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  1. Agreed, stunning coin but they bang them out, year after year. Would nab one at spot!
  2. My Shell shares have doubled in value in under a year. Wish PM’s would follow suit.
  3. RM like to kick the ass out of everything. Next we will be getting the “wee cowrin’ timorous beastie” series.
  4. Stu

    Passive Income

    There are some terrible company pensions out there with fees that are nothing short of theft. Trouble is, most folk don’t want to do any research to find out what works, myself included until recently. I have An ok work pension as local authority. I go the private route also now. The likes of Vanguard and AjBell have very competitive fees.
  5. Stu

    Passive Income

    In what respect?
  6. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-21145103 UK is not bad at it either
  7. Stu

    Passive Income

    Put into into a SIPP/ private pension. £300 = £375. Then cash out when above age 55 or 57 depending on year born. Obviously keep drip feeding in
  8. I own a small physical amount of platinum and also think it has good upside potential. Given the vat situation however and the relative small scale additions I will make, I am prepared to take a chance going the ETF route in this instance. sacrilege I know.
  9. If we are forever changing place names, how will people know where to go?
  10. As others have said mate, go the SIPP route. There’s plenty to choose from with low fees. Check out this site for lots of excellent info. https://monevator.com/compare-uk-cheapest-online-brokers/ Much like stacking PM’s, salting monies away into a pension can become addictive what with added tax relief and compound interest. I am well over exposed to PM’s so not buying much lately and concentrating on pension. Only been at it a wee while and built up a nice starting amount. (Should have started much earlier, same old story)
  11. As said, you could buy else where from a reputable dealer and not get ripped off. The RM really dont have much credibility left. The QC on their new coins can be shocking and they rip you off on other countries older coins. They need to get a grip and fast.
  12. I bought from a US dealers via ebay. Got hit by tax and import duties. Still, would make a small profit if I sold them today. Also ebay + alcohol are not a good mix!
  13. One day, in a decade or twos time, you will see China reveal how much gold she really holds by displaying her hoard in a venue such as the Olympic Stadium for the world to see. It will probably be a partial backing of their currency they will announce, however they will do it properly. The US totally abused their position of having reserve currency status and continue to do so to this day.
  14. **** me. A Roman soldier would put his life on the line for around 3g of silver per day. Strange times indeed.
  15. It is odd, Mike M aft advocated that a monster box of silver(500toz) would be able to purchase a median house in a downturn. Now we are to accept we need 3 monster boxes i.e. 1500toz or 3 houses to maintain $6000 yearly expenses over a 5 year period in a downturn. I’m confused.
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