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  1. I think if you go for this you have to be prepared to take a sizeable loss in case it flops. Might be worth getting early releases in the hype if looking to flip. Good luck to folks whatever they decide to do.
  2. 21 releases in the series, 2oz gold at around £4500 per coin equates to almost £100k in its entirety. A massive commitment, especially over 5 years.. I note there are 2 releases in the same month at one point! I think I am out.
  3. Folks can buy it elsewhere, I don’t give a whatever. These will do very well in my opinion , that is why I’m am purchasing where I can. If I can get from the mint also so much the better. Happy hunting folks.
  4. I don’t think do mate. Grab any u you get below £800!but I think they will do much better.
  5. Ps,history is irrelevant , it tells us **** all
  6. If you care to read any of my posts from the past you would know this was untrue, I suggest if you want a battle you go elsewhere.
  7. My concern is they bag 10, price gouge up the way , then when they sell to folks who have pre ordered, they inspect, keep the door f70 as they see s as nd send out the s**** to mrpunter nohoper
  8. So I summarised my thoughts and you responded with “you reckon???” You may wish to re-evaluate this given the values you espoused in your reply? Not looking for a fight mate, just a genuine conversation.
  9. Aye, that’s why I wrote it, you have other thoughts?
  10. Perhaps people ordering by bank transfer and not following through? I have ordered2, my concern is if you get the dregs compounded with the no returns policy. Now if the mint would return to sealing them properly there would be no dubiety buying from the independents(provided u get an unopened, sealed product) I fear they want their cake and eat it also.
  11. My concern is why does the mint permit these other releases like the Alderney? Provided they keep production mainly (entirely) in-house I think long term they will do fine. second concern is the mint do another release of the same coin, 10 to 15 years down the line. Not beyond the realms as I think marketing will not give a damn by then, way things are going. If you are a reseller, it won’t matter.
  12. Ukgoldcoins have 1 in stock again at 799.
  13. Grade them if you ever decide to sell if grading is still in vogue then. Until then, enjoy them how you like.
  14. OMG, ain’t seen this one before. And snake eyes and a snakes tongue for a nose. What an awful coin. I’m assuming it did well as I hate it?
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