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  1. **** me. A Roman soldier would put his life on the line for around 3g of silver per day. Strange times indeed.
  2. It is odd, Mike M aft advocated that a monster box of silver(500toz) would be able to purchase a median house in a downturn. Now we are to accept we need 3 monster boxes i.e. 1500toz or 3 houses to maintain $6000 yearly expenses over a 5 year period in a downturn. I’m confused.
  3. Hi mate. It’s all relative I would say. It is very surprising just how quickly a stack can grow when you put your mind to it. Set an amount each month that you can comfortably put aside to buy metals. Once your into it, you may decide not to purchase other discretionary items so you can buy more metals, be warned, it is addictive. I kind of went all out and only stacked metals and cash initially for my future. (Late starter also) While it has done ok to date , I do regret not saving more into pension also over this period so try to work out a long term plan. I am on an average wage but key is your savings rate. I try to save over 50% of income each month. Work up to this as much as possible and invest the difference. 17 years doing this consistently and you can become financially independent. Good luck.
  4. Yes it would good to hear from Vand. I just started (very late starter) last sept with my own 10 year plan. I am very heavy bias to metals so will only pick up the odd piece here and there now. Perhaps in 10 years, my pms will be a suitable 10% of the portfolio. It’s amazing how much you can accumulate when you set a plan/mind to it. I like seeing the tax relief (albeit lower end) added to my SIPP. As I’m older I know that I will be able to access it if I want within these 10 years. Will see how it goes and will revisit this thread. Would be good to hear from others on similar journey.
  5. @onlyroadtoheaven wondering how you are getting on with your journey now you are nearly halfway in? I hope all is going well.
  6. Wheeler/Dealer, “a person who engages in commercial or political scheming”
  7. Stu

    The coming Gold crash

    I think most bullion dealers hedge there position to some extent. I did read the mechanics of this somewhere but had to reread it several times for any of it to sink in.
  8. My suspicions would have been immediately ignited upon learning said con-mans name. 😄 Did Tealeaf Terry ever darken your door?
  9. Stu

    Bit of advice

    You are probably going to get overloaded with a lot of replies which could be counter productive, however. I would suggest you could get incredibly diversified across the entire world stocks with £300 per month. You could set up a Dd for a low cost, global equity tracker, that tracks the entire world stock market. Vanguard is a good place to start. If you are young, put it all into equities (stocks and shares) . If older or less risk tolerant, balance with. A % of bonds. There are ready made packages to drip feed into. Keep gold to around 10% of your “portfolio” Good luck
  10. Lots of good dealers in continental Europe. E.g coininvest, metal market Europe, European mint. Not sure how importing from the UK TO DK would work tax and shipping wise. Probably better to stick with coins, bars are harder to sell on as more suspect around fakes. If buying purely for investment, buy the cheapest taking into account shipping costs.
  11. Not found, error 494😄 did u scoop em all?
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