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  1. I do not cast judgement on this company but after all that has been written about them on this forum, I would never ever become a customer. Best Dicker
  2. I won’t give any advice as I am not an expert and I don’t think coins should be cleaned. But....there are topics in the forum that cover this Best Dicker
  3. Yes there are thanks. Just mentioned this thread to my wife and she said we have to watch Unravelled again tonight. Bingo! Take care Dicker
  4. The best I have watched is about a fraud - I was utterly transfixed....is: “Unravelled” about Marc Drier. https://m.imdb.com/title/tt1595061/ Second place for me is “The Smartest guys in the room about Enron” Best Dicker
  5. I got a very shirty message after submitting an offer using the submit offer of 3.5pct less than asking price for a vase. I had a lot of fun submitting two further bid at 50pct less than the asking price and then 75pct less than the asking price. No need for anyone to be rude especially when the item is listed as open to offers. Best Dicker
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