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  1. Currently I'm of the opinion that buying silver doesn't hold anything over buying gold. I'm mainly looking at wealth conservation and not on profit, but I cannot ignore the feeling of losing 19+% the moment I'm leaving the store. I'll still hold onto what I have, in case of a silver to the moon scenario. I'm seriously contemplating to invest into paper silver, but I'll need to follow ETCs for a while.
  2. KevinFlynn

    I'm wrong?

    I guess it's called The Silver Forum because of the silver buying iniatives that took place in times long forgotten... It's also smoother than The Precious Metals Forum... 😊 (Service Smiley)
  3. It is possible, and yes it is a gamble (or call it speculation). Silver bought under VAT will make you turn a profit under the right circumstances. Long term investment horizon is always good, and going to the private market will get you a different buy sell spread. The general sentiment is that VAT will bite into that profit, especially when buying from and selling to institutional dealers. One can then say that a related investment into gold will have less of that problem.
  4. Historical means old Degussa. Degussa was a German precious metals refinery (among other business fields) since before 1900. Degussa used to be a household name in regards to gold and silver. The precious metal business was sold to Umicore somewhere after 2000. The Degussa name has been sold around 2010, the new company became one of the largest precious metal dealers in Germany. So in regards to Degussa bars we think of three types: Old Degussa bars, produced by the original Degussa refinery - these bars have a characteristic "coffin" form, as can be seen in the photo (more pronounced on larger bars). Umicore bars, which are identical or very close to old Degussa bars (see here and here). The New Degussa does not produce it's own bars but has bars produced by other refineries, stamped as Degussa - like Valcambi (earlier) and Argor Heraeus (later). These bars are more flat and less "coffin" like. In my eyes: the old Degussa form is the most attractive due to it's chunkiness. While Umicore will deliver the form, the Umicore logo is very modern and industrial, while the Degussa logo is more classical. Then new Degussa bars are nothing like the old ones. I own some of those new bars (see somewhere above in this thread), but I'm not a fan. So, I do not know how old this bar is, chances are it could be a mere 15 years old, though the serial number makes that unlikely. Most important to me is the old form, an old Degussa has always been on my list.
  5. Silver Bar, 250g, Degussa (historical)
  6. Actually last week I received a little Christmas present, a guilty pleasure... Silver Bar, 250g, Degussa (historical)
  7. You're right on both accounts. May I point you towards two threads The value of silver as an investment in UK and to mitigate that a bit Why are people stacking Silver over Gold when there is a VAT on silver? In short: Buying from institutional sellers with VAT is killing profitability. Institutional sellers' premiums are very high at the moment (silver is being hyped up), limiting profitability. Buying from private sellers (say here on the forums) will mitigate those effects to a degree (you may at least sell closer to what you paid for). And buying from institutional sellers on these forums will be better as well. Silver is a speculative investment (and even paper silver will make you loose money at the moment). When aiming for wealth preparation get gold. My questions to you are: What would you be aiming for with investing in physical silver? Could you fullfill what you're aiming for with physical gold?
  8. Quarter ounce gold is a nice size for sets, I think. If bought at the moment of issue. On silver and VAT, we had a thread collecting opinions: Why are people stacking Silver over Gold when there is a VAT on silver?
  9. I got a whole set of Queen's Beasts in silver (plus a couple extras). I put them into the vault and did not look at them. When I finished the set this year I got them together and found a certain level of whiffing or smudging. They're still okay if looked at from afar, but it's not a pristine set. Now I know it's only bullion, but the price development tells otherwise. At that moment I realized silver cannot be a serious investment for me. I would still collect any reasonably priced bullion series if I liked it, because it's cheap enough. And I would get any silver at melt or even spot (wishful thinking). I envy our american friends as silver is different over there. And I would love to stack more bars. Cast bars are a thing to behold, but cast gold bars are out of my investment range.
  10. The way I see it, yes. There is a narrative of silver waiting for a breakout (e.g. Mike Maloney), which promoted silver. Silver is also an acceptable investment in the US, where there's no VAT in most states. But VAT is killing the idea in Britain and most of Europe. It used to be a viable idea, the Silver Forum used to import VAT free silver from the baltic states, (for me) Germany had only 7% on silver coins, but those times are gone. I say you can put a couple kilos aside as a speculative investment if you're adventurous. If silver does explode, you will at least participate, but don't build your investment strategy on it. Getting some collectible coins will be nice and affordable in silver, if you can avoid milk spotting or tarnishing. All in all gold does not have any of those problems. Fractional, or trade coins are good options for entry level investment. And if you want to speculate on silver maybe get paper silver.
  11. For wealth preservation, gold is where it's at, due to already stated reasons. But silver is nice for collectibles and unique pieces which would be too expensive or too much of a risk in gold. At least the way I see it.
  12. Okay, would it be wrong if I said I would marry the groom if I got that much gold 😁
  13. Ah thanks. Browsing dealers, I can find Silver Pandas 2022 in offers of 1 in capsule, 15 in tray and 450 in masterbox, 30 in sheet and 600 in masterbox. I guess that would mean two types of masterboxes, one with trays, one with sheets 🤔 This picture is not 2022s though... Found a dealer with 30 sheets and 450 masterboxes. I'm confused 🤫
  14. Yes I'm always in awe when I'm looking at brides wearing more than my net worth in gold 😙 And it does not look like low carat, I'm guessing 750 at least. How close to spot might those pieces be traded? My girlfriend is from SEA and she says gold jewelry is not traded by weight but by perceived thickness 😗 Ah, well... I am regularly thumping my nose at turkish jewelry shops here. (light version)
  15. Silver Panda Packaging Call me dumb or point me to the right thread or article please. But what is the original mint packaging of Silver Panda Coins? I know there have been changes over the years, but I have seen individual capsules, single capsules in somewhat flimsy foil, large 30 piece form plastic sheets (in foil), 15 piece plastic trays with clamps and hinges, possibly with foil, somewhat cheap looking yellow brown master boxes. Is there a list of the packaging progression? And what is the current (2020s) original mint packaging? And do people actually keep those sheets or trays? It seems like a lot of space overhead for a little silver.
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