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  1. Beautiful coin mate, an excellent choice.
  2. I met a couple of pals for a drink a few weeks ago. The subject somehow turned to silver coins. I about fell of my seat when one said he had put in a few orders to silver to go for tubes of ASE’s over the years. i reckon you’re more likely to know someone who wins big on the lotto in your lifetime than stacks pm’s.
  3. 295 mints 1keuser Wllihelm 1queen victoria and any Windsor monarch to give it a tuatonic slant!😀
  4. I've never read the small print of any of my mortgages however I would be highly surprised if there was no clause stating in the case of hyper inflation , your repayment will be adjusted accordingly? Banks and insurance companies never seem to miss a trick I hope you are right though, cause I still have 6 years to run on a 10 year fixed rate deal. Quite high by today's rates but could easily change. Funnily enough, I noticed with even our last holiday to Cyprus, they had a clause stating that if costs rise by more than 10% in the intervening period, they reserve the right to charge
  5. He and welcome to the forum
  6. Hi and welcome. An interesting time to be in the precious metals space.
  7. If you want to flip onto some other mug for a big profit and have no qualms about doing so, fill your boots. The only genuine reason I can see for grading coins is to have them validated as a genuine article, Evan at that it's an expensive means of doing so.
  8. Good to have you on board.
  9. Hi and welcome to the forum. It may be worth considering gold also if you ar looking to park some cash. There is less premium to pay and coins like sovereigns are very easy to sell on when the time comes.
  10. Yes, I think they need to be precise given the premiums they are now charging. It was different when they only put a few percent on each coin regardless of type. They regularly confuse kangaroos with nuggets in their photos also I have noticed.
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