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  1. @SilverJacksKeep us posted and fingers crossed for your grading. Best Dicker
  2. Excellent thought. Let me know if SR accept this for auction and I will put in a few bids knowing it is going to charity. Best Dicker
  3. Hi Andrew, I think that this coin would do well in a Charity Auction. I am not sure that it would appreciate more - I guess it was a test coin and many were made by one escaped. Are you thinking of a charity auction on TSF? Best Dicker
  4. Here is a typical example - on sale for 42 quid. The "diamond in the rough" scam - from a "house clearance". Can you spot it? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Vintage-modern-Large-lot-of-mixed-house-clearance-inc-coins-job-lot/293952189726?hash=item4470ea751e:g:IWQAAOSwd-5f~Zip
  5. Hi @scubajunky (1) Personally, I have not ever seen anything counterfeit advertised for sale on TSF. Nor have I have not heard of anyone selling anything counterfeit. Others may have and if so please do pipe up! (2) Are bars safe - yes if purchased on the forum 99.9 pct of the time. Silver bars are much less likely to be counterfeit. If you are worried steer clear of home made bars that may not be 999 silver or whatever purity you think you are buying - or go for hallmarked silver like BYB's Gold bars are more commonly counterfeited - e.g. Perth mint 1ox bars you see o
  6. dicker


    One for Katie Price (if she is a numismatist.....) Best Dicker
  7. Very attractive. I like the X! Best Dicker
  8. Also check out the “Hemisphere” auction catalogue. Another very interesting lot of Sovereigns! Best Dicker
  9. They come up now and then so keep an eye out! Best Dicket
  10. I am after some other coin Auction catalogues (being a bibliophile). As time passes it becomes harder to track ones down - particularly ones from Australia which I am rather interested in Best Dicker
  11. dicker

    Fake Sovereign?

    I agree with the above. If you want to download the Bentley collection catalogues as a reference (they are excellent) see my link on an earlier post in the gold section. I collect early Australian Sovereigns. I have some that are real “dogs” but that adds to the interest for me - they lived a life in Australia, paying miners, drovers and the creators of a nation. Your half Sov is the same. Enjoy! Best Dicker
  12. dicker

    Fake Sovereign?

    A picture speaks a thousand words. Best Dicker
  13. Not for me - I don't trust it Cheers Dicker
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