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  1. That is not surprising. The further back I go in looking at Morgan’s and Peace Dollars, the more I have realised we’re counterfeit much earlier than I thought. I am sure I am naïve, but I have found reference to high quality counterfeits in the 1950’s and I am sure the exist before this. It my be the reference material It am looking at (old, photocopied / scanned) but the earlier counterfeits are significantly better than the current glut of Chinese(?) counterfeits.
  2. Beautiful description of a nuanced cultural difference. Thank you.
  3. dicker

    Gold Bars Seized

    Maybe, but probably more likely that they followed her and did the usual tap of her phone. Catching a courier is “chicken feed”, tracking her to her handlers is probably more worthwhile.
  4. dicker

    Gold Bars Seized

    Quite. Security at Lax on checking my bag X-ray asked to look at what they thought were “lead weights”. They were a couple of Double Eagles. They were totally disinterested when they saw they were gold coins.
  5. @LawrenceChard This is an excellent site, and there are parts that are very very funny. In particular, the following. I can just imagine the lawyer for a media organisation reading this over their Starbucks in the morning and realising that they are going to have their work cut out. All the best Dicker Copyright Infringements by Direct Competitors – Coin & Bullion Dealers, Jewellers If you fall into this category, we consider you as in the worst class of offender. https://www.goldcopyright.co.uk/
  6. Overpaying for items is a classic money laundering technique
  7. Same with my children. Books grow your mind and internet devices are idiots lanterns (as I tell them).
  8. Just from a quick look, there are some interesting coins and the devil (and the value) is probably in the detail to be honest.
  9. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Atocha-Treasure-Adventures-Havana-Connection/dp/1530488923 Nest Dicker
  10. Sold opening for gold 1358 as I type.
  11. I could file the edge of one of my Carson City Morgan’s, but think I will leave that for another day 😉
  12. I don’t pretend to know what’s really happening in the markets, but as above with more sell offs of stock and crypto predicted safe havens will be attractive.
  13. Going to be a make or break week I think.
  14. Bitcoin and other cryptos getting hammered still. BTC34.4k Asia opening will be very interesting for gold
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