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  1. To the moon baby..... thinking about cashing out all the silver for diesel!!! That’s where the real money is.... a couple of gallons each for the kids should see them right in a few years time!
  2. https://www.hattongardenmetals.com/buy/the-gold-standard-quarter 15% off! Now £354 https://www.hattongardenmetals.com/buy/gold-1oz-sovereign-2012 10% off! Now £333
  3. Wow.... what beauty!! Man, I know you have your reasons for shifting but I would find it near impossible to chop these in for Sovereigns!! This is pure Gold porn!!
  4. Not 100% mate. Someone was looking for one (couldn’t remember who so thought I’d stick it up hoping they’d see if and let them decide) Atkinsons have a restrike for about £7 less
  5. https://www.hattongardenmetals.com/buy/mexican-gold-50-peso 1 left
  6. 16.95 GPD..... following William Shatner to the moon!!!
  7. Guessing that’s the door shut then.
  8. This little beauty came today. Paid the same as a bullion 1/4 Brit so happy days. Tiny little copper spot on the shield but I can look past that quite easily. Really wish I looked into gold a lot sooner than last year as I would love the full set of these.
  9. 1st response.... didn’t really answer my question so will try again. Gonna add in the info from pampfan so they get the gist of my question.
  10. https://www.hattongardenmetals.com/buy/gold-britannia-1oz-gold-coin-22ct 4% over spot
  11. Was expecting some heavy duty hydraulic press of some kind but nope... big ass hammer!!!
  12. I with you on this mate. Not floating my boat at the moment. Maybe it’ll be a grower
  13. A beauty that’s for sure.... who doesn’t like a chest of gold coins!
  14. Not for me. Haven’t seen a colourised coin yet that takes my fancy. Must be a market out there thou as there seems to be quite a few about.
  15. Some nice work here pal. I’ll be interested in watching a video or two of the work going into these.
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