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  1. There are no shortage of coins that get graded I think because people get caught up in the gambling nature of the process or because they don't really understand what should and shouldn't be submitted. I've seen no shortage of graded coins ending in auction - from bullion to higher value proofs - ending for prices that guarantee a loss. Some people like grading coins because of the look which is fair enough for anyone in that camp. I personally think the only way it makes sense is for authentication purposes on older coins or where a potential decent grade could actually make a difference to the value of a coin. I've long said on here I would only submit my own coins for grading if I was about to sell them and a grade I felt they could reach would bump up what I could realistically achieve with a sale. Thats the only way grading makes financial sense in my mind. Finally... Best laugh I've had all month. Thanks for that
  2. As with any of these sorts of coins they were almost certainly overpriced by the RM - the vast majority of issues like this released by the RM just lose money over time. I don't know what their future will be. With this sort of coin whether paying £45 or less than £10 you should buy them because you like them. Personally I always wanted to get a set - I like them and think they'll be fun to look back on in years to come. I take a look for them every now and then and will get a set one day when I see one at a price I'm willing to pay. Edit to add: I like them but that doesn't equate to me thinking they'll be a good investment. Bought at the right price I don't think they'll lose money but I don't expect to ever see these shoot up in value in any meaningful way beyond silver content
  3. Now thats something I'd enjoy having a go at!
  4. I think you'll always see ebbs and flows in the market but I don't think it will collapse. I also don't think the monarchy will play any appreciable role in the demand/lack of demand at any point in time. There may be some that care about that enough to boycot coins but they'll be a real minority of a minority and not enough to really matter. Digital assets could become more of a thing in the future but the way they are going I think they're closer to a Beanie Baby fad than a long term collectable. With regards to proofs (regardless who the monarch is) the old advice was buy them because you really like them with the understanding being they'll almost always depreciate. I think the RM is heading down the same path as the RCM putting out release after release and frankly terribly diluting their brand in the process. The RM is lucky to have its history to bolster its status a bit but it will reach a point that so many releases are put out people lose interest and stuff won't even sell out. We really do need to get back to hammering home that point about proof coins... buy them because you REALLY like them as they'll almost certainly lead to a financial loss. One thing I think people should avoid - and I've made many posts to date saying this - is the hype train. Modern proofs are a good example of something that was hyped up over the last couple of years which people are now losing loads of money with. If something is being massively hyped up to the point its value has increased when there is no real reason for that increase apart from FOMO you should probably stop and consider how sustainable the prices are before pulling the trigger. Don't get caught up in fads, basically and this applies more broadly to any collectable/asset as well as within the coin world itself.
  5. I'm currently seeing all over the groups that people are struggling to sell items. I guess its no surprise with the current inflation that folks are spending less on stuff they don't think they need and this will inevitably include coins especially premium vs cheap bullion. Its possible you missed the boat on being able to get a high premium for silver. Assuming you bought while premiums were high over the last couple of years (assuming that given you said your asking price is close to what you paid) then your best bet is to probably hold tight and put them aside for the long haul. The market is changing again and I doubt you'll realize the premiums you are currently asking regardless what you originally paid.
  6. I would expect that its mainly people not fully reading titles and descriptions mixed with ignorance of the hobby. They probably search silver coins then those results come up and they pounce on them without fully reading or understanding. They may or may not know what the coins should be worth so could think they got a bargain. The £10 to £12 price point is a tricky one becase for someone who doesn't know what coins are worth its not so low as to be an obvious fake. As a long term ebay seller people buy stuff without fully reading the title or description all the time. Its one of the big frustrations of selling on ebay as no matter what effort you put in to decribing items you know most people won't read it. We definitely know that people love to dive into something without taking the time to fully understanding it. So many want to be that person that scores the bargain or whatever. Scammers have such great success because it takes time and effort to to fully understand something like coin collecting and a lot of people seem unwilling to commit to those two things before making a purchase.
  7. I remember it well. I was very fortunte to have been sat at the computer when silver dived down below £10/oz in March 2020. I put in two orders that morning. One with the BYB group order and then another seperate one with the EU mint when I quickly realized we wouldn't likely see prices like that again so it was worth going all in. Then of course the shortages and increased premiums followed. You can certainly find great deals on the silver forum if you're lucky enough to be on when those deals are posted. I don't have as much spare time as I did a few years ago so for me its just not any reliable way to buy since the deals are usually long gone when I get on here to look. For me gold just makes the most sense when I can buy it at decent prices more or less whenever.
