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  1. Sell for what you are happy with. I think I may offload this year a little for the first time however it will be the yellow and not the silver. I think it has more upside by far.
  2. Stu

    Happy New Year

    Happy new year all. Not sold any pm’s to date but may unload a little gold this year
  3. I would love this. I watched a YouTube vid where someone put one into their private display, it looked great. Perhaps @BackyardBullioncould crowdfund and turn into special ingots which we could all have? Just a thought
  4. Not much of a buyer from anywhere these days although Arshi is still a top man and get the odd piece from him still. Never been in position of seller as yet. I do miss lower priced items, I mind my first gold was 2 sovs from the mint at £380 for both and feeling a bit ripped off (which Ivwas compared to HGM etc at the time) These days I am hoping for a big spike in gold and a large tumble in equities so I can swap one for the other.
  5. I’m hoping to retire within the next 10 years but my pension is not great. Started saving/investing via a SIPP recently and will probably sell some PM,s to bolster this. I’m quite heavily PM biased and will bring it nearer to 10% of wealth. Will probably do this gradually as fearful of a big downturn soon. I have been like this since the last crash however so the band might just keep on playing forever? Enjoy your retirement mate.
  6. It’s was gone a lot quicker than that mate. Have a look at some earlier posts.
  7. What’s the exclusive premium on the 2oz gold I wonder
  8. What was the retail price of both Paul?
  9. Hi HT Some advice if it’s not been considered already? Put your savings into a SIPP instead of a dealing account or ISA. Benefits are, you get 25% automatically added to your account as tax relief. 40% if a higher earner. I look on this as my margin for error. You can also just sit this money as cash with no cost until the right opportunity comes along. Or just hold acertain % as cash as part of your asset allocation. Ypu can access SIPP from age 55 and take 25% tax free. You can drawdown or take an annuity if worthwhile or a combination of all. Ive not been saving in SIPP for
  10. I think Sinead might be Irish.
  11. https://www.brookings.edu/research/fed-respo The FED is lending to ever entity in its sphere. It may not be physically printing it is buying bonds, assets and securities at a tremendous rate. Most notably to me, they are additionally making dollars available to foreign banks to ease liquidity. These are troubling signs.
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