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  1. So far... I haven't yet. I feel pretty negatively towards grading generally. I like it as a concept focused on older coins but feel it is very abused much to the detriment of collectors. The only people benefitting in any meainful way being the submitters and graders themselves in most cases. It is overhyped and over sold. That being said I am in this to hopefully come out on top financially and if I knew grading one of my coins would substantially increase the resale value of it - I would do it. I would only do so though when I was ready to sell. I don't know that grading such as it is today
  2. I can see why you would want to make a video about this as it is quite a difficult topic. I too believe the economic conditions moving forward are going to be pretty dire but I stopped buying gold in any real quantity back in June or so due mostly to the price. I moved a lot of money around last year putting it into physical purchases mainly gold and land. I don't trust it being kept in non physical assets - something I've always been weary of but especially now. The reason I more or less stopped buying gold though is becuase of how off everything feels to me right now. One doesn't need t
  3. The 2oz Queen release showed they most definitely do presell though from my understanding that is done via account managers and not from an email link. I've speculated before that most if not all of the next gold Great Engravers coins will be sold this way and I'd be surprised if the annual sets yesterday weren't snapped up this way. Makes sense from The Mint's perspective though rather shafts everyone else without account managers. Most of us will be lucky if we can get a silver. I agree completely that the launch is going to be a proper sh*t show.
  4. The GSP really isn't as expensive as you think it is. If you were to compare the import costs of two parcels coming from say the US - one shipping via the seller directly and one shipping via Pitney Bowes (the company that actually handles GSP items) - I am very confident the GSP one would work out cheaper. Shipping direct from the seller you'll see the postage charge and that postage charge will almost certainly look cheaper than what a GSP item is displaying. So you go for that one and it gets shipped but instead of the parcel turning up you get your notice of charges due for VAT, potentiall
  5. The only likely solution I can see for this is brokers setting up in the various countries to handle the administrative burden. Not too dissimilar to the way you can now bid on items all over the world and have a broker handle the export for you - it would be a good way for them to expand their business. Of course - as has already been suggested - it'll just mean everything an individual, small business, etc imports will be more expensive.
  6. This figure here sounds lower than I remember it being. I'm pretty sure in the past it was around double this though its been a couple years since I checked. Its sad really. I've experienced the joys in the past of receiving genuine gifts from friends or family in Canada accompanied by a nice large tax bill. Lowering this threshold will just lead to more of that.
  7. This would be my expectation and it is in line with what I am used to when I import from Canada. The sales tax rate in the province that I generally import from is 13%. That gets waived for international orders because when it arrives here the 20% VAT is charged. Its only a 7% increase so its minor. I definitely expect it to work the same way with EU nations moving forward.
  8. I did expect a level playing field. Being from Canada I send and receive a fair amount of post/parcels to/from there so am pretty used to the system and the tax burden. Logically upon leaving the EU one should have expected rules for EU nations to be what they were for non EU nations so a level playing field wouldn't have been a big surprise. I would say the disappointment for me personally comes in the form of a Conservative government who has been banging on for ages about free frictionless trade whether there is a deal or not. How often did Boris mention that even in the event of a no
  9. I've not seen it mentioned in here but in another group I am in it was posted that as part of the new import VAT rules they have abolished the £15 exemption for imported items. Quoting from the following Gov page : So if anyone was thinking they could get around this by getting someone to undervalue the parcel on the CN22 think again as you'll still get hit. The worst bit about this for me is the handling fee charged by Royal Mail and the couriers which ranges from £8 with RM up to £16. Most you'll pay in VAT on a £15 parcel is £3 but add that handling fee and a lot of cheap items that
  10. This is optional. It needs to be enabled in account settings. 2FA is worth enabling anywhere it exists and it should exist for any website/service that handles money as well as personal information
  11. To begin I really hope it hasn't been presented to PayPal this way by the victim. Really you want and need to seperate the first bit - accepting F&F vs G&S - from the phishing scam. An oversimlification of how it reads at the moment is - "I wanted to defraud you from your fees by accepting an F&F payment but then I got scammed in a phishing scam - pleast help!". You don't want to give them any room to not look into this and sort it out for you and going in like this versus going in just saying you've been the victim of a phishing scam gives them that opportunity. Focus on the phish
  12. Definitely possible we will find out in a week but I wouldn't put any money on them being ready and having systems in place to start levying the charges right away. I still think it'll take some time.
  13. All any of us can do is speculate at the moment because you are right - it is going to take a while before we actually know. Some time back in one of the many EU deal/Brexit threads here I wrote that I didn't think they would apply charges at the border because of the anger that would bring to the general public facing those charges. I still think that will pan out at least in the beginning but the world is a much different place now than it was a year or two ago when I shared those thoughts. With the economic fallout from covid the government at some point is going to need to bring in ev
  14. I've written this before when talking about the Music Legends series but I think the biggest problem with them is the constant reissues we saw specifically with the Queen one. I have not paid attention to them since then as that left such a bad taste in my mouth so do not know if the Elton or Bowie had the same amount of reissues. The problem is you get a good release such as the original Queen release and it does well. Then they decide to do "enhanced" versions in 2oz several months later. Then they decide to reissue again with 5oz versions once more several months later, etc, etc. Doing mult
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