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  1. Hi - not seen a set before but have seen different writhe gold coins on ebay now and again. I think yours are the smaller ones? Best Dicker
  2. Welcome to the forum! The sales section is great and it is very much worth the price of the premium membership. You will have a lot of questions - use the search in the forum to look to see if your questions have been answered before - there is a great deal of information stored here. Best Dicker
  3. Hi All, I thought it would be useful for to add a thread on gold / precious metal scams. There have been a few questions posted over the last year that indicate that some new forum members might be being scammed or are thinking about taking part in a "venture" that is is a scam....or worse being used to launder money. This post can be used as a 'lookup' for new members and also for forum members to flag any scams that they have seen. Forum members, please do flag up scams or any other advice that would be helpful to people. Best Dicker The "Hook" A
  4. Hi I think all of your questions have been covered before - quite a few times. Have a look at the search function it is good for finding answers to your questions. Best Dicker
  5. Brits are mongrel race, with bits of all sorts of DNA in our blood. I’m as white as snow but when I had a DNA test done, I found out I had all sorts in me. The beauty of science is that it can explain ancestry - which I guess is really diversity. Best Dicker
  6. I didn’t want to be rude but when I first saw it, I thought John Le Mesurier. (Showing my age) Best Dicker
  7. Always worth introducing yourself in the new members section. Best Dicker
  8. I think these were made in Milan by a company called Tanaci (from what I can google anyway). Sadly I can't find anything more than this info. Is it Bronze? Best Dicker
  9. Hi Roy, A friend did similar as a retirement project and he was fed up after a couple of years of doing it for similar reasons pointed out by Rich. I recon running a village shop is more profitable but lacks the fun element! Best Dicker
  10. Just to add...... Whilst I work for a bank and cannot and will not give anything away about anti-money laundering, I would say... (1) Margins on gold are tight - if there was significant money to be made on physical gold import / export, banks and forum members would do it (as long as it was legal). (2) I have seen many, many types of scams (some possibly money laundering operations) that focus on buying 'cheap' gold, importing and selling. Worth googling, but this is a start. https://www.mining.com/how-to-avoid-being-caught-in-a-common-gold-scam/ Best Dicker
  11. Welcome to the Forum Dante. An intro goes a long way. Best Dicker
  12. Hi - my point is that when someone tells me what a good deal they are giving me, I am instantly suspicious. I get a good deal most times I buy from the good folk of TSF. Best Dicker
  13. My only observation is that sometimes, political and social changes happen very quickly. The EU could collapse quickly and we might be back to the glorious Sovereign European countries who are able to represent their citizens. Best Dicker
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