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  1. The premium is one thing but then when you add in how bad the quality often is... the coins really need to be a super safe bet to be worth bothering with. They release a lot I like but until they sort their sh!t out in terms of quality my money is going elsewhere. Its just not worth the price and potential headache of multiple returns to get something that is either worth having in a collection or actually possible to sell on for profit.
  2. We didn't need one copy diluting the market for these let alone how many there have been. I guess its to be expected that other mints will try to hop on the band wagon of something that has been successful but I'd personally be happy to see this stop already. Its unnecessary.
  3. This is the sort of thing that needs to happen though I think before they actually change anything. I'm in the same boat. I've bought no silver this year apart from your lovely SF bars so have been spending more with the RM including buying my first ever gold proof coins from them. The problems I had though with my last one of those mean I'm not likely to order anything again from them anytime soon. Other mints don't seem to have the same issues with their proof lines. More of us need to vote with our wallets and stop giving the RM our hard earned cash until they sort their sh!t out
  4. Ah right, thanks for the clarification. I just scrolled down and saw the "No Longer Available" so thought it had maybe already sold out. I know there are some collectors of them but the thought of them selling out without so much as a preview image was a bit bonkers to me.
  5. What I want to know is did they really sell out of the Alice's Adventures in Wonderland Minty piggy banks with just a coming soon image displayed? Is there that much demand for those piggy banks that people will buy them without even seeing the design first? Am I missing something? 😳
  6. Disapointing to read of these failures but not surprising. Like many others who bought the QB 1oz gold proof completer mine had to be sent back multiple times and their inability to get that right has left me no longer wanting to spend money with the RM. As I said in a post earlier in this thread I was online for this release but didn't pull the trigger for a couple of reasons one of which being fears of quality. You can't trust them to get 1 coin right let alone an entire set of 10... I hope all of you who have got bad sets and are wanting to return wind up with something you are happy with. The RM really need to get their act together.
  7. I think international interest is also an issue with this one. Growing up in Canada you'd hear the music of Elton John. David Bowie and Queen on the radio. The Who... not so much. I imagine outside of the UK there are a lot fewer people interested in this one than previous releases.
  8. I agree. To me it seemed like further dilution of an already very diluted line. I also didn't like the failure to list a maximum coin mintage in the specifications. Does this mean we'll see an 11 coin set of all these plus a completer next month? Its odd for that detail to be missing. On top of that my experience with the gold proof completer has been so bad I've just generally lost the appetite to buy more from The Royal Mint let alone a 10 coin set that would need to be meticulously checked. Hope the quality is good for those that did decide to go for them.
  9. Provided you are talking about trading here on the silver forum I would say with one exception I would just leave it up to the buyer. The exception would be if the buyer had no reputation. In that case you're better off sending signed for. I agree the service is rather farcical atm but it does still serve as proof of delivery. For lower valued items most will understand that it frankly isn't worth the extra £1 for signed for but some will insist on having everything sent that way. The standard service is perfectly good. I send out maybe 50 - 60 large letter jiffy bags with just a stamp on them every week and in 6 years of doing that maybe 4 or 5 have got lost in the post. In the early days of running my business I used to stand around in the post office getting proof of posting for every one of them but it quickly became apparent that I was losing more money stood there waiting while doing that than I was in replacing the odd lost item. These things are all a balance of time/money/risk. All those extra £1s for signed for add up not to mention the time needed to go down to the post office for them to be scanned in vs just popping them in your closest post box.
  10. Prior to managed payments it was down to seller reputation. I had two accounts - one business, one personal - the business one released the funds right away regardless of order value. On my personal one with less reputation (feedback and years trading) it sometimes took up to 28 days. With managed payments I have pretty much scrapped my personal account as I didn't want ebay having access to my personal current account so can't say how long that would take. My business account pays out into my business bank account 48 hours after the sale regardless if the order has shipped or not.
  11. Essentially its whatever I feel is the best buy. I like silver for the bulk but it hasn't (for the most part) been an economical buy since March 2020. The only metal I've really added in the last year has been gold. Platinum is another I quite like the look and paper price of but again buying physical doesn't make any sense.
  12. There are consumer protections in Ontario which are easily Googleable so I'll leave that to you. That being said I don't think they'll help you since as far as I can see it is you who is in the wrong, not BullionMart. You placed an order with the understanding they would bill you for shipping. Did you ever query what the shipping rate might be prior to placing an order? The real life lesson here seems to be that shipping anything out of Canada is extortionately expensive. As a Canadian who lives in the UK that reality is a sad one I have encountered many times - in fact I just had to go through the pain of shelling out nearly $200Cdn myself to ship some vinyl over. It is what it is though and its not the fault of the shops who have to pass on those charges to the customers. You'll need to dig through the fine print and see if there is any ability to get out of the contract you made when you placed the order. Personally I'd suggest you just pay the shipping and treat this as a life lesson to ask questions before rushing to purchase because again from what you've presented here BullionMart hasn't done anything wrong.
  13. You're definitely not the only one thinking that. I didn't buy it to flip either. To be fair I mostly only bought it because I had the Una and so it seemed worth trying for the set. It is disappointing to see how it has gone but the disappointment started before the RM release for me. Seeing the Alderny ones come out to the hype they did was the first blow for me. I suppose you can't fault other mints for hopping on the bang wagon to make a quick buck but I figured that dilution would affect the RM release. I still think long term there will be enough demand for it to keep the price relatively high - one has to imagine that those who picked up the Una will want the other coins in the collection - just have to ride the wave and see how it pans out once this surplus clears.
  14. The releases for the two coins were very different. Una was released with no real fan fare and took a couple days to sell out. 3G was released to the largest demand I think there has been for a RM release I've been around for. As a result of this the Una's I suspect were largely picked up by collectors and disappeared into those collections with few examples coming to the secondary market. In contrast I suspect the vast majority of 3G were bought by people hoping to cash in the way a select few managed with the Una. At the moment you're just seeing the result of that. When you have a coin that was bought up primarily to be flipped once those go to market in the numbers they have there is only one way the price is going to head. It is possible the price will increase over time as the current surplus is bought up but we've yet to find a bottom price (actually saw a PF70 sell for £1500 on a FB group earlier) so there is a ways to go down yet before any rise happens. Another issue the 3G coin faces is dilution. The mintage was higher and I'm sure the RM minted more varities (sizes) of it. There were also other mints that put out really high quality versions. While I expect the RM version will be the definitive version you'll always have some people who will now settle for one of the others so that takes away from the pool of people who might have been after a RM version lessening the demand. I really don't imagine the 3G will ever be as valuable as the Una is.
  15. With the way prices are dropping the 70s may well be going for £1500 soon enough. Market is rather flooded.
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