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USA & Canadian Coins Thread

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1 hour ago, KevinFlynn said:

American Silver Eagles 2021, Type 2 and 1 (US Mint)


side by side



A tube of 2021 Type 1 may not be a bad investment at a fair % over spot - were it not for the ridiculous dealer premium/s and VAT where the idea may well get killed.

A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they will never sit in.

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1 hour ago, Nick1368 said:

Love my pre 33 American coins 










Great to see US pre33 on the forum again. Congrats on your beautiful coins (in lovely condition too). The Indian eagles, containing 0.483 ounces of gold, are especially nice to ‘hold in the hand’. A real ‘Goldilocks’ coin.
The Indian half (and quarter!) eagles must be some of the nicest coins ever minted, the sunken design giving them a great three dimensional feel. 
Ever since Theodore Roosevelt went on a mission to replace the Liberty coinage, the Liberty double eagle (1849-1907) has been much disparaged. Apparently he said:

 I think our coinage is artistically of atrocious hideousness

Personally I think the $20 is a beautiful coin and your 1894 double eagle is a lovely example.

Here’s a photo of my 1914S $10. It has a richness and lustre above and beyond any of my other Indian eagles.

If you are interested you can view my collection of Indian Eagles on the NGC Registry where it is ranked number 73 out of 425 collections.



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1 minute ago, Charliemouse said:

2023 American Gold Eagle, Type 2

About 20 focus-stacked shots to build this image.  I am pleased with the lighting and overall detail.


Well worth the effort awesome shot

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2013 proof ASE


2013 ASE A.jpg

2013 ASE B.jpg

2013 ASE C.jpg

2013 ASE D.jpg

Mox Metals Logo Small.jpg  moxmetals.co.uk

Ethically sourced, 100% recycled .999 silver bars & other precious metal coins, bars and collectables.

(Mox, crowned The Silver Forums number one hairy chest in the Northwest - as voted for by @CazLikesCoins, a lady who's seen more than her fair share, allegedly...)

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