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  1. Really depends on who your family is and how trustworthy they are. Not only do you need to be able to trust them but you also need to be able to trust that they'll keep their mouth shut and not tell anyone themselves. I really like @Tommmmy555's suggestion - allows you to keep safe but still offer some advice. Though thats still not without danger as if you live with the family member and they go blabbing about the silver and gold they've bought that will put your own at risk.
  2. Well I'm happy enough with the result. Paid a fair price for a couple of lots. I really liked the bulk lots this go around. Its a nice way to buy when the funds are there
  3. Yeah... my thoughts exactly. The lots I'm interested in are towards the end so hopefully everyone is spent up by then! #wishfulthinking
  4. My one arrived today - very pleased with it. Nicer looking coin than I first thought and an absolute bargain at that price. Got my eye on a few items in the Coin Cabinet auction tomorrow but if those go for unreasonable prices I shall order a few more of these. Very much appreciate the original tipoff @TheApe
  5. Yes placed a number of orders with them. Some of the best prices for what I bought online with incredibly efficient service. Can't fault them. Though I'll note I've not placed an order since the pandemic started so not sure how thats affecting things. I wouldn't have thought much at all now that it seems special delivery is back to actually being delivered next day.
  6. If I needed or wanted to use the funds for something to benefit myself or my future - sure. Property has the potential to start looking more attractive in months to come so selling it to fund a purchase like that could make sense. As could selling it to fund another investment. What I absolutely would not do is sell it in exchange for cash to just sit in an account. I shudder to think what affect all money printing going on around the world right now to deal with covid 19 is going to have long term. Right now is the wrong time to have savings in cash - much better off sticking with the gold or some other physical asset.
  7. I completed on my house on the 19th of March. Makes this an interesting time for me for sure but I'm not too worried. I was careful to avoid areas where there has been susbstantial inflation in recent years. I can also imagine with folks re-evaluating how they wish to live after the virus an area like the one I find myself in should do well. We're well serviced including fibre broadband and the closest city is just under 7 miles away but the location is as rural as it gets. I'll be keeping an eye on things once the market out here opens again but I'm really not expecting a major devaluing to happen in this area.
  8. Couldn't agree more with this. I don't understand how anyone could bring themselves to part with the cash for those new Mac Pro machines. You'd do so much better building a Threadripper system with top end Nvidia graphics. Much better performing machine for much less money! Apple is all style over substance these days. Works well for the "luxury" chasing youth but they've really turned their back on the pro/creative crowd.
  9. If you want to use Linux primarily but still want to play your games you can always dual boot. There are plenty of guides for it. I use Windows mainly but do have a dualboot setup on one of the PC's so I can work on stuff I deem more sensitive outside of the constant spying, constant connected Windows environment.
  10. That whole website just screams snake oil sales pitch. I'd love to know how much silver is in the socks to give them the ability to make any of those claims. My guess is the absolute minium they could get away with to be able to say there is silver in them so probably not enough to actually make any meaningful difference. All jokes aside... merino wool socks are the way forward!
  11. If you want a potential suggestion for these apart from ripping folks off... I've always thought it could be useful to get a bunch of these as well as other fakes and a cheap safe to use as a decoy. Properly hide the actual good stuff and leave the duds and the cheap safe somewhere they could be fairly easily discovered. Like many others in this thread though I've seen these fakes being sold as genuine many times especially on ebay. I gave up reporting them because as others have said ebay doesn't care. At this point I just accept it as one of the perils out there for those new in to the world of coins. I'll put these up there with most of the bullshit places like Westminster Collection sell or even those absurd "emergency" silver eagles that are doing the rounds atm. There are many pitfalls and opportunities to be ripped off in the pm world.
  12. Not entirely but nearly. I spent most of my working life in the food service industry managing various kitchens. That is very much a work hard play hard environment so it was very normal for us to "have a drink" (aka get absolutely sloshed) every night while finishing up. It's quite a big problen in the industry - a lot deal with the stress and long anti-social hours through drink and drugs. Anyway my height of this was when I lived in London and walked to work. When I left London and had to drive it pretty much ended because I had to get behind the wheel and drive home. I still binged on days off though. These days the only time I drink is during special occasions and I'll have one or two. Happens maybe 2 or 3 times a year. Mostly like the rest I just got tired of feeling like c**p. The work hard play hard lifestyle is fun for a while in your 20s... much less so the older you get and eventually one has to take ones health seriously. I don't regret my work hard play hard days - I had a lot of fun but I definitely feel better these days.
  13. Another thing I think too many overlook when paying well over the odds for semi numismatics is trends. What is popular today is rarely popular down the road especially after they've been tarnished or spotted. I've bought so many special releases from 20, 30, 40, etc years ago for spot value its kind of silly. I think the value in those coins is short term flipping on the ones that do well - long term you're just going to lose. Also I agree with @JunkBond
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