/fractional-gold-coins/quarter-ounce-eagle-gold-coin/#.YsnlwaTTXYU Didn’t think this was a bad deal at 1/4oz gold eagle £391
  11. 100..... I like your optimism! Good luck, looking forward to seeing the spoils
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