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  1. I would say slow and steady. Regular investment of what you can afford. I don’t get too drawn into consumerism. I drive a Skoda Fabia - 6 year old because I would rather spend on PM’s than buy a New car. Often it’s simple things to switch spending. Some might flip and sell, this is something that I haven’t seen as attractive or worthwhile. Best Dicker
  2. Superb topic. Some people might chose proofs but I would go for the “honest” bullion Issues. (1) High grade 1859 Ansell (2) High grade Type 1 Sydney Sovereign 1855 (3) 1857 Sovereign with an error that I think is unknown - and is probably ultra rare That is probably more than 50k but is my fantasy list Best Dicker
  3. Feel free to ping me if you are listing / selling any Shields Thanks Dicker
  4. dicker

    1917 sovereigns

    Hi @Richym99 Grading (on say) the Sheldon scale is not simple unless you have handled a great deal of coins day after day, month after month year on year. Even the grading between two graders may differ by a grade. My guesses are often 6 grades either way on the sheldon scale when I have tried to guess grades. When it comes to authenticity, one of the strengths of the forums is that people can post up a photo that is seen by experts (I don’t include myself in this category at all). Some members have handled literally millions of coins in their professional careers as numismatists and freely offer their expert opinions for free. I have personally been very grateful for opinions of others on this forum (publicly and privately) which has never been negative or judgemental - just informative and supportive. I am pretty sure no one here is here to “cause worry”, just to share knowledge and make sure each other don’t get ripped off All the best to you Dicker
  5. I watched this and it was utter tripe. Nothing to do with mining, geology or metallurgy. Just more BBC force feeding anti-company, “workers are good, bosses are bad” junk. Vile, but I expected nothing less. I don’t often express opinions here but we should remember that when Jimmy Savile and other “stars” were abusing children, the BBC management ignored the behaviour. This was at BBC TV centre. Today single mums are sent to prison for failing to pay the licence fee. I have personally had bullying BBC licence fee collectors at my door tying to intimidate me for failing to pay a licence fee that I had already paid. The BBC is morally bankrupt and cannot create a programme without perverting the content to match its own woke view of the world. Best Dicker
  6. Really nice humble opinions on this thread which are a joy to read. Genuinely nice to see. I think the earlier Brits are very attractive, and quite different from the most recent Brits. At the end of the day they are Bullion so take your pick. Best Dicker
  7. Interesting..... Yes good investment until the law changes and they become invalid. I buy 500 quids worth for my business and am always shocked at how much the price has gone up when I get the next load. There was a court case a few years back where a couple (I think) were using a solvent to remove the stamp marks and then they sold 1st class stamps as unused. Shock horror....on eBay! Cheers Dicker
  8. https://topendcoins.com.au/2019/03/11/new-half-sovereign-variant-discovered-arabic-1-sydney-half-sovereign/
  9. This one is a half Sovereign - 1880 London. Arabic 1 for I. Well I think anyway rather than a broken serif. Interestingly obliquely referenced in this article (below) which highlights the 1880 Sydney having an example of 1 in REGINA, but not the London version. The article itself is an interesting read. https://topendcoins.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/1882m-the-sixth-head.pdf
  10. Thank you very much. I have visited Andrew when in Perth / Fremantle but didn’t think to ask about a copy! Many thanks again Dicker
  11. Personally I would go Sovereigns - portable, easily disposed of, easy to source and if you enjoy the numismatic as well as the stacking element of PM's Sovs always priced not too far way from the spot price. Best Dicker
  12. Some people do collect them and there appears to be a premium over melt from what I have read. I suspect the best ones to have are the ones that slipped through the grading net and are counterfeit and slabbed….
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