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  1. I had gold plated hardware on my Epiphone SG, it's all worn off now though... Continuing the musical theme; https://www.roberts-and-co.com/blogs/news/sterling-silver-guitar-pick
  2. That would be quite heavy I imagine, although you'd do well scrapping it if it ever conked out! 🙃
  3. For real world driving on changing road surfaces I don't think that Citroen design has been beaten (in my experience at least). Modern air systems are pretty good but they're still built to a cost compromise for the most part. I've driven many cars (although I suspect far less than you Lawrence) and am disappointed more vehicles didn't adopt the system. A fast, medium weight RWD coupe with the later Activa style system would be a blast... Common sense and 'plan ahead, look at the vanishing point' driving isn't really taught any more (if it ever was). Swapping onto winter wheels/tyres is less common too judging by my observations. An indicated 115mph, which didn't bother the suspension any but plenty worried the rest of the car 😁
  4. Hydropneumatic (oleoneumatic to be pedantic). Anytime my dad laughed at my Xantia diesel I'd tell him that both Mercedes and Rolls Royce licensed the suspension design it was that good. He still laughed. The Xantia never did 155mph though.
  5. Perspex/clear resin floors in the house with the coins displayed underneath. You'll need some crawl spaces put in though to retrieve the ones you want to show off.
  6. Stacking old currency silver for weight alone can cause issues come resale time, you'll often find that unless you got it cheap realising the same value out as you put in could be problematic. The exceptions appear to be .900 American or .925 British coins which always seem pretty fluid at a "junk" or stacking silver level, ideally close to spot although buying it for that price isn't super common any more. As you're in Germany your domestic market may be different mind you. Things change when you move into numismatics, but you will then be considering a specific audience and may struggle to sell quickly if that's a priority. It sounds like you're looking at using the metal as a store of value so most likely you're after bullion. I would say get the best deals you can on recognisable products, whether by brand reputation (Royal Mint Britannia, Krugerrand etc) or some other means such as hallmarking. Cost averaging is a method that takes some of the angst out of paying more than you'd like on the odd occasion and as long as you inventory your stuff and balance your costs I wouldn't stress over getting that couple of percent premium better deal when something decent is in front of you. Just my two pennies worth.
  7. A lot of lads I used to know used lamps for hunting rabbits; go out late and hunker down, wait a while, turn a ruddy great lamp on, rabbits freeze, pop pop pop. Seemed a little unfair to me at the time but if you're hunting for food then the aim is to harvest meat so whatever works reliably I guess.
  8. These people are always fugly buggers who look physically unhealthy. There's never a jacked handsome dude as a president or a gorgeous stacked blonde as head of a think tank. Funny that.
  9. It would never happen but it would be nifty if they did what some cultures do and knock out 22ct low premium chains and such as an alternative to stacking coins. Come the zombie apocalypse it would be much easier to escape the house looking like Mr T's flamboyant cousin than hauling around a big ol' sack full of sovereigns...
  10. The original London Mint started in 886AD so it's an interesting reference, I wonder how many who will buy any of this jewellery will get or care about that though? Funny thing for them to invest in, but then maybe they're projecting a big uptake in all precious metal buying going forward, not just bullion/proof coins. I bet the purchase premiums will be immense though so can't see it working as a savings mechanism.
  11. This is the reverse design that should have been used for the sovereign in my opinion, it looks great.
  12. https://www.chards.co.uk/50g-silver-bar/second-hand-silver-bars/3585 Special Vat scheme silver.
  13. You may only speak if you pay in silver! 🤣
  14. Did you know that due to all the tragic boating accidents suffered by TSF members that Doggerland is now once again recognised as an above water landmass. Albeit much shinier than before. And no @HerefordBullyun, not Doggin'land, that's further south.
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