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  1. One of those things that I don’t lose sleep over. Having been to the PM, seen the operation and also spoken to some of the management I just wouldn’t worry. Best Dicker
  2. Vault, always. I travel loads so provides the best peace of mind. It is a pain in the butt but works well. Best Dicker
  3. The Schone bars are now known as Umicore I believe. As far as I remember they Schone were taken over by Umicore in the early 2000’s. I think your bars are therefore 200x or earlier. Best Dicker
  4. Just to be clear (if I was not on the above reply), mine IS a ‘69 Die number 34. I will go to my vault this coming week but as I said before I am pretty sure there is no unusual colour difference from other Sovs of this period and Mint. Best Dicker
  5. Or of course it could be the storage conditions affecting the non gold content of the Sovereign. This has always been my favoured theory around colour variation. Best Dicker
  6. I don’t think so....I have one in the vault so don’t have it in front of me, but I have not recorded it as a colour variant to other years. I record what I have pretty carefully and am pretty confident that it does not look like this one Best Dicker
  7. dicker


    Not heard of them I am afraid.
  8. dicker

    Gold as collateral

    @Martlet Point well made and I agree. Best Dicker
  9. Hi Nick, Absolutely none taken at all! Its great to have people like you on here who are friendly and great fun. Keep up the banter and take care Best Dicker
  10. dicker

    Gold as collateral

    I have had my bank lose two cheques in two years payable to me. I keep the stubs and they are useless. One cheque was completely lost, the other was paid back into the account from which it was written. They told me on the second lost cheque that “you should encourage your customers to pay electronically”. Clearly some sort of excuse for not being able to clear a cheque.
  11. dicker

    Gold as collateral

    @motorbikez Bang on
  12. dicker

    Gold as collateral

    Well they can do...less likely if you buy products from a high street bank of course.
  13. dicker

    Gold as collateral

    It was even in the vault in the same building!
  14. dicker

    Gold as collateral

    My bank won’t lend me money despite being what you might call a good customer with assets. They are however very very keen to try and sell me products I don’t want. I have always worked for investment banks and just despair when trying to do anything with a retail bank. Very hard, inflexible, not business friendly wheatever they say. Best Dicker
  15. H and B Adverts will ramp in weekend newspapers no doubt.
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