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  1. Reported him and sent him a message. If I get anything back I will post it here. Best Dicker
  2. I wouldn’t touch these with a bargepole irrespective of the sellers good reputation. As has been mentioned above these are heavily counterfeited and the above looks too thick. Counterfeiters latched onto the packaging lending a veneer of authenticity to fake goods and mass produced them. If you are new to collecting start with a dealer or items from this forum. Best Dicker
  3. Just had a quick look and agree that it is completely lacking in any detailed thought. The RM just going through the motions to create another release….
  4. The RM could maintain integrity by selling volume (quality) rather than confected sets. But they don’t.
  5. Quite, and the problem I have with it is that pretty much anyone could build the same set very quickly at EF, but the RM sell it as a premium product. In my view it is not.
  6. I have never been impressed with the RM as it is today, but it’s offerings such as this which are particularly….foul. A few Sovs at EF which could be bought elsewhere at a few percent over spot plus a box makes them circa 2.5k overpriced. I suspect some punters will be impressed with “extremely fine” but they will take a bath if they come to sell them. https://www.royalmint.com/shop/coin-sets/The-Mary-Gillick-Ten-Coin-Sovereign-Set/
  7. I really do think they are awful. I am not being unfair - small mints and independent producers of PM materials often do a great job with limited resources, but these coins are just terrible.
  8. The Hattons effort is an utter hound of a coin.
  9. Sadly not unusual for the RM. I have personally not seen this from the Perth Mint as a comparator. All part of the way the RM is managed in my opinion.
  10. Agreed with Paul on the above. But worth a go on the forum. Copy me in if you have any nice examples to sell.
  11. Hi Quality will play a part in where you choose to sell. But, I would very much suggest joining TSF as a member and selling here. There is a good liquid market place here with trusted members. Best Dicker
  12. My view (and I don’t collect modern), is that the original sets will be most valuable. Originality will probably win.
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