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  1. Proof / bullion / new / preowned / year etc all play a part as with any coin. Without additional detail it is a bit of a a “how long is a piece of string” question.
  2. Thanks @LawrenceChard They got the CC on this Double Eagle wrong. The C and C are far too widely spaced apart, denticles wrong etc etc.
  3. I recently bought a coin from a forum member in NI and it got to me in 18 hours (after I paid!!!) I suspect the SD items are flown to the mainland Birmingham or similar before onward transit Best Dicker
  4. I don’t buy from the RM but it’s personal choice.
  5. Just to add, I am sending and receiving at an address just off the Shankill Road in what might be considered a slightly troublesome area.
  6. I have not had any problems at all and have send all sorts of sizes and weights by RMSD. I frequently send / receive packages to and from Northern Ireland and have never had a problem at all.
  7. I would put an ad on the forum for a swap. If that didn’t work I would go for sale on the forum. There are often batches of Sovereigns for sale on the forum for decent prices. Best Dicker
  8. A useful (language) specialisation to have. Do let us know if you find anything else about this. It is definitely unusual.
  9. The dragon side if rather attractive. Pretty impressive detail. I am less enamoured with the other side which is somewhat cartoon like, but this may be my cultural bias and lack of understanding of the typography. I suspect that this is pretty low (perhaps very low) mintage. Best Dicker
  10. I did talk to an eminent materials scientist about the properties of various precious metals and diamonds. He (kindly) dumbed it down for me and told me that if you had a bar of gold and a diamond and left them for a billion year, the gold bar would look the same but the diamond wouldn’t be there as they shed atoms (slowly). Best Dicker
  11. I have not heard of this being a problem (gold is inert) but I am not a materials scientist. All I can tell you is that as a Landrover owner in the early early 90’s dissimilar metal corrosion was a real problem (aluminium and steel). Landrover persisted with the same design issues regardless Best Dicker
  12. Hi - good topic for conversation. I have not sold anything, ever (other than helping a fellow member dispose of his investments). Personally, for me it is for the very long term and if I have to sell, it will be in dribs and drabs. Some of the Au and Ag has numismatic value but for the rest I will dispose of privately on the forum if it is still around. My experience helping a fellow forum member sell was that .925 was hard to sell. Best Dicker
  13. Personally I have not seen a Sovereign like this before. For me, there are too many odd things about it to make it a buy. Has anyone seen one in such worn condition before? Best Dicker
  14. dicker

    Time to sell?

    We live in an era of “fake news”, social media “trends”, “influencers” etc. People actively use conspiracy theories to promote political aims, and I suspect influence market behaviour and make money on social media. When you are researching what to invest in, it really does pay to do a fact check and listen to “influencers”, “YouTubers” and then FACT CHECK. The WEF story has, on many times been been proven to be rubbish and an urban myth. https://mobile.reuters.com/article/amp/idUSKBN2AP2T0 If you want to be a good investor, stay away from urban myths, heresay, hype and think for yourself. It’s harder (much harder) than watching a 23 year old on YouTube but may well make you wealthy. Best Dicker
  15. dicker

    Time to sell?

    🙂 They always pay asking price with no haggling, and pay very very quickly.
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