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  1. You get it with everything on ebay - not just coins. Always going to be someone out there trying to fleece people and get more than something is worth. Buyer beware and all that.
  2. If it works the same way here as in Canada they won't be removed from circulation. Growing up in Canada I very much remember still getting change (mainly 1c, 5c & 10c) with George VI on them. They were never removed from circulation - they just became rare as the years ticked by and coins with the current monarch were minted. I don't see why it would be any different here. It would just make no sense to go through the effort and expense of trying to replace all that change in a short period of time.
  3. For gold its easy - just subtract the spot price from the total price showing minus anything like shipping.
  4. I wonder how much their hands are being forced behind the scenes. It almost seems to me like the sort of token effort made to try to placate someone or some company/organisation. I think its a step in the right direction but clearly as I'm calling it a token effort I feel it doesn't go far enough. I do think it was only a matter of time before they were forced to do something. The reality is that they are profiting off the counterfiet trade.
  5. As far as I've read so far they've said there will be bullion coins but I don't think specific sizes have been mentioned. That being said the QB 2oz coins were such a hit I think its a safe bet they'll do them for this series. In the QB series I personally preferred the bullion and if the design goes the same way I might form the same opinion for these. The proof QB coins looked plain in comparison to the bullion ones given the lack of any background on them. That being said the frosted proof finish is lovely. I also hope they keep on with the 10oz bullion as although I had no interest in collecting the set of those coins in that format I did buy my favourite ones since that larger format was amazing for the details. We'll see what comes!
  6. Yeah I saw someone else mention this on a more general coin group and was surprised to then search and see that myself. I never thought much of those BUNC coins but will now also purchase them for this series.
  7. For all my own negative thoughts on the RM's QC I very much agree. I wasn't around for the start of the QB coins but I was around to see just how popular and sought after those early coins became as the years ticked on and more people gained an interest in the series. I do expect these will be the same. For anyone confident enough to buy they are definitely ones to hold and its hard to imagine people will lose long term.
  8. Thanks for this. Wonder why they changed it up so much over time. I did manage to get most of the original QBs in 1/4oz gold bullion so might as well aim for the same with this set.
  9. 100%. Its what stopped me making bigger purcases. I'll risk it with the 1oz and will likely get some of the bullion coins later on down the line but, yeah... the quality is a factor that stopped me ordering more. I value my time to much to go through all that toing and froing multiple times just to get a good coin.
  10. I've spent all day thinking about these bloody coins. Was around early this morning to see the release and have checked in periodically through the day to see what was still left when I've had a moment. I've been avoiding buying anything from the RM since the awful experience I had with my 1oz gold proof completer. But I like these and there is a chance now to start at the beginning which is something I wasn't in the position to do with the QB series. As much as I like them the quality concerns leave me unwilling to part with a large amount of cash but I have just decided to pull the trigger on the silver proof 1oz. We'll see what turns up. Those that were around for the QB series - how far behind were the first bullion coins?
  11. I would imagine given how many people are into coins that there is probably someone out there who collects fakes. Even if not there is value in keeping an active database of fakes. Whilst a lot of fakes are easy to spot there are some - as other replies have mentioned - that are very, very good and worthy of documenting. This being said I really don't know if such a database exists.
  12. Silver for me hasn't been worth while since the premiums rocketed after March 2020. The premiums have been falling steadily but nowere near enough and there is also now the VAT issue. I am glad for the silver I hold and managed to buy leading up to March 2020 but I doubt there will be much added to that moving into the future. Gold I feel a bit more confidence in but even then I'm only after specific items that I feel will appreciate better than just bullion. In a way its a shame as I quite enjoy all this as a hobby but it just doesn't make sense to me to be paying such high fees on top of the metal value for the coins.
  13. Just the buyers premium they've decided to put on the auction. Buyers premiums are pretty common though a total of 24% on top of the hammer price is a bit much for me
  14. Just the reality of the auction house. If someone is winning then generally there is another party losing. I missed this CC sale. I've followed the last few but with lots seemingly going for more than I felt they were worth I figured I'd give it a break before viewing another one.
  15. It's currently up to £8200 plus buyers premium of 24% so over £10000. Bonkers.
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