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  1. It was around 1 weeks wage back then. Today they are £365 around a weeks wage, gold is a true store of wealth.
  2. For me it's ball ache enough waiting for deliveries to come, do you have to wait for a different person to collect? Can't see the postman being able to collect while he's delivering. I got a PO BOX just so I don't have to keep waiting in all day for the special delivery by 1pm turning up at 3:45pm.
  3. An empty 1oz gold 10 coin box from the Royal Mint. It’s top quality a lovely wooden engraved case, storage under the tray and the lid is soft closing. I will be building a 1oz gold Tudor beast set.
  4. So when are the US going to invade, humanitarian bomb and enforce democracy on them all in the name of freedom? It did not end well for the last couple of world leaders who tried to peg their currency or supply of goods to gold
  5. We need more people from Lancashire!..........Do you like gravy to?
  6. @Scootermuppet if it all goes to S1ht we can all go around to @James32 house and start a TSF commune! I'm sure he's let us pitch up a tent or two.
  7. Cheers mate, they are just for fun, I have more videos on my dealer page you can follow if you would like. https://www.thesilverforum.com/forum/148-golddiggerdave-uk/
  8. When was this film they were only £19.99.......They have out performed silver more than I thought! They are £169 now!!!!!!!
  9. LOL!.....Problem it has a shelf life, currently the answer is yes my jar of Bisto best is likely to out perform silver of the next 3 years of it's shelf life! As it's lily to cost £6 a jar at the current rate of inflation it's already gone up over 50p this year!
  10. Thought I do a silver video, please don't hate me, I will do another for a pro silver argument...............
  11. A little show and tell on my 1/4 oz TB new set……no way was I selling my box! I’ve just bought the 10 coins 1oz box for the 10 coins!
  12. It defo looks like a B over something also there is 2 MSPL 1890M in the NGC population
  13. The B look like it’s stuck over another letter, it’s got what looks to be a straight line though the centre. @dicker likes this sort of stuff.
  14. DISH M14, Marsh 134, Spink 3867B. no recorded mention of a B/? In J.E.B it would be great if we could get closer picture of that mate. you always seem to pick interesting coins 👍
  15. I'll take 6000 at that price mate!
  16. @Booky586 it’s a nice coin right off the bat. You can get bullion coins described as proof like, or with proof like fields. It’s reasonable to say this has proof like fields, the photographs are good but I don’t know if they are flattering the strike, it would be good to see a neutral photo. it’s a very nice coin and I would be more than happy to have this in my collection. The B in J.E.B is very interesting. I’ll have a look to see if this a variant/error
  17. The walls are moving in on us all, as much as we don't like fiat we are being eaten alive by inflation and the banks are imposing further controls, this utter BS to prevent fraud is laughable, they want total control and dominance of our finances and they will get it. It's becoming harder to use cash, the banks now are dictating how much of your own money you can withdraw (the reality the second to deposit the cash its no longer yours you are only a creditor) and they can change the rules over night to impose more control over you and your credit. They have not eliminated cash yet it will need to be inflated away to nothing so lets see how 2023 goes if inflation and especially energy prices keep on the upward curve by the end of 2023 most people will be begging for help, and this is where they will impose CBDC on us in the form of UBI. Between now and then they will QE more cash in the form of council tax rates and energy grants, I've already had £150 rebate in council tax which I did not need or did not ask for, I'd be happy if they just reduced the bill by £150 but this will not allow creation of more currency and also makes the people dependant on government handouts to live. We all will get a £400 payment for energy and this will only be the start by the end of this year they will be giving more cash away at ever increasing rates. We are not seeing the end of a fiat currency it's nothing new we are seeing the end of physical cash.
  18. Get the feeling RM will not be able to keep on producing new gold coins to meet demand? BTW has anyone bought that new jewellery they were trying to flog?
  19. My local Natwest only holds 2k of £2 coins (I know because I withdrew every single one) I was looking for rare £2 found the Ireland common wealth one and sold to for £48 🤣 You are spot on mate the banks are doing everything they can to get rid of cash, today I was went to the dentist tried to pay by cash and they only would except it if i gave them the correct amount so had to use my card, I will take my change jar with me next time. I also had to go to the bank because Santander had canceled my bank card not because it had expired because i'd not used it for withdrawals I've got a sizeable amount of cash in that account, yet they can cut me off form my own money so I had to go in with a pile of ID to get a new card. once we go cashless we are trapped, we all will be locked into a system where's theres no work around except for bartering.
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