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  1. This is 100% it. Ebay can be a good place to get items but you really need to know what you're looking at. I spotted a fake 1oz "gold" maple on there a week or so ago. It was clearly the low detailed Chinese copy. The seller proclaimed that it was xrf tested, absolutely 100% genuine. It was an auction that ended at £570 with 9 bids. I reported the item before it ended but of course nothing came of it. Looking at the sellers other items they sold several other "gold" coins for between £400 - £1400 - I hope they weren't all tested on the same XRF machine! Here's a link to the clear fake I'm talking about: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1oz-Gold-Maple-Leaf-Coin-Genuine-/274436116836?hash=item3fe5aad164%3Ag%3AXQEAAOSwhC9fGYt6&nma=true&si=y0sck9wrWgT20ReKDKHTkkk25gU%3D&orig_cvip=true&nordt=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557 I'm a big proponent of people taking responsibility for their own actions - something lacking in todays society - so I have little sympathy for those who don't put the effort in to researching what they're buying. Equally though I do wish ebay would do something when items get reported.
  2. This is a great point. I think it was BYB who I originally heard say on one of his vids or in a post that its in the terms of some of the dealers that you need to record the unboxing for the sake of making a claim should anything be wrong with the order. It makes sense and is something I've done for any high value orders I've received in the last year or so. Also of note when signing for a package your only real concern is that the package appears to not have been tampered with. All of the high value packages I've had from dealers have been easy to see if they were tampered with coming either in something like a DHL bag or box wrapped entirely with security tape. If the parcel turns up and it looks like it has been tampered with this is a case where you'd likely want to refuse delivery and get in touch with the dealer with pics showing the concerns. The delivery driver absolutely will not be happy about this but its your money - not theirs.
  3. UPS generally are fine. As ever with companies like this there may be the odd bad story from an employee who didn't do their job right or for some other reason but UPS as a company on the whole are good. I use them for my own business and have never had an issue after many hundreds of parcels sent. As a general rule though when expecting a package like this there needs to be someone home. When problems do come up its generally because someone wasn't home which just leads to unexpected problems. If you can't ensure someone is in at your home address have it sent to another address where someone will be home.
  4. This question came up a few months ago after sharp gold price rises. My answer then was that I had decided I was going to take a break but failed and inevitably made several purchases. My plan over the last couple of weeks was the same - to watch and not buy. Then I bought a gold proof £2 and this years 100g silver forum silver bar. Once more I seem to have failed. Ah well.
  5. Not been the best year here for this sort of thing. Moved into a house with a nice sized garden and all sorts of plans then, well, we all know what happened this spring so plans never came to be. Thankfully the house already had some mature established fruit-bearing plants so there have been plenty of raspberries enjoyed lately as well as blackcurrants. Blackcurrants were picked in two batches one a few weeks ago and one last week. Made several bottles of cordial from them a few weeks ago and the latest lot were turned into creme de casis - I look forward to enjoying that in a few months. The raspberries are just being enjoyed as they are one handful at a time There are some tomato and cucumber plants that are doing well though a bit behind - should get some good produce out of them though in a few weeks time
  6. The only thing I could guess - and this isn't going to be at all helpful and might have already been considered - is that it is a trial coin made for a different market. With whats been posted already it seems clear that its not UK coinage so with the Royal Mint minting coins for many other countries I can only imagine its a trial for a different country (well that or its a counterfeit as was originally suggested). One could look at the coins from the various countries the Royal Mint mints coins for and see if something is a visual match but that could be tedious. Fingers crossed Royal Mint are quick to get back to you and solve the mystery!
  7. 100% this. There are a few collector markets I follow and prices across the board have risen to crazy levels since March. Initially the thought for some was that with more people being home looking to fill time there were more people entering certain hobbies/establishing collections. That its still happening across the board though with prices going ever higher tells me there is more to it then that. I understand the mentality but I question how long it can go on and how secure that wealth will actually be long term.
  8. Thats a bonkers result for a silver coin like this. As much as I'd like to believe thats the actual value I can't. World is going crazy. Also call me pedantic but I had to quote the bit above to correct it. I bought my silver Una from the RM about 38 hours after release. It wasn't an instant sell out and there were some available for days after release. The hype wasn't there on release for this coin which is part of the reason I decided to buy it as initially I wasn't interested. I figured given mintage and the subject matter it had a good chance to be a slow burner. I don't regret revisiting it and purchasing it next day even if the odds of having a perfect example are against me.
  9. I definitely agree with those above - this speaks volumes to how Royal Mint approaches their QC. It also shows they can get it right if they make the effort but clearly don't think its worth taking that effort. I suppose there is probably someone who has crunched the numbers and figured its cheaper to replace a certain amount of coins versus changing their process to ensure all coins come out perfect. As for them being a public company doing this to generate profit... I'm not against it. I'd rather publicly owned companies be profitable then rely on taking funds from the public purse. The reality is that they do need to look at other ways to generate income and this feels to me like the lesser evil than say what the Royal Canadian Mint has done.
  10. I could see how it would make sense for the new gold coins to still be submitted independently for grading but surely it won't make sense for the new silver coins. They put a premium of £30 for this coin to get the PF70 graded version. What does it cost all in (including shipping, etc) to submit a coin for grading? There is definitely money in it for the golds given the silly premium they've put on that but unless I'm missing something I don't see how it would be worth while for the silver coins provided the premium stays at £30. I guess people could still do it for the learning experience/thrill to see what they get but at that price point if you want the 70 surely you'll just buy the graded one from the RM.
  11. Maples and... well all Canadian bullion 1 and 2 oz coins are 38mm diameter so they'll fit comfy in those tubes. You could just google them and I'm sure there will be dealers selling them though prices are usually rubbish - i was recently after some myself. Alternatively I'd create a wanted ad on here and see if anyone has any spare ones knocking about that the'll send over for a reasonable price.
  12. I was hoping you were going to respond to this post as you inevitably have good insight here and you most definitely didn't disappoint. I have to admit I'm surprised the amount generally submitted of coins like this is so low. I suppose seeing your YouTube vids and seeing how many people seem to want a perfectly graded coin gave me the impression more of these were being submitted. I appreciate that you dropped this number in here as I genuinely thought it was much higher. That pool of coins jumping instantly from 20 to 500 is clearly quite dramatic and a big swing - definitely removes what was special about it.
  13. Not to mention a greater pool of PF70s as well potentially dropping the resale value of those. That being said I have no idea how many of your average silver proof £2 coins would normally be submitted for grading and achieve a 70 - it could easily be over 500 given the mintages there. From a buyers point of view it is potentially exciting. We all know Royal Mint's QC isn't the best and when you're buying a coin because you really like it there is nothing worse than getting one that has issues. This would eliminate that problem. On that note it would also make the Coin Connection somewhat redundant as the place to get the best quality Royal Mint coins.
  14. That is very interesting. Wonder how it'll shake up the graded coin market if they make this a regular thing
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