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  1. Yes, selling your stack is a major issue to consider. It has been said many times before here; probably not worth stacking physical metals unless you intend to hold for at least 5 years and better still if a longer term hold. Like most things, if you have to sell up quickly to raise some funds, you are probably not going to gain the optimum amount. Life does happen though, best laid plans and all that. For this very reason most of my spare cash these days is going into my SIPP where I can’t get to it until I want a pension.
  2. A 70 for mine also😎, thanks @CoinsOfTheRealmAuctions there appears a lot coming through, anyone got total numbers to date for 70’s on either grading companies?
  3. Sheer speculation imho. I think these coins will hold a decent value for the “first” series. Provided the royal mint don’t kick the asrse out of it with ever more weights/ metal types/ grading etc. After the first series, if they ever end this, I see prices falling off a Cliff. If they keep going in perpetuity with additional series, which is also a dumb possibility, then likewise I see prices nose diving. The mint need to keep serious collectors sweet, something I’m not sure they are capable of. I think they will take the short term view unfortunately. Incidentally, I am more a stacke
  4. Yeah, I think once some folks have made an initial bid on an auction item, they have some commitment and at times go above what they were initially prepared to pay in the end. Likewise a “high” starting price can stop initial offers at times.
  5. https://goldsilver.be/en/commande plenty silver here
  6. The RM should be totally impartial to grading and third party companies in my opinion. I think they should be banned from affiliating with anyone but source companies. Supposedly a civil entity? Additionally and more importantly , I think they should have a system for collector customers.not sure on how it could be administered, but only sell/ or try to collector base only. Perhaps sell with a unique code and bar anyone who resells within 5 years. ,that should deter most flippers I would think?
  7. How many slabs can you for in your safety deposit box mate? Have wondered this before but have been too lazy to work it.😄 My belief is it wouldn’t be much for the standard box. Interest to hear.
  8. Cannot abide slabbed coins however willing use where necessary I.e. looking to sell on and potentially increases value. I think it’s a very American thing with little real purpose. They will be offering a grading service for cornflakes packets next!
  9. Stu

    Thanks Royal Mint

    It’s a Royal Mint product and it bullion, most folk know the quality they are likely to expect, sad though that is. I would suggest you buy an encapsulated coin from Perth Mint or similar if buying bullion and want quality.
  10. Were the griffins graded or raw? I’ve got one currently in for grading.
  11. Oh well, they were always late with their productions anyways.!
  12. https://monevator.com/category/investing/passive-investing-investing/ Have a good look over this site. A vanguard lifestyle 60/40 or 80/20 is about all most folk need. If you open a SIPP the tax office will automatically add a further £25 to your £100 each month. The vanguard platform charge practically the lowest fees also which is key. Set up a DD and forget. A SIPP is a pension for long term saving which cannot access until aged 57. If you think will need money prior to this better with a stocks and shares ISA. Or could go 50/50 SIPP/ISA Precious metals are more for
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