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    Queen's Beasts in Silver

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  1. There is a silver lining. Did I read correctly you're not forced to use kilogram and gram on groceries anymore?
  2. How much is enough depends on your investment strategy, your portfolio and last but not least on what you're stacking for. Do you have a plan on how much of your portfolio you want in precious metals? Do you hold other cornerstone assets, like real estate? Are you on a run to convert your fiat money to something more substantial? From your savings or from your income? The answer lies in the answer to questions like these 🙂 Buying then sitting back sounds like you at least wanted to have some silver in your portfolio, I think three kilos is very nice for that. It would be a speculative position for a silver to the moon scenario. Personally I think it is a good foundation for more. After an initial 100 ounce I could take it slower and look around. Buy a little to cost average my cost? What about VAT? What about diversifying in gold a little? Some or more semi collectibles for fun? Yearly purchases would go against cost averaging, meaning you could be lucky if your purchase falls on to a dip or unlucky if you buy on a rise. If you decide to make it a regular investment I advise to split your yearly budget and buy monthly.
  3. KevinFlynn

    Pep talk

    Silver's not worth it! Buy gold!
  4. In comparisson, the Griffin is available for €125 in German listings. £150 seems a bit steep...
  5. Queen's Beasts have a certain colletability character. I wouldn't accept milk spots on these and ask for spotless coins. Especially as I guess you paid added premium on these already unless you got the latest coins only. I wouldn't be as harsh on pure bullion coins like Britannias.
  6. The brass model looks so nice, I would put it on my desk for sure, though it would depend on the price. €400 would be easy, up to €500 doable, anything above that would hurt. Is there a minimum size of tested object before it becomes inaccurate? Can this be used for Platinum as well? It feels like there's a base difference between Gold/Silver and Platinum physics.
  7. Right what it says - it states the coin is of equivalent size to the 20 Mark (coined as 15 Rupien as a Rupie is 1 1/3 Marks). Nonetheless the gold content is 25% less than a 20 Mark coin... It is a Type B coin, as the right arabesque ends under the T of Ostafrika (Type A would end under the A). If you care to count the pearls on the obverse one day it'll be 134 (Type A has 136).
  8. Accodrding to the book they couldn't refine the gold, and the purity is only so so. I can post details tonight.
  9. To come back to the original question: no, I don't think so. Maybe beyond 50 one day. That does not mean I don't hope it would 😉 Question: would we like the world we're in when we see 100+ silver? And: when to exit? 🤔
  10. See what I have sitting on my desk 😉 I congratulate you 😙 These coins can easily go into the 1000s. Could you possibly post a 'deep shadow' picture of the reverse to see if you have a type A or type B?
  11. But Pandas do not come in tubes 😪 Just in these giant tablets... I will need a larger vault 😗
  12. Welcome to the forums 🙂 I see you left the best for last 😉 I hope you get it on a good price.
  13. It is nice to have a series, anticipating the next piece. Just look at the premiums of everything you buy - you'll learn about premiums on the forums. The Myths & Legends are looking fine though, judging from the German prices.
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