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  1. Back to NGC to get them to update the description!
  2. Personally, I would keep in the packaging. Just easier to sell and is slightly unusual compared to the many raw coins that you see for sale. Best Dicker
  3. 🙂 Sorry for the one line reply - super busy at town and didn't have time to type a decent and polite reply! Sounds a grand idea! Best Dicker
  4. https://www.thesilverforum.com/search/?q=vacuum&quick=1
  5. Agreed - the coin fairs are genuinely interesting and very much worth a visit. I realised how parochial my collecting was when I saw the breadth and depth of coins available. I took my children to the London Coin Fair and hats off to the organisers they let them in for free. Best Dicker
  6. Two things that I think could impact the price of gold in GBP (in the future) - Attack on Bitcoin - technical or governmental (controls / tax) - Move to a digital currency - where the government can see what everyone is doing with their money. If there is no cash, gold and silver may well benefit as they are truly untraceable Best Dicker
  7. Gold still holding steady at 1280 something. China and Russia both exerting pressure (at the very least) on sovereign territories, which I suspect is deliberately co-ordinated to cause a headache for the US. This, I suspect will support gold prices in the short term. If it all kicks off in Taiwan or Ukraine then gold really will spike.
  8. Welcome to a pretty exclusive club. Enjoy your Sovereign and I hope you like the size and colour of the Britannia! Best Dicker
  9. Cambridge (well near Cambridge). I guess they think it will work!
  10. Gold back at 1270. US CPI up, sabre rattling over Ukraine I suspect....
  11. Hi All This may have been covered elsewhere - just got my post and was somewhat amazed that H&B are mailshotting everyone where I live. Every household in my village has got one of these....(i.e they are not addressed to anyone - just distributed to everyone.... I guess this must work for them even though it would be expensive to do... Best Dicker
  12. Yes - you can keep open for an extended period of time, but there is a cost to going short. Best Dicker
  13. Not buying silver at the moment because of the tax and premiums. Best Dicker
  14. Hi @kimchi I have been slowly collecting over the years but am a long way off of a full set. I have to make a visit to the vault at some point and will look at my list! Many thanks Dicker
  15. Welcome to the forum! Check out the sales section Use the search function to find great discussions on many many topics Enjoy what is a friendly forum! Best Dicker
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