  8. Its going to depend on who you ask. What really killed it for me personally wasn't so much the VAT but the insane premiums that started being commanded back in mid to late 2020. With the VAT on top of that generic bullion was selling for well over £10/oz on top of spot. In the last two years the only silver I've bought is collectable stuff I've really wanted and I've kept up my BYB Silver Forum bar number(s). I know the premiums are a bit better these days but I'm at a point where I've moved on. I'm happy to own the silver that I do but when I buy more PM's the focus will remain gold for now apart from the odd piece I may want to collect.
  9. Sadly not 50 or 70 but 25x. Valid for one hour 12:00 - 12:59pm on Wednesday the 1st.
  10. I think its a few things. For some of those modern coins... they were massively overhyped by some within the community causing a lot of people to go for them initially but they're just finding their true value now. I'd argue they are coins that never should have been hyped in the first place but they were and sadly those that did the hyping and flipped quick did well leaving those likely new and inexperienced proof buyers holding the bag of something that will never be worth what they paid. Tuesday at midday is a questionable time to hold an auction like this. This is the second one that has had coins sell for very low values. The introduction of the buyers premium was bound to put some people off even though the premium is reasonable in comparison to other auctions. People get used to paying no premium and will be put off by the sudden introduction of one.
  11. The QC issues have had a definite impact on the way I shop with the RM. For a time I had considered just not buying any RM products but I have softened that line a bit. I still buy the coins I want I'm just getting a lot more of them from the secondary market instead of from the RM direct. Chards and Coin Connection have supplied most of the latest RM issues I've purchased. Looking back at recent orders out of 6 orders only two have come direct from the RM whereas in the past it likely would have been all 6. The issue for me is simply not having the time to faff about with the returns process. I know the process is simple but I live in a very rurual area so an unexpected trip to the post office for me cuts about 1.5 hours out of my work day. I have much better things to get on with during the day than waste that time returning a product to the RM. As for the greater issue of enough people voting with their wallets to make a difference I just can't see it happening while modern releases remain so flippable. The potential to make a quick buck will likely continue to drive demand for modern releases so long as that quick buck is there to be made.
  12. Its all about perspective and what matters more to you at any given point in time. I think with any valuable collections its best to keep the perspective that its there as a long term store of value but equally its very useful to have should something come up and you need to release the funds. If you have a use for that value which will move you forward in life then in many ways its lucky you have that collection you can use to fund that instead of having to go into debt as many might. One of the first things I collected when I was younger was sports cards - hockey mainly but baseball as well. I had an extensive collection that I spent a rediculous amount of hours chasing down, organizing, documenting, etc. However once I got into my early 20s and wanted to better myself - training, moving away from where I was, getting mobile, etc - the entire collection went without hesitation. At that point in my life moving my life forward was more important to me than those physical objects and I was extremely grateful that I had them to draw on in that way. I think in reality when it comes to physical posessions there really are very few that actually matter. If you can liquidate your collection and use the funds to better yourself in business, later on down the line that may afford you a more comfortable lifestyle where you can pursue the things that really matter to you.
  13. How nice to have a coin appear in my open orders this morning without needing to waste my morning queueing and wondering whether I'd win that lottery or not. They really need to give this continuity option for any series they release in the future. With this one I'm not sure it'll matter since the coins don't seem popular enough to sell out but for any future popular series they cook up it would be nice having mornings like this as opposed to the normal queues. Shame they seem to be kicking the can down the road with the box though. As others have said I definitely remember them stating it would come with the second coin. I guess we'll see if they turn up with anyone's orders.
  14. I grew up in Canada where the coins were 80% silver up to 67 and distinctly remember getting older dimes/quarters and spending them. Like you I very much wish I knew then what I do now especially as my first job was in retail and would have been a great opportunity to swap coins out as they were quite common back then
  15. I'm another who doesn't get the price point at all. It would be way more economical (and probably more fun) to seek out and collect them all yourself. If the wooden cabinet really appeals you can always take phtotos of it to a local craftsman and get it built for you. You'd save thousands. The way they've framed this as something so desireable its worth entering a ballot just for the chance to win the opportunity to buy at that price is laughable. If the Westinster Collection went upmarket this is what it would look like.
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