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  1. This is the most sound piece of advice I think I've seen posted on this forum. Thought it worth quoting just so people hopefully read it again. As for the topic at hand... There isn't a specific right answer (IE - 1000oz) but I think it is good to have some and much like @sixgun I won't be selling anything I do have. The current situation with the insane premiums is a real tough one so I can understand wanting to look elsewhere. Once the premiums shot up last year amongst the shortages I more or less stopped buying silver and focused more on gold. That is pretty much where I remain.
  2. Assuming the price you paid for the it slabbed was roughly what one raw would have cost and you don't intend to hold long term - I don't see how it would matter. @Chorlton I think hit the nail on the head of where it could matter though. In the future decent examples might be saught after as collectors go for date runs, etc. Long term you could lose out. We all pay a premium on any coin we buy so I've always said it makes sense to keep those coins in as good condition as possible so that premium can be recouped come time to sell.
  3. This has been the norm for just over a year now. In early March 2020 silver tanked and dropped to below £10/oz. That event seemed to happen just before a notable shortage occured in physical bullion products. The dip probably didn't help the shortage as anyone who was online in the morning had a hell of an opportunity to fill their boots. I bought nearly 100oz that morning and my spreadsheet tells me I was buying Britannias for just under £12/oz. Apart from the silver price dropping March 2020 was also when a lot of countries started locking down and the various mints around the world wer
  4. From my experience I'd say the only bullion coins you should expect to receive in decent condition are those that were encapsulated from the mints. Anything that comes in a tube has the potential for coins to bang together and create marks around the high points. Some might argue that isn't necessarily the case but the reality is even the action of removing or putting coins into the tube can lead to scratches and marks. IMO it is unreasonable to epect any coin that comes this way to be perfect. Milk spots just happen. Coins out of the RCM used to be terrible for it but they seemingly fixed tha
  5. You'll be fine bringing the gold back to Canada. I've brought silver and gold both ways without trouble. If you stick with the Sovs I would perhaps recommend locating some Canada Sovs. Having been minted in Ottawa they should find homes easier in Canada. The best prices I've seen for these have been at auction - dealer prices are generally unrealistic, IMO. The upcoming Coin Cabinet auction includes a number of them so might be worth a look.
  6. Yeah as said above they do launch several sales a year covering Black Friday, Boxiing Day, etc. Generally there will be some semi popular coins with 10% off and the stuff they haven't been able to shift has a higher discount up to 50% but the chances of finding something you actually want at 50% off are slim.
  7. Also worth noting for H&B if you don't want the sale calls... don't register with your actual number. I couldn't think of any good reason they should have mine when I registered and I remain undisturbed. Only ever give the details you absolutely have to give on any registration form. Use fake details for the rest.
  8. Decline anything they try to sell you. Much like Westminster Collection, CPM Coins and no doubt others out there Harrington and Byrne make their money charging unsuspecting people absolutely rediculous premiums for stuff that will never be worth what they're selling them for. They all throw out decent offers like this every now and then but its their version of fishing... dangle the cheap bullion in the hopes of catching a much bigger, much more profitable sale. Buy the bullion but walk away from anything else.
  9. All it indicates is that scarcity does not equate to value or worth. Its a contributing factor but without demand no one cares.
  10. In another grading topic I mentioned one of the biggest reasons why I don't currently grade my coins - because I don't know if by the time I sell that a graded version will be the most desireable. So much moves in fads and with how gimmicky grading is\is becoming its definitely not the sort of thing that is immune from falling out of favour. We could absolutely reach a point in the future where the original set as presented in its correct form at the time of shipping from the mint is more desireable than a slabbed version without all the packaging. The reality is the more that get seperated wi
  11. Premiums, mostly. There are some exceptions though - I do have a few gold coins where I didn't care as much about the premium as I really loved the coin. I also did my best when buying Sovs to look for the ones that were a bit more special but still had a relatively low premium. As such most of the Sovs I have are Canadian ones with a handful of Australia ones sprinkled in. I also managed to get some of the 2017 and 2012 ones for premiums one would expect best value Sovs to have had. My preferred size coin is actually a half Sov but the premiums on those are usually much higher so I don't
  12. When I was looking to get into gold in a much bigger way last year I followed the forums advice and heavily bought Sovereigns so I'll be another voice championing that. There is a decent variety of different ones out there so likely to be something for everyone and generally speaking they can be found with premiums that aren't silly.
  13. Problem is you can't get around the 20% on silver anymore. All you can do is compare costs and see which works out cheaper. Figure out what the cost from the EU dealers is ensuring you add 20% plus at least an £8 handling fee to the total then compare that to what it would cost from a UK dealer with the VAT baked in.
  14. I bought some silver and gold coins from them last year and the service was great. One of my items wasn't in stock so there was a wait but the website made it clear when they were expecting the stock and when the order would ship and it did in the timeline they provided. Good communication and service. You can expect a VAT charge of 20% plus a handling fee for the carrier. Technically only silver should be VATable but from others experience you'll probably be charged for gold too and will have to reclaim that from HMRC later.
  15. I have to imagine the performance of the Una will have meant a lot more people tried to get this coin for the sake of flipping and making some cash. I suspect there will be a good amount of deals done initially then a lull then when the graded versions come back in they'll be another uptick in selling. Like the Una though I think once these land in the hands of collectors who desire them for what they are - they won't be seen again any time soon. These coins just have something about them. An allure - pure attraction. I've hummed and hawed about selling my Una so many times with the madne
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