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  1. As a seller the buck stops with you - always. PayPal, etc will side with the buyer especially if the tracking doesn't show a successful delivery. Showing the item was sent is one thing but the only thing that triggers the seller protection is if the system can see a successful delivery with the tracking information. PayPal will side with the buyer so your only method of compensation will be to put in a claim with Royal Mail. Rubbish especially if you believe this is a scam but it is what it is I'm afraid.
  2. As above really - it is very common practice. Also worth mentioning that just because a manufacturer decides to sell direct - doesn't mean its cheaper for them to do so than it is for others. They still need to hire a team of people to manage that side of the business and have all the costs you'd expect a storefront to have. If anything this diversification could lead directly to them charging more as they almost certainly won't set up the business in as streamlined a way as one where the sole focus is getting goods in and out the door.
  3. I'd say your strategy should depend on what you are after. If you are after an item which is likely going to attract other collectors/bidders than you are best waiting until the auction is live. If you are just wanting to fill your stack with average coins or coins that don't have much value above melt then some of those go for a great price with just a single prebid.
  4. I can be a miserable bastard so these change regularly but the first that come to mind right now... 1) People who call drawers draws 2) People who speed in a 30 or 40mph zone then slow down upon entering a national speed limit zone 🙄 3) People who complain about late stage capatalism destroying their future while sipping a Starbucks coffee and standing in a line to buy the latest iphone
  5. I'm in this boat as well. Getting to the point where even without grading its looking like it would be silly not to sell. As much as I like it... I like that profit more!
  6. This has been my experience as well. Everything collectable that I know of has shot up in value. Some massively so such as graded retro video games (yep, thats a - now very expensive - thing). This has been the case for a while now... since April/May. Initially I thought it was a response to the lockdowns around the world - more bored people sat at home deciding to enter the various collectable markets and a new hobby - but I'd of expected it to start waning by now which it hasn't. It could also be people putting their money where it has a chance of earning more than the paltry interest rates
  7. What will be interesting to see in the next release is if the gold 2oz ever makes it to open market or whether they are sold direct to customers much like the Queen 2oz gold was. The RM must be aware of how this coin has done and what that will likely mean for demand of the next in the series. I suspect even the silver will be a tough one to get ahold of when they go on sale. Will certainly be a very different story to last year when the silver Una took a couple days to sell out.
  8. I think it is a positive thing though I think it still won't prevent some people from buying forgeries. The Royal Canadian Mint has been using similar technology for a number of years now across its entire bullion range but of course these coins still get faked and people still buy them. Its painfully obvious comparing something like a genuine maple to a fake maple especially with the security features and micro engraving but again if you don't know what to look for and haven't educated yourself you aren't going to see it. So with that said it would be nice if the Royal Mint publicized this mo
  9. I think they look stunning and thats coming from someone who isn't a Bond fan. I'd love to see the Royal Mint do more with bars like this. I think these will do fairly well though the premiums put me off.
  10. Yeah that has been my experience as well. No calls, no junk mail and no credit check. But other members reported a different experience in the past so thought it was worth warning about. Still for fractional pieces that usually sell for so much more money one can't complain. I'll buy all of these that I can
  11. Taught me something there so thanks for that - I wasn't aware of where the gold originated. As for condition of the $5 and $10 - you see most as high grade because they were never circulated. They were kept in reserve at the mint then in the early 2010s they were rediscovered, hand sorted and they selected a bunch of the best examples then sold those. Thats why a lot of that batch that were graded have the "Canada Reserve" or some similar wording on the label. I myself considered that Heritage coin - it is a beauty and they so rarely come up for sale here. I considered myself very lucky t
  12. It's eBay... people can ask what they want for whatever they are trying to sell. There is no rhyme or reason to it. A lot of it I suspect is just people hoping that someone uneducated comes along and bites. Enough people do it that it must occasionally work
  13. These are nice and worth getting at the price. There are also the 1g Brexit ones for £49 which gives a chance to get 6 of these if they are still available. That is what I did a couple months back. Only point I would say when ordering is to be very aware that CPM basically use these to fish. They dangle the cheap item in the hopes of upselling for something MUCH more expensive and not at all worth the price. When ordering ensure you do not subscribe to any mailing lists either physical or email. They also might do a credit check. So its a good deal but be careful with the upselling, adver
  14. The $5 and $10 Canadian gold coins are stunning - among my favourites. The only trouble is getting them in Europe without paying over the odds. Given that so many of these coins were kept in reserve then sold directly by the Canadian Mint in 2012 or so there are some really great condition examples floating around out there that can be picked up at decent prices in North America. I've found its a better deal generally going for those and paying to ship them over versus paying over the odds for the few examples that change hands more locally.
  15. I too was under the impression that PayPal excluded precious metals from buyer/seller protection. Another angle of this worth considering is that eBay often recommends a specific service based upon what an item costs so you'd need to check that your coverage isn't voided by circumventing that recommendation. Its a nice thought though and something I've not considered. I would reach out directly to PayPal though for a clear cut answer. I do not sell PMs on eBay but other goods and even I would stand to financially benefit operating this way. I regularly pay for extra coverage on high value
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