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  1. More concerned about the cost of diesel than gold if this c**p escalates.
  2. I would think you would get more selling them individually given the fractional size and the current spot price of gold. More work for you selling this way obviously.
  3. Back to bed with you young man!😄
  4. Any left? Asking for @Paul😅
  5. Yes, gold could double in price in short order from here ( not saying that it will however) check the bull markets from 1972, 2000 and compare the chart of the one we are in currently.
  6. It’s tanked mate, I will buy all yours from you as a favour you understand
  7. NOW SOLD As titled, coin has two small red dots on the Britannia side, selling as bullion. No box or cert. £850 including RMSD UK Buyers only. Payment by bank transfer. I will post the next working day after sale.
  8. A royal mint special, otherwise known as kicking the arse out of a previous winner. To be continued no doubt.
  9. As said, he should have got a finders fee minimum. Hardly encourages a person to do the ‘right’ thing.
  10. Welcome to our forum, there may be some rules about promoting other pm forums @ChrisSilver
  11. There is 20% added sales tax over here so not so much of a bargain. They could perhaps sell a chocolate cake for £400 each with a free tube of smarties, I mean Britannias thrown in. (Smarties are similar to M&M’s)
  12. That’s great if you are one of the very few who are able to time the market. For mere mortals, tracking an index will probably give you the best chance of returns v risk. https://dqydj.com/sp-500-return-calculator/ Calculator above indicates around a 7% inflation adjusted return starting from the year you chose on the the S&P. Often quoted figure is around 10% which ain’t bad and probably better than precious metals.
  13. If the price keeps on an upward trajectory for sustained period of time, I do see folks who are in accumulation mode buying smaller bits and pieces but also the premiums on fractional coming down also. Anyone who is selling and seeing a 100% profit, should not be too concerned at wringing every penny out, that’s the way I view it anyways.
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