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  1. Agreed with the above....Especially about the Perth Mint. Although I have a few tubes of QB’s and these are all in great condition considering they came from the RM which can be patchy Best Dicker
  2. @Nick1368 I am pretty sure I have a 10pct discount on Jewellery from HGM applied to my account.....
  3. Hi @KookaburracollectorIndeed! They are very nice coins with an interesting history. I have asked a friend who lives in South America to have a look at / for records on these coins. He is a busy chap but will eventually come back with some info which I will share if you are interested? I don’t have the language skills and access to sources sadly. Best Dicker
  4. @Kookaburracollector I had missed this thread - many thanks for the very detailed ifo and great pictures. When I looked to see if there were restrikes on the Peru coins I could find no info to indicate there were. Best Dicker
  5. I think this is natural. My grandparents had a box of pre decimal and Victorian coins they kept. Keepsakes and a little history. Best Dicker
  6. dicker

    New to Gold

    Hi Liam My honest and heartfelt advice is to avoid eBay unless you really know what you are doing. There was a very good example of someone who had purchased fake bullion from eBay on this forum a couple of weeks ago. There really are no bargains on eBay in terms of PM’s. If you are new stick to the forum and the for sale section with members who have good ratings. Best Dicker
  7. The 2p “New Pence” is also often featured erroneously. https://www.royalmint.com/help/coinage-faqs/new-pence-coin/ EBay is of course flooded with sales of “rare” 2p coins.
  8. Mr @LawrenceChard wrote about one such example where punters think they have a rarity. An amusing article and of course well worth a read There are of course many other examples. https://24carat.co.uk/frame.php?url=twopoundsrumour.html Best Dicker
  9. You are absolutely right. People with zero knowledge look at eBay and think their coins is worth hundreds if not more. I collected and maintain the collection for no reason other than just have all varieties minted. They are worth face value only in 99pct of cases agreed. Best Dicker
  10. I have one of each unique design / issue. Just from change. Same for £2 coins. When I was working at a very large investment bank, you used to have to donate a few quid on a Friday to come in 'dressed down'. There were thousands of people working on the many floors and there were literally buckets and buckets of cash collected. I came to an arrangement with the charity collection co-ordinator that I could search the change and have any coins I wanted as long as I put double the amount back in - very fair and all for charity! Over a couple of months it was easy to find all of the coins issued for general circulation - even the tricky to find £2 coins and ahem a few Kew Gardens... Best Dicker
  11. dicker

    Would you?

    Not the most delicate piece. If I had to reprise a cast member from pirates of the Caribbean or perhaps Gypsy wedding I might purchase.
  12. dicker

    Sold all my Gold

    I don’t sell PM’s but I manage the rest of my portfolio actively. Long term view for me.
  13. dicker

    Sold all my Gold

    Indeed... I have worked in banking for most of my life and will not bore everyone with trading stuff but you are spot on. Best Dicker
  14. dicker

    Sold all my Gold

    Jimmy - I agree. I know very few professional traders who make money on their own. My mates who were traders - from LIFFE open outcry traders (Long time ago I know) through to people who do Algo stuff don’t really trade on their own account having stopped working for banks. They do other things, I think because the infrastructure is not their to support them and their decision making. They are also more than smart enough to know what is and is not a mugs game. Best Dicket
  15. I have had no problems. Best Dicker
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